Could Peyton play elsewhere in 2015?

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With the Broncos and coach John Fox engaging in the most recent NFL “mutual parting,” the biggest question moving forward is whether the Broncos and quarterback Peyton Manning will have a “mutual parting,” too.

Manning, who abhors change, may not want to return — if he decides to keep playing.  The Broncos, who may have only one more year with Manning anyway, may not want to pay Manning $19 million in 2015.

So what happens if Manning and the Broncos decide not to continue together but Manning decides to keep playing?  Here’s a quick look at the teams that could be/should be interested, with the pros and cons for each location.

1.  The Bills.

Pros:  Potential championship-caliber defense, receiver Sammy Watkins, Rex Ryan at coach, deep-pocketed ownership that seems to be committed to winning, passionate fan base.

Cons:  Direct competition with the Patriots and Tom Brady, possibly multiple bad-weather home games.

2.  The Jets.

Pros:  New York market, quality time with Eli, reunion with receiver Eric Decker.

Cons:  Questionable talent at skill positions, ownership that may not be truly committed to spending big on free agents, direct competition with Patriots and Tom Brady, possibly multiple bad-weather home games.

3.  The Browns.

Pros:  Quality defense, good offensive line, possible opening for post-football executive role with Jimmy Haslam, a major Tennessee booster who is believed to be interested in working with Peyton.

Cons:  Perception that Haslam meddles, tough division, uncertainty regarding Josh Gordon, possibly multiple bad-weather home games.

4.  The Titans.

Pros:  Return to Tennessee, possible opening for post-football executive role/ownership, presence of Ken Whisenhunt as head coach, weak division, twice-per-year meetings with the Colts.

Cons:  Many talent deficiencies on both sides of the ball, strong likelihood of being unable to compete with the Colts.

5.  The Texans.

Pros:  Strong defense, sufficient offense, coach with direct ties to Bill Belichick who improved team from 2-14 to 9-7 in one year, weak division, twice-per-year meetings with the Colts, weather not an issue.

Cons:  Team wasn’t interested in Manning three years ago (he was).

6.  The Buccaneers.

Pros:  Strong head coach in Lovie Smith and perception that cash-flush team will spend to improve, currently weak division, large, potent pass-catchers.

Cons:  Offensive line issues, direct competition with Eli’s team for wild-card berths and playoff positioning.

7.  The Cardinals.

Pros:  Strong team on both sides of the ball, strong head coach in Bruce Arians, great receivers, possible Super Bowl-ready team that needs only a quarterback, weather not an issue.

Cons:  Carson Palmer is under contract, direct competition with Eli’s team for wild-card berths and playoff positioning.

8.  The Rams.

Pros:  Great defense, improving offense, respected head coach in Jeff Fisher, domed stadium.

Cons:  Tough division, uncertainty regarding future location of franchise, direct competition with Eli’s team for wild-card berths and playoff positioning.

Teams not making the list include the Bengals, 49ers, and Washington, primarily because each is likely committed to sticking with a far younger quarterback for at least one more year.

For Cincinnati and San Francisco, team-friendly long-term contracts with Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick, respectively, provide some flexibility, but it would be a shock if either team throws the current starter overboard for what could be a one-year stint with Manning, whose performance over the last month may have been less about injury and more about age.

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  1. The “Brett Favre II Saga.”

    P-Money, don’t do it, brother. You’ll tarnish your brand!

  2. Best place is Arizona. Team ready to win right now with a defense that can carry him through off games. Plus he’s warm weather so if he can secure home-field (like the Cardinals nearly did with Ryan freaking Lindley and Drew Stanton for most of the season) he gets to play in perfect warm-weather conditions.

  3. These cold weather teams are not a good choice for him. I think the secret is out, he can’t throw the ball down field. Sort of sad. (Even for a pats fan)

  4. If not Arizona then the Texans. Same situation as Arizona with similar pieces in place. Plus the AFC South will be a lot easier to win than the NFC West. Actually, Texans probably make the most sense.

  5. All good but unlikely scenarios. If Manning returns next year, he will have to return to the Broncos, at this point of his career is either that or retirement. He may want to have another try for a SB, and the only option available at this point is Denver, and not because any of the other teams are bad per se, but he may not be willing to learn a new offensive system.

  6. Rex Ryan and Peyton Manning yelling incoherently at each other while a Patriots DB highsteps towards the endzone for another pick-6 would be the next best thing to making Sanchez the Bills QB. I strongly support this.

  7. I agree the Cardinals should be the landing place. But watch the Browns. Peyton and Jimmy are tight due to their UT relationship.

    Should Peyton want to run a team in retirement, ala Elway, Jimmy has already offered him a role.

  8. Peyton should elegantly and respectfully walk out the door into the sunset. If he starts barnstorming he’ll tarnish his image even more than he perhaps already has. He has nothing else to prove

  9. As a Titans fan you can take us off the list. If he didn’t chose us a few years ago when we actually had talent, a respectable coach, & were just a QB away from competing then why would he chose us now?

  10. If he does, he becomes a parody.
    Retire, and go to the Colts front office as Director of Player Personnel. Indy loves Peyton. Time to come back home.

  11. No way Peyton goes anywhere. He’s become very aware of his legacy and seems to know he may be sticking around too long. I have a hard time believing he would go to the NFC West. If he thought the Chargers did a number on him, wait until he gets to play three of the league’s top defenses — twice a year. He barely survived and looked very human against STL and SEA.

  12. realitycheckbaby says:
    Jan 13, 2015 9:25 AM
    The only ones that make sense are Texans, Cards and maybe Rams.
    I thought that too, and then considered that St Louis and Arizona don’t make sense either, because no chance Peyton wants to have to be in the same division as the Seahawks.

    I also think the Bills and Browns are possible (though certainly not likely), just because they both have current pieces in place that would allow a guy like Peyton (at his best, of course) to propel them instantly to a higher level.

    Tampa, Tennessee & NY being on this list is a joke.

  13. Too windy for Manning in Ralph Wilson Stadium for that dead arm. Go retire on the front porch and drink your sweet tea.

  14. #9- The Couch

    Pros: It’s comfortable. Doesn’t hit you. Exists in a controlled climate. Can be custom suited to fit your personal needs. You can become a football analyst by laying on it and watching a lot of games. Manning can snuggle with the Papa Johns guy on it.

    Cons: Doesn’t do anything if you yell Omaha at it. Sometimes when you eat on it, there’s crumbs that fall on the cushions and it makes it uncomfortable to nap on. There’s no one there to squirt Gatorade or water in your mouth and you have to do it yourself.

  15. If he were released, it’s highly doubtful he comes back just to play for a new team for what would maybe be 2 years tops but more like 1 year.

    I expect he will retire as it sure looked like age was the reason why he struggled for the last 2 months.

  16. Cardinals, where he should have gone in he first place.

    Very good defense, indoors at least 9 games a season, usually 10. Solid receiving core, great coach, solid O-Line & LT, Tom Moore, etc.

  17. I think the Texans is a good choice. There’s a decent O in place and that D will ensure that even if Peyton has a bad day, it’ll still be a close game, giving him a chance to pull the win out every week.

    Cardinals might be another good choice. Similar idea. But a division that, as a whole, prides itself on tough, get to the QB defense, which would not be good for an aging QB.

  18. “6. The Buccaneers.

    Pros: Strong head coach in Lovie Smith and perception that cash-flush team will spend to improve, currently weak division, large, potent pass-catchers.”

    Have the Bucs ever spent anywhere close to the cap since the current owners bought the team ? I was under the impression they are almost always 20+ mil under the cap every season, sometimes more than that.

  19. Mmm the jets this year will have to spend most of the cap money they been saving past years.. Even woody Johnson wouldn’t want to spend more but he will have to obey the nfl law to force him spending most money left in cap space which means this year, free agent signing would be no issues at all … Heck, the jets can steal dez Bryant wr from cowboy offering him max contract free agent signing, so it will make manning drool to play with decker and Bryant..

  20. Brett Favre was 39 when he went to the Jets and had a subpar year. Then he went to the Vikes the next year and had one of the best seasons of his career. If Peyton can get healthy, I don’t see why he couldn’t do the same.

  21. I think the quad injury is easier to come back from than the neck or arm. Problem is that I think he’s out of gas by the end of the season. People say he bombed in the playoffs, but it started about 4 games before that

    Maybe he retires, then joins a team halfway through the season for a playoff push??

  22. Time to call it a day, go out on a high. Payton was fading fast towards the end of this season, so it pays not to linger on.

  23. The Texans. He could get Houston to their first AFC championship game and their Super Bowl championship. He could teach Case Keenum and Ryan Mallet skills needed to win a championship.

  24. The Bills… and who ever said mortgage the future is an idiot, know one is going to mortgage the future for a 2 year that most likely is structured so its a 1 ( player option/team option). They aren’t going to sign 5 other FA to 2 year deals, the Broncos didn’t get it done, and now they will be bad real bad for 3-4 years.

    I have been saying it since October that if Denver didn’t win this year, the Bills made sense. Peyton also wants to get into a role with management after playing, the Bills just to happen to need a guy to run football operations, as Russ Brandon is either being moved out, or moved to just marketing. Terry Pegula gets it done.. put him in a room with Peyton Manning, and its a done deal.

    His leg will heel. Noodle arm had 4k and nearly 40 touchdowns.

    Say what you want, If he goes anywhere, Its Buffalo. And all the cold weather games? I have had seasons for as long as I can remember, I don’t think its been below freezing the last 2 seasons, last year for sure.

  25. Stunned, but not surprised, by the desperation some people/teams show in order to try to get this playoff choker another ring. Enough already. Retire.

  26. Peyton should ride lucrative commercial contracts into the sunset, IMHO. That part of his game is getting better, at least.

    Except for those Papa Johns commercials. Those are brutal. But that’s not his fault, they always have been. they are like the Raiders of commercials.

  27. He could retire and wait until someone needs a QB on a short term need over the next two years. If Arizona had those problems from this year and Manning was already retired I bet they would consider him over Skelton.

  28. The bright side is that the teams that don’t have Peyton can sing

    “Peyton Manning ain’t so good.” 🎶🎵

    “Nationwide is on your side.”🎶🎵

  29. Rams CON – playing 3 of the toughest Defenses in the NFL 6 times. Your own division would crush you. Might be time
    to hang them up. This guy is so smart and talented he could do anything he wants. Would hate to see him beat up and broke down. Peyton is a good dude, and enjoyable. Maybe he could be SNL host.

  30. Don’t have a strong opinion on PM playing next year, just know that watching him has always made me nervous. His pre snap gyrations and general over the top attitude are kind of annoying. I know, he’s great, still hard to watch.

  31. “I just lost my coaching staff”

    – sung to the tune of the Nationwide jingle

    Now that one made me laugh….

    Go Hawks

  32. sfsugator says: Jan 13, 2015 9:30 AM

    He isn’t playing anywhere else. sorry. He’s got a couple years left max he’s not leaving a good situation in Denver.


    Problem is, Denver is no longer a “good situation”.

  33. I think the best thing for Peyton would be retirement at this point. Not many teams will want him at his age, and with the cap figure he’ll require.

    That said, if he wants to play in 2015, he will be able to.

    He needs to go somewhere with an actual running game. Part of the issue with that Broncos offense is a lack of any real running threat. I think the deep passing is not a huge issue. It was one game, and if he was playing hurt, I certainly think he can rebound.

    The biggest issue for me would be how effective he can really be vs. the 19-20 million dollars he’ll command. If there is any chance I can still win with a QB making half of that, why sign a 39 year old with injury questions?

    The Bills may be willing to take that chance. The owner will want to create more splashes, they have a running game, and a good defense. I’m intrigued by the Texans, although with Manning and Foster, that may be too much injury risk.

  34. Quad strain or not it was pretty clear he couldn’t throw down field when he needed to at the end of the Colts game. It was a little pathetic and you couldn’t help but feel bad for him. We’ve seen enough football we’re expecting to see a couple really deep shots but only getting screens. It is time for him to hang ’em up.

  35. Only a really small market team that is desperate to be seen as viable, and really has nothing but money to offer, would make a play for Manning at this point.

    A team as desperate as the Bills.

  36. Totally agree with those who stated that either Manning returns to the Broncos for the last year of his contract (and probably his career) or he retires this offsesaon. I don’t see him moving around much, just like Joe Montana made one stop after the 49ers and then retired as well.

    He is one of the best to ever play the game, and unlike Dan Marino (who was incredible in his day) even managed to win one Super Bowl. Just think – we witnessed brothers who between them won three Super Bowls at the same position for different teams – how likely is that going to happen again in our lifetimes?

  37. Will never be the AZ Cards. Arians values a power arm over attributes such as mobility and accuracy. That is why they traded for Palmer, signed Stanton, and drafted Thomas.

    Could Arians run an offense with Peyton’s reduced arm strength? Sure, but why would he toss away his favorite play book if he doesn’t have to?

  38. Can’t believe I’m doing this – but here’s why the Texans make sense:

    – They don’t have an offensive coordinator per se – BOB controls the offense but he would more than likely work with Peyton to let him have more control over the plays like he’s done his entire career.

    – Warm weather and indoors

    – AFC South may have been bad but it will improve as the QB’s develop in Jacksonville and Tennessee (whoever they draft). Plus he can get a chance to get back at the Colts.

    – Even in his declined state he’s better than any QB they have on their roster.

    – The defense will only get better – this past season it took them a while to gel under Romeo’s system. They were markedly improved the last 6 games of the year, with another year they’ll get even better.

    – They have the MVP of the league in Watt, who’ll only get better.

    – They have a good running game with Foster and Blue.

    – Andre would definitely come back, perhaps even at a lesser price, if he knew Manning would be throwing to him.

    – No state income tax (that’s always a benefit)

  39. “Manning, who abhors change, may not want to return — if he decides to keep playing.”

    How is that statement consistent with the idea that he wants to leave Denver (granted he’ll have a new coaching staff, but it’s where his living situation is already settled and where he is familiar with all the players) and join an entirely new organization (new coaches, new living situation, new players)?

  40. Surprised no one’s brought up the Bears as a landing spot. I can’t see it happening, but, hey, if you’re going to throw the Rams on this list, don’t let a little Cutlet stop you.

    I don’t think anyone’s too concerned about the Giants and wild card situations… I think Eli’s playoff chances are the last thing on Peyton’s mind…

  41. lionglass says: Jan 13, 2015 10:14 AM

    Of course the Texans weren’t interested! They had MATT SCHAUB at QB!!! Oh wait….

    They did go 12-4 that year…

  42. he is not going anywhere else if only for the fact no other reason than he would not have the power he has in denver. what other coach or gm is going to let him bring his offense and coaches with him? plus who else would pay him that much money to choke when it counts? plus after what elway and fox did to tebow I want to see this end badly for all involved. I don’t care if he is not good enough to play in the NFL he was that 1 year and they treated him like crap for it! I mean who wins and then say yeah we won but our qb, the guy who won the game for us sucks? and spare me the defense won because that same team defense and all had a 1-5 record when he took over didn’t they?

  43. I believe that Elway looked at the roster and said to himself that on paper the Broncos were more talented then the 2 of the 3 teams they lost to in the playoffs the last 3 years, the Ravens and the Colts.

    As for the third team Seattle, Elway saw that the Seahawks were “tougher” than the Broncos and appeared vastly more prepared for that game.

    The common denominator in all 3 losses, at least in Elway’s mind, was that the Broncos were outworked and outcoached. Thus, Fox showed Elway that although he is good HC, he just wasn’t good enough to take the team to the level of performance it needs, in terms of strategy, preparation and execution to win a SB.

    Is it a gamble? Of course it is. But, rightly or wrongly, Elway decided John Fox had taken the Broncos as far as he could, which isn’t far enough given the talent level on the team.

  44. brenenostler says:
    Jan 13, 2015 10:00 AM
    Brett Favre was 39 when he went to the Jets and had a subpar year. Then he went to the Vikes the next year and had one of the best seasons of his career. If Peyton can get healthy, I don’t see why he couldn’t do the same.
    I’m sorry but you can’t compare any other QB to Brett Favre physically.

    Even when he finally retired, his arm was still one of the strongest in the league and he could still run too.

    Favre was a physical freak.

  45. brenenostler says:
    Jan 13, 2015 10:00 AM
    Brett Favre was 39 when he went to the Jets and had a subpar year. Then he went to the Vikes the next year and had one of the best seasons of his career. If Peyton can get healthy, I don’t see why he couldn’t do the same.

    Difference is Favre still had a strong arm. Hell, Favre could jump off his tractor right now and out throw noodle arm Manning

  46. I think you’re missing the most obvious one! The Bears! If Peyton wants to maintain consistency he could potentially follow his coach to Chicago. They have ridiculous talent at the skill positions and are looking for a way to get rid of Cutler. They could pull an Elway and jettison an unwanted QB (think Tim Tebow) and replace him with Peyton Manning.

  47. Manning in any cold weather city would be worthless after December.

    And doesn’t he already have a championship calibre defense AND offense in Denver?

    It’s over.

  48. taintedsaints2009 says:
    Jan 13, 2015 10:09 AM
    Why aren’t my Vikings on this list!??!


    Because Bridgewater outplayed Peyton the last 5 games of the season.

  49. I cant help but LOL at all you keyboard experts and super critics.

    Peyton had a torn quad. 8 weeks ago he was still on top of his game and everyone was saying he was ageless and marveling at him. Now he’s noodle arm? LOL, ok. What a joke. 4727 yards and 39 TD.s The guy can still play if he’s healthy.

    Youre kidding yourself if you really believe otherwise.

  50. My Cleveland Browns Are Deserving if we can underachieve with a Decent Armed Hoyer the Id take manning the 1st 1-8 weeks of the year before the cold weather starts
    C’mon haslem if u wanna make $$$ and get more people in the seats and actually try too get in the playoffs cut Manziel and his media circus and party guy antics
    give Peyton a call resign Hoyer and possible have him in if manning can’t make certain throws or gets hurt
    We have some good young backs that just need to learn ball control we need too draft WRs and fix the right side of the O-Line And get some faster and younger Linebackers and get some DB Depth

  51. The Browns were 6-3 before the starting QB turned into a pumpkin, and the rookie QB proved to be the emperor’s new clothes.

    That’s a turnkey situation for a proven veteran QB who still has something in the tank. And with front office opportunities to follow (given an existing relationship with Haslam going back to Tennessee), the possibility of going to Cleveland cannot be dismissed out of hand.

  52. He either sticks with the Broncos or retires. Starting over with yet another team in the twilight of his career makes NO sense whatsoever.

  53. As a Bills fans we are desperate. Even if he is a noodle arm. But if he really wanted to play still if he somehow left the Broncos. It would make the most sense for the Cardinals. It would be better for him because he is in warm weather and a dome. Outdoors have never been the best place for him to play. I’d love to have him if only for one year to see what could happen. That way they still have a year to look for another quarterback while being competitive.

  54. I love all the replies of what team Peyton is going to with no understanding of a salary cap. Peyton is going to Arizona because Palmer is simply going to say he no longer wants to play and will help Arizona void his contract so they can clear the cap room? Like the players union would ever let that happen. If Peyton goes to Arizona, Palmer’s contract will become dead money and Arizona would need to clear $18-20 million of cap space (i.e. cut a lot of good players) to fit manning.

    Peyton’s best option is Denver as 2015 may very well be his last year (if he likes it or not). The question is if Denver wants Peyton?

  55. Are you kidding me. This would be a one time fix for a problem that only gets worse once he leaves. Why put a bandaid on a cut only to remove it and start the bleeding again.

    Yes theoretically he could come in and help several teams but he is no young kid. One year and that’s it. If your team is that despirate, better get the draft and trades going to improve.

  56. He’ll announce his retirement as a player and his hiring as Denver HC in the same press conference.

  57. weepingjebus says:
    Jan 13, 2015 9:32 AM
    Rex Ryan and Peyton Manning yelling incoherently at each other while a Patriots DB highsteps towards the endzone for another pick-6 would be the next best thing to making Sanchez the Bills QB. I strongly support this.

    As a Bills fan, this should annoy me but it’s just too funny and unfortunately, not very difficult to imagine if he comes to The Buff.

  58. All you guys jumping on comments for Manning leaving, keep this in mind:

    He’s losing his coaches.

    There’s a ton of really good players that are free agents that they won’t be able to sign all of them.

    If he doesn’t like change, then his option is basically to retire, and he’s stated before he’s not ready yet, so it’s either accept change with the existing team or they can cut him and save cap dollars and then find another team and keep on going.

  59. My money is on him calling it a career.

    Injuries and family-time will tip the scales along with the prospect of a year or two of relative quiet before he gets involved with something involving Tennessee.. home is where the heart is.

  60. With Buffalo you would have to think they could challenge the Pats for division.

    Not sure Peyton would relish reenacting the ice bowl for later season home games though.

  61. Hard to imagine them dumping the entire staff if there’s any chance of him staying. They went all in and letting the entire coaching staff go at once is the white flag.

  62. Some of these are totally laughable. Washington? Manning will probably have kids in the NFL before Washington gets all their issues resolved. The Bucs? Lovie just barely survived his first season and they haven’t been decent more than one year in-a-row since Gruden coached there.

  63. As much as I respect Peyton Manning and what he’s accomplished in the NFL, its time for him hang em up. Stick a fork in him, he’s done! I cant see how he will be able to play another full season plus playoffs (potentially) at 100%. He looked terrible the last 3 games of the season and not so good the other day.

  64. On NFL RADIO on SiriusXM Bill Polian said that Manning could go to Oakland. He said that would be a ideal place for him especially if Del Rio goes there. Manning would start next season for Raiders and Carr would be a backup just in case Manning does not have it anymore.
    Polian said Mark Davis would be willing to spend on whoever Manning wanted to make a real run at a Superbowl and if Manning can even play like 70% of him former self with enough talent Raiders could get to the SuperBowl.. Obviously Carr would be upset by this and I feel it will kill his career in the long run.. I do not think Manning has it anymore if I was Raiders I would stay away from this but Mark Davis really really wants to win

  65. Actually what will happen is that we will see Peyton driving down the road in his buick, eating a slice of Papa John’s pizza, singing to the tune of the Nationwide jingle “I don’t want to play no more”!

  66. Peyton has to be healthy and ready to play… Right now I don’t see it happening. But if he is, he won’t go somewhere like Buffalo. Why do it? Better to go to CBS. I can’t think of anywhere that makes sense for him.

  67. There’s no way Manning would start over again with another team. If you couldn’t make it work with all the weapons Denver had, what would be the point of trying with a lesser team with far lesser offensive weapons.

  68. I think he still wants to play, and where he plays is going to be influenced mightily by who the coach is. If Fox ends up in Chicago, the 0.00000000000001% chance of Peyton going there would be squashed, not to mention no team can afford two $20M a year QBs. That eliminates Arizona also.

    Houston makes the most sense, and I don’t think the lack of interest in 2012 is a factor. The coaching staff is different, and Schaub was still playing at a high level then. They went from 2-14 to 9-7 with no QB, which is a testament to the coaching staff and the defense. It would be a perfect 1-year rental, if Houston can afford him.

  69. The Browns would be hilarious, with Manning mentoring Manziel. It would be the “Bull Durham” of football.

  70. GO FOR TWO SPORTS says:
    Jan 13, 2015 12:50 PM
    On NFL RADIO on SiriusXM Bill Polian said that Manning could go to Oakland…Mark Davis really really wants to win
    Does he really? Then why did he fire Hue Jackson before the old man’s body was even cold? If you ask me, Mark has somehow concluded that the old man’s last 10 years in football is a better model to follow than his first 30 years. Which, of course, is beyond foolish.

  71. the Phins couldn’t convince Peyton last time around but now they possibly could.

    The Tannehill experiment is over as after 3 years he continues to be a middle of the pack performer at best. Philbin can obviously be led around by Peyton… the O line and running game, while not great, have been improving. They’ve got WRs but not a passer who can keep up with them.

    Peyton could just walk in, demand some big FAs out of Ross’s pocketbook, and basically run his own team.

    Hard to turn down that kind of unique power situation, which he won’t get anywhere else.

  72. He looked like an old man on Sunday. If he couldn’t close the deal with all that talent Elway surrounded him with,it’s time to walk away. The problem is,that big fat ego of his probably won’t let him.

  73. Like a couple of others, I’m surprised you omitted the Bears. If Fox lands in Chicago and the team gets rid of Cutler, I could see Peyton serving as a transition QB for a year or two while they look for/break in a new franchise quarterback.

  74. No way he plays in NFC west. They have the most physical defenses and he does not want to face that 6 times a year. Didn’t want to face it three years ago and sure as hell won’t want to now

  75. Manning goes with Fox to Chicago. Chicago trades Cutler to Bills for future considerations (draft picks).

    Chicago gives GB a run for NFC-N title.

  76. He should sign a one day contract with the Colts, retire as a player and either go to work in the front office or become a QB coach to Luck. He would first have to swallow his pride. If that doesn’t happen then I would like to see him go to the Texans for in case he still has some life in him. I would then be able to see him play a few more times in person.

  77. I don’t like the idea of Manning going to play for one of the teams that are uncertain at the QB position. Its a bandaid fix that wont really help any of the franchises in the long term QB-wise. He probably wouldn’t be there for very long and once he retires the team most likely returns to being uncertain about the QBs on the roster because they hardly ever got time to develop with Peyton suddenly taking all the first team snaps. If Peyton really decides to go to a different team I’d prefer he came in as QB coach.

  78. revren10 says: Jan 13, 2015 5:26 PM

    Peyton please go to buffalo or the jets so Brady can keep showing you why he’s a greater quarterback then you


    I’m not a Bronco fan or a Patriots hater. I think Brady is a great QB but people don’t want to think about how that system made Matt Castle look like a superstar. Put Brady in any of the systems that Payton’s played in and then we could see just how good he really is. Payton has made his mediocre coaches look good. Can you say that about Brady?

  79. Social Security, the den in his home, perfect climate controlled environment, big screen to watch games, comfy lazy boy recliner and all the chicken parm he can nuke…..

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