Peyton non-committal about 2015 return

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Last month, quarterback Peyton Manning said he’ll be back in 2015, if the Broncos want him.  This month, Manning is saying something slightly different than that.

“That’s kind of what I’ve said all along,” Manning explained initially regarding his intent to play next season, via the Denver Post.  Then he said something other than what he has said all along.  “I can’t answer every what-if circumstance.  What if you’re not as healthy?  What if certain coaches leave?  I can’t answer every what-if situation.  I think I’ll have to take some time to see how I feel, see how I feel physically.”

The Broncos will want to know sooner than later whether he’ll be back, so that they can make plans accordingly.  Both regarding who’ll play quarterback and how they’ll spend the $19 million that otherwise would go to Peyton.

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  1. This was actually really hard to watch. Anybody who watched that game could see that Peyton is wearing down, looking like Tim Tebow out there. Just doesn’t have the velocity or arm strength anymore. Truly sad to see. Father time is undefeated.

  2. Do the right thing and retire. It would be too depressing to watch you decline over the next few seasons.

    Besides, I’m sure there’s a lifetime Papa John’s discount waiting for you…

  3. Just proves that in the NFL you can’t buy a championship.

    Elway took a gamble on Manning and came up short often on their home field.

    I think he should retire now because he won’t win another Super Bowl, especially in Denver. The great fans there have to be terribly disappointed and how ironic is it that his replacement in Indianapolis gently pushed him out of the league.

  4. thisguy124 says:
    Jan 11, 2015 8:49 PM
    This was actually really hard to watch. Anybody who watched that game could see that Peyton is wearing down, looking like Tim Tebow out there. Just doesn’t have the velocity or arm strength anymore. Truly sad to see. Father time is undefeated.

    ….what? How did he look like Tebow? Tebow is young, strong, big arm velocity and strength, not great accuracy.
    He’s the anti-Tebow

  5. Even if Peyton returns next season that season for the Broncos will end just like this season did, one and done in the playoffs. Of course that’s assuming they even make the playoffs next year.

  6. Peyton Manning is a alltime great ……with that said .he just lost a playoff game and is emotional about the loss. Now is not the time to make a career decision. Take some time away and think about it … have earned it !!!! much respect to 18

  7. It would have been nice if Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos had won Super Bowl XLVII over the Atlanta Falcons, 34-20 in New Orleans, Manning’s hometown. That would have been the perfect storybook ending. Don’t end up like Favre.

    Brett Favre and the 2010 Minnesota Vikings should have represented the NFC in Super Bowl XLV. The 2010 Vikings should have went 16-0, but Favre was getting old. It may be time for Manning to retire.

  8. The sad truth is that he’s still better than any other QB on their roster or available.

    The Colts being rewarded for Suck for Luck” year still annoys me. Pound them Pats!

  9. Denver had three chances in three years and couldn’t get it done before Father Time came knocking. Time to blow it up.

  10. At the end of the day, the Broncos are going to have to pay off Manning so he doesn’t come back next year

  11. People saying Manning doesn’t have the arm strength anymore are drunk. He had several deep passes where he lead the receivers just a yard too much. The problem tonight was no open receivers, and no receiver YAC. Everyone got tackled immediately, nobody found any soft spots downfield, and too many drops. Manning did not look great, but the entire team looked like butt tonight. Colts defense played lights out.

  12. There is a reason that Peyton Manning only has one Super Bowl victory and that reason is Rex Grossman. If it wasn’t for Rex, Peyton Manning would have zero Super Bowl wins.

  13. Time is catching him. I think he would be doing the Broncos a favor by retiring. He will be doing the rest of the league a favor if he doesn’t.

  14. And the Broncos replace him with who?? There are no great quarterbacks in the draft or free agents (or backups) better than Peyton. Don’t be stupid over one game.

  15. Manning should call some Seattle players and see what kind of “therapy ” they would recommend. It seems many of his throws looked like dying quail,lacked accuracy and were not on target. I wonder if he wants to coach ? I hope he can make a come back but he has nothing to prove.

  16. I am neutral, but Brady is the better of 2 great quartebacks. And to those of you who are comparing Manning to Tebow……… Come’on man! Have a little respect.

    Manning was great to watch but I hope this is the end of a great career. I don’t want to see the Favre soap opera.

  17. I think he’ll back for another year, at the very least. He’s too competitive to cash it in, even if he’s on the downside of his career. He’ll likely win the AFC West and lose in the playoffs again.

  18. Greatest feeling as a colt fan from 1984 to now, to be the underdog and defeat our hero easily, feels amazing feels amazeballs

  19. madmike66 says:
    Jan 11, 2015 9:06 PM
    People saying Manning doesn’t have the arm strength anymore are drunk.
    When you are losing arm strength you have to compensate by trying to throw harder, screws with your mechanics and blows your accuracy.

    Go try to toss a baseball 90mph like a mlb pitcher into a catchers glove. You’ll land on your face and the ball will end up through a neighbors window.. congrats you just compensated for not having the power by giving up anything resembling accuracy.. and to top it off you probably didnt even hit 60.

  20. Manning should retire and go into coaching and he will be in the Hall of Fame in 5 years. There are no worlds left to conquer but his skills have eroded greatly. He’s had a great ride and a great career but its time to move on. His health is more important than playing one more year.

  21. As a Pats fan that has loved watching his team compete against Manning over the years, I was ready to concede the GQBOAT title to Peyton if he had beaten Seattle last year given the season he had.

    Between that annihilation and this latest one and done blowing of a first round bye with arguably his most talented team ever, he’s now exempt from touching that title. Brady is 2 wins away from making it a Brady vs Montana debate only. We’ll see.

  22. Manning’s dead arm will cost Denver $5 million in dead cap money if they cut him. The gift that keeps on giving.

  23. As a Steelers fan, it was painfully obvious the entire year that Troy Polamalu is done. He just doesn’t have it anymore. Don’t have one of those years, Peyton. Maybe you didn’t get to go out on top, but very few do. Call it a career and enjoy a healthy life.

  24. I remember a great young QB at Ole Miss named Archie Manning. Oh how he could run and throw. Would have been the #1 overall pick, but Jim Plunkett beat Ohio State in the Rose Bowl and ended up going #1. Archie went #2 to New Orleans. This was before free agency so Archie was stuck in N.O. Archie was a HOF talent for sure. Had he been on the Cowboys he’d be in the HOF. A few years later I picked up the USA Today and a young QB named Peyton Manning was the National High School Player of the Year. He went on to The Univ. of Tennessee where he was a college star for four years. He went #1 to The Colts, won a Super Bowl, and had a HOF career. His brother Eli was the USA Today P.O.Y a few years later. He went #1 overall, and has won two Super Bowls. I love football, so I love this Manning family. Now I’m worried that Peyton might be putting his long term health at risk by continuing to play the game he loves. As much as Peyton has entertained me over the years, I would like to see him walk away while he can still walk. I’ll look forward to seeing Peyton’s son (if he has one) play some day. In the mean time, I’ll look forward to his HOF speech.

  25. I hope Manning retires. What more does he have to prove?

    He is one of the best QB’s to have played this game. He has nothing to feel badly about.

    Thanks for all the memories, Peyton.

  26. One of the sportsbooks in LV should use his forehead as a big screen for the AFC championship game. That would be so awesome.

  27. Peyton Manning had a great 10/12 games to start this season off, then “Father Time” just suddenly cut in and said “Thats it Peyton you are done!”

    I am not buying it there is something healthwise wrong with him you don’t just lose it that fast.

    I am Patriots fan I have had my fair share of comments in Manning vs Brady debates but the guy was a stellar player and I would hate to see him go out this way. I hope he can play a bit longer at the levels we are used to seeing and if not I wish him all the best he was awesome to watch.

  28. When it comes down to it Eli is the best Manning. Regular season numbers are cool and all. But it’s all about post season W’s #realtalk

  29. I think his neck bone is hurting ’cause the neck bone’s connected to the arm bone and the arm bone’s connected to the hand that throw’s the football bone and that bone fell waaay off tonight. Thanks Future HOF…please retire!

  30. Yea there’s 20 QBs out there better then Manning through FA? And don’t even mention the draft or Osweiller. $19 mill or just bring on Osweiller and a Bum FA like Sanchez your gonna be trash next yr. I say bring him back and go to a balance attack running and throwing. Or try and suck for Luck method which will be tough with the likes of Tenn, Jax, Oak, Jets of the world.

  31. Good riddance…don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya..manning makes allot of people around him look better than they really are..Adam Gace, D Thomas, and John fox were geniuses the last couple one and done back to back years coming off bye funny.

  32. I hate Peyton Manning but he should think before retiring he deserves another chance he’s had a great career and it wouldn’t be the same without him. Playing against him is fun.

  33. Good thing Elway kept his promise to develop and work with the young Gators QB. With Manning feeble and no longer able to get the job done, these last few years the Broncos spent with Tim in the pipeline being developed and apprenticed to Peyton will really pay off.

  34. Peyton can now join the cast of “Duck Dynasty” featuring his arm throwing up those lame ducks of his!!!

  35. Maybe it would be better for Peyton to retire but as a fan of the National Football League, I would like to see him play another year.

  36. The Broncos problem is they used a 2nd round pick on Brock Osweiler and they still dont know what they have. Next year is his last year under contract.

  37. It hurt to watch him struggle with his body over the past few weeks. His heart is there but his body has moved on, what a great warrior and talent….I hope he finds happiness in the next chapter

  38. Megahead is responsible for having several rules changed, especially after last year’s debacle in the SB, where he and his donkeys were embarrassed 43 -8. I’m not a Seattle fan, but I’m still waiting for them to get the credit they deserve for that game, and they never will because they hurt the golden boy’s feelings.

    All the emphasis on PI and illegal contact this season really stunk it up, ruined some of the games, and a half dozen other rules, all to his benefit… all the while playing in a dome his whole career, padding stats, breaking records, but losing team awards because he would choke away the most important games….no records or stats to pad there. You can’t win the important playoff games, and Superbowls when all you prepare for and put effort into is padding your own stats. Let’s not forget the scripted celebrations he had his team practice for him.

    Never left a nickel on the table for anyone else….such a punk. You mean he may not win MVP this year???? Wow, shocking. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He’s received more than his fair share, while having rules changed to his benefit. G.O.A.T. my foot, not even close.

    The last time I looked there were 22 players on a team in a game. I saw a lot of Receivers running the wrong routs, Offensive linemen getting beat, and dropped balls by receivers.
    As far as arm strength, he was over throwing more than under throwing. and the Pace of the game is up to the Head Coach and OC!
    The running game sucked, and that sure as hell wasn’t Peyton’s fault, Receivers were missing their Blocking assignments down field.
    On the few screen passes, blocking looked like a Chinese Fire Drill!
    The guy got a team into the playoffs that probably wouldn’t have made it without him.
    I still see 3 or 4 years in him.
    My suggestion to him is ” Play as long as YOU want to”.
    We are watching a Legend play, and the game won’t be Quite the same without him after he is gone.
    Sometimes Football fans turn into Piranhas
    too quickly when it comes to a Quarterback…
    You are the same people that were throwing phrases at him pre-game..
    They got out played as a Team, and Out Coached as a Coaching Staff. That’s the Game I watched!!

  40. The only part of that interview you need to remember about him coming back is when Payton said: “What if certain coaches leave?”

  41. I can’t believe the level of disrespect for Peyton in here. The man is a legend, a hall of famer, and always has been a class act. Some of you are just unreal. Much respect Peyton.

    -Hawks Fan

  42. It’s disgusting to read some of these comments. Payton is a good guy, model player, and one of the best. It sucked to see him play today because it will be a sad time when #18 no longer plays. For whatever reason he didn’t fair well in the playoffs throughout his career, but Payton has always done it the right way with class.

    Shoot, I watched my Hawks dismantle his Broncos in last years SB and had wished it was a closer game based on the amount of respect I have for him.

  43. Retirement????

    The guy was having a killer season until a couple of weeks ago! He had a really sucky game today, awful, but to jump to conclusions tha he’s shot and should retire is a typical knee-jerk reaction showing how many ignorant fans are out there.

    Seventeen weeks ago, Tom Brady was washed up too, fools. There’s clearly something physically wrong with Manning, he would usually give his left but to beat the Colts.

  44. When will people learn, there is no such thing as G.O.A.T.? Even greatest so far is infinitely debatable. If the League ended tomorrow we could argue till the end of time which QB was the best of them all but no one knows the FUTURE. Records are set simply as goals for the NEXT “G.O.A.T.” to surpass.

    Marino and Moon are among the greats even without SuperBowls, anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Is Dilfer better because he got one? Manning and Brady are both All-Time greats, debate their merits ’till the cows come home, who cares? It’s been good for fans and the League to have them playing at the same time, fun to watch all these years. Good luck Peyton, whatever you decide to do in the coming years!

  45. Greatest qb of all time

    Not a colts or Broncos fan. But he shows up and teAm is one of best in NFL

    Difference between him and others like Brady and Montana. Coaching and systems made them. Manning is the all time great

  46. I’ve watched him ever since he came into the league. As a lifetime fan of football in general, I knew he was going to have a great career. I’ve never seen someone who loves and has a passion for the game of football like Peyton Manning. Like others have posted on here, it’s hard to see it all end like this for him indeed if his career is truly over. He will be a tremendous OC and maybe a HC if he so chooses that path. Perhaps he’ll return to Indy where it all began. I could see him on Chuck Pagano’s coaching staff. Indy would welcome him home. Peyton as the OC, Luck as the QB. Indy would be unstoppable. That would put an end to New England’s run and be a pie in the face of Tom Brady.

  47. That would be sweet if Peyton Manning retired. Hail to the downfall of the Broncos, and the rise of the raiders. It figures that they would try to lure Manning over pay him a fat contract and then flop in the postseason like he usually does. Besides I’m surprise he didn’t quit after that embarrassment in the Super Bowl last year. Bye Manning, go make pizzas

  48. Manning is still better than most of the QBs in the league. He rocked the regular season. He got exposed in one game and everyone thinks he should retire? That’s ridiculous. He’ll be back next year.

  49. So what’s next Jay Cutler? Get real!! He won 12 games this year. I happen to believe that it was the wrong time to turn Denver into a running team during mid season.

  50. Peyton can always ask for a trade, sign with the Giants and replace his brother Eli ! Even at Peyton’s worst, he’s tons better than “Captain Pick-6” Eli Manning……………

  51. Sure Manning is an old QB, but everyone who declares his arm is done is demonstrating his football ignorance.

    Until the end of the season, Manning played and looked good; his team showed they were not as good as last year’s team.

    Manning looked bad passing because he has two injured legs. Anyone who knows football knows a QB with hurt legs just cannot pass correctly. I expected Manning to have a bad day because of his injuries and they prevented him from passing accurately.

    You want bad at the QB position? Compare Manning on the downside of his career to the Cards Ryan Lindley whose one consistency is he throws interceptions and that was OK with BA and Steve Keim.

  52. It’s a sad day in NFL circles, but it happens to all the great ones. Next year we’ll be writing posts on PBT for Kobe, and perhaps the year after that we’ll be back on PFT saying farewell to Brady.

  53. Maybe im selfish but i want peyton play one more year. I was saying all yr i cant believe they didnt run more to perserve peytons arm the coaching staff abused peytons arm all yr with 50+ passes Nd LET him stay unnecessarly up 25+ in 4th qtr

    Its simple limit his weekly reps, take him out during a blowout, run more and he will last all yr for 1 more.. Coaching staff figured hr was superman and he broke down

  54. Report comment
    cubing22 says:
    Jan 11, 2015 9:18 PM
    I’m a Pats fan and needed a heart transplant Saturday but I feel bad for Peyton!


    Good luck with after surgery brother hope all becomes well!

  55. Post-season passer ratings – Broncos franchise:

    90.0 – Tebow
    89.1 – Manning
    81.4 – Plummer
    79.4 – Elway
    59.7 – Morton
    N/A – Cutler
    N/A – Orton

  56. Strictly from a money standpoint, he should be cut. He’s no longer a $19 million player. Tebow would have been about $50 million cheaper to keep, and would have probably brought the same end result.

  57. Had be chosen the 49ers and handed the ball off to Frank Gore in the twilight of his career he would have two Super Bowl rings and went down as the best QB of all time. Manning and Harbaugh would have been unbeatable….but he took the easy way out with the Broncos and the AFC west and look at the results…oh well..that’s a shame.

  58. Dear Payton Manning,
    If you return as the starting qb for the Broncos, you won’t even make the playoffs because the Raiders will win the division after signing free agents ndamukong such and demaryius Thomas, drafting Amari cooper, and signing Jack Del Rio as the new head coach. Your Broncos will have a inexperienced new coaching staff and a 4-12 record. Hate to break it to you buddy. RETIRE

  59. Peyton did not earn his $$$ today. He played very very poorly. Like nearly two decades of games in the past, Peyton gets really skittish, nervous and panicky when the stakes are high. Time and time and time again, he comes apart at the seams.

  60. Peyton has never been one to admit he loves the money, but think he’ll return next year largely due to the $19 mil he’ll make. I expect 2015 to be his last year.

  61. He now has a noodle arm & can’t perform for an entire NFL season after the weather cools. He can take the Broncos back to the playoffs only to fail again.

  62. He is done. For sure if Fox is fired which was rumored. Broncos will lose a bunch of players and Manning to start with another Ciachnis ridiculous. There isn’t anothrr team that is short just a QB. AZ is the closest but Palmer just signed a big contract. I don’t think even still Mannjng could last another year. The last 5 games were excuse after excuse.
    He won’t be an OC but a QB Coach sure. Again idly enough he can go to Phx and help Palmer get a ring and Coach Logan Thomas. He can be an OC in 3 years and Head Coach in 6. Arians could use him. Broncos will dump Fox and Indu can’t ire him. Arians is a good fit to learn Caiching from.


  64. Well when you compare Brady and Manning as of how they are playing today at thier current age Brady looks like he always has, great! Peyton looks like he’s old and as many have said he just doesn’t have the arm strength. The Colts kinda did to him what the Hawks did in SB48. I hate to see him go but it may be time. A 17 year HOF carrier along with 3 SB births and one title is a wonderful thing.

  65. I hope he plays another year or 2…. I’m a Patriots fan living in Colorado & I am just loving the crying & utter shock on all these faces out here!!!
    I’d love to see it a couple more times!!!

  66. It is time for him to retire. I know some people out there think he should play although those people have obviously not watched him play this past season. Why would CJ Anderson run as much as he has in the last six games? His velocity has dwindled and you can see he didn’t have that Peyton Manning fire in him today. He played as well as he could today. Next season with so many pieces leaving this team plus Del Rio possibly leaving for a coaching job in Oakland Peyton needs to take a year off and find a offensive coordinator job then be possibly one of the best head coaches in NFL history. If you don’t believe me watch his last six games. Then watch six games from last season. You’ll see what I mean if you pay attention. Good luck Peyton you’ll be remembered as the best QB in NFL history.

  67. I’m a manning fan but I would beg for him to quit after watching today. He looked just like what Ali and all good athletes looked like near the end of their careers. A shell of his former self. Last year against Seattle he could at least still throw it and flat out got beat by a better coached and better team. Today he overthrew so many guys that it was painful to watch. I’d say this is the worst I’ve ever seen him play and that’s from a large sample size of bad games such as the jets in 03 and hawks last year. He can’t go the way of Brett favre and look more pathetic.

  68. People saying Manning doesn’t have the arm strength anymore are drunk. He had several deep passes where he lead the receivers just a yard too much.

    It looked to me like he was trying to overcompensate (for lack of arm strength), by putting more of his body into his throws which resulted in overthrows.

  69. This is precisely why Tebow should never have been cut. He could have spent the last 3 years watching and learning and could very likely be ready to play by now.

    John Smellway’s short term thinking is about to come back and bite him in the back side. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    The big question after all this is whether they really got any further with Manning than Tebow would have gotten them.

  70. As long as there is QBs like Geno and RG3 … Peyton can played until he’s 50 and he will still win more games than them combined.

  71. We all watched his arm get weaker and weaker as the season went along.

    Some of you have to admit the obvious, he’s done.

  72. As peyton manning left the stadium, A tear shed as he walked and got in to the back of a presidential 2016 escalade. He had 2 security guards and a chauffeur with him, they hear what they believe is weeping from Peyton so they ask “Whats wrong?” And Peyton looks at them smiling also crying and says “Nothing like that new car smell”. This joke was brought to you by nationwide insurance

  73. Age, cold weather, and the cumulative effect of the neck fusion are having their way with him. Last year his arm strength faded about 12 games in. His stats fell off at the end of the season. This year he played great through 10 games; the last 6 games he lost arm strength.

    If he returns next year, he’ll play great for the first 8 games.

    See the trend?

  74. He’s probably not worth $19 million anymore. Denver likely can’t both pay him that and field a team capable of winning a championship.

  75. This guy has shown he hoodwinked the Broncos into a big money contract that he didn’t come close to living up to. Broncos need to cut their losses now.

  76. Payton has been a great player but Father Time has caught up with him. The best road to now take is retirement and be in the HOF in 5 years. I would hate to see him come up and get beat up.

  77. If a team is really considering Gase as a HC, they should wait and see how he does if Manning retires. Peyton is pretty much the OC right now.

  78. To the Nationwide song:

    “I’ll retire when I win”

    “Luck can kiss my redneck ass”

    “Andre Johnson’s up for grabs”

    “I’ll comeback and win a ring”

    “Screw you haters, I’m the man”

    I’ve got plenty more…

    Peyton is the BEST QB to ever play the game.
    He will make a return, no doubt.

  79. Q: How do you know Peyton is in a playoff game?

    A: It’s the 2nd quarter and the home crowd is already booing.

  80. Peyton has had a remarkable career and can be labelled a great quarterback.
    However, it is now time to put an end to Manning vs Brady debate.
    Yes, I am a NE fan and we have been listening for years to an answer we have always known.
    It’s over.

  81. Here’s my feeling on guys like him in all sports who basically are sticking around to set records. Its an ego legacy thing and unfortunately as your skills fade the guys around you suffer.

    I’m sure he wants to talk to the mgmt and find out just what they will do to give him more protection and improve the team around him.

    Hey, ya he was great but lets put things in perspective. First he started day one. Second he played almost his whole career behind excellant o line and had some pretty good receivers and running backs to work with. In other words he never was on a rebuilding team that was three years from winning.

    He had the ability to pick and choose and he went to Denver due to the O line that would protect him. Wouldn’t that be nice for all the other QB’s out there to have that luxury. Last its 18 years now. I would hope he set some records.

    Give it up manning you arm is telling you something your brain ain’t.

  82. I know two guys Denver can send packing and they both were supposed to be the answer on Defense. Here’s the problem and ditto a little on Peppers too. When you get older pass rushing on every down, all out, hell bent can’t be done. You have to take some plays off. They took the game off because they were flat out tired.

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