Report: John Fox headed to Chicago on Wednesday to meet with Bears


John Fox and the Bears are reportedly set to meet about the club’s head coaching job.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Fox will interview with the Bears. He will travel to Chicago on Wednesday, the Post said.

The 59-year-old Fox parted ways with the Broncos on Monday after four seasons. He has been linked to the Bears’ job.

The Bears fired head coach Marc Trestman and General Manager Phil Emery after a disastrous 5-11 season. They tabbed Saints evaluator Ryan Pace to replace Emery last week. Chicago interviewed ex-Bills coach Doug Marrone and Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin for its head coaching vacancy on Tuesday.

47 responses to “Report: John Fox headed to Chicago on Wednesday to meet with Bears

  1. Good luck hiring this guy. He hasn’t prove anything since he’s been coaching in the NFL. It’s going to be tough winning with Cutler. Another decade of declination. Probably be fired in couple years though.

  2. Ah… John Fox to Chicago. Time to bring back Tim Tebow. A match made n heaven. And it’s not as if the Dynamic Duo could do worse than last season…

    [exit, humming ‘Reunited’, by Peaches & Herb]

  3. The Packers should just fold up shop. 8 division titles since the NFC north began 13 years ago. A 31 year old Rodgers just NOW entering his prime, it seems. Young WRs and CBs in a passing league. If only we had John Fox and $32 million tied up in Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

    Give me a break Bears bros. Your team is weak.

  4. Fox to the Bears and Quinn to Atlanta if I had to lay money. Assuming the Falcons want to wait that long.

  5. I think Manning said that he would retire rather than play another year with Fox. Which side did “Horse-Face” come down on?

  6. I think Elway and the Broncos gave John Fox a raw deal. I hope he gets the job with the Bears. I am a long term Bronco fan but I am very upset at their decision to release such a great coach and a great man.

  7. This should be a slam dunk. Class guy who will bring respect back to my beloved Bears! Now we just need him to get a solid OC to fix the nut job under center and we’ll be set.

  8. When John Fox was defensive coordinator of the Giants, he was a hot commodity just like Todd Bowles and Teryl Austin are now.

    By hiring Fox, the Bears are basically getting a Bowles or Austin, but with 200 games of head coaching experience.

  9. Caveat emptor: Buyer Beware, Chicago! “Foxy” was 2-14 his last year with Carolina. His teams are “soft” and reflect his happy-go-lucky personality. Favored over Baltimore, Seattle, and Indy in last 3 playoff appearances with Broncos and flat out got slaughtered.

  10. Well, it is either Fox or Quinn now that Bowles is out of the mix.

    At worst, he is Lovie 2.0, and at best he is a very experienced, solid coach who has taken 2 teams to the Super Bowl.

    The truth is always some place in the middle, and he will probably be a great improvement over the analytical Mr. Trestman

  11. All the talented candidates out there and you are flying in John Fox!?!? This franchise has no clue. Please hire this bum so the Bears can be a .500 club for the next 3-4 years.

  12. He hovers around .500 when he doesn’t have an elite QB. When you think of Jay Cutler who are you more likely to compare him to? Jake Delhomme or Peyton Manning?

    Now that Bowles is off the market, they should be patient and bring in Quinn or Austin.

    Rather them take another chance on someone new than a retread.

  13. Somewhere around week 6, the Bears FO is going to reluctantly realize what most NFL fans already know, which is that the Broncos’ recent success is wholly attributable to Peyton Manning, and not John Fox.

  14. How this comes out will tell us a lot about who is really in charge at Halas Hall.

    Bear Down Bears!

  15. This is why the bears will never be successful. Look at the talent this guy has lost with, does that new frat boy gm really think he can win with this roster? I told you he would screw it up right from the start. Bowles was the only hire at hc and he blew it. Now the jets are going to be turning things around before the bears. THE JETS!!!!

    how does that make you feel bear fans?

    Laughable organization. Absolutely laughable.

  16. Wow, 2 desperate parties here. Bears don’t have anyone near the caliber of Peyton Manning playing for them John, good luck with that.

  17. You know…. most people don’t get it. Fox is an experienced HC. He has taken two different teams to the SB. Granted, he probably doesn’t win enough. Yes, the Broncos underachieved but that last game, Peyton was played injured and it showed.

    I’ll take Fox in a heartbeat vs. …oh, IDK… Dick Jauron, Marc Trestman, Dave Wannstedt. The Bears haven’t even been in sniffing distance of the playoffs. The roster is going to need an overhaul and I’m not going to be disappointed if the 2015 Bears stink. I just feel better with a guy who has done the job before. Bowles? Ok, maybe he’s the next Mike Tomlin. or maybe he’s the next Lovie Smith. Ypu just don’t know.

  18. “2 desperate parties here”

    How so? It’s not as though Fox is wanting for money, and certainly plenty of candidates there. With the other jobs being filled, there are less chairs available than potential coaches standing.

  19. . It’s funny to read posts here by so many people. So many myself included at times post to voice an opinion. Some voice just to defend their team when others have bashed the team. Yes I have been guilty of letting my loyalty get the best of me even knowing I was wrong lol. Some will come to troll and stir up crap then sit back and laugh. At times I realize when that’s happening and I will laugh as well because so many of us bit on it.The there are a few who post things that actually are read worthy and have a lot of merit. You will find that fan who does the home work and knows what he or even she is talking about. They do this without emotion but from a realistic point of view. This is where I am going with this on the John Fox Topic. Many Carolina fans crushed Fox when he was getting the boot from Carolina. Some gave great insight. I at the time felt he was missing a qb and a couple of key players. Not a lot but I felt he wasn’t playing with a playoff caliber team a a whole. People said he was conservative or to soft on his players. Game calling was bad. I always try and look at what I read and see if there might be another side to a story other than fans wanting change without looking all the way up to the front office. Well I have seen the light and Lord so many of you were right in so many ways. I bow down and give credit when it is warranted. As a Denver Fan born in Denver who grew up in Florida I have seen the good and terrible with the Broncos for sure lol. Fox is a likable guy. A class act and and players coach no doubt but he is not a super bowl coach unless the team is 100% set up to win. Elway gave him so many pieces and he just doesn’t have that nasty side when needed to get his players jacked up. When Denver got their Butts kicked by Seattle I said it a week before that Seattle will crush them. You could see an intensity building with Seattle. They became the gang in the street bullying the others who live on the next corner. They were a pack of dogs looking for that weak animal. Hell I’m not a Seattle fan I actually can’t stand the team but I give them much respect because they deserve it. They play physical football. They are doing what the NFL is trying so hard to stop and that’s the physical side of the game. The defense is not given the same chance as the offense in today’s game. Yet Seattle figured out how to play very physical and play with that nasty streak. John Fox has no clue how to achieve this level of intensity. As Elway said too many times he didn’t see any fight in our team. Elway kept giving Fox the upgrades each year and yet we had the same results.
    Chicago be careful for what you wish for. I made the same mistake if Fox becomes your head coach pray you have a defensive coach who just got out of San Quentin and can instill a mean nasty side into the players. He better have a great offensive coach who can fix Cutler and hold him accountable. Denver I hope you get Seattle’s Defensive coach. Do not bring back Shanahan who has done nothing since Elway left. 123 – 121
    since coaching Elway. That doesn’t impress me at all. Any team can spend money Redskins understand but if you have no one to coach or motivate your team your spinning your wheels. John Fox your a nice guy but your coaching a sport that is about violence and aggression. I just think you might be better of sitting in behind the desk on a pre game show. Denver go get a coach that will bring the physicality needed to this team.

  20. “Bowles was the only hire at hc and he blew it. Now the jets are going to be turning things around before the bears.”

    The assistant coaches, specifically the OC and DC, are as important as the HC. Enjoy Chan Gailey as the OC.

  21. I’m less concerned with the prospect of hiring Fox – in fact, considering how he cleaned up McDaniels’ mess in Denver he may be just what the Bears need right now – but I’m not real thrilled with Kyle Shanahan and Dennis Allen, who are rumored to be his choices for OC and DC, respectively.

  22. “Bowles was the only hire at hc and he blew it. Now the jets are going to be turning things around before the bears.”

    I can reel off 20 of the so called HOT coaching candidates that were coordinators and have yet to win a SB or make their teams relevant. Jets just had one and his name was Rex Ryan. You have NO idea what Bowles will be.

    Putting an inexperienced HC with an inexperienced GM is not the way to go. Fox is the right man for Pace to start with.

  23. He better have a great offensive coach who can fix Cutler and hold him accountable.

    Cutler is beyond fixing. As old as he is, this is who he is. Rather than try and bring in yet another OC who will try – and fail – to make Cutler a better football player, the best strategy the Bears can take is to hire an OC who can scheme around his weaknesses, put great skill people and a solid OL around him (which I thought they had done, but after last season I’m not so sure), and then fast-track improvements to the defense and special teams in hopes they can take up the slack. Cutler’s a tough nut because he’s too streaky and doesn’t have the intangibles to be considered a “franchise QB,” but he’s so careless with the ball that he’s not a reliable “game manager” either.

  24. I hope John Fox is the right choice for the job even though I would rather have Quinn.
    Plus, Cutler might have a huge contract but there is a possibility that he could be gone too. You never know. Lovie could make a trade as the Bucs need a QB. Then we have Fales who could be tutored and another FA QB could be brought in. Who knows how it will play out. Mel Tucker HAS to be gone in my opinion. They could hire Belicek and keep Tucker and we would lose on defense.

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