Jim Irsay: Cutting Manning “the right thing to do for the Colts”


Peyton Manning might not have made any decisions yet, but Colts owner Jim Irsay was able to have his “I told you so” moment after what might have been the final game of his former quarterback’s career.

I knew it was the right thing to do for the Colts,” Irsay said of releasing Manning, via ESPN.com.

That’s easy to say now, since Irsay was able to parlay a year of stink into Andrew Luck. But Irsay said after running into Archie Manning over the weekend that everyone agreed with the decision to part ways.

“I saw Archie last night” Irsay said. “We had a nice conversation. Happened to be at Elway’s Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton. It was a decision that it was the right move to make. Peyton and I had talked about it. He said it best in the press conference, I didn’t decide. He didn’t decide. The football gods laid the cards out. We both knew it as best for him and us. . . .

“To me, it’s been tremendous that my vision at the time was it would work out this way, that Peyton would be able to go somewhere, continue his greatness, continue his career. We would be able to go forward with Andrew. Again, having the type of success we’ve had so soon I think was a surprise to me.”

Irsay was also abale to compare his current quarterback to the boss of his former one.

“[Luck’s] magic, when you watched him in college, when the play breaks down, in that half a second, he does things that are so innate and so unusual; that’s when the magic happens,” Irsay said. “He just decides in a split second, and he has the athletic and the physical skills to do that with his arm strength, with his feet. So really the sky is the limit. You hate to bring up comparisons with John [Elway] being there running their program and stuff, but John was that way of course at Denver.”

Irsay can talk about his vision and plan as much as he wants, but there’s also an element of, well, luck involved. Had Luck not decided to stay in school an extra year, he’d have been playing for the Panthers now, and Irsay might have had visions of Robert Griffin III instead.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of P. Manning and I can’t stand the Broncos but Jim Irsay is a stumbling embarrassment like his father was before him. A total lack of class is the family trademark. If I were Manning, this drunken/drug-addled fool’s comments would be taken for what they are — verbal flatulence.

  2. I guess he just awoke from his whatever-induced stupor to talk about his “vision” when he hardly knows what day it is. Sanctimonious, pathetic and stupid wrapped into one. That’s Jimmy Irsay.

  3. Yeah, right. Irsay wanted Manning to go somewhere else and “continue his greatness” while Andrew Luck was adjusting to life in the NFL. I’m sure Irsay was just tickled to death when Manning made a Super Bowl appearance in a Bronco uniform last year.

  4. I’m amazed the Colts have done as well as they have considering, you know, Irsay was suspended for six games this season. “Suck for Luck” was true genius.

  5. Nothing like blowing your own horn, Jimbo. Remains to be seen if Luck proves to be such a “tremendous vision.” As Yoda might say, “one AFC championship game does not a great quarterback make.” ; )

  6. It absolutely was, the Colts got lucky with the way the injury and poor season panned out, with not only one of the best QB prospects in 10 years, I would argue he is the best in any position, since Megatron.

    It does stink when it comes time to move on, and it can feel weird for both parties. When you have an opportunity to make a transition from an aging HOF QB, to a younger player with a lot of upside. It needs to be done. Montana/Young, Favre/Rodgers.

    Teams that have failed on that. are still struggling to find their guy, the Broncos got Manning because they couldn’t replace Elway, while some teams still haven’t replaced the holes left by HOF QBs Bills/Kelly Phins/Marino and Vikes/Tarkenton.

  7. Man, imagine how good Luck (and Manning) would be playing for a relatively competent organization outside of Indy.

  8. Such a visionary. That’s the same “vision” that dealt a #1 for Trent Richardson. Don’t sprain your wrist patting yourself on the back.

  9. This just is classic Irsay.

    Irsay is where he is BECAUSE of Peyton.

    Irsay is a spoiled rotten UNGRATEFUL brat.

    Knowing Irsay, he would have wanted to have Peyton retire like a Colt, but if that happens , i hope Peyton says no. (Although he is a class act )

  10. the one good thing about this game is now Indy fans will not be able to say go Broncos after they lose to the patriots. so sick of them saying well because of Peyton I want them to win if the colts can’t. they ignore the fact he chose to leave the colts because he did not want to take a pay cut. and for all the crap you give Irsay he made the right call there. why pay the guy based on what had done in the past? he had already been paid for that so why give him 19 million when you don’t know if he can play anymore? let him do what he has done for the broncos and choke in every big game for them.

  11. Doesn’t sound like I told you so – sounds diplomatic. I can’t think of a better way to spin it but still be a leader for your organization.

  12. Jim sure does like to talk about his own football genius IQ. Problem is that hes the only one who believes it

  13. If they don’t get this kid some o-line & defensive help his career will be wasted. I think Luck is the 2nd best QB in the NFL right now.

  14. Why doesn’t anyone write stories about how they tanked that year. They played their worst backup QB until a top pick was secured then put in the better guy to not go winless.

  15. It seemed like about two weeks before the 2011 season started, The Colts gave Peyton $25 million. Then about one week later Manning had something wrong with his neck that was possibly going to cause him to miss the first pre-season game. Then it was two games, then three. Then he might not be ready for week 1 of the regular season. Then week 2, etc., etc. What was wrong with Peyton’s neck? Nobody knew. He missed the entire season. Nobody was sure Peyton was ever going to play football again. The Colts had a chance to draft Andrew Luck, who was being touted as the best QB to come out in 20 years. Would the Colts pass on Luck and risk the same scenario? Would if Peyton started feeling something in his neck about one week before the 2012 season and they had passed on Luck? In the mean time the Colts fired Bill Polian and hired Ryan Grigson to help make big decisions like this. It was a tough decision, but it ended up being a win win for everybody. What if Luck was coming out this year and the Broncos had the number one pick and John Elway is noticing that Peyton doesn’t seem 100% right?

  16. Guy has had everything handed to him in life: wealth, football team, 2 franchise qb’s, and 2 stadiums.

    He’s pathetic.

  17. Can’t stand Jim Irsay.

    The Moron Lucked into Peyton Manning.

    Then he lucked in to Andrew Luck.

    Peyton Manning, as we know him, is not only done, but has been done for some time.

    Irsay is right about that.

  18. If the Colts had kept Manning, they would have been in salary cap hell. Manning went to a contender and the team he chose. The Colts drafted Luck. Win-Win for both parties.

  19. Yeah he got lucky and had to tank like a clown for a year. But he also made the difficult, but ultimately correct, decision to dump Gomer and move on. Not everyone would have done that.

  20. But the decision was made after Luck became available so you’re final point makes no sense. If only RG3 was available in inclined to believe they would have kept Peyton around, traded the pick, for a boatload and reloaded for another run with #18.

  21. Andrew will soon be the best QB in the league, he is very close to it now as a matter of fact, just needs to bring home a Super Bowl trophy and MVP. He already owns some records for post season play which is incredible since he only has 3 years in the NFL.

  22. Irsay, as a Colts fan, you are a complete embarassment. Peyton put Indy in the football map, and now that the man is down you are kicking him?

  23. “Irsay can talk about his vision and plan as much as he wants, but there’s also an element of, well, luck involved. Had Luck not decided to stay in school an extra year, he’d have been playing for the Panthers now, and Irsay might have had visions of Robert Griffin III instead.”

    Not there wasn’t. It wasn’t luck at all. If Luck wasn’t available, they never would have entertained cutting Manning.

  24. The Colts getting Luck was a travesty. When Peyton went down they could have signed a veteran to fill that spot but decided to tank the season and go with 2 guys whom never played for another team after that. “Suck for Luck” worked out for them. I believe that the NFL should hold a draft lottery like the NBA does to deter this kind of thing in the future.

  25. The “football gods”? Someone better call Jim’s probation officer and demand a quick drug test.

  26. No news here. Regardless of the outcome, everybody knows that choosing Luck for the next 15 years was a better move than Manning for the next 3 or 4. It didn’t take yesterdays game to convince me that Luck was the right move.

  27. Cutting Manning was the no-brainer of no-brainers.

    Manning is getting to be a bit of a sad case and he should just walk away, leaving us with memories good and bad. He is old in football terms and he’s never gonna get it back.


  28. Irsay is a business man and it shows by his comments that he only cares about someone when they are useful to him. Peyton had outlived his usefulness and to avoid paying what in Irsay’s mind was a broken player, he instead tanked to get the QB that was best for business.

  29. I don’t understand why there aren’t more stories about the ‘Suck for Luck’ campaign. Peyton gets hurt but still gets paid the two years right when Andrew Luck is coming out of school. The same Andrew Luck that has been a part of the Manning Passing Academy for years and has ties to the family. Peyton and the Colts must have a deal for him to run the organization after he retires.

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