Report: Adam Gase, John Elway met on Wednesday morning

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It looks like Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase is on track to become the next head coach of the 49ers, but no deal has been signed and that means the Broncos are still free to talk to Gase about replacing John Fox as their head coach.

If that’s something that interests them, General Manager John Elway reportedly had an opportunity to let Gase know on Wednesday morning. Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Gase and Elway met about the position, although there’s no word about whether their meeting has made Gase’s jump to the 49ers any less likely than it was on Tuesday night.

The Broncos are also moving forward on other fronts in their coaching search. Klis and others have reported that Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin is expected to interview for the job. Austin is African-American, which is only noted because the Broncos need to interview a minority candidate to satisfy the mandates of the Rooney Rule before they can hire Gase, Austin or any other coach.

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak have also been mentioned as candidates for the job, although Kubiak has said he’s staying in Baltimore. The Broncos can’t speak to Quinn until the Seahawks season is over, although any team that has already interviewed him will be able to do so again before the Super Bowl should the Seahawks make a return to the game this year.

22 responses to “Report: Adam Gase, John Elway met on Wednesday morning

  1. Elway wanted the fire in a new head coach…not sure he’d get that in Gase. My opinion is that Gase is tired of Manning not listening to him day in/day out. Plus, his game plan kinda sucked vs the Colts so not sure why Elway would be looking to reward him with the head coaching gig.

  2. Get out of there Gase…Peyton comes back and falls flat again at 39 years old. You have a backup with no experience….Go to San Fran….

  3. If Manning wasn’t in on that meeting, that leads me to believe the Broncos are saying the right things but so far have been making Denver a very discouraging place for Manning to stay

  4. It will be Gase if that is the only way they can keep Manning but it will be a mistake. Time for Peyton to move on (aka out) and time to flush some of the veterans out of the Broncos system. Seattle is too good, too young. Can you imagine Manning against the HAwks. They might call the game after the 10th sack.

  5. i love how every time a candidate is black the Rooney rule is brought up, as if black coaches are only sought after to meet the interview rule, maybe just maybe the guy is a legitimate candidate.

  6. The Denver offense’s 8 points against Seattle last year and 13 points against the Colts this year were pathetic. I can understand the Seattle output given the quality of their defense, but there is no excuse for only scoring 13 points at home against a below average Colts defense. I want to believe, but it’s hard to say he’s the right man to “take Denver to the next level” as Elway stated.

  7. Gase is the story. Peyton call him the smartest football guy he knows. It’s as simple as my next question.. Can this kid lead men to battle? Reportedly he is a tactical genius. He must be. For an average high school football player wh never played any further to leap frog into the professional football coaching ranks and now considered a top head coaching candidate must mean there is something special there..

  8. It might be time for Denver to look at college coaches. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer come to mind.

  9. If Gase stays, I guess Manning will too but look for a decline in the defense if that’s the case. Also they are going to lose some weapons on offense. Peyton is still one of the smartest quarterbacks ever, he’s going to decline but still top 5-10 statistically. I am not sure how many wins that translate into though.

  10. Between this news, and Elway saying he won’t talk to Manning for another 4-5 weeks, sure does make it look like Elway wants Manning to hit the road as well.

  11. How many minority coaches have to be hired before they get rid of the Rooney Rule? It’s time to let it go away.

  12. So Teryl Austin is the token? If I’m a black assistant coach who’s getting interviewed to fulfill the Rooney Rule I’m demanding a nice check.

  13. I don’t know why everybody is hating on Gase. Harbaugh had to get his first head coaching chance at one point too. Everyone is saying what did Gase do, he was Mannings OC so he didn’t do anything. That’s not true, Gase was Tebows OC also. That may not sound too great but keep in mind as terrible as Tebow was he’s only 1 playoff win behind Peyton as a bronco. So maybe people can take off their blinders and see that maybe Peyton , the big game folly, might be more the problem than Gase. I don’t know if Gase will have success as a head coach, but I don’t know that he won’t either. But I do know you shouldn’t blame Gase for Peyton losing in the playoffs, Peyton always loses in the playoffs.

  14. I’d be ok with Gase coming to San Francisco, when you have Mariucci, Saban, Manning, and a lot of others campaigning for you as a legitimate football mind, I think it says a lot. As a Niner fan I’d prefer him to Tomsula.

    As far as Teryl Austin, He has a lot of people in his corner too, and I hope he lands a job and isn’t just a Rooney Rule satisfier.

  15. If Shanahan and Gase get shut out of the Head Coaching carousel, Gase might wind up as the Raiders’ OC. It would be interesting to see him work with Carr instead of Peyton.

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