Oddsmaker: Packers-Patriots Super Bowl would be a pick ’em

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How would you like a Super Bowl so closely matched it could have the feel of a coin flip?

According to one Nevada oddsmaker, that’s what a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl could look like.

Nick Bogdanovich, the director of trading for William Hill U.S., would make a Packers-Patriots matchup in Super Bowl 49 a pick ’em, the oddsmaking firm told PFT on Tuesday.

In the case of a pick ’em, the straight-up winner of the game would cover the point spread.

The Packers and Patriots met in Green Bay on November 30, with the Packers winning 26-21 as three-point favorites at Lambeau Field. A rematch between the clubs would be at the neutral site of University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

In the other three potential Super Bowl matchups, the NFC winner would be favored, per Bogdanovich.

If both the top-seeded Seahawks and Patriots both win on Sunday, Seattle would be a 2.5-point favorite over New England.

In a Seahawks-Colts Super Bowl, Seattle would be favored by 6.5 points.

Finally, if both underdogs pull upsets this Sunday, the Packers would be four-point favorites over the Colts, according to Bogdanovich.

73 responses to “Oddsmaker: Packers-Patriots Super Bowl would be a pick ’em

  1. That’s a pretty logical spread. At most based on the other spreads (which I find too low) I’d have the Patriots a 1 or 1.5 point favorite over the Packers.

  2. Love to see an Indy vs. Seattle Super Bowl….The Packers won’t have the refs to help them next weekend…

  3. So the Packers would have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl if they win this week? Wow, that just makes it so much more devastating for their fans when they lose.

  4. Indy would get scorched by either NFC team. I think Seattle is the most complete team, but I’d love to see BB take Pete Carroll to school if those teams met. Indy would get scorched by either NFC team, a hobbled Aaron Rodgers or not.

  5. Until proven otherwise I have a hard time believing that anyone can beat Seattle when they bring their A game. I am a life long Patriots fan and would love to see them win another Super Bowl but Seattle is really, really good.

    Now they play the games for a reason and “any given Sunday” is not some stupid cliché but anyone talking about a Patriots-Packers super bowl (and lord knows the NFL has their fingers crossed for a Brady/Rodgers matchup) is seriously jumping the gun.

  6. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Jan 13, 2015 6:13 PM
    So the Packers would have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl if they win this week? Wow, that just makes it so much more devastating for their fans when they lose.

    I would be a bit bummed, if they lost, but no one is given GB a chance, they are playing with house money.

    I will easily get over it faster than the Vikings fans have got over their most NFC Title game…. No wonder you guys are so bitter. A bounty did not make Favre throw a horrible pass in the end of that game.

  7. I would guess that most of the country, especially after the soft Broncos ruined SB Sunday last year, want Seattle and New England this time around. That is not to say that Green Bay is not a very good team, but a powerful team like Seattle going for a second title in a row against the winning-est team of the past 15 years makes for a better story.

    As a Patriots fan, I have a lot of respect for Andrew Luck and what he can and will be as a force of nature on the field. However, they still seem to be a one man team and I do not think they are SB material yet.

    I agree Seattle should be favored against either of the AFC opponents, but I hope Belichick, Brady, Browner and Revis can pull it out.

    Also, Rex should have waited for the Broncos to lose. He definitely could have taken Denver to the next level.

  8. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Jan 13, 2015 6:13 PM
    So the Packers would have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl if they win this week? Wow, that just makes it so much more devastating for their fans when they lose.


    Meaningful football in January. AWESOME
    Another season and ZERO SUPER BOWL TITLES for the vikings AND eagles…..PRICELESS !!!!

    Ha ha ha ha Teddy bridgewater ha ha ha ha omg ha ha ha ha …..eagles not even in the playoffs ha ha ha ha ha

  9. I think SEA is a heck of a team, but I think GB pulls the upset. GB is a diff team now and the Sea awesome misdirection scheme using Harvin was a big factor in the first game.

  10. I’m not a fan of theirs. But it is the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl to lose. They would absolutely crush the Indianapolis Colts. And I don’t think they would have much of a problem with the New England Patriots either. Their defense is just too good. Probably the best off all-time. If not the best then very, very close to being the best. It’s kind of refreshing to see in this day and age of offense. Plus they have a QB in Russell Wilson that seems to always come through in huge games.

  11. Seattle 4.5 over New England
    Seattle 8 over Colts
    New England 2.5 over Green Bay
    Green Bay 4 over Colts

    Not a big fan of any of these teams, just what I thought the line would be…

  12. If the Packers were 0-4 in Superbowls, and didn’t contend every year, Packer fans might be devastated by a loss this weekend. But as 13 time World Champions, Packer fans will find ways to inspire and set a good example for degenerate Viking fans regardless of what happens.

  13. Anyone else think Rodgers is playing up this injury? He sounds a lot like Big Ben. He moves around and then after the play starts limping. He goes on the radio and says he’s sick of talking about it and then keeps saying it’s a serious injury. I’m sure it hurts but c’mon.

  14. Packer fans wont be devestated. Sure the loss will sting a bit, just like every loss does.

    Green Bay added another Championship just a few short years ago.
    With a roster stocked full of young, hungry, key contributers and the best gun in football, they are poised to contend over the next several years.

    Looking forward to Sunday. Meaningful football for important teams.

  15. “I can already see the pftpoet saying gb championship is tainted because the refs got them there……….that is if gb wins it all.”

    Yes but according to him any team who gets any win in the NFL that is not the Vikes has cheated, bought the refs or the league fixed the game to win. And 10x that if it was the Vikes that lost.

  16. As a fan, I would have rather seen Dallas and Seattle along with New England and Denver…but things never work out exactly how you want them to. That said, my predictions:

    New England 38 Indy 24

    Seattle 23 Green Bay 16

    New England 24 Seattle 20

  17. Not sure how Pats fans discount the Colts? They beat up the Broncos in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Kinda like the Ravens were dominating the Pats in the trenches last week until Belichik pulled out a deceptive formation and a halfback pass to get the win. Colts have more weapons and a better QB.

  18. f1restarter says:
    Jan 13, 2015 6:26 PM

    The chemically-enhanced Seahawks are like Ivan Drago to the Packers’ Rocky Balboa.

    You know how that turned out.


    Have any evidence of this? I’m talking about your claims not the movie by the way.
    Tony Romo was on more drugs this year than the Seahawks entire roster but no worries.
    My guess is that you have difficulty distinguishing past from present.
    Or I just took the TROLL-BAIT….

  19. Cgu77,

    Patriot fans do not discount the Colts. That said, if you feel they are discounted it is because the Colts played a flat Broncos team with a very injured QB, an average Cincy team and the Patriots have dropped 144 points on them the past 3 games. So, at this point in their development, they should not beat the Patriots. Again, this being the NFL, anything can happen. As I mentioned before, Andrew is a major talent and he is still putting it all together. Right now, though, he seems to be too much of a one man team. I would expect him to win multiple Superbowls before his career is over.

    The Ravens are a major rival for the Patriots and they have a great coach, clutch QB and a defense that has an inbred tenacity. The Patriots win games with 60 minute efforts that traditionally have involved all 3 phases and they have been known for trick plays here and there throughout. In this case, Tom played masterful and they did what they had to in order to win.

  20. Green Bay Schedule:

    Sun, Nov 30, 2014

    New England

    Packers 26-21

    Ball don’t lie.

  21. Awww, poor little Ariani… did you get sand in it AGAIN? It will be fun watching the Packers sweep the Vikings again next year as the Vikings slink back to their usual, and rightful, place at the bottom of the divisional barrel.

    Things went a little sideways in Chicago this year but organizationally the Bears are head and shoulders above the hapless, tasteless and gutless Vikings.

  22. bemho says: Jan 13, 2015 6:08 PM

    GB vs NE would be the most watched of the pairings


    That would probably be the closest Super Bowl if Green Bay could somehow upset Seattle in Seattle.

  23. Major differences from week 1 against Seattle and now:
    1.) Davante Adams is now a major part of GB’s offense, week 1 was his first career game.

    2.) Matthews has moved inside and the Packers run defense has been much improved. It was also Peppers and Clinton-Dix’s first game with the defense.

    3.) Packers avoided Sherman in week 1, now they will go after him just like they went after Revis.

    4.) Percy Harvin had a big game for Seattle in week 1, now he’s gone.

    5.) Packers offensive line is much improved, week 1 was their starting C’s first career game. Also, Bulaga didn’t play in week 1, Sherrod did.

  24. Seattle slaughtered Green Bay on opening day with a healthy Rodgers. Now most sportswritwers are giving them a chance to win.They will be slaughtered again,and possibly embarassed by Seattle. Rodgers is no good against physical defenses(seeBuffalo),and in the first game against Seattle he looked lime an ametuer.Nelson catches 9 passes for a measly 80+ yards,not one Green Bay wr averaged over 10 yards a catch in that game.Seattle hit the Packers for 207 yards on the ground,which I am assuming will be the case Sunday. Green Bay will get a mudhole stomped in them Sunday,because Seattle is the better team. I hope they dont put the fix in to try and make Rodgers bigger than whag he is. He doesnt show up against good defenses but Wilson shows up repeatedly against all comers.Seattle wins this one big.

  25. In the case of a pick ‘em, the straight-up winner of the game would cover the point spread.

    Technically there is no point spread in a “pick ’em” game.

  26. Anyone that thinks the Colts are winning this weekend is drunker than Irsay. They could play this game 10 times at New England and they would lose every single time.

    There is a clear divide with the 6 AFC teams. NE, BAL and PIT are lightyears better than IND, CIN, and DEN.

    New England will fully expose that this weekend. 45-17 at least. May God have mercy on Andrew Luck this weekend.

  27. Nothing more can be said about the GB vs Hawks game, it is, who knows who will win. Both great teams, both have an equal chance of winning. The only advantage Seattle has is playing at home. They have the Hawks at 4 pt ahead on the odds, but really against Rodgers anything can happen, he is a better QB than Wilson. The only thing uncertain is whether Seattle’s Real Team Shows Up.

    Life Time Hawks Fan.

  28. As a Patriots Fan I do believe the Patriots will win against the Colts this week. I believe they are the better team (their body of work this year showed that), but Andrew Luck is a force and will be for year and he will make it tough on the Patriots. I have not made up my mind yet on the Packers-Seahawks game.

    The main point I want to make though is I hate seeing when fans say their team has nothing to lose. It doesn’t matter if you are favored or the underdog. If you lose you don’t get a chance to win the super bowl so yes each one of these team has a lot to lose.

  29. Along with being prohibitive favorites comes incredible pressure.

    If Green Bay loses on Sunday, Packer fans will ask themselves “What would Jesus do?”

    If Seattle loses on Sunday, Seahawk fans will ask themselves “What would Kurt Cobain do?”

  30. Pats fan here. Yes Seattle should be favored. Their D is scary. D wins championships. It’s why the pats haven’t won a super bowl since 04. It’s why the Giants won 07 and 12. And it’s why I would bet on Seattle this year especially if the pats don’t get Bryan stork back.

  31. The Super Bowl this year is being played in Seattle this Sunday.

    Going to be tough for my Packers to win but they’re playing.

    If they do manage to win they will take out NE like they should have in Green Bay in Nov. That game should have been a blow out. GB dominated that game.

    GB would take out Indy too.

    Seattle will beat either easily.

  32. green bay for ratings is a disaster. only 100k people in green bay, tv would hate that. also why would they speculate on a matchup that wont happen? it will be new england and seattle. the league wants teams that have actually beaten someone good, which leaves gb out

  33. hey what do you bet, rodgers has a “miraculous” recovery? a la reggie white with the hole in his thigh muscle? anyway, rodgers cant run fast enough to get away from that defense, and with the receivers not getting open, i guess lacy will have 50 carries……im tellin ya right now, if it comes down to a weird play to end it and the packers lose, the whiners will be out in full throat, just like after “fail mary”

  34. What are the odds that Seattle/Green Bay goes to overtime. Russell Wilson wins the coin toss and says “We want the ball and were going to score”, and then throws a pick 6 to Davon House.

    Deja vu, comin to you.

  35. Dreaming is more realistic for the cheese heads. Rodgers soft calfs, Lazzzzy asthma and McCarthy McDonald are going to get murder in Seattle. Won’t even smell Super Bowl loserville Packers.

  36. Defense wins and I would be a fool to dismiss Seattle s D as we all know what happened to Denver last year and the Hawks D is better than last year as they now have experience.This team will destroy the team that they will meet in SB.

  37. 1 game at a time. 1st we have to upset Seahawks..in Seattle!( Not an easy thing to do)
    Packers needs to play a complete game. This season they are hard to come by. No letting of the gas, 4quarters of 100% effort with no turnovers. Go Pack Go!

  38. I think we should revisit the 2003 SeaChickens:
    In a 2003 wild-card game against the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle quarterback infamously declared, “We want the ball, and we’re gonna score!” at the overtime coin toss. Hasselbeck proceeded to throw an interception to the Packers’ Al Harris that was returned 52 yards for the game-ending touchdown.

  39. One-legged, MVP QB walks into The CLink and dismantles the mighty SeaTurd defense.

    The 12th Man waves the white flag.

    Packers’ D turns into Lynch “Bust Mode.”

    The Legion of Bums scorched beyond recognition!

    Great Sunday afternoon for Cheesheads everywhere!

  40. The difference with 07′ and 11′ is the Pats have a defense too (Baltimore’s score wasn’t the norm this season). As good as Seattle’s defense is I just don’t see how they score against the Pats, they don’t have the outside threat to beat Revis and Browner, which will allow the defense to focus on Beast Mode and allow Collins to shadow Wilson. I think a healthy Gronk makes all the difference in how 2014 shakes out compared to 2011.

  41. I hope that Seattle Seahawk Players are not watching or reading all the hype and are just focusing on the Green Bay Packer game this Sunday…..It isn’t a lock and even though everyone is talking like it already has been played, it hasn’t…….One game at a time approach needed and the Packers are very tough, as Dallas found out…….

    Go Hawks!

  42. I agree that Rodgers is a better PASSER than Wilson, because he NEEDS to be for the Packers to win. The ground game of Lynch plus Wilson, and the efficient passing of Wilson with few turnovers is a more reliably effective attack than Rodgers plus Lacy, etc. If the Packers get Lacy going, and the LOB ball hawks don’t get in Rodgers head making him gun shy, they can hang in and maybe win. The Hawks are the most BALANCED team left, and if they beat Rodgers and Brady/Luck, I feel sure Wilson can endure anything negative said about him personally.

  43. What a great thread… there was actually intelligent well written comments posted …

    1) The Colts are not there yet … They will lose… as soon as they put a really nasty defense in place … they will be perennial contenders and Andrew Luck will have a hall of frame career. This is not their time.

    2) Seattle is really really really good… Their Defense is downright nasty. I think we all agree defense wins championships and they have the best defense of the final four. They should be favored to repeat.

    3) Of the four teams left … Green Bay NE and Indy… NE has the best chance to derail the Seahawks because they won’t have to play in their building. GB does.

    Seattle wins it all… 24-13 over NE.

  44. @ariani1985,

    Super bowl games

    Packers 4-1
    Viking 0-4

    Who chokes in championship games again?

    Play the Price IS Right loser music for ariani. Schmuck

  45. vegasgreek says:
    Jan 13, 2015 7:21 PM

    For all of you sick jealous Packer Haters : FYI THE PACKERS ARE 2-0 VS THE SEAHAWKS IN THE PLAYOFFS .
    That matters about as much as the game on week 1 this year. Basically, who cares… the teams that play the best “this week” will win, bottom line.

    Go Hawks!!

  46. Over/under on this game is 82 yards that Wilson needs to run for Seattle to win.

    I couldn’t find a Vegas number on that, I pulled it out of my butt. The key to Seattle winning is Wilson running. (See previous Packer playoff games against San Francisco.).

  47. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2015 9:04 PM
    green bay for ratings is a disaster. only 100k people in green bay, tv would hate that. also why would they speculate on a matchup that wont happen? it will be new england and seattle. the league wants teams that have actually beaten someone good, which leaves gb out

    And the winner for dumbest comment of the year goes too…

  48. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2015 9:04 PM
    green bay for ratings is a disaster. only 100k people in green bay, tv would hate that. also why would they speculate on a matchup that wont happen? it will be new england and seattle. the league wants teams that have actually beaten someone good, which leaves gb out

    Seriously? Did you know the last time the Packers were at the Super Bowl it was the second most watched T.V. show in history? Someone must be a Dallas fan…

  49. All you GB haters make me laugh! Most of ya back teams that had no chance. As for the NFC championship game- let’s watch it and see, I’ve been a packer fan since the days of
    The true Packer sweep and one thing I’ve learned is; you never know what’s gonna happen until it happens. The Hawks have a great team- no doubt, but so does Green Bay, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be here now. Would I like to see Packers – Pats in the big game, sure. Would I like to see GB- Colts , for the nostalgia, oh yea. Will I whine if we lose, NO, we are always high on the list – every year. I think if Aaron Rodgers is even remotely health, the Hawk are going to have their hands full, either way, it will be a hell of a game. I’m a Packer fan but when ouch comes to shove, as long as the NFC whoops the hell out of those AFC pansies, I’ll be happy and that looks like a no brainier either way.

  50. I must be the only person in America who believes the Seattle seahawks are overrated. Their offense isn’t going to strike fear into any opponent. Stop the run…. Stop the run… Force Wilson to beat you through the air. Force Wilson to make hard decisions… To think… and Seattle’s offense is in trouble. Also to call their defense one of the best all time seems very premature. The fact that Seattle’s defense has played so well over the past 7 games and the last 7 opponents Seattle has faced have serious offensive issues aren’t coincidental. Arizona played their second and third string quarterbacks in two of those seven games. Philadelphia started Mark Sanchez in one of those games. Two of those games were against San Francisco… A team that was held under 20 points 9 times this season.. St Louis… I don’t have to say anything here… Last there was Carolina… A team entering the playoffs at 7-8-1…
    I’m sold that Seattle stifled weak competition… I am not sold that they are the best team in the playoffs right now. Honestly the NFC Championship game is going to be alot closer then what most believe.

  51. Oh snap! Looks like the legion of gloom is having a bad day!. THIS is why they play the games, gotta say it’s pretty sad seeing Seattle loose it like this, gripping and grumbling on the sidelines, getting mouthy on the field and a real lack of composure and professionalism. WOW!! Who’d a thunk it from the leagues “golden boys’- Legion of Boom, yea, right!! LOLOLOLOL

  52. Even though my team didn’t go on, that had to be one of the most exciting football game I’ve seen in almost 20 years!. GB outplayed Seattle for 3 quarters but I give credit where credit is due, Seattle stayed with it all the way and they deserved the win. I love Green Bay and I know we will be back.

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