Asthma attack kept Eddie Lacy out in first half

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The Packers got out to a 7-0 lead on Sunday against the Cowboys thanks to Eddie Lacy.

Lacy ran the ball on seven of the first eight plays of the game, gaining 45 yards and moving the Packers into position for a short Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass to Andrew Quarless. After that, though, James Starks handled the running back duties for most of the first half because Lacy was having a hard time breathing. An ill-timed asthma attack did what the Cowboys defense couldn’t.

“You know your body is good enough to go out and play,” Lacy said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “But … you just can’t breathe. And it’s a breathing thing. It’s not something you want to go out and risk … risk something bad happening. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s a medical condition. I take my inhaler, I do everything I’m supposed to do. When it happens, it happens.”

Lacy returned to full action in the second half after his medication helped settle things down and wound up with 101 rushing yards to help the Packers come back for a 26-21 win. He said after the game that he didn’t expect the issue to recur in Seattle, where he’ll need to come up with more than the 34 yards he had in a Week One loss for the Packers’ season to continue.

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  1. I was wondering about that, he started off great, and Dallas had the ball for quite a while so I didn’t believe he was fatigued.

    Does the cold effect his condition more? I have never had issues with it, nor have my friends. I think there was another game that he had issues with it, but I am pretty sure that was a cold weather game as well.

  2. As an asthma sufferer, I speculated that the combination of the heavy early workload and the cold temperatures would likely cause some issues for Lacy. Props to him for running so hard and coming back strong.

  3. The bitter cold can trigger asthma, but it’s not supposed to be very cold at all in Seattle Sunday. Forecast for Sunday is a relatively balmy 51 degrees for this time of year with light rain showers.

  4. Take it from someone who knows how it feels, being able to get back out there is an accomplishment. It’s something you live with and have to manage but when you can’t breathe, no one knows what it’s like. Good for you in being a professional athlete, you’re a winner no matter what.

  5. take it from a fellow asthma sufferer….it ain’t no joke….you can’t exhale… keep taking deeper breaths….and you can’t push it out…and it gets worse in cold, damp weather…..thank God for Advair……..

  6. Too much of that McDonald in him that’s why. Good luck dealing with asthma. Once you have it, it’s not going to go away for the rest of your life.

  7. My bro has severe asthma, so growing up i was all to familiar with the tough, tough episodes/attacks that he went through and continues every now and then. God being good he has managed his condition quite well, but it is no joke at all.

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