Duron Carter world tour headed to Carolina next

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For a guy who has never caught an NFL pass, Duron Carter has drawn a lot of free agent interest.

The son of Hall of Famer Cris Carter has put together quite the world tour already, and its next stop is in Charlotte.

Via Ben Goessling of ESPN.com, Carter will work out for the Panthers Wednesday, and could still make trips to see the 49ers, Browns and Titans after that.

He’s already worked out for the Buccaneers, Colts, Chiefs and Vikings.

He’s drawing attention because he’s not the ordinary Canadian refuge, after putting up over 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns last year with the Montreal Alouettes.

The interest from multiple teams will create a small bidding war, but most of the stops on the tour are also places where he could create a niche for himself quickly. The Panthers are desperate for someone other than Kelvin Benjamin to throw the ball to, so their interest is natural.

23 responses to “Duron Carter world tour headed to Carolina next

  1. Welcome to Seattle. Prepare to block. Prepare to win championships. Prepare to play for a team that cares about you. And prepare to have a fan base that knows you understand your role and you’re good with it, because it is after all, a team game. See you in blue and neon green.

  2. Let the Packers sign him to their practice squad first. Then my Vikings can swoop in and overpay the guy. He already has double the stats Jennings has given us!!

  3. Gettleman will be all over it if we can get him for free. Cam and Rivera did more with less than any QB/coach in the league, while Gettleman went into hiding.

  4. Actually, there are several receivers in the CFL better than him. He may some big plays this year but disappeared at times too. Still he’s young enough that he might still develop into a more consistent player.

  5. If he was good he would have already caught on somewhere.
    Have you ever heard of Cameron Wake or Warren Moon?

  6. He better be better than Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Golden Tate, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice. The group that his dad called pedestrian. If he isn’t better than those guys then I wonder what his old man will call him?

  7. He already said he wants to play for the Vikings. The Vikings worked him out but didn’t sign him. If he were any good, the Duron Carter World Tour would already be over.

  8. CFL fields are 110 yards long. Does it make you great to gain 1000 yards receiving in a season?

  9. He’s not a “Canadian refugee”. He may be a refugee (strange word for you to choose, given that he wouldn’t be leaving his home country if he were to get a job in the NFL) from the CFL, he may be a lot of things, but he is NOT a Canadian refugee.

  10. “Actually, there are several receivers in the CFL better than him.”


    Let’s see. Adarius Bowman, obviously
    Clarence Denmark, sure.
    Chad Owens, hall of famer
    Luke Tasker, not flashy but very reliable
    Emmanuel Arcenaux, similar big-play ability
    S.J. Green, most reliable receiver on MTL
    Marquay McDaniel, Bo Levi’s go-to guy
    Andy Fantuz, no list of great receivers is complete without him.

    Yeah, I see your point.

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