Report: Dan Quinn wants Falcons job


The Atlanta Falcons had appeared to be zeroing in on a pair of candidates for their head coaching vacancy. Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn were two candidates that seemed to be high on Atlanta’s list.

The Falcons can cross one of those names off the list of available candidates as Bowles accepted the New York Jets head coaching job on Tuesday night.

However, Quinn appears to be equally intrigued by the Falcons opening. According to Dianna Russini of NBC 4 in Washington D.C., Quinn wants the Falcons job.

With Quinn potentially unable to accept the job for another three weeks if Seattle makes the Super Bowl, the question is can the Falcons wait for him to become available?

Per Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Falcons front office remains interested in Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin as well. Austin is getting a second interview with the Falcons this week and may prove to be Atlanta’s choice if they are unwilling to wait for Quinn.

Will Quinn become a victim of the Seahawks’ success and have the available jobs dry up before he can jump an opportunity? It’s possible, but with the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos also showing some interest, there may be a team willing to wait for Quinn’s services.

34 responses to “Report: Dan Quinn wants Falcons job

  1. Whoever is left at the end that actually wants to coach in Atlanta will be the next coach. The front office and Blank are slow and were probably ill prepared for the process. Eat last and you get leftovers.

  2. Quinn needs to concentrate on beating the Packers. If our defence has a bad performance this will tell me he is selfish and only worries about himself. Who remembers how Jacksonville got their current coach?

  3. I don’t understand why these teams can’t wait for these guys. I guess there’s a small chance that you will lose him to someone else, but are you telling me they can’t at least get a verbal agreement in place?

    And what exactly is a new head coach these next few weeks that can’t wait. The draft isn’t for almost 4 months, for God’s sake, and everyone knows who the free agents are.

    And don’t bring me any mess about tampering. Tampering happens every single day in almost every large company in America. Companies are always working behind the scenes to steal others’ best employees.

    I am a little weary of everyone around here having to retire to the fainting couch every time there is a whiff of tampering. Get over it. You don’t really care anyway you’re just looking for more controversy.

  4. Call me crazy… the Falcons were interested in Quinn and somehow if this is true Quinn is interested in the position? The Hawks dont want to wait a couple extra weeks to possibly ensure their future theyre just gonna give up and hire some dude because its more convenient? I find it hard to believe that although you may miss a few steps in waiting a couple extra weeks, but to alter your future because the HC might miss the Senior Bowl is idiotic? Lets just say this late start gets you puched in the mouth the first couple of games? Oh no well never recover from that? Sounds like a decision an overly stressed nervous 7th grader would make.

  5. Teryl Austin would be a blessing in disguise for the Falcons. He knows the culture of the South, can evaluate college players well, and led Detroit to the #2 D in the NFL. Players love the guy. But he’s no pushover. He would be a perfect fit for the city.

  6. “Will Quinn become a victim of the Seahawks’ success and have the available jobs dry up before he can jump an opportunity?”

    Man this reads like a Dragon Ball Z outro. Really?

  7. Come all without, come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn!

    -A drunken Pete Carroll to the Korn Ferry search team hired by Arthur Blank, who ends up rehiring Mike Smith.

  8. Seems like a good match when you think about it. Jets didn’t want to wait, so they jumped on Todd Bowles. Rex Ryan didn’t want to wait, so he jumped to the Bills. Falcons needed some time, and Quinn’s got plenty of it with the Seahawks still churning in the playoffs.

  9. As a hawks fan it sounds like this guy is as good as gone.

    Tough to keep the pieces in the way this league is if you keep winning. Gus Bradley, and now him.

    Someone else will come on up I guess.

  10. Seahawks fans, remember to go to “Go Petition” and sign the petition to tell the media to leave Marshawn Lynch alone!

  11. “Report: Dan Quinn wants Falcons job.”

    My Grandmother wants to fly Jets.

    Sergeant Foly

  12. The Falcons would be stupid not to hire him. Great coach, down to earth, and is a football guy without any drama.

  13. …and the Seahawks want that second ring, first… then you can go out to Atlanta.

    Hope you do better than Gus did. You won’t have the LOB to CYA.


  14. Considering she’s from the wrong “Washington”, I have to wonder how reliable this rumor is…

  15. Doug Marrone is a better choice, in my opinion. Aside from his current availability, Marrone has experience working in a heavy pass offense with New Orleans, clearly he showed some defensive prowess in Buffalo, and he was impressive taking a team that’d gone 6-10 3 years in a row to a 9-7 record.

  16. When you wait you can’t expect to get the cream of the crop. The Falcons may end up taking whatever is left. Also the longer you wait the the more likely the good coordinators will also be gone. I just don’t understand the delay. It appears that they are waiting for Dan Quinn, who came into Seattle after the defense was already set up. Not so sure he is a good candidate. If they go to the Super Bowl the other teams will have already gobbled up the good supporting coaches.

  17. eljefedelmundo says:
    Jan 14, 2015 4:57 AM
    Hey Quinn!

    How about DC at Saints?

    We can wait a couple weeks..

    Quinn isn’t leaving Seattle for another DC job. That would be ridiculous to take the same job in NO which doesn’t have half the defensive personnel. No, he will be a HC after the Seahawks run ends, or he will be their DC again.

  18. jeffcfalcon says:
    Jan 14, 2015 9:19 AM
    I hope they wait. Don’t need a guy with 1 year as DC to be a head coach.


    Don’t sleep on Dan Quinn. The biggest issue with the Falcons is their Defense (well that and the seeming inability to keep an offensive line even slightly healthy, but i digress). Quinn was the DC here last year and this year in Seattle, both #1 in ypg and ppg. The year before he was DC for Florida, and I believe he had them playing as a top 10 defense in the FBS. The year before that, I believe he was the D-line coach in Seattle. He knows defense, very well, and the Hawks’ defensive players rave about him.

    You could do a LOT worse.

  19. Hopefully Falcon past on Quinn, and hire the Detroit DC Austin as soon as possible. Quin can take the 49er, bear etc job after the Super Bowl .

  20. I will personally suggest to falcons fan included myself to wait for the great guy, Dan Quinn. Three weeks waiting period is better than seventeen weeks of chance of loosing again and again and again right?

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