Report: Rex Ryan expected to be Bills coach


The Jets may not employ Rex Ryan any longer, but it looks like they’re going to be seeing plenty of him in 2015 anyway.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that there are still details to be ironed out, but that Ryan is expected to be hired as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Ryan reportedly interviewed with the Bills for a second time on Saturday and it seems that the talks have gone well enough for Ryan to land on his feet after being canned by the Jets without leaving the AFC East.

Good thing the Bills got practice carrying a coach off the field this season.

Ryan will be taking over a team whose major weakness is the same one that sank him with the Jets. The Bills benched EJ Manuel early in the season so they could go with the now-retired Kyle Orton, leaving them without any better answer at quarterback than Ryan had with Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith during his Jets tenure.

Ryan couldn’t develop either of those quarterbacks and he’ll need to correct that failing to succeed in Buffalo. He’ll do it with a very good defense at his disposal and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that former Bears coach Marc Trestman could be his choice to build the offense that Ryan never could while he was with the Jets.


130 responses to “Report: Rex Ryan expected to be Bills coach

  1. What happened to an offensive minded head coach like Frank Reich or Mike Shanahan. If my Bills wanted a defensive head coach they should have just promoted Jim Schwartz. I hope this does not blow up in my Bills face. Rex is a good coach and all but we need to get the offense together!!! #BillsMafia

  2. Id like to know if thiis means the Falcons were not going to hire him,The Bills have no first round pick,no QB what is Rex thinking if the Falcons job is still an option…if its not I get it but if it is he’s an idiot

  3. Does he realize that Geno Smith is a better quarterback than EJ Manuel. Great job avoiding Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White in the easiest division in football.

  4. Glad he got a job, I was kind of hoping he was gone from the division though.

    Still has a quarterback problem.

  5. He will fail there just like he did in New York, he took a good team and made it bad, look for the same thing here

  6. Someone please tell me how is anyone looking at Marc Trestman for any Coaching position for an NFL Team?

    R there people that lived in a cave for 2 years with no TV or Internet connection?

    Unless it’s for a 1 year Contract, his first year is pretty good, his 2nd one not so much.

  7. Wow, if Trestman comes along, this may be a very good fit. Now what happens to Schwartz? If they find a way to keep him as well..maybe playoffs??? I will only be happy if i’m watching the Bills at this time next year. GO BILLS!!

  8. Thank God!
    I can’t speak for all Pats fans, but I was already starting to miss his loveable stupidity.
    Going into next season without Rex would be like getting a flat tire on the way to taking the kids to the circus, and getting there just in time to see the last clown car exiting the stage.
    Thank you, Buffalo!

  9. While I still think they will make a play for another QB, I still think E.J. is better than Gino… Bring in Trestman and re-vamp the offense, if it doesn’t work take a QB next year and evey year after that till you hit on one…

  10. Thank you Bills!! Everyone had been linking Rex with the Falcons. There are 3-4 DC’s that I’d rather see as the Falcon’s HC including McDermott which no one has mentioned. I would even like to see Singletary before Rex

  11. Belichick and Brady are going to get old, like Schula and Marino did, and Rex and whomever is going to run the jets into the first for the next 15 years like Belichick and Brady did… I’m turning in everything green. I give up.

  12. This would be a great hire for the Bills! Lots of experience as a HC. Defense is set. Only need to focus on the Offense. Knows the Bills’ opponents very well. Hope it happens.

  13. I have no idea why this will go any better than his Jets tenure, the same fundamental issue is in place on the offensive side of the ball. Rex needs to work with a top flight OC and QB if he’s to succeed.

  14. I hope for Rex’s sake that he’s using the Bills in a Parcells-style power move to get the Falcons to hurry up and hire him. Atlanta looks like such a natural fit, while the Bills gig looks like a career ender (shades of Herm Edwards in KC).

  15. Ryan just wants to annoy Brady and the Pats. He’s obsessed with the Patriots. He’ll have a couple losing seasons and get fired again but his last words out the door again will be “Tom Brady knows I give him his biggest challenge.”

  16. Of all the coaching slots, this is the one that fits Rex least. Of course, the Bills might be the only team that wants him.

    Buffalo is small potatoes for his Manhattan-style ego, sure, but Rex again has no quarterback. Good luck with that in Buffalo.

  17. Whether you agree with this move or not, this proves that these are not the same Bills anymore. The Pegulas buying the team changes everything about this organization and people need to take notice. Don’t think the Sabres being bad means the the Bills will be, because the Sabres are tanking on purpose. The Pegulas will get anybody they think will help their team win. Watch out NFL, the Bills are back.

  18. I wish Rex well if he does get the hire. He is a very good coach whose players love to play for him plus he has showmanship style and attracts fans. This from a long time Patriot supporter. He always brings a well coached team when he faces the Pats. Helps to make the games and season interesting.

  19. Rex handling the D while the quarterback whisperer handles the QB position? This could be the year the Bills break through.

  20. It would have made too much sense to go to a team with a strong offense and a solid situation at QB, where he could coach up the defense (ie Falcons). Now, he’ll be Belichick’s whipping boy for another 6 or 7 years. Rex really should get that head checked.

  21. From NYC and a team with no QB to Buffalo and a team with no QB, no 1st round draft choice and more snow than the north pole.

    Something tells me this is all about money.

  22. I was just getting used to the thought that he might be the Falcons new Coach. On to greener pastures. Hopefully Quinn or Bowles can come fix the organization.

  23. He really needs to go to a team that has an offense already in place. It’s obvious that he can’t build one. He only got to the AFCCGs off of Mangini’s (ouch…) team. Once most of those players moved on (and the real Sanchize showed up), the Jets O simply went from bad to worse to deplorable.

    I would feel much better for him if he had gone to the Falcons, which has good offensive unit in place.

    The Bills, though, have a D perfect for him to tighten up and make even more nasty than they already are. That will be a scary unit next season.

    On the other hand, it does look like he’ll stay in the AFCE not kissing BB’s rings for another couple seasons… 😉

  24. Interesting that he choose Buffalo over much larger cities like Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago!

  25. Geno Smith is way better than Manuel. Neither are great, but Manuel isn’t even average. He has no business at all playing in the NFL. What are they thinking? Rex, you better rent.

  26. Only time will tell about this hire but as to the comments re: Trestman, he is being brought on board as the OC which he is excellent at. He just does not have the personality to be a HEAD coach. And for the QB situation – I agree with everyone else, it’s a mess. Currently. That doesn’t mean it will be for are his entire tenure. The Bills are in a tough place for next year but the future could be bright if they find a QB through draft or trade in the next 2 years.

  27. I agree that Rex is an upgrade over Marrone, but the situation in Buffalo is the same or slightly worse. Rex inherited a balanced roster with playoff caliber with the Jets. He built a stout defense but had aging running backs and gambled too long on a QB choice. He took a good team amd made it worse. Now the mediocre Bills have a good D, aging RBs, much better WRs but no QB. I don’t see improvement on offense and seriously doubt he will get along with Schwartz. This will be a 3 year experiment that will hVe 7-9 to 9-7 results at best. The Bills can’t afford this and neither can the AFC East.

  28. Rex is hired by the Bills as head coach…Good for him….Just came across the wire….
    Good for him…As a Jet’s fan,I think he’ll be great in Buffalo….He’ll make that very good defense better….

  29. I think he covets the Atlanta job and he is duping the media into reporting this to get Blank to offer him the position. Unless of course he realizes that They fired the wrong guy in Atlanta and he can’t see himself working with that backstabbing incompetent front office

  30. No open toe pumps up in Buffalo. Rexy wont be distracted and Buff will be back on the national scene soon. Stay tuned Buffalo. Rex is fun!

  31. If this turns out to be true it will be the first thing the Bills have done right in a long time

  32. I think this could be a really good combo for any team. I wish my Raiders had Ryan and Trestman. Both are really brillant about their side of the ball and put the players in position to succieed.

  33. My guess is that this shows he’s not a serious candidate for sny of the other head coach spots….

    2nd guess is everyone else is waiting, watching and will be trying to outbid each other for Dan Quinn…

    3rd guess is that this is the most logical place to continue to wear sweater vests on a consistent basis.

  34. Raidermark, because who would go to poverty stricken Oakland where there is crime all over the place along with bad football with an owner that needs a hairdresser.

  35. The Bills D was already number 1, how is Rex going to improve that? having lived in Buffalo, I can say his “bravado” will not go over with the fans. Should be interesting!

  36. Just seems like a bad fit for both rex and the bills. Bills had the #1 ranked 4-3 defense and rex runs a 3-4 defense. Bills don’t even have players to run a 3-4. Now your fixing something that isnt broke. Bills dont have an offense and rex has proven that he cant build an offense. It feels like its a step back for both parties.

  37. I don’t understand the wisdom of hiring a D-minded coach when it’s your O that needs attention. Doubly perplexed when that D-minded coach had iffy results from his former team’s O. And Rex is expected to bring along the same Jet’s O crew?


  38. It’s a lot easier to take over a team that won 9 games than a team that won 3 games, people. QBs don’t magically grow on trees and the Bills are hardly the only team without one

  39. Bills will go after a QB via trade or FA. I would not be surprised to see Cutler in a Bills uni next year. Manuel has issues, but not Geno level issues–although Geno has a higher ceiling

  40. Marrone has ties to new Bears GM. Ryan fired from Jets, goes to Bills. Trestman fired from Bears goes to Bills. Like betting on the hot stock from two years ago. Does not sound like a plan anywhere here.

  41. It’s a good hire, but Rex is walking into another QB situation not much different from where he just left. This guy could win big if he had a QB and some offensive tools. He is inheriting a very good D and will only make it better. If the GM does his job, which Tannenbaum and Idzik failed at with the Jets and Rex starts thinking before he opens his mouth in public, he can realize his potential and give this team a shot at the top. I always wanted see him succeed with the Jets, but the pieces were never in place, the owner is incompetent and Rex made a lot of trouble for himself with his mouth.

  42. This is a wait and see thing for me… I was really expecting him to go to Atlanta. Sure, the defense is going to be nasty, but I hope they’re nasty enough to score more points than the other team, because Rex isn’t likely to fix the issues on offense.

  43. The difference between the Jets and the Bills for Rex will be that the Bills have a GM in Whaley who knows how to bring in good players. Something Rex did not have in NYC. Who did the Jets bring in to help their young QBs? I blame the Jets for ruining Sanchez and Gino, not Rex.

  44. I don’t get all the comments saying he can’t build an offense. Ryan was not the GM. He never had a QB. You want to claim Sanchez is a QB? The first two years the offense he couldn’t build made fillet mignon out of what was mostly dog meat. Then there was nothing except the O line after that. No real backs,no receivers, no QB. With the Jets, Ryan never had any offensive tools to build an offense with.

  45. This is an utterly bizarre hire for several reasons:

    1. Buffalo already has a strong defense and a good coach in place on that side of the ball.

    2. They have the same QB trouble as the Jets, and I would have thought they’d bring in a guy better equipped to fix this problem.

    3. In the Bills games against the Jets this year, the Jets were incredibly ill-prepared and got blown out twice, but apparently the Bills ownership was somehow impressed with Ryan in the games.

    I give it two years of utter failure before they can him.

  46. Still no QB. This will be Jets North. Thought Rex would be a better fit in Atlanta or SF where the QB is already in place.

    Oh well, glad Rex and the Pats can still battle it out.

  47. Great coach. Loved his time in New York and he brought energy to the franchise. The feud with New England should continue. Good defense in Buffalo but he will need help with the offense. He will not have as much pressure in Buffalo. Should be an interesting 2015.

  48. Rex’s logic for taking the Bills job instead of the Falcons; “Okay, in Buffalo I’m stuck in the same old situation where I have a good defense and no QB… but I get to stay in New York. Atlanta I have a good defense and a good QB….but I have to live in GEORGIA!! HELLLLOOOOOOOO BUFFALO!!!”

  49. I see every game, as I am a Jets fan.

    His problems are the following:

    Overall game management.
    In game adjustments.
    Managing/implementing time outs.
    Hands off approach to the offense.

    Other than that, he is a great coach. But his laws will always be his undoing.

  50. All I can think of is he signed with Bills since he’s obsessed with BB. Period. No QB is not the biggest problem for Bills though (who I gained a lot of respect for this past year…only AFC East team to beat Packers, who are my NFC fave team, love ya Aaron!). Their biggest problem is they will be even more unbalanced regarding offense and defense…waaaayyyy too much D…but like 2009 and 2010 Jets they should have good running game….I guess he figures if he could get to AFC title game with Sanchez he can do it with Manuel.

    Oh, and the other reason he wants the Bills is to stick it to Tannenbaum, who now works in Miami (unless the FPA can force them to renege on that…still not sure this is a good hire…hope it is.)

  51. I knew some failed franchise would hire this idiot, and wouldn’t it make sense that it was the one with new (obviously dense) ownership.

    Looks like a carbon copy of the Jests.

    The days of an elite defense carrying a team to success is over. The rules dictate pure favoritism for the offense, and it’s too much to overcome. Look at the playoff teams from this season, and there’s one common denominator. An elite, or near elite QB.

    The Bills, like the Jests don’t have one. They don’t have the resources to get one either after that horrible trade up for an average WR in the draft. There aren’t any in FA either, and I mean NONE!

    You can’t fake the QB position, Prime example #1 is the Chiefs. We aren’t winning anything meaningful anytime soon either with the same elite defense.

    All these things, coupled with the fact that Rex is totally devoid of any knowledge of offense, and the importance of it, will keep the Bills exactly where they are right now. A second tier team in a terrible division.

  52. Bills need to scout hard for a QB – Grayson is a guy who reminds me alot of Derek Carr. If the Bills were to get him, sign one of the free agent QBs as a stop gap until Grayson is ready would be the best course of action.

  53. Obsessed with Belichick. But I’m sure he can coach up a shaky QB situation like he did with the Jests. Tee hee.

  54. For the 50+ people who gave my Trestman comment a ‘thumbs down’, have you been in a cave? He doesn’t have a clue how to work with these NFL players….tell me another HC who would let Marshall spend every Tuesday flying to be on the Showtime NFL Show? DOH! You’re gonna be in a pickle with that guy….book it.

  55. I guess everyone (including the owners) who thinks Rex is an upgrade over Marrone missed the two games this year where the Bills obliterated the Jets. Both teams had similar talent on both sides of the ball.

    Rex will be a breath of fresh air at first but the air will start to stink once his laid back approach leads to a lack of execution and discipline by his players.

  56. What now Mark Davis. SHANARAT. Eric mangeni pat Shurmer D Beville tony S We die hard fans deserve better Rex with Scott L for OC and you sit and do nothing ….. Buy the way Reggie M had the most free agent money last year and he brought in nobody worth anything and not 1 young core player to build around …It took Reggie 2 years to deconstruct that roster a competent GM would have done it in 1 year … Why cut half the so called over paid players one year then the other half the year after… He cost this franchise a whole year in just that one stupid move ..Tony bergstrom nice pick he had sharif Floyd and star L sitting there and passed on both for I can’t stay healthy DJ Hayden played what 5 games
    in two years … We need a solid hire NOW not the same old retreads you have interviewed…Shanarat makes me puke stop disrespecting your father and pill your head out …..

  57. So he’ll switch the defense to a 3-4, which means a few years of growing grains and roster moves. He will dictate the offensive strategy, grounding and pounding the Bills into 1978. He made bone headed coaching decisions even in his 6th year as The head coach of the Jets, so don’t expect that to change. You already had a good defense Bills fans so I can’t see one upgrade with this hire.

  58. I can’t believe this guy is able to keep finding work…it really is unbelievable. In any other profession when you become the laughing stock amongst your peers, you don’t have job offers lined up like this. Gotta hand it to him…

  59. Marrone had Buffalo showing signs of life. Now they can go back to the usual mediocre to bad seasons they’re used to. Why anyone ,especially a team that needs quarterback development would hire Ryan is beyond me. Maybe Bills’ ownership likes Adam Sandler movies and admires Ryan’s work as an actor.

  60. From the little known fact department: Kim P. bought Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection. Rex is not available until the morning for the announcement. Love the hire! Go Bills!

  61. Does he realize that Geno Smith is a better quarterback than EJ Manuel
    that’s debatable…..Manuel could come back next year and be improved after the benching…..they also could make a trade for a QB (example, Cousins or RG3) or they could even sign a Sanchize (he’s a free agent you know)…..i am surprised that this hire was made, but it could be a good one. Rex knows the Jets now (since he worked there) and of course he always plays the patriots and dolphins tough. should be interesting to see an already great defense getting Ryan.

  62. I am not a Rex Ryan fan. He gets so optimistically attached to his players he fails to recognize their short comings to the detriment of his team example Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. He actually believes that they are better players when they are not. I think great head coachs always have a cold part of their hearts that tells them they must move on to win. For example Bill Belichick’s heart is completely frozen and he has the rings to prove it.

    I am Bills Fan so I will cheer the team to win. In this case I hope that Rex proves me wrong.

  63. I’m not sure why they are doing this……the Bills know as much as anybody what his hiring brings……

    It’s a stupid hire…..

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