Rex Ryan wasn’t willing to wait for Falcons


At a time when it was widely believed that Rex Ryans’ first choice was the Falcons, it turned out that Ryan wanted to make a choice before the Falcons were ready to make a decision.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rex was in a rush to get his situation resolved.  And that resolution came by accepting the offer in Buffalo.

While Ryan may have believed that the Falcons should have been moving more quickly, the reality is that owner Arthur Blank’s 99-year-old mother passed away last week.  On one hand, time is of the essence when the coaching carousel spins; on the other hand, certain things are more important than making a hasty coaching hire.

The Bills can’t be faulted for seeing an opening and closing the deal, but Ryan eventually may regret the decision not to wait for an answer from a team in a lesser division with a better quarterback and overall offense.  The Falcons primarily need a kick in the pants defensively, which Rex could have instantly provided.

The Bills have a great defense, but they need plenty of help offensively.  Including a quarterback.  And they play in the AFC East, where coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady likely will continue to dominate.

Maybe Rex wants the challenge of continuing to face the Patriots.  Maybe he wants to be able to play the Jets twice per year.  Maybe he wants to be part of a franchise where the vibe is positive and the recent history suggests that there’s nowhere to go but up.

Besides, the Bills had the talent to finish 9-7 — and to easily handle Rex’s Jets twice in 2014.  If the defense can continue to be dominant, maybe they don’t need a great quarterback to finally become a contender.

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  1. Maybe Rex knows what a joke Marrone is and assumes he can get 11 wins out of that 9-7 team under Marrone. Or maybe he heard the bills like to pay coaches 4 mill to walk away.

  2. Big mistake, Rex.

    Now you’re stuck in a never was, is, or ever will be, town with no QB and no 1st round draft choice.

    BIG mistake.

  3. Were the Falcons ever truly interested in him or was this a media idea that he would be great? Ryan does not strike me as a Blank kinda guy. Too loud mouth. BLank wants his coaches to shut up and coach.

  4. Yup and now he goes to what is essentially the same thing he left with the Jets; a god awful QB situation behind an awesome defense. The Bills also lack a RB with Spiller hitting FA and Jackson slowing down a bit.

  5. A bird in the hand…..

    Upon receiving the offer from Buffalo, Ryan probably gave the Falcons an opportunity to make an offer of their own….but if the Falcons organization wasn’t ready to extend an offer, then what is Ryan supposed to do? Turn down a tangible offer that is already on on the table in favor of an offer that might not even happen?

    The passing of Arthur Blank’s mother is unfortunate, but the Falcons organization cannot allow it to stop them from moving forward. If they did, then they have only themselves to blame. And if that wasn’t a factor…then maybe they had no plans to make Ryan an offer in the first place.

  6. Thank you for not coming to Atlanta! We don’t want big mouths here! Sorry for Buffalo, they will die a slow death with the mouth!!! You will never be a NFL coach, PERIOD!

  7. Rex Ryan – good defensive coordinator when he takes over a great defense already. He didn’t want the ATL job because he didn’t want to build up his own defense, and actually put a great offense to work.

    Head coach? The Bills are now the Jets…

  8. EVERY team needs a good QB, just look at the teams in the playoffs. They ALL have very good to elite QB’s. The day when defense wins championships is long gone. Without a good to great QB teams won’t even sniff the playoffs.

  9. Rex waited five days on the Falcons…they had all the time in the world and they could have reached out to him with a last minute offer when news broke that we would take the Buffalo job. They obviously just didn’t want him as much as he wanted them.

  10. Rex Ryan settled for less by signing on with Buffalo.
    The Bills also settled for less by signing Ryan.
    Its a perfect match……an average coach for an average franchise

  11. Just like many of Rex’s other decisions ….hasty and not well thought out.

    He’ll be fired after 2-3 years again with this offense in this division and then he is out of being a HC forever after failing with two teams.

    His filter for impulse control over critical decision making is highly questionable both on and off the field.

  12. He should have a great defense as long as he and Schwartz don’t start butting heads, which is not a given with two strong personalities. Also I’m sure the Jets will have a couple rough games each year.

    But he has demonstrated over a period of years that he is not really a HC and I expect the Bills will have to make a change in a few years.

  13. This Panthers fan is glad this went down. All Rex would have needed in Atlanta is an OC that knows how to blow his own nose. I think Rex wants to keep playing Brady and BB twice a year. And the Bills really just need a QB, so it’s not that bad a situation for him.

    Now, Atlanta can get on with hiring McDaniels once the Pats season is done, and thus keeping the Falcons on the bottom for years to come.

  14. I think this was his mistake. He needs a team with offensive players already in place. Atlanta has that. He could have gone in their, brought their defense up to speed, and they could have walked into the playoffs no problem.

    With the Bills, I just don’t see him being able to overcome the lack of a good offense, specifically a QB (Watkins is lights out, though). He couldn’t with the Jets, why would it be any different with the Bills?

    I think he messed this one up in his hurry to make sure he was hired as a Head Coach, not a D Coord. It may cost him a lot in a couple seasons.

  15. So one down year makes the NFC South a lesser division? The AFC East is New England then everybody else. The NFC South is historically one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. Since realignment, every team in the NFC South has made the conference championship game, 3 have gone to the Super Bowl, and 2 have won it. I don’t see how that’s ‘lesser’.

  16. Atlanta was the better fit for Rex because they have an Offense and no Defense. In contrast, the Bills already have a Defense but don’t have a QB (and developing QBs has not been Rex’s strength to date).
    Arthur Blank missed his opportunity.

  17. No link to this story, it is just fact? No quotes? This is a nice editorial piece. Reality is Falcons have no salary cap space to improve quickly, Julio Jones is always injured and defense is terrible with no players to improve quickly, you saw this year in NY what happens to Rex Ryan when he is not given the tools he needs to be successful. Buffalo won 9 games with a much tougher schedule and they are young at every position except RB (Fred Jackson) and Dt( Kyle Williams) and DE(Mario Williams) Buffalo is a QB away from being dominant. If they find their Russell Wilson, it will be the early 90’s all over again.

  18. The Bills are a better team than the Falcons, even though Buffalo’s QB situation is currently in flux.

    The Patriots won’t be on top forever and the rest of the division (Dolphins, Jets) have multiple question marks. Couple that with Ryan’s experience in the division and the hire makes plenty of sense.

    Over in the South, the Falcons have no defense, the Saints are in flux, but the Panthers remain solid and the Bucs have the first overall pick and a solid talent base for a team that only won two games. The choice may be head scratching now, but I’m not so sure that thought process will remain the same two years from now.

  19. I can see Rex wanting to make sure he has a head coaching job rather than waiting for a possibility. What I can’t see is a team hiring him when it needs an offensive minded coach. He never fixed the Jets, who have the exact same problem as the Bills!

  20. Don’t get this hype about the Falcon’s offense. They were as much to blame for their demise in 2014 and their defense. Not hiring Rex will turn out to be the right move in the long run. He is an overrated coach.

  21. Falcons move too slow. I say if u want your guy? go get him! it’s almost like men getting their women. Whatcha gonna do? wait around for another man to pick that woman up??? Naw!! you’re gonna go get her!! Falcons gotta move because if they take too long like this? other teams are gonna take the same approach Buffalo did and pick these coaches up and then blank and company are really gonna feel so so bad. Excluding his mothers death too btw. I can understand that but ATL has got to move

  22. Ryan could waited 48 hours and taken over the Broncos (with a legit D and strong offense). I bet he facepalmed hard when Denver lost and the Fox speculation started.

  23. And they play in the AFC East, where coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady likely will continue to dominate.
    If Peyton Manning has taught us anything, it’s that a demise can come up as quickly Brady is amazing now. He could be amazing next year. 2 years from now he could be amazing, then take a sack and get banged up, and clearly not be himself.

    The Pats will be good as long as Bellicheck is there. But they will only be dominant as long as Brady is there along with him. Once Brady is gone, the division will finally join the rest of the league- in which the division winner wont be predetermined during preseason.

  24. You failed to mention how Atlanta strung him out the year before he became the Jets HC, costing him any chance to be a HC that season

  25. @Followme2boston

    Falcons have a LOT of cap room. Definitely enough to find a DE or LB (or whatever the HC thinks the defense needs). Great draft pick position (Buffalo doesn’t even have a first).

    Rex could’ve had a field day fixing the defense which will automatically fix your offense (giving your offense better field position usually and more time with the ball).

    Rex messed up. Not sure if the Falcons did, but Rex definitely did.

  26. #1) if Rex is so impatient, emotional and impetuous as to not give this matter proper thought, assessment and consideration, it’s a real downcheck on Rex’s judgment (we all just witnessed in the BAL v. NEP game just how key that tactical and strategic coaching is); and

    #2) Rex should have waited. He’s right back in the same boat where he has garbage at QB, just like he did with the Jets. With the Falcons, he’d have a quality QB lining up behind center. Oh, and by signing on with the Bills, he’s Belichick’s punching bag … again.

    Good ole Rex — rash and emotional to a fault. And now he’s stuck with a trainwreck at QB again. They can revise that Rex Ryan-driven clown car with a new cast of characters.

  27. One of the local reporters is saying this, which is more believable than Rex just being impatient: “The Falcons cooled because their front office — Thomas Dimitroff and Scott Pioli, two Bill Belichick disciples — didn’t see him as a fit.”

  28. He must be set on trying to get back at Woody and or wanting to kiss another ring on Belicheck’s finger. If he didn’t sign yet I hope his closest confidants are getting in his ear. Wait for the Falcons or go to TV and see what comes along next year.
    Maybe I’ll go to the Summit Diner or Red Cadillac, wait for him to come in and talk so sense in to him.

  29. This is a mistake for Rex. I don’t know if he would’ve gotten the Falcons job but maybe he had some insight that he wasn’t the front-runner and didn’t want to take a job at ESPN. The Bills were 9-7. That’s pretty good. The problem is not on defense but on offense. They already have a good defense, a top defense. Rex is not going to make it so much better than they’ll get a few more wins and make the playoffs. The team needs the offense to pick it up, via a real franchise QB. The Bills don’t have one.

    AND you’re playing twice a year against Brady, Bellecheck, and the Pats! As long as Brady and Belly are on the Pats, nobody else will win the division.

  30. My own opinion on this is it didn’t matter what Atlanta did , Ryan was going to Buffalo as soon as they made the offer and ponied up the money. Ryan wants to get back at the Jets and continue his personal little war with Belichick, Atlanta or any other team, had little chance once Buffalo entered the equation and offered the job.

    Of the 2 jobs and considering Ryan’s talents, he screwed up. He went straight back into the Jets when he could have went to a team that offensively had a set QB and needed his expertise in his strength, defense. At Buffalo, their weakness is Ryan’s weakness, offense. does ANYBODY seriously expect him to stay completely out of Roman’s way, especially when the struggles start, as they will as the offense gets made over?? Also, why will Schwartz take a demotion and work well with Ryan, when there are new head coaches being hired that will need DC’s ?? Ryan bringing in his own DC and leaving Schwartz a position coach is insanity , that’s begging for team trouble. I would figure on Schwartz going , that makes a lot of sense .

  31. All the people on pft assuming they know what’s best for Rex. Atlanta with all the hype, is a soft team who competes against his twin brother twice a year. Maybe not Hus cup of tea?

    Rex knows the East, isnt afraid of the East and understands father time is clicking on Brady.

  32. “The Falcons primarily need a kick in the pants defensively, which Rex could have instantly provided.”

    If by kick in the pants you mean find 11 new, competent players, then yes.

    Rex went to the place that wanted him more. He also went to the place that had more of his kind of toys to play with. And he went to the place that gave him the 2 games a year against his new favorite enemy – the Jets.

  33. Smart move by Rex to take the solid offer, and a smart hire by the Bills.

    If the Falcons really wanted him, they would have moved quickly when they saw his talks heating up with Buffalo. The fact is that they didn’t. This tells me that deep down, Blank and Dimitroff didn’t want a strong personality like Rex in the building. They’d rather have a first time HC like Bowles or Quinn, someone who is just grateful for the opportunity.

    I’ve seen these situations unfold in business countless times – whenever a company is dragging their feet on making an offer to someone, that means they are really looking for someone else. Credit to Rex and his agent for figuring out that they were destined to be left at the altar by the Falcons had they waited.

  34. Just another strange decision by Rex and that is why he was available for open head coaching positions. You go where you have the QB, a brand new stadium being built in a southern state, with a defense that needs your expertise. Did Rex check the weather today in Buffalo? Who chooses rain, sleet, snow, and ice over a nice doomed stadium in Georgia?

  35. As a Pats fan and not so when it comes to Rexy. I can only hope that his rush to chose Buffalo over Atlanta comes back to bite him in what is left of his fat butt. Alas, just when we thought we were done with his big mouth. Not so fast.

  36. The Falcons “moving slow” was less about Rex and more about Bowles or Quinn (I hope). Clearly Rex wanted us more than we wanted him. Also, @fordmandalay: could you please tell that to the millions of newyorkers that have moved down here…please tell them it’s time to move back home. derp.

  37. Let’s see, on one hand I can go to Buffalo with an already proven stout defense, or I can go to Atlanta and attempt to build a defense from the ground up. Well, that’s a no brainer decision if there’s ever been one. Congrats Rex!

  38. 1 of 32 jobs open…why wait. If atlanta never happens you lose. Huge upside if you can get the Bills to 11 wins. I would take 2-4 years on a sure thing than scrambling on a maybe or giggling with Keyshawn every Sunday for an hour before the noon games start

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