Urban Meyer on NFL jobs: “Not right now”


Shortly after we wondered whether some NFL team would call Ohio State’s Urban Meyer to gauge his interest in a head-coaching job, Meyer himself said he’s staying put.

Asked at a press conference this morning if he could leave for the NFL, Meyer didn’t rule it out — but only some time in the future. At the moment, he’s committed to his current team.

“Not right now. I have a commitment to Ohio State and these players,” Meyer said.

Of course, Meyer also had a commitment to Bowling Green and his players when he left that job for Utah, had a commitment to Utah and his players when he left that job for Florida, and had a commitment to Florida and his players when he left that job to take one year off and then take the job at Ohio State.

And coaches aren’t known for being scrupulously honest when asked about their plans. If Meyer says he’s staying where he is only to leave as soon as he gets the offer he wants, he won’t be the first coach to do that.

So Meyer sounds like he’s committed to Ohio State for the 2015 season. But don’t be surprised if Meyer ends up on an NFL sideline. He has always sought out new challenges, and he’s already accomplished everything there is to accomplish at the college level. His next challenge may be in the NFL, even if it’s not right now.

68 responses to “Urban Meyer on NFL jobs: “Not right now”

  1. Anyone who believes anything this guy says is an idiot. Has he ever coached a class of recruits through their college career to graduation?

  2. I just don’t see it happening—or at least, I don’t see it being successful.

    Meyer has had issues in the past handling stress, and the pro-game is known to be infinitely more taxing for pro-coaches–just ask Coach–“I want more time to golf”–“I’m not gonna work Jimmie Johnson hours”–Spurrier.

  3. he’ll bolt for the NFL once Harbaugh gets UM up and running & starts beating them ..then after a couple of mediocre NFL seasons, he’ll head back to college to take his dream job at Notre Dame

  4. If anything he’ll use offers from NFL teams as leverage to get a huge pay raise from Ohio State – like Saban seems to do about every other year.

  5. I’d like to see him with the Niners, but since our GM and owner are 2 of the most incompetent turds around, it won’t happen. Wishful thinking though!

  6. Whey would he go to the NFL where coaches can go 12-4 (like John Fox) and be immediately handed a pink slip?

    Look at Harbaugh…….had it made at Stanford. Went to the 49ers and whipped them into shape and took them to the playoffs several years in a row……then….canned.

    So much more job security in the college ranks….and for Urban Meyer, a chance to do something really historic……because it takes quite a few years as a coach to make that kind of mark.

  7. Translation – “If the money is right, then I have no loyalty to this program whatsoever. But let’s use the cover that I’m going to spend time with my family.” Get ready Ohio State- your going to hear those words shortly. This guy likes to jump ship when the talent at hand has dried up for him and he see’s that he has to wait to rebuild. Bowling Green, Utah, and the Gators would all agree. I thank him for what he did for Florida, and I guess I have nothing to blame but the system in place allowing coaches to do this, but whatever happened to loyalty? Is there such a thing anymore?

  8. Why would he leave when he’s so successful and he’s making $4.5 million per year and will probably get another raise?

  9. It’s long been known (in recruiting circles) that he’s considered “Blurbin Liar” — and this was back in his UF days.

    Just ask Gators fans.

  10. Dear Jets, my offer to coach in exchange for a salary of cheese sandwiches and a dry cleaned sleeping bag expires at 5:00 pm ET today. Clock’s ticking.

  11. His statement simply means he will listen to offers but will remain at OSU if they aren’t strong enough. If Jerry offered him big enough money, he would take it. The Cowboys are a prestigious team with a 12-4 record. They are not a bottom feeder with no talent who fired their coach after failure. It would simply come down to Meyer’s control level. His ego is huge and if he can trump Saban with a realistic chance at a quick SB, he would do it.

  12. He probably isn’t leaving anytime soon. Just seems like a college guy & maybe he’s seen & learned from Spurrier & Saban, other “college guys.”

    That said, the best QB (corr-turr-bakk) he’s won a championship with is Chris Leak. Imagine what he could do if he lucked into a Brady-like QB the way Belichek did. He’d have a good shot at being the consensus greatest coach ever.

    And I’m not a FLorida, Ohio St, or Urban Meyer fan whatsoever. I think he’s slimy as heck. His players at UF were routinely in trouble with the law & he basically turned a blind eye. But I do recognize the fact that he is a fantastic football coach.

  13. Just don’t give him full roster control. The guy still believes that Tim Tebow is an NFL-caliber player.

  14. Not right now because the phone has rang but I haven’t had a chance to look at the offer yet.

  15. What exactly would keep him at OSU? He has a history of taking new challenges. I can see a team like the Dolphins making him a very rich man with personnel input ability and Urban taking advantage.

  16. He’s lost 3 games in 3 years, just won a national title, and answers to absolutely no one (least of all the jellyfish-types above him on the OSU org chart). It’s hard to imagine leaving a situation like this.

    He’s certainly not going to an NFL team that doesn’t give him 100% organizational control – so that eliminates Dallas, Washington, Atlanta and the Jets…

  17. I love how people are killing him for leaving Florida and are ready kill him if he leaves Ohio st. Uh….he’s won both schools national championships; he’s done his part and seriously doesnt owe anyone an explanation if he was to go pro. He’s already cemented a spot in the College Football HOF….why would anyone begrudge him for wanting to also be in Canton someday?

  18. Maybe this Ashtabula, Ohio native will stay in Cbus for awhile. But if either the Browns or Steelers jobs open up, that might be too great for him to resist.

  19. Only Gator fans, ultra conservatives, religious fanatics, media hounds, and Skip Bayless want to see Tebow in the NFL.

  20. cuda1234 says:
    Jan 13, 2015 12:23 PM
    Anyone who believes anything this guy says is an idiot. Has he ever coached a class of recruits through their college career to graduation?
    Florida 2005-2010…5 years so the answer is yes. And regardless of what anyone says, he is employed by OSU, and was employed at Florida and every where else to win football games and make money for the University…not get recruits to graduate…happy biproduct if it happened.

  21. I’m not naive enough to think he wouldn’t leave but I don’t think he will leave right now. With the Bucks he’s got a chance to reach Bear Bryant championship levels. That team is so young they’ll be in contention for titles for at least the next two years.

  22. Some coaches are built for College and some for the Pro’s. Meyer is a outstanding college coach, like his distant predecessor at Florida – Steve Spurrier. Spurrier was great in college and a flop in the pros and returned to college to be successful again.

  23. h2ftw says:
    Jan 13, 2015 12:38 PM
    It’s long been known (in recruiting circles) that he’s considered “Blurbin Liar” — and this was back in his UF days.

    Just ask Gators fans.
    Yeah the jilted ex is always a good and reliable source…how’s Florida doing without him again? Long known in recruiting circles…and yet he keeps bringing in the talent…and with another National title, there will be another flood of it…what are we asking Gator Fans again and why?? He was hired to recruit and win…check, and check…

  24. FinFan68 says: Jan 13, 2015 12:43 PM

    His statement simply means he will listen to offers but will remain at OSU if they aren’t strong enough. If Jerry offered him big enough money, he would take it. The Cowboys are a prestigious team with a 12-4 record. They are not a bottom feeder with no talent who fired their coach after failure. It would simply come down to Meyer’s control level. His ego is huge and if he can trump Saban with a realistic chance at a quick SB, he would do it.


    I’m not quite sure why the Dallas Cowboys were brought up. While Urban Meyer is very narcissistic and a liar, I don’t know that he would take the stage in Dallas beside Jerry.
    Second, depending on who you ask in regard to whether Urban Meyer is truly a HoF caliber coach, Jerry is known for making one good hire his entire tenure in Dallas, his first: Jimmy Johnson. And we saw where that went.

  25. Thanks, GhostOF34 for proving my point. For 25 years he’s been out recruiting kids, promising to take care of them and get them through college and set them up for life. And once he was actually telling the truth!

  26. @thelastword:

    Are you being sarcastic? If not, what makes you think ND is his dream job? I can tell you it’s not. ND may have been Urban’s dream school but he has zero interest to ever coach there (he was WR coach under Holtz). He knows he can’t get the players he needs w/ ND’s academic requirements. He proved that when he chose Florida over ND back in 2004. UF made it easier when Zook left the cupboard overflowing w/ 4-5 star athletes, whereas Willingham left the cupboard bare. He’ll never be HC at ND but he’s probably the best at negatively recruiting against ND.

  27. A lot of the world doesn’t realize how talented the Buckeyes are. as much talent that Urban Meyer has loaded the Buckeyes with its the best job in fooball right now. They’re about to unleash a fury on the football landscape these next few years that is unknown to mankind.

    BlockONation…..THE NEW DYNASTY….Breaking Bama

  28. Funny thing about this is, there will never be a better time to inherit an NFL team that right now. With jobs open in three cities — SF, DEN, DAL that have talent-loaded rosters capable of making legit run, I’m surprised he doesn’t at least have a quick listen.

  29. 1. Florida – He gave you two titles and you whine about a guy who leaves because of a heart condition? (yeah maybe he got tired of recruiting a bunch of Florida HS criminals every year…
    2. Free Shoes U. and Cryami fans – Please quit whining about Urban recruiting criminals. (see above)
    3. ND Fans – Really? He’s from Ohio and dreamed of being the coach at OSU. We’ve owned you in one on one matchups and there is a greater talent pool in Ohio, not Indiana. We own you.
    4. NFL – When he gets tired of beating up the NFL he will take the Browns job. Period.

  30. These comments are dominated by homers.

    “I hate you because you left my team”

    “Please come to my team”

    “Please stay with my team”

    So many people’s opinions here, either positive or negative, are solely based on what “my team” is to them. The same stuff people hate when their rivals do it is loved when their team does it.

    Whatever happened to actually having an intelligent opinion instead of always supporting your team or denouncing your rivals?

  31. Meyer should not be a coach let along an NFL coach.

    His relationship with Hernandez and what appears to be a coverup should make it so no one will hire him.

    This is the same person who vouched for Hernandez and claimed to pray with him every day. Hernandez was also identified as discharging a firearm when he was hanging with Reggie Nelson and both of the Pouncey twins. Even if Meyer had no hand in the lawyer who got Hernandez out from police custody, he had to have known what happened. No decent person would keep a piece of scum on their team like Hernandez, except Urban Meyer.

  32. Meyer should stay in college since he would be able to work better in a college arena than working in the N F L where he would have to deal with a general manager and owner who want him to win games faster the Flash can run the 100 yard dash.

  33. vancouversportsbro says:
    Jan 13, 2015 12:31 PM
    I like how he exposed Mariota like teams expose Colin Kaepernick. Enough of this one read garbage.


    You’re talking about the coach that popularized the one-read offense in the SEC… (and at Utah before that)

  34. Urban Meyer is not going to the NFL, not now probably not ever. First off coaching at Ohio State there is nowhere else to go but the NFL. Any other college change would only be a lateral move – he can coach at USC, or Texas or Notre Dame. But those schools are equals to OSU in terms of money and prestige, not better programs and Alabama already has Saban. Urban Meyer’s system ( and thats what it is) doesnt translate well the NFL. In the NFL the QB has to know to play well under Center. Urban’s system relies on playing in Shotgun. Urbans system also depends on a dual threat QB where as a dual threat will be quickly hurt in the NFL. So I dont see Urban in the NFL right now. Maybe in ten – 15 years if that but typically an OSU head coach is a job for life unless you do something like punch a Michigan player or fail to report improper benefits

  35. I hope he doesn’t go. That being said I don’t get why guys like him would want to leave…the money can only factor in so much and it’s like Saban said earlier this year…why go the NFL where he gets one first round pick a year….at Alabama and now Ohio State even more than before …he gets numerous first round picks every year.

  36. It’s ridiculous that this is even being brought up. Ohio State IS his dream job, and there’s no reason to think he won’t stay here for a long time. All his prior job moves were upward moves, Notre Dame would be a lateral move at best, and I seriously doubt his personality would be drawn to the NFL… unlike coaches like Kelly, Urban is a masterful recruiter and relishes it and the relationships, NFL isn’t about all that, it’s just money… and Ohio State will be shelling that out in spades soon enough!

  37. Less than a day after OSU shuts up all the critics and a dumb-ass story like this pops up followed by the expected drivel of the haters.

  38. You people who think there isn’t a reason for Meyer to jump to the NFL don’t know Meyer. It’s not about the money. The man is a football genius, with a monumental ego to match his coaching talent. OF COURSE he will eventually want to test his ability to go for the golden ring… a Superbowl championship. Meyer has already done more than any other coach at the college level, including Saban, and his “young Bucks” will probably win the National Championship again next year. If he does, the only REAL challenge facing him would simply be more COLLEGE rings. His ego is eventually going to motivate him into testing his coaching talent at the next level. And why wouldn’t he want to try the next step up? Where’s the challenge for him to remain in the college ranks? A guy like Meyer is going to get bored in Columbus. Would he succeed in the NFL where Saban, Spurrier, Holtz… all great college coaches… failed? THERE is the challenge for him. With his ego I find it hard to believe he won’t at least want to give it a try in the “big leagues.” Especially if Harbaugh is able to give OSU the competition I hope and believe he will. Time will tell…. I, for one, certainly hope Meyer does move to the NFL. My twin sons are Georgia grads and I’m a Michigan alum. We were very happy when Meyer left Florida for his TV gig, and now I have to put up with losing to him AGAIN on a regular basis. GO TO THE NFL, URBAN… PLEASE! Geesh that guy is a great coach!!! Congrats on the spanking you guys gave to Oregon. Good for the B1G! 22 point win with a 3rd string QB. Just a freakin’ amazing coaching job. Coach of the Year, for sure…. “Come to us, my pretty….” – NFL

  39. So quitting a job for a different one is bad if Meyer does it.

    What about that guy that quit the NFL to coach TTUN?

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