Rod Marinelli could be heading to Tampa


Jason Garrett isn’t the only coaching free agent in Dallas.  Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has completed his contract, too.  And he soon could be leaving.

Per a league source, Marinelli currently is expected to join the Buccaneers, likely as the defensive coordinator.  It’s unclear what that would mean for current Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

Marinelli served as defensive line coach in Tampa from 1996 through 2005, before becoming head coach of the Lions.  He worked in Tampa with current Bucs coach Lovie Smith, who at the time was the linebackers coach in Tampa.

Marinelli also worked for Smith in Chicago, from 2010 through 2012.  After Smith was fired by the Bears, Marinelli joined the Cowboys, serving as defensive line coach in 2013 and defensive coordinator in 2014.

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  1. Frazier to DBs coach or the unemployment line, sadly.

    Personally I would’ve liked to have seen Frazier be the link for Adrian Peterson to come to Tampa. Tampa needs a running back and Adrian will likely be free.

  2. Typical Jeerry…things are going in the right direction and then they go into the crapper…keep the ginger…linehan…callahan (although theres no way he re-signs), bryant, murray…ginna be a newsworthy offseason for the jerrahs…

  3. I don’t really understand why Dallas are allowing all these coaches to leave? Finally they seemed to have turned it all around this year and now it seems like they’re trying to ruin it all???

  4. britishraven

    He is allowed to leave his job when his contract is up. Maybe some people don’t like working for Jerry Jones, and prefer to work with close friends in a better environment?

    Tampa asked to interview him last year and Jerry refused, the writing was on the wall.

  5. Apparently Marinelli knew all about the Packers gameplan from having coached against them numerous times over the years.

    He still let a one-legged Rodgers tear his defense up today.

  6. Lol Bears fans. You are getting ready to hire Mr Mediocrity in Gary Kubiak. Though at least Kubes always accepts the blame and freely admits he doesn’t have the answers. Good luck with that.

  7. All the Dallas fans sounds like your typical jilted lover…. anywho since Marinelli sucked according to you guys, you should be happy he’s leaving and not get so defensive about it…


    Oh man I’m a wordsmith.

  8. What a job he did in Dallas, took a bunch of no names and made them a good unit….Jerry gambled wrong by not signing him to a long term contract before the season……

  9. Damn being a cowboy fan this hurt we were horrible until rod Marinelli took over the defense with some key players out he made us a respectable defense please just don’t let Monte kiffin take coordinator job back over

  10. blackngold4life says: Jan 11, 2015 5:58 PM

    Why leave a o

    Why leave a good team to go to Tampa for the same position??

    Because maybe working for Jerry isn’t that great and he spent 9 years in Tampa before as a defensive line coach. He will be back with his close friends and an up and coming defense led by McCoy & David. Not to mention Florida doesn’t have any income tax.

  11. Newsflash people. Bucs wanted Marinelli last year, he would have went to Tampa too. Dallas blocked him from going. Bucs settled on Frazier.

  12. This is a major loss for Dallas…far more than Garrett….what this guy has done with a group who was suppose to be the worst in football is amazing. Since Steven Jones has had increased responsibilities it’s been reported that “Red Jesus” Garrett is getting promoted to Jerrys personal eyeglass cleaner…CONGRATS RED JESUS!!

  13. @icebergsimpson: Texas is a no income tax state.
    If Jerry Jones decides he wants Marinelli back, I don’t see any area where he will lose to Tampa Bay: money, fame, delights of the flesh. You really think the Bucs have anything Jones can’t top, and by a multiple of 2X plus?

  14. He’s going to Tampa because he’s loyal to Lovie…not Jerry.

    He wanted to leave last year when Lovie was hired, but Jerry wouldn’t let him out of the contract. So he’s probably been counting down the days all year to when he can bolt.

  15. For Cowboys fans , when Marinelli leaves Dallas, don’t blames Jerry Jones. Marinelli is attached to the hip to Lovie Smith, there isn’t much Jones can do about it


  17. Come back Rod. All you haters wish you were here with warmth, it was 78 here today and no state tax. First pick in the draft and nothing but good in the Buc’s future. You go Lovie and Rod. All you haters……Stay warm my friends. …….Go Bucs!s

  18. realnflmaster says:
    Jan 11, 2015 6:12 PM

    lol Leslie Frasier, Rod Marinelli, Lovie Smith, what a band of idiots!

    Yeah man….that band of idiots is only 3-3 in their 6 Super Bowl appearances.

  19. I’m not a cowboys fan, in fact I hate dallas.but marinelli was huge for them and I’m personally glad he is leaving. Dallas will fall way off after he is gone. If not for marrinelli, then there wouldn’t have even been any playoffs for Dallas.

  20. Damn people are dumb. Jerry isn’t letting Marinelli leave. What was it Jerry said again? I believe it was “you don’t want to see the check I’d write if it would get me in the Super Bowl.” Jerry is going to offer Marinelli a HUGE paycheck and if Marinelli leaves it’ll be because he’d rather help his friend in Tampa than get a huge payday. Honestly Marinelli seems like a decent human being so myself, as a Cowboy’s fan, I’d be shocked if he took the payday. This has nothing to do with Jerry letting someone walk. This has everything to do with what kind of person Marinelli is.

  21. Huge loss for the Cowboys…Marinelli was the only guy in the last several years to get the Cowboys defense to actually play as a unit.

  22. Same old Lovie always trying to put the band back together again.

    This is the same Marinelli that allowed a one-legged Rodgers to light him up.
    Sit back and be passive instead of pressuring a gimpy QB that fits in with the Lovie way.

    Never change Lovie , don’t ever change

  23. Hmmmm… Marinelli signs a 3-year deal with … Dallas.

    Who’s your league source – a Bucs staffer??

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