Report: Broncos never considered firing John Fox

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Before Sunday’s loss to the Colts, FOX’s Jay Glazer reported that, if Broncos coach John Fox were to become available, other teams would be interested.  After Sunday’s loss to the Colts, a separate report emerged that the Broncos don’t plan to make Fox available.

Citing multiple unnamed sources, Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos “had never discussed firing Fox.”  Klis points to Fox’s three-year contract from early 2014 as proof of the intent to keep him around.

“I’ve seen all kind of reports in the past, I’m sure I’ll see some moving forward. I don’t make those decisions, I don’t control that,” Fox told reporters after the game. “My intentions are to be a Denver Bronco and have been since I got here.  It’s not about me; it’s about this football team.”

Klis speculates that Glazer’s report could mean that Fox in considering retirement.  But Glazer said nothing about Fox walking away; Glazer said that if Fox is “available,” other teams would be interested.

The report from Klis could mean that the Broncos think Fox may be hoping to become available, and that the team won’t be making it easy for Fox and a new team by firing him.  The deeper message could be that if, as Glazer believes, other teams are interested in Fox, those other teams should approach the Broncos about a possible trade.

Even if the Broncos would otherwise be inclined to move on from Fox, it would be foolish at this point for the Broncos not to wait and see whether the Jets, Bears, 49ers, Falcons, and/or Raiders make a phone call — and in turn make an offer.

44 responses to “Report: Broncos never considered firing John Fox

  1. My guess is Fox knows Peyton is retiring.

    Maybe Fox and the front office had some sort of riff about continuing to play Peyton, knowing he is injured. I’m just assuming he is injured, because we all know what we saw this last month wasn’t the same Peyton.

  2. The grass isn’t necessarily always greener on the other side of the fence there Messrs Elway and Fox. . . . .

  3. If the Denver Broncos want to win their third Super Bowl championship, they need to hire Mike Ditka as HC. Ditka’s no-nonsense attitude is what the Broncos need to get to Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco in 2016.

  4. After another one and done (and the latest after reloading the defense this past off-season), who would be beating this guy’s door down?

  5. How is that “the deeper message”? The report said that other teams were interested if he were available… Which means execs from 1-6 of the teams with current openings reached out to the press to make that statement. How did anyone logically get to Denver saying anything regarding their coach being available?

  6. Someone had an axe to grind in putting out Fox disinformation. He was never leaving.

    Now some of his staff may be leaving, though, willingly or not.

  7. Peyton “now noodle arm” Manning will retire before the NFL draft

    The Brock Osweiler Era begins with a 4-12 record in 2015, and John Fox retiring before getting fired.

  8. Speculating here, but with all that’s going on around that team, it would make a lot of sense for either Fox or the Broncos to put feelers out and then retract them when they go public. Denver is probably in for a long, painful rebuild and they might as well get something for the head coach they’ll end up firing in two years anyway.

  9. First of all, fox should not retire… Secondly, as a pats fan, SHAME on all you low life patriot fan wannabes who sit here and ridicule manning for every loss just because you want Tom to look good. You’re scumbags and it makes you look incredibly ignorant to not appreciate one of the all time greats in manning.

    And shame on you bandwagon bronco fans saying “he needs to retire” you’re a clueless, he didn’t throw 55 TDs and break every passing record last year or anything right? And Emmanuel sanders? He was a total superstar before peyton! Like it’s infuriating to see some much clueless arm chair GMing from reactionary low football IQ fans.

  10. The Broncos have peaked. Manning is at the end of the road. Even at the end of the road, most teams would kill to have him if even for just one year.

  11. Fire him.
    Dreadfully overrated and always outcoached in big games. The Patriots were two near miss long passes from winning last year’s afccg and the Chargers gave them a fight as well.
    No team has ever entered looking the Super Bowl less prepared than last year’s Broncos. Even the 87 and 89 teams that got blown out were blown out by far superior opponents. It never occurred to them to scheme something different to react to the Hawks strong points.
    Gase will follow in the footsteps of Dennis Allen.

  12. In the NFL, it is all about the QB: the quality of the QB either makes the HC look good..or he doesn’t. Simple as that.

  13. Peyton makes fox and gase look like world beaters…take away manning and fox is an average coach at best…as for gase…like so many others associated with Peyton. ..never heard of him before peyton..probably won’t do much after peyton.

  14. I believe this is it for Peyton Manning. He will retire. To me John Fox was never a great head coach to begin with he and was just given a really good team with the Hall of Fame quarterback that can pretty much run the offense from the line of scrimmage. If the Broncos do decide to keep John Fox he will almost certainly be fired after next season if he doesn’t make the playoffs. Without Manning I say there’s a pretty good chance that the Broncos to start going downhill from here.

  15. Fox has all that talent and a good GM. There is no excuses! Period! It’s just the way things shape out. Championship are goals when you 11 pro-bowl players. His preparation is horrible. He gave his players 8 days off during the playoff bye week. They started practicing together on Wedneday. The chemistry was completely off. Timing was bad.

    There will be a line wrapped around the block for the Bronco job. Kubiak has always loved Denver. Hint? Maybe even Cowher.

  16. Shackdelrio- why are you and others keep br8nging up if the broncos had drafted Wilson? I have your answer, he would be riding the bench for 3 years like brock. If brock was on the hawks, you would be saying the same thing. Nobody knows the future, its easy to say how good Wilson is now after 3 years starting than it is Brock who has no starts

  17. “With the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select Connor Cook, QB from Michigan State. The New York Jets are on the clock”

  18. Why a story about Fox? What about Garrett?
    No matter if Manning stays or retires, Broncos act with a little more class and a bit longer term thinking, than immediately putting their coach on notice to not be employed by this time tomorrow, whether it fits the media’s agenda or not.

  19. His guys got Peyton Manning a top offense and a top defense….Hes one and done…if he can’t succeed with that thwn why is anyone gonna trade for him?I would consider trading a field goal post if was beat up a little and used,but def not a new one

  20. I’ve NEVER been impressed with Fox… seems like a nice guy… but that’s not what we’re talking about.

    What brilliance has he shown?

    What noteworthy adjustments?

    What season enhancing decisions?

    This season started wonderfully… then totally petered out… with no adjustments to correct. Just forged ahead with the original plan… and failed in the end.

  21. As a Pats fan, there has never been any game I have more apprehension about than playing against Manning. I have HUGE respect for Manning.

    I am extremely disappointed in the (many) Bronco fans that were loudly booing Manning today. Are you freaking kidding me? You get the guy in his twilight years, he made your team an instant contender, he is obviously hurting in some fashion or facing the inevitable decline EVERY QB eventually comes to………and you boo him for what may have been this legends final football game of his career??!?!

    I guarantee you every Colts fan AND Patriots fan was sad to see Peytons capacity finally diminish this year – and you Bronco fans were booing him….

    You deserve the 5-10 year rebuild effort and irrelevance you got coming.

  22. This sucks John fox needs to get fired he’s part of the reason why Denver lost. It’sbbecause he never pushes the players hard enough every time Denver makes a mistake he just says good job or the sky’s not falling the problem i always had with him is he never takes games seriously and we need to if we want to win Superbow 50.

  23. It came from Glazer you know he was just pulling it out of his butt. He’s the weekly world news of sports reporters lol

  24. Another failure for Horse face Elway and Mega Head Manning!

    All that money spent on D and her didn’t here Ware or Miller name mentioned at all. DB’s didn’t show up either.

    As for the Head. He set yet another record, most playoff losses.

    And stop with the “it’s a team sport” we know it is!

    But QB W/L is listed as an official stat and it always as been, like it or not! And the Head will go down as the greatest regular season QB EVER and king of the meaningless stats.

  25. so for all the records and all the hype the broncos won 1 more playoff game in 3 years than they won in 1 year with tim tebow as qb . Were I a bronco fan yesterday I would have rather seen tebow out there at least he would have went down fighting .
    Tebow won a playoff game before they retooled the defense with a bunch of all pro players

    curse of tebow lives

  26. Why is this being discussed again? Fox is 49-22, including the playoffs, since arriving in Denver. Does anyone really think they are going to hire a new HC that would do better than that??

  27. The guy got the Broncos to to the playoffs and won a playoff game with Tim Tebow as his QB. that alone should attest to the fact that the problem is not coaching.

  28. Elway was ticked off about the game plan Del Rio put together and wanted him fired. Fox made the mistake of defending Del Rio, and that is why he is no longer the coach. It’s as simple as that. Fox is a loyal guy. Why Del Rio put Talib on Hilton is beyond me. He should have put the smaller and quicker Harris on him and Talib on Nicks. Dumb move. Horrible game plan.

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