Steratore wipes away key Dez Bryant catch


Welcome back, Calvin Johnson rule.  We’d missed you.

The bizarre, convoluted rule regarding what is and isn’t a catch in the NFL reared its head at a key moment of Sunday’s playoff game between the Cowboys and Packers.  With Dallas facing fourth and two from the Green Bay 33, quarterback Tony Romo fired the ball deep down the left sideline to receiver Dez Bryant.

Bryant caught the ball, but he was falling to the ground while doing so.  After taking multiple steps, he landed on the turf — and the ball hit the ground.

Ruled a catch on the field, the Packers challenged.  And referee Gene Steratore reversed the ruling on the field, explaining that Bryant failed to maintain possession through the act of going to the ground.

At one point in the past several years, the rule regarding a catch made while a player is going to the ground created confusion and inconsistent calls.  It returned on Sunday with a vengeance, keeping the Cowboys from securing a first and goal at the one in a five-point game and instead giving possession to the Packers after the failed fourth-down conversion.

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  1. No dog in this fight, I actually dislike both teams equally……. but I was shocked they wiped away that catch.

  2. It was the right call by the definition of the rule. Still think two feet in should be possession and anything after is done as a runner. Haha Cowboys!

  3. Refs made the right call. He didn’t maintain the ball, if his hand was under it he would have secured it. But the ball hit ground and popped up, so no catch.

    Dare we say karma?

  4. Oh quit whining. If Earl Thomas’ INT last night was overturned because he didn’t complete the process of the catch, this Dez catch wasn’t either. IT WAS THE RIGHT CALL!

  5. As a Seahawk fan… I think most of us are happy as we’d rather see the Pack next week… but as a fan, that sure sucks as a rule.

    Dallas, it goes both ways.


  6. That was pretty bold, overturning that catch. Not sure I agree but I suppose it’s the famous karma rearing her ugly head.

  7. The reviews of Cobb’s catch and of Bryant’s catch defined the outcome of the game. Good luck to the Packers and kudos to the Cowboys. And honorable mention to the Lions. Officiating is affecting the NFC playoffs big time

  8. Karma is a witch, isn’t it? Very satisfying to see that poor sport Dez Bryant on the sideline crying.. One of the most obnoxious fan bases is now sitting home and can crawl back in that hole they came out of. Now Rodgers and his one good calf can shut up the other obnoxious fan base next week in Seattle. Eat crow!

  9. I don’t like the Cowboys, but I hate this rule. He clearly caught the ball, got two feet down, and lunged forward with possession. It should not matter that the ground caused it to move. It’s no different than a RB running and having the ground cause the fumble.

  10. Now this was a game changing call at a huge critical moment.

    Congrats Pac fans. No go and shut Seattle down and go on to win the Super Bowl.

  11. I wear a purple onesie and a blonde ladies wig
    Have you seen our new stadium? It’s awfully big!
    Only when the Pack is in town will it ever be filled
    And we the MN taxpayers will be billed
    The greatest coach in our history once said it best
    The Pack: “Crown ‘em!” They pass the test
    So now I must go away in winter hibernation, snuggling my Teddy
    2015 Team of Destiny, even tho our anorexic QB isn’t ready
    Take it to the bank: Vikings Super Bowl 50 Champs, it’s a lock!
    (Psst… is it too late to buy some Packers’ stock?!)

  12. Guy makes a great play on fourth down in the fourth quarter in the playoffs, NFL finds a way to screw it up.

  13. That being said, I wonder if the replay official was thinking about the backlash if another call went the Cowboys way?

  14. Not a Cowboys or a Packers fan, but I just don’t know how the league can go on with this rule. This is obviously a catch, and it’s just sad this garbage is going to cost a team a football game.

    Can someone explain to me how reaching for the goal line isn’t a football move? If Dez Bryant didn’t reach for the endzone and coddled it with two hands, the ground never would have cost the fumble. Everyone who watched that game knows that was a catch and frankly it gives me a sick feeling. I know we all hate Dallas, but if that was my team losing the game after a play like that on 4th down, I would have been furious. I feel for the fans and team.

  15. The NFL, where the rules change every week………The league is becoming garbage.
    Happen to Calvin Johnson. Rule has been the same for quite sometime now.

  16. Not a fan of either team but that is such a ridiculous rule. Yes, the ball came loose bit he caught it again before it touched the ground. How is that not a catch?

    Yet they say Cobb caught the pass where the ball touched the ground before he secured it? And in yesterday’s game Amendola makes a great catch with his hand underneath it but they rule it incomplete because he used the ground to make the catch. Cobb’s catch should have been incomplete by that logic.

    The refs need to make the same calls in these situations but they aren’t. I would be pissed as a Cowboy’s fan.

  17. Dallas didn’t deserve to be there in the first place, with that garbage call last week.

    Luv to see Cowboys nation on the other end of a bad call!

  18. There is nothing convoluted about it, its pretty simple, the receiver must maintain possession all the way through the catch to the ground. He did not catch it and then run 15 yards, he was falling to the ground the whole time. Great spin you’re putting on it though, very simple rule. Not a catch, not a Packers fan.

  19. The description of the play (was not a catch) does not match reality. He did not take “multiple steps” unless your definition of multiple is two.

  20. Suck on that Cowboys!!!!

    This was a much better call than the one last week that gave you a win you didn’t deserve.

  21. Sorry, Cowboys. There was plenty of time left to stop Green Bay and get the ball back. I guess you shouldn’t have let the game get close enough for the refs to change the outcome. Sound familiar? Sucks, eh?

  22. o well they went farther than what people thought they would and we r the better team bcuz we will just move on without crying about the call, good game all the way through

  23. who does Dez think he’s playing? The Lions?! You don’t get sweet calls like that against the Packers. They’re even more darlings of the nfl than the Cowboys. If you were playing the Lions, rest assured, that would have been a touchdown.

  24. pixelito says: Jan 11, 2015 4:09 PM

    Enjoy your offseason, Texas 🙂



    Stay classy moron. 🙂

  25. To Cowboy fans in general: good game, good year.
    To fanboy obnoxious Cowboy fans: haw haw haw and suck on it!
    And I do not have a dog in this fight, I’m a fan of the Patriots, who will win the Super Bowl this year. I just don’t like you guys and what you say. Probably makes us even.

  26. Weirded out by the Bryant call though. Not the way you want to win but we had plenty of time to get in shape for a game winning field goal had they not taken the catch away.

  27. Eat it you cheating losers! Jerruh and the rest of your sad little followers could not pay the refs enough this time away from Dallas to steal another game. Have fun in the off season clowns

  28. Stupid rule, that’s a beautiful catch and they take it away. I’m a Pats fan. GB got real lucky today.

  29. That was for all you crazy conspiracy theorists. Dez took two steps and made a lunge to the endzone. Highway robbery witb no chance left to redeem themselves like detroit had last week.

  30. I thought the ruling was consistent with how I’ve seen the rule interpreted previously. I disagree with the rule and think it should have been a catch, but I don’t disagree with the interpretation of it in this instance.

    I’m sure somewhere Detroit fans are having a very good laugh right now.

  31. LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT!!!! Hey Dez……now you have a whole 6 months to keep your helmet off….clown.

  32. Yes, Karma.

    Which means the Packers have a tough call awaiting for them next weekend in Seattle.

  33. Dez Bryant had that catch… yeah I understand the rule, but anyone looking at that play and saying Dez Bryant didn’t catch that ball can’t look in the mirror and say that they believe that… he had a slight shift then held the ball up…. I’ve seen catches with less than that performance stand

    The Cowboys suffered the worst mugging by an NFL rule or Ref call this year, hands down…..

  34. I honestly don’t know what a catch is anymore. Dallas had their chances throughout the game and was unable to come through. Shame that the refs come into play once again.

  35. Cowboys fan here. Great game all around. Rogers played great and the refs got the call right on Dez. See you next year.

  36. Wow, the eye test says that was a great catch. What fun watching a game run by a bunch of lawyers.

  37. No one on Earth who saw that play didn’t think it was a catch. Guy catches the ball with two hands, takes three steps, and it isn’t a catch. The league has no integrity if the most obvious catch has to be reviewed and determined it isn’t a catch. Tainted victory.

  38. I don’t know. When I saw it live, the ball popped up in the air after hitting the ground (though the TV broadcast kept cutting away at that moment). I was shocked the official ruled it a catch since it happened right in front of him. Not at all shocked it got reversed. That is exactly how that rule has been applied. This one wasn’t particularly close.

  39. NFL needs to figure out that rule. Should be control of the ball and two feet down. This “going to the ground while making a football move while reciting the alphabet backwards” nonsense is awful. It was a great catch by Bryant. Debatable replay decision. Terrible rule definition.

  40. How quickly cowboy fans forget, how does it feel? Even tho it was the right call by the book that rule sucks

  41. my special favourite this weekend was blithering head bhomani jones, when asked which qbs he “trusted” in the playoffs..came up with cam newton and joe flacco……cam newton….imagine getting paid to say that cam newton is the most trustworthy qb in the playoffs.

  42. So lets see.

    1. He had 2 hands around the ball and brought it into his body.

    2. He then put it in the left arm to extend out securly.

    3. He took 3 steps.

    4. His knee hit before his arm did with the ball.

    Bad call all around. Rule needs to be fixed.

  43. Tough call either way but great playoff drama. If it was me I would have given it to him for the effort. I thought he had control until he hit the ground.

    That being said I am a cleveland browns fan first and a packers fan second so at least one team I like is still in the playoffs.

    Interesting to see what Jerry has to say about this and I feel a little bad for Romo. He played through a lot this year and was really playing well.

  44. Its too bad the cowboys didn’t have Jump ball Joe to throw that ball. Would have been an automatic PI.

  45. This is known as a “cosmetic call.” Makeup for last week.

    Can’t wait to read all the butt-hurt commentary from Cowpoke fans who were rubbing everyone’s faces in it this past week.

  46. I dont know if it was indisputable that he did not catch it is the only thing. Regardless that call evens the score for last week. Gene usually one of the better referees in the game, I think he got it wrong though.

  47. Sorry trolls but the pack lives to play another day! All the excuses will come but the only thing that matters is that we are playing and you are not!!! Wipe away the tears…

  48. As a Lions fan, all I can say is…HAHAHA! Quit crying, we’re MOVING ON.
    Every cowgirl that jeered last week got it right in the chaps today.

  49. I wish I could say Karma, but it was a correct reversal. Dallas didn’t get robbed, Dez Bryant messed up because he got too greedy going for the TD instead of bringing the ball in.

    Everything is now right in the Universe that Dallas is no longer advancing after winning last week when Detroit actually got robbed.

  50. To all the Cowboy fans that didn’t think this was the correct call- hey, there were bad calls against both teams, hey, one bad call against you doesn’t make a loss etc etc etc. Can’t have it both ways Cowboys, can’t have it both ways.

  51. I don’t agree with this call. Dez made a football move by diving for the goal line. He took three strides and had control of the ball. SHOCKED Mr. Jones didn’t get the benefit of the officials. Would it have been a touch down if he had broken the plane ?

  52. Seahawks/Packers were the best two teams anyway. The football gods got it right in the NFC. As a fan, I want to see one more Brady/Manning showdown now, so I’m rooting for Denver. It might be the last.

  53. …..end the discussion. Romo sucks. Dude does not know how to throw the ball away…..takes needless sacks

  54. This “League” better wake up soon as it’s becoming a joke. Looks more like pro wrestling every year. I don’t beleive for a second that the players are in on it but you don’t need players when one ref and the “proper instruction from the front office” is all you need. Entertaining but without question….fixed.

  55. I disagree with the rule, but it is a rule and therefore the right call…. Cowboys can’t say ANYTHING after last week though

  56. The IRONY in all this i swear you can’t make it up , to have the Calvin johnson RULE in effect playing a part.At least its not much CONSOLATION to LIONS fans after getting robbed last week , but at least this OUTCOME should allow them to sleep ALOT better.

    Its funny that in life many have tried to out run that little fellow call…………KARMA.

  57. So will PFT spend the next week writing stories about this call or is it not the same when it’s Dallas? How is Cobb trapping a pass against the ground called a reception but this isn’t? Investigate that PFT

  58. I’m not a fan of either team but I was happy to see Both Green Bay and Dallas in the playoffs. Actually I’m a fan of both teams. The NFL seems better when both those teams are good. Some rule changes are better for the game, and some are not. When they changed the rule to say a receiver needs to make the catch, go home and eat dinner, then come back to the stadium to complete the catch, I think they screwed up. They should change the rule back. It was a correct call on a dumb rule. Dez Bryant should have just caught the darn ball instead of trying to be a hero. It was already a great play. Sometimes you just have to play smarter.

  59. Just as Golden Tate said last week about his Lions, Dallas should never have been in position to let refs determine outcome of game.

    They had the Packers by the throat in the first half.

    They had Packers dispirited with a one-legged QB.

    Dallas missed a FG after false start. Then let GB move down and kick a FG before the half.

    Then Murray fumbles when he had clear sailing ahead resulting in GB FG and momentum.

    Romo played his arse off. His ‘mates let him down.

  60. The cruel irony of life Cowboy fan. Hurts doesn’t it. Actually a good call based on the rule. I don’t agree with the rule. Now all of you have the sinking feeling I had last week when the Lions were closing in on another score. Couldn’t happen to a better guy-Dez! We will crush you next year if we see you in a play off game!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Go Lions!

  61. Forget changing week to week, how bout minute to minute? Cobb’s “catch” was bouncing around like a pinball. Bizzaro world.

  62. Worse overturn than in Dallas last week….didn’t think that was possible.
    Oh well….the refs must know that Packer fans are the (Dr. Pepper guy – Larry) of the NFL fan base. They knew that they would be sitting the whole off season, jobless,…crying to their picture of the most overated LB in history, Matthews…..the refs just lost a lot of money for bars in Wisconson….worst call ever!!

  63. I’m no Cowboys fan but they got screwed big time! That whole must make a “football move” is complete garbage. What the hell is a “football move” anyway? You can’t make one when falling to the ground. That was a catch!

  64. bluechocolaterain says:
    Dallas just got jobbed.


    Did you miss the Cowboys-Lions game last week? Wouldn’t even have been playing today without refs help last week.

  65. Getting harder to watch. The Ref’s are determining every other game now. Who does the NFL want to win? Tune in 330 to find out. Lets not review that Cobb clinching catch either that was very close to on the ground.

  66. My world makes sense again. Dallas Cowboys will be at home where they belong and the teams with an actual front office are still in the playoffs..Excellent

  67. It didn’t even look like an application of that rule as it appeared like Bryant was reaching for the end zone after having control as opposed to not maintaining possession to the ground, but whatever. I guess this was the makeup call for the awful pass interference noncall and Bryant non-flagging last week in the Detroit game. It’s a shame though because imo Green Bay has no shot to beat Seattle whereas I think Dallas had a slim chance to make it a game.

  68. Proud to be a cowboy, exceeded so many expectations.

    But I hate how the refs are deciding everything every game, we got away with one last week and we got stuffed this week! But I aren’t just whinging from a cowboys point of view! I hate watching the NFL waiting for the refs to blow a game and award a win to one or the other.

  69. .
    If Dallas had won this game, everyone would have questioned the integrity of the league – so they had to lose…

    EVERY call went against Dallas, so the conspiracy theorists could not claim the league was helping Dallas. Dallas got screwed by the refs in this one.

    The NFL is becoming unwatchable because of the refs and nonsensical rules…


  70. Cobb’s ball clearly hits the ground when viewed on back angle. Dez’s doesn’t even come close. Idiot umps.

  71. Cowboys fan here:

    The call didn’t cause the loss. It was the right call. The play calling (3rd and 1 and 4th and 2 bomb), missed FG and Murray’s fumble are the key plays that cost us.

    Congrats GB. And Dallas as well for a great season.

  72. Like I said before you don’t win in greenba to many cutesy calls Rodgers will get his head tore off in seattle though should be fun to watch that

  73. Regardless who win today, that team is going to get murder in Seattle. I pick the Seattle to repeat Super Bowl win again. Bet my money 1-1000 against any body.

  74. The “rules” of the NFL have jumped the shark. They’re ridiculous. The NFL has left the PGA tour behind with the most inane rules of any sport.

  75. Maybe the Cowboys should have scored more than 7 points in the second half instead of relying on a call that was over turned. The best team won.

    Sound familiar?

  76. Stop with karma. It’s not real idiots. The nfl wanted this game, and the nfl wants the Packers still playing. That’s not karma. That’s billionaires.

  77. actually it will be more fun watching gb getting stomped on the road by seattle. wont get the calls there either. that seattle d is way faster and it will be on turf. with rodgers bogus injury hampering him, theyll have to run it 50 times, and that aint gonna work either. look for a seattle new england super bowl. oh wait is the game against seattle on the road? none of the packers games seemed to be on the road all year..oh thats right they werent

  78. He did not take “multiple steps”. Talk about biased reporting! Poetic friggin justice!! 🙂

  79. Can someone with a better understanding of the rules explain the reasoning behind the reversal?

    I saw Dez take 3 steps, which I thought would be considered a football action.

    He also had his other forearm and elbow down before the ball hit the ground. Wouldn’t that mean down by contact before the ball hit the ground and got knocked out of his hand, because the elbow considered down, and there was obviously contact?

    Obviously not, according to the NFL, just wondering why.

  80. So Dallas got key favorable calls last week and Dallas fans are fine with it. They get a key call, that wasn’t a catch by the new rules, against them today, and it’s a bad call.

    Complaints from Dallas fans in 3, 2, 1….

    P.S. Karma is a b!tch….

  81. I knew it wasn’t a catch when it happened. Exactly the correct call.

    Get over it Dallas. Hell of a game though.

  82. Rules are very clear!! He did not make a football move and the ball hit the ground and came out of his hands!!
    The call against the Lions in favor of the Cowgirls was a terrible call.
    This was the RIGHT call!!!

  83. I hate that “football move” rule…but to be fair they’ve consistently called that stupid rule all year long.

    In that respect, this is different than the way the Lions got jobbed. The Lions got jobbed when they did NOT make a call consistent the way they have all year. The Cowboys lost when the refs DID make a consistent call.

    The right move is for the NFL to abolish this stupid rule. But as for this game, it was a fair call.

  84. It’s not a bizarre, convoluted rule. Confusing to understand at first? Yes. But once you understand the intent of it, you realize that it is fair and it’s the only way to call that type of play consistently. This is coming from a die hard Lions fan who experienced the Calvin Johnson rule first hand.

  85. Regardless of what you think about the this play and the ruling; Dallas had just over 4 minutes and 2 timeouts to stop the Packers offense and get the ball back. They couldn’t do it and didn’t deserve to win this game that they quite honestly didn’t deserve to be playing in the first place.

  86. Losing my faith in the NFL. No dog in this fight but that was an amazing catch. I think the rule is incorrect if you are taking that away.

  87. The rule was enforced properly.

    I don’t like the rule and it rears its ugly head at the worst times……but it was enforced properly.

    Probably time to change this rule.

  88. Better team does not always win. Surprisingly good yr. For the boys. A few more def pieces and this is a sb team. Dez call was a tough one but they also had a 6 point swing before the half that was killer. The murray fumble and then the cobb fumble they should have recovered were all killers. Future is bright in big d.

  89. It’s going to be great to have angry Shea in Irving back, winning Shea was a bit of a bore!

  90. You can stop crying now, babies. Let’s see, three of the four (so far) favorites for the Super Bowl have made it to the Championship game. Still think it’s rigged?

  91. Three steps on a reception is no longer a football move? So when does it become a football move. Under this definition they are saying on T.V. if you are stumbling s
    And running and hit ground it’s incomplete. Once again it’s about officials and not the teams playing. To bad for all teams involved in this.

  92. Dez should have kept 2 hands on the ball instead of letting the ball bounce up off the ground when he landed and rolled.

  93. Now y’all didn’t really think the Cowpokes would win against Rodgers at home, did ya? C’mon, man!

  94. Neither team was winning in Seattle, more so GB than Dallas. Green bay struggled for most of the game against a decent Dallas defense. Seattle’s secondary is going to eat them up (again) especially if Byron Maxwell is ready to go.

  95. The call was correct according to the NFL rules. Nonetheless, for anyone that has ever played football, that WAS A CATCH! He caught the ball and he controlled it. This stupid ‘make a football move’ rule needs to be changed. I had no dog in this fight, but what a horrible way to lose a game and end a season.

  96. Again, Pereira, the former HEAD OF OFFICIATING, explained the rule in detail just now on FOX, bitch about the rule, not the call. The correct call was made.

  97. Congrats to Packer Backers.

    ruled a catch / no evidence to overturn / overturned. . . . . . total NFL BS.

    the NFL and their ( blind-as-a-bat-overweight-refs) are looking more and more like CLOWNS on a daily basis.

    Cowboys were robbed – even though I was rootin’ for Pack !

    and this from an Eagle fan.

  98. he tucked it after the catch at the top of his leap…then with it tucked in his left arm turned and extended with his right arm while lunging for the endzone…the catch was made BEFORE he turned and made the football move. Ground can’t cause a fumble….bad call?
    think so

  99. Three steps and a reach for the end zone would constitute a football move but I think the game was lost earlier when Romo audibled to a pass on 3rd and 1.

  100. This rule and then allow a running back to jump in the end zone and ball come out is two rules that should be addresses. The good thing on this call, Detroit fans you got your pay back and will make the offseason somewhat better.

  101. Terrible rule, going on 4-5 years now since Calvin’s ‘non-TD’ catch.

    The NFL rule book is ruining the game of football. The definition of a catch isn’t that hard.

    No dog in this fight, but 2 steps (really 3) with the ball secured should be enough for obvious possession. It seemed clear to me the’ football move’ was stretching for the goal line. Call it a fumble at the one, whatever, but it’s a catch.

    The for DAL was awful last week too and now this. Stay out of the games refs!

  102. I don’t understand all the confusion about this rule if the ball hits the ground and moves then the Receiver didn’t maintain possession – end of story. Complain about the rule but the call was not controversial – period!

  103. Of course you could predict 2 out of 3 idiot comments would say something about ‘karma’ but sorry that was a catch and he rolled and caught it again so it never hit the ground. Unbiased but these definitions taken the nth degree are really detracting from the spirit of the game. Dallas should have been rewarded by that effort, spectacular. Rule book won that game not Green Bay.

  104. That play had the benefit of review, whereas the defensive holding on Detroit last week much different. And that play gets called all the time now as incomplete…agree or not with the rule, but it was according to the rules of a catch/going to the ground with the ball.

  105. Great challenge by the Packers. The officials blew it by overturning the call. He lunged and extended the ball and therefore completed a football move before the football came loose. Great game by both teams. You have to knock out your opponent to win on the road in the NFL.

  106. Dean Blandino will now get to explain how possessing the ball, taking 3 steps and lunging for the end zone is not a “football move”.

  107. It was the RIGHT call… Dez did not make a football move after he caught the ball and needed to maintain possession through the catch… You TRUE FANS SHOULD KNOW THE RULE BY NOW!

  108. Ok this is simple. That was a MIRROR IMAGE of the Calvin Johnson catch that on challenge was ruled a non-catch. This was the same exact thing. We want refs to call games consistently. That’s consistency. It wasn’t a catch by rule AND by precedent. So shut up Dallas ‘fans’.

  109. Wow, very tough when what we see and common sense tells us gets overturned by a correct application of a bad (poorly constructed) and ambiguous rule.

    Sort of like the tuck rule. I was there that night ?(January 19, 2002) . It looked like a fumble, but the correct application of a controversial rule saved us that season.

    Great season Cowboys. Tough way to lose…

    As a Pats fan, good luck to Seahawks, Pack, and winner of next game.

    Looking forward to next weekend already. No matter what happens next, I/we have been privileged to watch one of best dynasties over the last 14-15 years here in New England.

  110. Hey Dallas, welcome to the NFC Norths world of officiating. It’s Green Bay rule and the rest of the world.

  111. That call didnt cause Dallas to lose it

    They had their chances. 21-13 up, recover that kickoff fumble (went straight to a Dallas player) and they have a large lead if they score

    End of the first half they should have had a touchdown or at least a FG but messed up, GB then move downfield and get a FG.

    Murray fumble was huge, might have been a 50 yard run or something, Peppers with a huge play.

    Just like last week the controversial call didnt mess the game up, several key plays did for Dallas

  112. Like the rule or not they consistently call it that way. It was a consistent, and more importantly, a correct call. Unlike last week which was both inconsistent and incorrect.

    As for the title of this article—-you cant wipe away a catch* that was never a catch. It was correctly called Incomplete.

  113. Wow, the same morons spouting conspiracy theories last week, spouting karma now is hilarious.

    That aside, there’s something seriously wrong with the NFL if Bryant’s catch was not a catch.

  114. Dallas done in by the Calvin Johnson rule. I was hoping for a blow out but that was even more hilarious.

  115. so, as the rule reads he could take 90 steps a fall and lose the ball for a fumble as long as a ref thinks he was off balance?

    I count three steps, a knee, an elbow, a stretch and then the ball comes out after he is down. Apparently FALLING is the only thing that counts as a football move….. How many things need to happen? If he slid for fifty yards do I need to wait until he stops moving?

  116. Leaving aside the fact that Dallas has absolutely no room to complain about officiating, t was the right call according to the rule. Unlike last week. Doubt we’ll see an NFL apology this week.

  117. lol, the refs giveth, and the refs taketh away.

    Now Dallas fans know how the Lions fans feel.

  118. Last week, the Detroit Lions and Calvin Johnson missed out on a prime opportunity to advance in the playoffs because of a non-controversial call that favored the Cowboys. This week, fittingly, the Calvin Johnson rule knocked out the Cowboys.

  119. Everyone always argues about the INTERPRETATION of this rule. But no one ever asks, WHY EVEN HAVE THIS RULE? It’s a horrible rule. The rule should be possession and 2 feet down equals a catch. There should be no additional requirement when the receiver “goes to the ground.” Get rid of the going to the ground exception, just say that possession and 2 feet down equals a catch. But that’s too simple for the NFL.

  120. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Jan 11, 2015 4:14 PM

    The description of the play (was not a catch) does not match reality. He did not take “multiple steps” unless your definition of multiple is two.

    that is the very definition of multiple lol

  121. Are you kidding me? Who made that decision? Makes about as much sense as the Cleveland Browns have for the last 16 years .

  122. Definitely a game of inches.
    If Dez had been able to extend another couple of inches it would have been ruled a catch and a TD regardless of whether the ball came out after it hit the ground. However, because the ball did not break the plane a different set of rules apply.

  123. Rigged! What about the obvious trap by Cobb earlier in the game that the Zebras called a catch? Cowboys got screwed on that call and the Dez Bryant catch. I hate the Cowbays but overturning amazing catches on rigged, BS technicalities makes watching the games a lot less fun.

  124. Dez should have focused on securing the ball rather than trying for the extra yard. That’s the way the season goes.

    Congrats to the Packers and their fans.

  125. Hate the Cowboys but the refs have once again been the focus of the outcome. NFL is a joke.
    Worst part is we get to hear Michael Irvin whine for the next 12 months.
    Refs are horrible and every year make it harder to believe the outcome of these games aren’t in some way fixed. Pack will be destroyed by LoB and doubt if anyone in the AFC can compete with them.
    Apple Nation wins again…

  126. I thought the Calvin Johnson rule was regarding catching a ball in the end zone and going to the ground

    In this case he caught the ball and in my opinion made a football move

    How many times have we seen the same move with a player reaching and hitting the pylon with the ball and then the ball comes free
    There they rule the ball crossed the plane

    There is some rule that needs to account for these varying scenarios

    To me the call was wrong

    Nothing to do with karma

    Lions had 8 minutes last week
    Plus a 4th and 1 they chose not to attempt

  127. I like Green Bay and I think Rodgers is future HOFer but his injury is clearly bothering him and affecting his play. He missed a lot of wide open throws that he usually doesn’t miss and if he plays the Seahawks the same way he played the Cowboys the Packers are going to get killed.

  128. I’ve noticed that ever since announcers started commenting on Ed Hochuli being “built”, it seems refs and baseball umps are trying to become more and more a part of the game. Coincidence? I doubt it. Becoming attention hounds. Sad and now becoming game changes in a very bad way.

  129. I don’t care what the new rules say, that is a catch. And I’m a Steeler fan, not a Pokes fan.

    The NFL is over legislating their game to death.

  130. Hopefully Steratore won’t be officiating any more playoff games in the near future. Congrats to the Cowboys on a great season!

  131. Not a Dallas fan but it certainly looked like a good catch. That being said they did follow the rule to make the final call, but its a stupid rule.

    As a dozen or more others have said, the refs giveth and they taketh away.

    But really Dallas lost the game because their terrible defense couldn’t stop Rodgers, a QB who makes a living running around to make plays, who could only play on one leg. They didn’t even have to pretend to defend his running ability.

    Add to that their offense only scored 7 points in the second half.

    Same reason Detroit lost last week.

  132. Dallas will always choke. Seattle would have steamrolled them next Sunday, Jan. 18 at 3pm on FOX. Championship Wednesday on NFL Network, here we come! From Seattle and Green Bay!

  133. I am just glad Fox decided not to show that tool Jerry Jones and his boyfriend in the suite today. They must have had trouble with their cameras..

  134. It’s absolutely hilarious to see the Cowboys fans whining about the refs, after the huge gift they got last week.

  135. “The refs need to do something about this rule. Glad it was in place in this case. Go Pack Go!”

    Refs don’t make the rules, fool.

  136. The reversal was the correct call due to the rule stating that the WR has to control the ball when going to the ground.

    This call is different because unlike last week, where the correct call was made, then it just disappeared.

    One word: Schadenfreude

    Get your tear collectors out because these tears are going to be tasty.

  137. Not a catch. And I didn’t think Calvin Johnson’s was against the Bears a few years ago.

    That said, I didn’t think Cobb’s earlier in the game was a catch either.

  138. Love it…Love it…LOVE IT. Also loving the cowboy fans complaining about this call, which was the correct call. The ball hit the ground and he bobbled.

    As a Lions fan I hate the rule, since it all started with Calvin Johnson against the Bears, but I love the poetic justice of it being used against the Cowboys and #1 whiner Dez.

    So will love to read the Cowboy fans complaining about this call, which was correct, and thinking last weeks reversal was ok, when it was the incorrect call.

    Come on Dallas fans, you have LOTS of opportunities to still win the game. How about your defense stepping up and stopping a crippled QB? Bahahahahahah.

  139. I don’t really care who won, but there was a part of me rooting for Dallas, but despite that, I think the call was right by the letter of the law.

    Although it was all instinct going for the end zone, I could not help but think that if Bryant had just tried to make the catch, and not extend, he probably would have caught it.

  140. Not rooting for either team but Bryant had possession of the ball. If he had not, he would not have been able to stretch it out towards the goal line. The ball was between his hand and forearm as he curled his fingers back to hold it. It was a catch.

  141. Are Cowboy fans really going to whine about a call NOT going their way?
    Really? You have no whine cards left, you have no right…no soup for you! One year!

  142. nobody hates dallas like i do,but bryant caught that pass as sure the cowboys got away with PI and holding last week.karma came back and bite them this week.

  143. Forget the catch, the ruling and all that…terrible call on 4th down and 2. The Dallas front line is the best in the league and D.Murray is running well. They went for it all when time was on their side. Btw, if Bryant doesn’t go for glory and secures the ball it’s 1st and goal…selfish player.

  144. Great season for a team that wasn’t even suppose to be here. Just hope the Cowboys nation doesn’t stoop to the haters level and start screaming cheated. Do I think it was a bad call yes. But I don’t know if that would have happened after the Cowboys scored because Rodgers was dicing up the secondary in the second half. Don’t know if the Cowboys could have kept them out of the endzone. Plus they would have only needed a field goal. That missed fg by Bailey was big probably would have changed Garrett’s thinking about going for it. And Murray’s fumble was big to. He holds onto the ball and that’s a big play. Cowboys need to shore up their defense and go for it again next year. Last time the Cowboys lost in the division round they went on to win 3 SB in 4 years. Who knows could be KARMA. So let the Cowboys bashing begin I’ll check in next season. Go Cowboys!!!!!

  145. Rogers and Brady, two first ballot HOFers, both stepped up in come from behind wins. If Denver wins we are going to see the four best teams on Championship Sunday playing to earn a trip to the Super Bowl.

  146. Remember how all the Cowboy fans were telling all the Detroit fans last week “…one play/bad call doesn’t make a game, move on”? Brahahahahahahaha

  147. Just remember, Jerry Jones’ money is no good in Green Bay!! Not able to buy a win here like you did last week in Dallas!
    BTW, how good is your good luck charm Christie now!!!

  148. Falling down as your catching the ball is not a
    “football move” it’s just falling down. Media trying to hype it up.

  149. Sad to see a great game decided by the officials and a crap ruling.
    At least no one can talk about Romo choking. He played a great game and should have won if not for that garbage call.

  150. So lets see.

    1. He had 2 hands around the ball and brought it into his body.

    2. He then put it in the left arm to extend out securly.

    3. He took 3 steps.

    4. His knee hit before his arm did with the ball.

    Bad call all around. Rule needs to be fixed.

    Your missing the point. he was on the way to the ground . Changes everything> Has to complete the process completely. He didn’t case closed.

  151. No dog in this fight, but it seemed the ball moved a lot to call it a catch, though from what I watched (and I didn’t get to see the whole game), the refs were really not very good today.

  152. Not a fan of either team but, and as a lot have already stated here, the NFL really have to work on their consistency. I’m just thinking, any other Sunday, and a different set of officials, that more than likely would have been called a good catch.

    Come on guys, you’re ruining the only sport that I consider worth following.

  153. Cowgirls go whine someplace else. That wasnt a bad call like that bogus call you got in your favor last week. You didnt eveb deserve to be there today. The lions did so just go get a box of tissues you bunch oh cowbabies.

  154. In Teddy We Trust says: Jan 11, 2015 4:15 PM

    “No one on Earth who saw that play didn’t think it was a catch. ”


    Nonsense! You could easily see the ball squirt out the moment he hit the ground.

  155. Bye the rule it was the right call, the ground can not cause a fumble but it can cause an incompletion.. Call was correct bye bye Dallas..

  156. A rule is a rule. Love some of the arm chair refs here with their comments.

    I love my packer team, but we have no chance next week if we play like we did today.

  157. I really hate some of the rules that they have. How can it be incomplete? Nothing the NFL or the referee does makes any sense. For example, even though Jerry Jones doesn’t have the people to get his team over the hump and back to the Super Bowl, he’s going to give everyone an extension and more money. It’s especially going to be the people that made the most mistakes. Mark my words. How bout them Cowboys?

  158. Rodgers isn’t walking out of Seattle next week. Let’s see how many people yell about “karma” then.

  159. Rulz is rulz kiddies (even if it does suck). Hopefully the one & done playoff garbage that a certain fan base loves to point out regarding the Packers is over for a while. Be tuff next week, ‘specially with Rodgers hurt. Season ends the way it began, hopefully with slightly different results.

  160. Eh. Green Bay should have been playing Detroit anyway.
    Sorry, Dallas. The refs giveth, and the refs taketh away.

  161. Correct call But that rule sucks two feet down with possession is a catch . Why not say a RB must maintain control of the ball when going to the ground same thing two different calls . Contradicts itself …….the ground can cause a fumble incomplete pass for WR but not for a RB going to the ground STUPID these rules let the NFL control outcomes of games period ….The NBA sucks and the NFL is becoming the NBA…….

  162. After the call reversal, Dez was seen arguing that he took two steps, which illustrates that Dez doesn’t have a clue about the rules that govern the position he plays. He doesn’t need to comprehend the entire rule book, but simply the rules for his own position. In the off season, Jerry should hire someone to read the rules to Dez. And then draw him a picture. And he probably still won’t get it.

  163. Honestly didn’t care who won the game, but Romo and Bryant made a great clutch play that was taken away. This deal where they take 4 diff camera angles to see if a ball jiggled or the point touched the ground is for the birds. There’s gotta be a more common sense approach. There will still be controversy, but you can’t wipe out great clutch FB plays on technicalities like that. Refs are deciding too many outcomes. Eventually the NFL is gonna pay the price. Fans will get sick of it.

  164. So who’s crying now? Just wondering what would have happened if the refs would have called it the other way and the cowboys challenged. HMMM!

  165. Now that stupid “one and done” comment can be put to rest. Unless we’re talking about the Vikes Super Bowl experience. Only it would be 4 and done.

  166. I don’t mind seeing the Cowboys lose at all. But that’s a catch. The NFL needs to change the rules if that doesn’t constitute as a catch. Clear possession, 3 steps while maintaining possession, reaches the ball toward the goal line as he’s going down… Baffling that the NFL would have a rule in place that would consider that not a catch.

  167. As a Lions fan I am still mad. I’m glad the cowgirls and their fans feel like I did last week. But this was actually the right call, you didn’t get screwed… you just lost outright.

  168. I’m amazed at the number of people who don’t understand a fairly simple rule: you must maintain control of the ball without using the ground. How hard is that? The ball can hit the ground as long as the receiver has control, and control is defined as contact with the ground doesn’t make the ball move.

    The ball clearly moved when it hit the ground.

    This reminds me of 2001 when people did not understand the tuck rule, and were ignorant of the fact it had been called many times before the NE-OAK game.

    And no, before you ask: falling to the ground is not a football move.

  169. To the posters who think Dallas were cheaters vs the Kittens, it was the ref’s call, not Jerry Jones or Romo,etc. Funny that the same idiots thought that the game was fixed and the NFL wanted a Dallas vs NE matchup. The catch should have stood, he had control of the ball, ran 3 steps and made a football move towards the end zone. GB still would have had plenty of time to score a FG to win. Murray’s fumble that would have been a TD, throwing on 3/1, then missing the FG which led to GB fg before the half and the terrible coverage on 3/15 for a TD cost them the game. Dallas had the game won, but a couple of plays screwed them.

  170. I disagree. If you take several steps you aren’t falling, you’re running. The original call was a catch which means he thought dez was reaching/diving for the goal after the catch. In order to overturn that there should have been conclusive evidence that he didn’t reach and was still in the process of a catch. Tough call either way but I think it was a catch. The ball was never loose on the ground either. They need to simplify that rule because the ref can interpret it whatever way he wants. Huge play. Game changing reversal and it is the focus instead of the game… Again!

  171. And sniveling, frat boy, juvenile football know nothings hooted and hollered their sad hearts out. I guess all you experts about “Jerry and fix” have to read meathead blogs for a new narrative. (Narrative means “what you should say now”)

  172. To all these tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists and people saying they are done with the nfl. Please by all means stop watching we don’t need ya. The rest of us who are grown ups and deal with losing in an appropriate matter will just keep on enjoying our sport.

  173. the screwboys had been screwed…wait a minute:there’s something wrong in this store…

  174. I never want to hear a packer fan complain about the “fail Mary” again. This bad call took that right away. Every year the refs spot the packers points in the playoffs. Not gonna matter in Seattle though, that D is too strong

  175. I am Cowboys fan…born and raised.

    It was a 60 minute game and we had our chances. Never leave it in the hands of the refs…would have liked to see that call go our way but it didn’t.

    Good luck to the remaining teams…few more pieces and maybe next year.

    Yes! I am truly a Cowboys fan…family had season tickets until my uncle passed and all the nephews moved away.

    Go Boys! Proud of this team!

  176. Enjoy your “win,” bratwurst boys, such as it was. That was a grade-A hose job. No way should that call be overturned. League is becoming a joke. don’t get so excited you have a stroke, Cheeseheads. You know you haven’t been watching your cholesterol.

  177. The NFC had three legit teams the AFC is so weak 1 good team NE and a bunch of so so teams. Balt made the playoffs week seventeen and gave The best team in the AFC NE all they could handle and Revis got away with a hold in the end zone against Balt in the 4 th quarter that game

  178. When a receiver catches the ball he should stand up with the ball, without ever losing possession. It’s that easy. Dez didn’t do that.

  179. As a Lions Fan, got to admit I like seeing Dallas get hosed. Still think this is a dumb rule, but as us lions fans have come to accept it for what it is. At least they call it consistently for the most part. Unlike last weeks PI call reversal, that was terrible.

    Find it funny how a lot of Cowboys fans who said “deal with it” last week are now crying foul. That is the best part!

    Go pack go!

  180. I can’t wipe this grin off of my face. Poetic justice being served up by the football gods. How fitting is it to get hosed on the process of the catch(Calvin Johnson rule).

    Lovin it.

  181. I think it was called correctly given the rule (and what I’ve seen them call in the past).

    That being said, I hate the rule. People don’t understand it, and it doesn’t “seem” right, and hasn’t in many of the cases where it’s been applied in the past.

    Bryant made a helluva play to come down with that ball. In hindsight, it would have been better to cradle it rather than reaching out for the end zone, but it would suck if great players start becoming more conservative due to this stupid rule.

  182. Dez was ‘on the ground’ when his right elbow touched the ground. You are down by rule when an elbow, knee or your butt touches the ground. The play was dead after his right elbow touched which was CLEARLY before the ball hit the ground and came out. So the refs are arguing that after a play his dead someone can fumble. That is a stupid argument that conflicts with a basic rule. Think before you make an import decision.

  183. Not a Cowboy fan, but this kind of stuff along with the soap opera that has become the NFL, is slowly but surely turning people away from the NFL..

  184. The problem is not whether Dez made “a football move” or not… Problem #1 is it was called a catch on the field, so there needed to be CLEAR proof to overturn the call.

    The other issue is someone in NY, deciding whether Dez made a football move by extending his arm or whether that was just him falling to the ground and therefore the ground causing an incomplete pass. How in the world can someone make that decision? And then slowing it down to make any of the movements look exaggerated. As someone said in a post above – a great football player, made a great play, in the 4th quarter of a playoff game and a rule interpretation is what ends up being discussed.

  185. If Dallas had said ANYTHING about how bad the officials were LAST WEEK I would almost feel sorry for them.

    But they didn’t, so let’s move on! LOL

  186. Life long Cowboys fan here. Can’t complain about the over turn. Hell, the so called experts can’t even agree about whether it was a catch or not. Too ambiguous. To the Eagles fans out there, ambiguous means open to more than one interpretation, unclear, or inexact. Good luck next week in Seattle to a class organization. To all the fans of other teams out there screaming about karma and laughing, it must suck being so completely jealous of a franchise that hasn’t really been relevant in the last 20 or so years. I feel sorry for you.

  187. It simply wasn’t a catch. Quit your complaining Cowboys fans. You shouldn’t have even been at Lambeau today. At least this time the pinstripes got the rule right. Go Pack Go!!

  188. guachosporlife says:
    Jan 11, 2015 4:20 PM

    Cobb’s ball clearly hits the ground when viewed on back angle. Dez’s doesn’t even come close. Idiot umps.


    No, Cobb’s hands were visibly under the ball on that play ….

  189. I can’t stand Jerry Jones, and I’m no Cowboy fan. My opinion however, is that this 1) is a stupid rule, and is hard to apply, 2) was not applied correctly in this case (Bryant was reaching for the end zone), 3) and completely inconsistent with earlier call in the first half (when replay official allowed a catch by Green Bay right before the half, when the ball clearly hit the ground).

    Frankly it is inexplicable to justify the different result reached in these two cases. Both calls involved the ball on the ground at one point, and both calls were resolved in Green Bay’s favor. One directly led to points, and the other prevented Dallas from getting the go-ahead score.

    Generally speaking, anything that aggravates Jerry Jones is ok with me, but in this particular case it was clearly unfair. I don’t know how the replay official can justify his different handling of these two cases.

  190. It was a catch plain and simple, never once left his possession and stayed on his shoulder and back into his hands, But, Cowboys fand don’t whine and cry. Like Jason Garret said after the game, it didn’t come down to officiating. Because we have what you guys don’t…class.

  191. I’m not sure what the complaining is about. He did get two feet down, but that is irrelevant he was falling down the entire time he had the ball in his possession (he was bobbling the until right before he hit the ground, when he landed on the ground he coughed up the ball.

    The article is poorly written talking about multiple steps being made after possession…technically he never possessed the ball.

    An excellent reversal of a bad call on the field.

  192. My eye test tells me that was a good catch. But my eyes also told me the Cowboys first score was a gift spot at the one yard line (based on the interpretation last week in the Ravens-Steelers game when Martavias Bryant was tripped up and there was no flag). Maybe if they didn’t receive the gift in the first quarter we wouldn’t be talking about this call.

  193. Ha ha ha !! I love all the Cowgirl fans whining about the correct call on Bryant’s drop!! Not fun when it goes the other way, huh Dallas???

    The call against you guys last week which Pete Morelli decided to pick back up after marching it off and announcing it, was horrible. But the reversal today was absolutely by the rule book, so whine all you want. Unlike what Morelli did last week, we’ve seen this call made plenty of times before.

    Besides, even if the Cowboys score a TD there, Aaron Rodgers had plenty of time to move down to kick the winning FG, so you would have lost anyway. The Packers were going right through your defense.

    We saw the MVP — Aaron Rodgers — play a fantastic game today. He is the best QB in the NFL and that TD he threw to Richard Rodgers was a laser!!

    See ya next year Jerruh Jones!! By the way, how come we didn’t see you and Fatso Christie hugging up in your box today????? It’s because you lost, that’s why!!!!!!!!!

    Have a safe trip back to Dallas and get out your golf clubs!!

  194. Mccarthy’s press conference tells you everything you need to know. Has to stop short of calling it a catch so he doesn’t incriminate himself

  195. That was probably the right call under the current rules, but they have to change that rule.

    If a guy takes 3 full steps with the ball completely secured, that should be a catch. Period.

    And I am NOT a Cowboys fan, so don’t go there.

  196. iamapatsfan says: Jan 11, 2015 4:21 PM

    Can someone with a better understanding of the rules explain the reasoning behind the reversal?

    I saw Dez take 3 steps, which I thought would be considered a football action.

    He also had his other forearm and elbow down before the ball hit the ground. Wouldn’t that mean down by contact before the ball hit the ground and got knocked out of his hand, because the elbow considered down, and there was obviously contact?

    The rules for down by contact are different for whether it’s a fumble for a player who HAS possession of the ball than for a receiver who is trying to ESTABLISH possession of the ball.

    The receiver has to control the ball all the way to the ground, and Bryant did not do that — you could clearly see the ball squirting out.

    The ground cannot cause a fumble, but it CAN prevent a catch.

  197. Please, after everybody cried last week. If they gave that catch to Dez, there would be riots… Funny how all these posts are from people who don’t have a team in the playoffs… That’s the difference, as a Cowboy’s fan I don’t care about your team. I love that you hate the Cowboys, I love the mock outrage that came from everyone not a Lion’s fan…. You question the integrity of the game and officiating.. will you protest the catch made by Dez and overturned? Nah, because much like republicans that use “patriotism” to disguise racism against the President, y’all just want the Cowboys to lose, and you question the calls only if it benefits Dallas… probably more than you want your teams to win… Oh well, it’s all part of being a fan of the Number 1 Valued Franchise in American Sports… That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact… Even at 8-8 the Cowboys move the dial more than any other team… Thanks for your hatred, thanks for your vitriol, it’s a badge of honor… There’s a reason nobody hates the Bucs, the Browns, the Jets… except maybe Jets fans… They don’t matter.. Most teams in the League don’t matter, they will always be bridesmaids… that’s gotta suck… And all our opinion’s don’t really matter… My team just went on a great run and I’m excited about the direction they’re going, ahead of schedule I might add… Was there a question about Dez’s catch? maybe.. but that’s over… when the game is controlled by humans, it’s susceptible to human error.. Whatever, I’m already over it. I’m proud of how the team fought..They lost to a great team with a future Hall of Fame QB who is as classy as they come in the NFL, and makes kick ass commercials… whoever ends up in the Super Bowl, it should be a great one… And that, is how you say goodbye to a season. Now… need to draft some Defense…

  198. roddoliver says:
    Jan 11, 2015 4:16 PM

    It clearly was not a catch. People don’t understand the rule. If you don’t agree with the rule, then it’s another subject.


    Catch = Control of the ball + 2 feet down + a football move (which stretching the ball out for the goalline would qualify)

    The only way it is not a catch under the review, even with the convoluted rule, is if the replay showed CLEAR, INDISPUTABLE evidence that Bryant was NOT stretching the ball out for the goalline. there.

    So, no, it’s not just the rule’s fault. Very questionable use of replay to overturn the call on the field.

  199. The ball hits the ground as part of the “process” of completing the pass, which caused the ball to be bobbled. Clearly incomplete per the rule, which can be argued is a bad rule. But it was applied correctly in this case.

    The fact that he stumbled a few steps while falling down doesn’t matter the way the rule is written. Unlike last week when they said they screwed up, a 100% guarantee that the league says this was the correct call.

  200. nunza2015ed says: Jan 11, 2015 4:44 PM

    Dez was ‘on the ground’ when his right elbow touched the ground. You are down by rule when an elbow, knee or your butt touches the ground. The play was dead after his right elbow touched which was CLEARLY before the ball hit the ground and came out. So the refs are arguing that after a play his dead someone can fumble.


    The rules about a fumble don’t apply here. The issue was not whether he had possession and then fumbled, the issue was whether he made a catch, and to do that he would have had to control the ball all the way to the ground, which he did not do.

    Clearly not a catch.

  201. I don’t know what replay some of u were watching but he never reached for the end zone. He just fell to the ground. Whether u agree with the rule or not, the right call was made.

  202. One other comment, and I’m out of the discussion.

    The true facts are that Green Bay fans would be livid if they lost a game based on a call exactly like that. All of this sanctimonious “that’s the proper application of the rule” talk is convenient, but I doubt that many of those fans really believe it themselves. As is shown by comments above, Green Bay fans can’t even bring themselves to admit that the first half catch by the Green Bay receiver hit the ground. So, eliminate Dallas and Green Bay fans from the equation, and what do you have–a general perception that a wrong was done here.

    I for one am very glad that Jerry Jones will have many sleepless nights after this–I can’t stand him. But, EVERY non-biased person watching that game knows that Dallas got tooled. Maybe they deserved it after they got the interference non-call last week, but anyone that is interested in fair application of the rules cannot be glad about something like this.

  203. sid719e says:
    Jan 11, 2015 4:46 PM

    Life long Cowboys fan here. Can’t complain about the over turn. Hell, the so called experts can’t even agree about whether it was a catch or not. Too ambiguous.


    Which is exactly why the call on the field shouldn’t be overturned there. Not CLEAR, INDISPUTABLE evidence.

  204. I do not understand all the confusion that clearly was not a catch. dez going to the ground, the ball pops lose because it hits the ground. Granted, ahhh hell what am I saying BWWWAAAHHHHAAA F YOU DALLAS and all their fans. Good job with your 2nd playoff win in 18 years, losers

  205. The reversal was correct. He clearly bobbled the ball and didn’t have control to the ground. Steps had nothing to do with it. Period.

  206. Great catch. Terrible call. Cowboys were jobbed. Excellent game by both teams. Too bad it had to be decided on a rotten call by the officials.

  207. Now c’mon Dallas fans.

    You had PLENTY of chances to win the game and put Green Bay away. It should never have come down to one refs call. How about stopping a one-legged quarterback on 3rd and long? Hmmmmmm…sounds like last week. Get over it like us Lions fans had too.

  208. He has possession, consciously reaches it out towards the goal line, ball comes out when hitting the ground. That reach for the goal line was a football move IMO. Don’t like the Cowboys, but they got jobbed by the hometown ref.

  209. drswaggletooth says:
    Jan 11, 2015 4:50 PM
    I’m not sure what the complaining is about. He did get two feet down, but that is irrelevant he was falling down the entire time he had the ball in his possession (he was bobbling the until right before he hit the ground, when he landed on the ground he coughed up the ball.

    Please. You must be kidding. He was most certainly NOT “bobbling until right before he hit the ground”. That’s a joke. He had full possession for three full steps and lost possession as he reached for the goal line.

    Yes, as the rule is written, that’s an incomplete pass. But the rule should be changed.

    I am NOT a Cowboys fan, but if you watched that play and saw Bryant “bobbling” that ball, you either weren’t paying attention or you have a huge Anti-Cowboys bias.

  210. I’m still confused over the rule. It didn’t appear to be any conclusive video of the ball hitting the ground. His arm definitely hit the ground and the ball definitely bobbled but it appeared he still had possession of it. The fact that he is on the ground doesn’t mean he doesn’t have possession of it. The Calvin Johnson play, Johnson put the ball on the ground to brace himself and it completely fell out of his hand. This wasn’t the same thing.

  211. I think like pretty much every Lions fan I feel a nice sense of poetic justice being served today. Except that, unlike last week’s incomprehensible flag pickup, this was the CORRECT CALL under the rules.

    You may say that that rule is stupid, and I would agree with you. After all, it isn’t referred to as the “Calvin Johnson rule” for nothing. It screwed my team out of a clear game-winning TD a few years back. But it IS the rule, and the ball was clearly dislodged when Bryant hit the ground.

    Perhaps that dumb rule will be changed, now that it has affected one of the NFL’s darling teams. But every Lion fan knows that it wouldn’t be reconsidered for a second had this call happened to our team.

  212. By the way, Drew Pearson still pushed off (which is offensive pass interference) against Nate Wright in the 1975 NFC championship game. And the Cowboys still suck.

  213. Love the Cowboys fans still trash-talking the lions. BTW, you just lost to GB, and the incompletion was the correct call based on the rules.

  214. liontomyself says: Jan 11, 2015 4:21 PM

    Maybe the Cowboys should have scored more than 7 points in the second half instead of relying on a call that was over turned. The best team won.

    Sound familiar?

    Sounds familiar. I even said it about Detroit last week. We should have taken care of business today and not let them come back.

  215. Not a Cowboy’s fan, and certainly not a Packer’s fan.
    But he catches the ball securely, takes two steps AND gets an elbow down prior to the other arm hitting the ground with the ball. This is simply the worst rule in all of sports, and it’s not even close.

  216. ” Steratore — after a Packers challenge, a review and consultation with Dean Blandino in New York — ruled Bryant did not complete the process of the catch as he went to the ground” USA Today

    Was this was Blandino’s way of disproving the idea he’s biased toward Dallas?

    Deano is off the Cowboys’ party bus for good, and probably shouldn’t travel through New Jersey- he may find Chris Christie setting up a lane closure…

  217. I love it when fans of a team didn’t even make it to the playoffs, Mr Wright212 most of the people on here talking about it aren’t even cowboys fans. most of the cowboys fans are already over it and hope the media doesn’t drag it on for a week to keep it going. and hopefully we don’t receive an apology tomorrow from the league saying the refs made the wrong call bcuz we already know they did and we r not the lions fans we have already gotten over it. on to the off season

  218. To anyone feeling the overturning of the completion was correct:

    Please explain how 3 steps, a knee and elbow down, and a lunge/reach toward the endzone to break the goal line plane is not a football move. Reaching with the ball to break the goaline is a very common football move anyone who watches football will routinely observe.


  219. we are all sitting here complaining about the NFL (myself included); but how many are still watching, paying for Sunday Ticket and attending games? The only way change is going to come about is by hitting the NFL where it hurts, in their pockets.

    I am absolutely sick of the refs deciding the outcome of what would otherwise be considered, great games.

    I am still watching, however, I have cancelled my Sunday Ticket Subscription and will not be attending any games until something is done about this mess.

    Just my two cents!

  220. Clearly Dez made a football move his right hand hits ground while he had the ball and he stretched out to get to end zone. Those that say
    Karma are wrong the referee blew the call Those that say Karma should say so in relevance to end of first half no call against the Packers
    when Williams was clearly interfered with. Those that say karma might be referring to the call for the Packers after the blocked punt.
    The replay from behind clearly showed the ball hit the ground that allowed Green Bay to hit the field goal at end of half.
    To those of you Dallas fans. Bottom line you cannot allow a gimpy QB
    to sit in pocket and score 14 points as well as run out the clock. You don’t win championships with a defense like that.

  221. He caught the ball at the 5 yard line and then the ball came loose at the endZone. At least four full yards were inbetween the point at which dez caught the ball and the point at which dez lost control briefly.
    Idk anymore. The game of football isn’t quite what it used to be: fair and determined by the players.

  222. That’s OK Green Bay.Get ready for your beat down in Seattle.That is a whole different defense there and not this make shift no name bums from Dallas.

  223. Dez should have secured the ball at the 1 yard line instead of getting greedy and stretching to get the TD. It was 4th down, be happy you got 1st and goal.

  224. “pencilmonkeymagic says:
    Jan 11, 2015 4:12 PM
    Detroit fans will be raising a wry smile on that call…”

    From Ear to Ear my friend from ear to ear! 🙂

  225. unclebirdman says:
    Jan 11, 2015 5:14 PM
    To anyone feeling the overturning of the completion was correct:

    Please explain how 3 steps, a knee and elbow down, and a lunge/reach toward the endzone to break the goal line plane is not a football move. Reaching with the ball to break the goaline is a very common football move anyone who watches football will routinely observe.



    It’s completing the “process” that is the killer. He didn’t take actual steps 1st of all. He was stumbling and did move forward, but the process was him falling down from the initial contact. And when he hit the ground so did the ball while in his hands which caused him to bobble it…clearly incomplete per the rule.

    You can argue that the rules stinks and I wouldn’t disagree. Find the replay of the play that started it all. Calvin catches the ball in the end zone. Feet firmly in, but he stumbles out of bounds after the catch and hits the ground and bobbles it. First time the phantom “process” was ever mentioned. It now is what it is.

  226. If that play hadn’t been reviewed, it would have been the dozenth bad/missed call the refs made against Green Bay.

  227. ATROCIOUS officiating in the NFL, particularly when you consider how much money it has to simply the rule book and properly train FULL TIME officials.

    For this the Commissioner gets paid $40+MILLION plus/year?

  228. What constitutes “completing the process of the catch”? Is it when the player comes to a complete stop with possession of the ball? Or is it when he’s down by contact? If it’s down by contact then his elbow was down BEFORE the ball popped out. And I would think lunging for the goal line would be the ultimate football move as the ultimate goal is to score. Such a vague rule on such a critical play in the game. For all you conspiracy theorists who say the refs and NFL want the Cowboys to win, you can now take your lithium.

  229. Cowboy fans are being VERY selective here…

    Your team benefited from several key calls that went against the Packers.

    First touchdown was set up by a bogus pass interference call – there was contact – but there was no receiver near where the ball was thrown – it was 10-12 yards away from the receiver that was said to be interfered with – and even at top speed, no human could have caught that ball even unmolested. Ball was uncatchable.

    Several “first downs” made by Cowboys were spotted inaccurately – one was caught by the NFL but there was one earlier that should have been challenged and was not a first down even though it was given.

    Third quarter flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on number 70 of the Packers was preceded by three cowboys who molesting a Packer wide receiver AFTER the whistle had blown – they were conducting defense and hitting the receiver after the play had been blown dead. That was not called and neither were similar Cowboy actions after the whistle blew which should have resulted in off-setting penalties.

    I’m sorry Cowpie fans – you were not robbed- you just got a taste of the rule book.

    Now we can watch the mirage that was the 2014 Cowboys dissipate as the rats jump ship.

  230. The Cowboys got jobbed. What a joke of a rule. The ball never actually hit the ground. Bryant held onto the ball through the whole process. The Packers got a gift.

  231. metitometin says:
    Jan 11, 2015 5:41 PM
    The Cowboys got jobbed. What a joke of a rule. The ball never actually hit the ground. Bryant held onto the ball through the whole process. The Packers got a gift.


    What game were you watching? The ball hit the ground while in his hands…which caused him to bobble it. Incomplete…process not complete. East reversal.

  232. And now we head back to the scene and the teams of one of the most controversial calls/non-calls in recent years.

  233. Or how about this one from last week.. Maybe you should have scored more than 7 points in the second half and it wouldn’t have been a problem. Also, Dallas had plenty of time to force a punt and get the ball back to win it.

    The call is pretty simple and was called right. It is the rule, and I am glad the league didn’t make up new rules on the spot. It is what it is. If you want the reception, gotta hold on to the ball the entire way through the catch, especially since if you watch it in real time, yes he got to feet down, but was more falling to the ground than lunging for the endzone.

  234. All is right with the world now…even Jerry couldn’t bribe blandino on that call…if the ref on the sideline had gotten the call straight from the jump it wouldn’t have been necessary for McCarthy to challenge it…it’s not a catch, per the rules…he didn’t complete the process…end of story…even if it was ruled a catch and dallas scored, Rodgers has 2 timeouts and over 3 minutes left in the game to move into fg range…and he was 10 for 10 in the 4th quarter…game over…

  235. As a football fan, I have to give Romo and Garrett credit. Garrett had big cajones to go for it on fourth down last week and again this week, and Romo took a beating and kept getting up and we can forget that “Romo chokes” stuff, he’s a good QB.
    As a Lions fan, I can’t stop laughing at the cowboys fanboys crying like Nancy Kerrigan.

  236. I agree with honolulubluekoolaid “Officials didn’t dare to not overturn that Bryant NON-catch”. How true after last week when my Detroit Lions were royally screwed by the inexplicable reversal of the defensive pass interference call.

    If the reversal wasn’t bad enough, Dez Bryant — gee I don’t think he is on defense — comes running onto the field w/o a helmet and yells at the official. Guess what? no penalty against Bryant. Unbelievable.

    The NFL Officiating crew is being accused of calling in favor of Dallas, or in other words wanting Dallas to win. I’m starting to wonder after last week and some calls this week. As to the call today “not a catch” … right or wrong the rule needs to be applied equally.

  237. The reversal was absolutely correct according to the rules.
    The only thing that was done wrong was Bryant AGAIN being allowed to run onto the field and complain about a call without his helmet.
    Just like he did last week.

  238. espn shows a frame by frame of the catch. Ball doesn’t look like it ever hits the ground. I don’t know how its indisputable in real-time.

  239. This goes way beyond your team, my team, cowboy haters, packer lovers…this serves as prime example of the ineptitude and level of incompetence NFL rule makers have risen to. If WE the fans do not demand better from the NFL, they will continue to ‘juice’ us for our time and money, while fattening their pocketbooks feeding this damn golden goose they have made.

  240. mgm54 says:
    Jan 11, 2015 7:17 PM
    This goes way beyond your team, my team, cowboy haters, packer lovers…this serves as prime example of the ineptitude and level of incompetence NFL rule makers have risen to. If WE the fans do not demand better from the NFL, they will continue to ‘juice’ us for our time and money, while fattening their pocketbooks feeding this damn golden goose they have made.

    Nah don’t try to pull this. When we were saying this last week, you were one of those telling people to stop whining.

    Take your own advice.

  241. Glad the Cowboys lost…should shut up their arrogant owner and fans (some, not all) for awhile…funny how karma evens things out…your number was up Dallas!

  242. “Ohh, it’s great because I hate the Cowboys”, never mind it’s a travesty of the game.

  243. For the Packer fans that resort to demonizing Jerry Jones, he took a team that he purchased for approximately 144 million, and built it into the most valuable sports team in the world with estimates of value approaching 5 billion dollars. How can that be a bad thing. Also, why aren’t you ashamed that you have to play in such a crappy stadium. Have you ever been to Arlington stadium where the Cowboys and many College games are played.
    To me it’s inconsequential whether the reception was overruled. But you guys still have to wake up with your crappy lives, in a crappy town , whereas Jerry lives the life of luxury. How proud could anyone be that would wear a slice of cheese on their heads. Where we come from what do you think we catch our rats with? Lol!

  244. There’s something about the cowboys that makes the nfl more interesting. Cowboys vs. patriots in the Super Bowl is basically the dream of all media events. So so so so close.

  245. “How proud could anyone be that would wear a slice of cheese on their heads. Where we come from what do you think we catch our rats with? ”

    You have rats? What kind of pigstye do you live in, clean your house and don’t come back until you…wait for it…….COMPLETE THE PROCESS.

  246. Horrible call but I’m sorry Dallas fans….That’s classic Karma right there. Last week it was you guys benefitting from a call like this, now this week? it’s the other way around. Dreadful but you’re feeling the same way Detroit felt last week.

  247. My Feelings

    Did he take “2 steps”..i dunno. Technically 2 feet his the ground (not 3), but seemed to be going down the whole way, so IMO, the “process has to be completed, and it wasn’t. Definitely moved when it hit the ground

    Also, I don’t think he broke the plane. I COULD see the Cowboys having a leg to stand on if he broke the plain and still had the ball. Then they could say the “falling” (again, IMO), was diving (in their opinion), and once he broke the plane the play is over. However, I don’t think he did. I think he was inches short. In that case, I’ve seen this play overturned on a regular basis

    If someone can show me a pic, or slow mo video that shows the ball breaks the plain at it’s first contact with the ground, I may change my opinion on that. But up until now, I haven’t

    I’m sure boys fans think I’m biased, but as much as I feel the Eagles got jived several games down the stretch (Seattle, Dallas, and Washington in particular), and Seattle getting robbed last week. I just want to see the correct call at least decide the final 8. At least let the season end with some dignity

  248. It saved Dallas some embarrassment, even IF he would have maintained possession and got the ball 1st and goal. Packers would have stuffed them at the goal line, or set up a classic Romo turnover.

    That play may keep Garrett around.

  249. It saved Dallas some embarrassment, even IF he would have maintained possession and got the ball 1st and goal. Packers would have stuffed them at the goal line, or set up a classic Romo turnover.

    That play may keep Garrett around.

    If the Refs make the correct call last week Bryant may not have been able to make what some feel is a “controversial” attempt at a catch.

    You have to complete the process of maintaining possession, to the ground after leaving your feet. “A” for effort, but its incomplete.

  250. Funny, nobody is talking about all of the other close calls and non-calls in this game. How about Tramon Williams being called for what amounts to “face guarding” for about a 30 yard pass interference penalty? Looked like the same type of “penalty” that was overturned last week in favor of the Cowboys. I noticed a lot of holding going on by the Cowboys line, as did many people who attended the game. These penalties weren’t called.

    Bottom line – it was a controversial call, albeit one that had precedence (Calvin Johnson vs. Bears). The real story here is that the league MVP regained his true for in the second half and schooled the Cowboys weak defense. The two best teams in the NFC are in the Championship Game. Fans cannot ask for more.

    Sorry Chris Christie, you and Jerry will have to find something else to hug about.

  251. Jerry Jones has petitioned the NFL to rename the Johnson Rule the Bryant Rule. Roger Goodell in his infinite wisdom has decided to call it the Bryant – Johnson rule, or simply BJ for short.

  252. Its called situational football. Know the rules, know the situation. When falling to the ground after a catch, cradle the ball to your body so the ground can’t knock it loose. On 4th down, the catch is paramount, not the TD. Dez should know this, the coaching staff should teach this. Don’t argue that he was making a football move, by that logic if he had caught the ball in the air at the goal line and stretched his arm out across the goal line before landing that would be a football move. Yet, it he gets the ball knocked out before he lands, what is the call? To complete a catch you must maintain control through the ground.

  253. Storylines of game:

    Phantom PI on Tramon gifts Dallas TD

    Cobb gets 6 catches for 117 yds

    Davante Adams gets 7 catches for 116 yds

    Rodgers plays on one leg

    Peppers causes 2 fumbles, 1 sack, 6 solo tackles

    Actual media storyline: Dez catch, 30 sec screwup, what’s next for Dallas in the offseason

  254. Dallas should have won that game by 2 touchdown, choked it away from the coaches right down to the kicker. Quit blaming the refs.

  255. Dallas should have won that game by 2 touchdowns, choked it away from the coaches right down to the kicker. Quit blaming the refs.

  256. If you don’t like the rules of the game, that’s a very sound platform to make an argument about this.

    If you know the rules, and you have funtional eyes, a TV, and it was on FOX at the time of this play, AND you were watching the TV you have on fox with your eyes, I don’t really understand what you are talking about if you say it was a catch.

  257. Ask yourself this question.

    If a defender would have knocked the ball loose prior to the ball getting knocked loose by the ground….would you be ok with that being called a fumble? Because if you’re going to argue that it was a reception…then you need to also be ok with it being called a fumble if it was knocked out by a defender.

    I think that most certainly would have been called an incompletion and NOT a fumble had it been knocked loose by a defender.

  258. If a catch involves letting the ball hit the ground and then rolling over it and popping up with it…. then yes this was a catch… otherwise the receiver must control the ball before it hits the ground, which it was not controlled when it hit the ground. The overturn was correct… Looks like a catch, but in fact it was not a catch. If they change the rules on what makes this a catch, then all receivers should start using the ground to stabilize a ball while trying to pull it in for a catch.
    I can see how in slow motion it looks like Dez had it nicely wrapped up… but lets remember this all happened in 1/4 a second, which is not enough time to establish any control.

  259. And other than cobb not catching a 11 yard pass did Green Bay get every call ?

    Phantom PI on Tramon Williams in the End Zone

    Anyhow on the dez play Clay Matthews was held and tackled so it should have been a 10 yard holding penalty anyway.

  260. Just a hunch, but if the Cowboys were playing a team like the Browns or Lions that would’ve been a catch.

  261. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with that call had Randall Cobb not caught a ball on the ground exactly like this one earlier in the game, yet the refs had no problem calling it a catch

  262. That ruling was nonsense. If you examine the replay closely you’ll observe the last thing his foot did was push off and peel off a huge chunk of grass as Dez made a “football move” to attempt to dive forward to the end zone. The ball was fully under control in his left arm as Dez made the dive. That’s no guarantee GB would not have scored again, as 4 minutes remained. But Dez got hosed on that call. And I couldn’t be happier they lost as a team.

    Go Hawks!!

  263. Jerrah and his minions believe the rules dont apply to them, so its no wonder their whining is getting out of hand.

    didnt see them complaining when the Lions got blatantly robbed by pro-Dallas calls

  264. Not a CB fan, do think it was a catch, but let the poor folks of Green Bay have their moment in the sun. They don’t get too much sun otherwise. These sad pasty-white souls have to live in a frozen hell, that if not for an NFL team the world wouldn’t even know it existed. I can’t imagine Green Bay or Wisconsin is racking in a ton of tourists dollars. Basically, Green Bay is one failed milk harvest away from becoming another Detroit, a frozen hell-hole no one cares about. When’s the last time you had a few days off work and said, “Let’s book a flight to Green Bay”, just doesn’t happen. So let them have Sunday’s questionable victor, for Monday morning its back to the factory, and stuffing cheese into boxes.
    Cowboy fans, well you can go to Austin or San Antonio to lick your wounds. Trust me, you may have lost a football game, but you have it much better.

  265. For those thinking it lost the Cowboys the game, remember Rodgers would still have had 4 minutes and the Cowboys didn’t stop him the whole 4 qtr.

    Also remember, the Packers converted two 3rd downs in the last 4 minutes so the Cowboys never got the ball back.

    Tough call, terrible rule and Chris Cristie is a fat slob.

  266. First of all, there isn’t anything new in this article that you haven’t already wrote about. Nice shot at cranking up hits before the season ends. Secondly, football is a complicated sport with complicated rules. At the pro level, what do you expect? Fans need to wise up, don’t dumb down the rules. I agree that the NFL needs to be more consistent, but the rule on this “catch” is the same I would have expected 20 years ago. Don’t hate on the refs for your own naivety. Right? Respect the game, it’s harder than it looks.

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