Patriots practice without starting center Bryan Stork

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When the Patriots took the practice Wednesday, they did so without the man in the middle of it all.

Via Phil Perry of, rookie center Bryan Stork was missing from practice, after suffering a right knee injury in last week’s win over the Ravens.

The rookie center has played well this year, and when he left last week’s game, they shifted right guard Ryan Wendall to the middle and put Josh Kline in at right guard.

Whether they stick with that remains to be seen, but the fourth-rounder added some stability since entering the starting lineup early this season, and changes up front are tough to deal with this time of year.

12 responses to “Patriots practice without starting center Bryan Stork

  1. I fully belive in the next man up mantra but this hurts if he misses any time. There isnt a huge drop off from him to Wendell. The issue is with Wendell moving they insert Kline Cannon and or Devry . To be honest I dont know how Devry is even on the roster . He looks lost out there and gets beat badly every play I watch him. Cannon played better last year , this year he has dropped off bigtime. We will go as far as Brady takes us, and alot of that depends on the oline.

  2. yes they are……. Ravens fans saw our team lose both starting tackles for the playoff run.

    This weekend – I’m hoping the Pats can deal with that loss effectively & beat the Irsays! Go Pats Go.

  3. No worries Belicheat and Ernie Adams are cooking up more bending of the rules and gimmicks to cover for it.

  4. The knee injury is a beard. He just can’t take any more of Brady’s whining about refs/flags/recvr’s/o-line/non-existant roughing-the-passer penalties/etc. He’d rather be unemployed.

  5. mattwalshvideo says:
    Jan 14, 2015 1:42 PM

    No worries Belicheat and Ernie Adams are cooking up more bending of the rules and gimmicks to cover for it.


    So it looks like the near universal approval/lauding of BB’s O-Line management last week has messed up someone’s campaign.
    But they are making a halftime adjustment just like their favorite coach and now want to stir up some kind of Gimmick-gate. Adorable!

  6. The colts will rush in the middle of that Line to get Brady off his spot, thats what they did to Manning using a more quicker Phillips rushing the middle. This game will be closer than the experts think.

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