Bears start clearing out the personnel department


The league’s youngest General Manager isn’t wasting any time moving on from some old Bears.

New G.M. Ryan Pace is interviewing coach John Fox today, but has already begun the process of clearing out some holdovers from the previous regime.

According to John Mullin of, pro personnel director Kevin Turks was let go after 13 years with the team.

Turks started with the Bears as a scouting intern under Jerry Angelo, and hung on through the transition to Phil Emery. The move’s not necessarily a surprise, since Pace was in charge of pro personnel in New Orleans before getting the Bears gig.

24 responses to “Bears start clearing out the personnel department

  1. Until the Bears clear out Jay Cutler’s contract, a new GM and Coach are meaningless. The son of Jeff George must go for the Bears to regain their glory.

  2. The fundamental problem in Chicago is the ownership. They keep hiring the wrong people.

  3. I’m encouraged by the hiring of Pace. He’s not a good old boy and is going to run things the way he wants to.

    Fox is a good coach and that means he’s a good fit after the disaster of the Trestman era. The Bears need to turn things around and the first step is getting a good coach involved.

  4. Jay Cutler shrugs and continues slowly flipping cards in a circle around an empty hat.

  5. Great news, which I was hoping/expecting as soon as Pace’s hiring was announced. The Bears current lack of young talent and overreliance on overpaid, underperforming FAs is directly related to the fact that they have only acquired – at best – one or two players out of each draft class or the last decade. For example, in one three-year stretch under Angelo they drafted a DT every year in the 3rd round each year, and all three of them busted. They’ve drafted at least a dozen safeties during the Lovie/Trestman regimes, and none of them except Mike Brown have been any good. And on and on. Emery didn’t do any better. Kyle Long, Kyle Fuller, and Alshon Jeffery out of his 3 draft classes and that’s about it.

    It’s high time for some new people and processes in Halas Hall so that we can not only do better with our high-round picks but even more important, start finding quality players in Rounds 3-5, where the perennial playoff teams make their hay.

  6. Desperate moves from a desperate franchise with one decent team in 80 years. Funniest part is their only claim to fame has been washed away with the Seahawks defense replacing the ’85 Bears as the greatest of all time.

  7. I get it – kicking the NFL’s charter franchise while it’s down is good sport for lots of folks, but using the moment to downplay the 85 Bears defense is just plain silly.

    The Hawks are a good defense, sure, but 10 years from now they’ll be lucky to have a single name or two actually stand out from that team.

    Meanwhile 85 Bears were not only revolutionary in scheme (with the 46), but full of such remarkable individual players and characters – future HOF players – that they captured the ENTIRE nation’s cultural imagination at the time. Teams literally FEARED playing that defense.

    And for just a hint at the extent of that impact, look around the current NFL coaches. The fact is: we’ll never see another team like that in our lifetime(s). Just think about the impact each one of these men has had on the history of the game as we know it:

    Mike Ditka
    Buddy Ryan (two sons current NFL coaches)
    Singletary (HOF, NFL coach)
    Dent (HOF)
    Rivera (NFL Coach)
    Frazier (NFL Coach)
    Jeff Fisher (NFL Coach)
    The Fridge
    Dave Duerson

    And that’s to say nothing of the offense (Walter Payton, HOFer Dan Hampton, Jim McMahon, etc.) etc.)

    Other than some minor statistical figure, your Hawks still live in the shadow of the 85 Bears.

  8. When I hear Mel Tucker’s name as being let go, then I’ll feel safe. Until then I’m still a little jittery.

  9. Yeah I reccomend hiring a psychic detective to go through the Bear’s front office and purging anything Jerry Angelo ever touched.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why Matt Millen got crucified as mentally under-horsepowered for his position but Angelo largely gets a pass.

  10. Why are comparing the ’85 Bears to the ’14 Seahawks?

    Anyway, if everyone on here is an expert on what the Bears should do, in regards to Cutler or the Defense or whatever……The Bears are hiring go apply for the HC job or personnel department.

    The Bears are in rebuild mode, clipping Cutler is not going to fix the entire team so get over hating on him. Jay is what is and what is more confusing is the people that hate on Cutler are the fans of the opponents the Bears play against.

    Wouldn’t you want the Bears to keep Cutler if he’s so bad?


  11. Nothing in 80 years? Just 8 other NFL championships. I’m a fan, and yes they aren’t very good right now. Like most of today’s people, you assume just because it happened more than 5 minutes ago doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  12. dfwhawkguy says:
    Jan 14, 2015 11:27 AM

    Desperate moves from a desperate franchise with one decent team in 80 years. Funniest part is their only claim to fame has been washed away with the Seahawks defense replacing the ’85 Bears as the greatest of all time.


    It took the Seahawks only 39 years to win a championship.

    The ’85 Bears compared to the Sheattle SheHawks is a desperate attempt to look like you’re true NFL fan.

    The Bears are one of, if not the most historic team in the NFL. They have deep rooted meaning and value to the NFL that nobody can compare to except the Packers, Steelers and NY Giants. You were probably a Raven’s fan 2 years ago anyways, why waste my time with people like you…I don’t know, but to be disrespectful about the Bears reveals your lack of intelligence and respect for the game.

    -A Packer’s fan

  13. muslimponder says:
    Jan 14, 2015 9:32 AM

    Did Jim Trestman embrace his calling as an Antiques Roadshow appraiser?

    larryboodry says:
    Jan 14, 2015 9:47 AM

    Who’s Jim Trestman?


    He’s Bob Belichick’s brother.

  14. Oh BOY – more Denver junk.

    As if cutler (enough said) and resident headcase and locker-room cancer Brandon Marshall weren’t enough, now it’s Bronco reject / retread old man fox. Without Manning/ Gase offense and Elway’s free agent manipulation, Denver under Fox would have been lucky to go 8-8 the last 3 years.

    Not to mention all the rings and trophies Fox brought to the Panthers! ;D

    Way to go, Chicago. Maybe Denver needs a new landfill too – we can put it next to Soldier Field, or maybe somewhere else down by the lake! =D

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