Rex Ryan: The Bills are going to the playoffs


In his last couple of years as Jets coach, Rex Ryan toned down his press conference performances quite a bit from the entertaining shows that they were in his first few years with the team.

Ryan’s lack of job security may have had a lot to do with that, but that’s not an issue any more. Ryan has plenty of job security in Buffalo and his press conference was a throwback to his first day on the job with the Jets in 2009.

Ryan opened by tapping the microphone and asking if it was on because “it’s getting ready to be on.” Ryan stopped short of guaranteeing the Super Bowl win he never delivered to the Jets, saying only that the team would pursue the Super Bowl with everything they had in the tank. He was willing to make another promise that probably sounded good to long-suffering Bills fans.

“It’s been 15 years since the Bills made the playoffs. Well get ready, we’re going,” Ryan said.

Ryan, who denied a report that he preferred the Falcons and 49ers jobs to the one in Buffalo, kept going from there. He said that the Bills would build a “bully” and see if other teams want to face them for 60 minutes, that the Bills would lead the league in defense and took a shot at former Buffalo coach Doug Marrone by saying that the team deserved a “loyal coach.”

There was some humility, most notably Ryan’s admission that he needs to do a better job developing a quarterback, but it was mostly a vintage Ryan performance. He invited other teams to put his comments up on their bulletin boards because the Bills would be backing all of them up.

It was definitely a win in the press conference for Ryan and the Bills. One thing we’ve learned over the last six years, though, is that a win at the press conference doesn’t mean nearly as much as a win on the field.

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  1. With Rex Ryan as HC, and Mark Sanchez soon to be the Bill’s starting QB – SUPER BOWL BABY!! YEAH!!!

    Hey, how difficult will it be for a tattooist to change Rex’s ‘Sanchez #6 Jets’ jersey tattoo to a Bills jersey?

  2. That actually might mean something if he hadn’t made the same promises every year with the Jets and the end result was they were terrible.

  3. Rex is right, Bills fans. Unfortunately, his team will have to buy them on Ticketmaster to watch other teams play like the rest of us do.


  4. Belichick would be shaking in his boots if he weren’t so busy preparing for the AFC Championship game. lol

  5. I know it’s been 15 years since Buffalo made the playoffs, but every new coach should promise their team will go to the playoffs. That has to be the minimum requirement for keeping the job for more than a few years, right?

  6. Playoffs?? dude has not even coached a pre-season game for the team & already talking about playoffs. How about more realistic goals like not being a laughingstock of the league.

  7. Rex may loud-mouthed but at least he’s entertaining. Let’s see how he does away from the dumpster fire that is Woody Johnson and his incomeptence. Is it Rex or is it the Jests?

  8. Here we go again.

    Apparently he learned nothing from his previous failures and embarrassments……

  9. You would think after his Jets experience he would learn to shut his mouth. Guess that is to much to expect.

  10. I love this… I do… The AFC East needs Rex…

    I agree the Bills will get much better under Rex but the fact remains… They need a QB and until that happens they are going exactly no where.

  11. Wonder if Rex is going to do a #18 Jersey on his wife tattoo thing.
    The whole shooting off his mouth act sure sounds familiar.

  12. Gotta love the bravado. Of course it’s just talk until his team actually does something. We’ve all heard this before. Until he develops a QB AND until his defense makes key stops in the 4th quarter against the likes of Brady, Roethlisberger, etc. it’s all smoke and no fire! At least the press conferences in Buffalo will be interesting for the next few years.

  13. Rex never learns to keep his foot out of his mouth, this guy is pathological. Rex just shut up and coach the team for Pete’s sake.

  14. Rex and his famous words once again “We are going to the playoffs”. How many times did we hear that when foot fetish guy was with the Jets?
    Bills fans GOOD luck with the Rex at the helm.

  15. Look, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before he was gonna say this again lol. I’ll definitely be rooting for him and the Bills to succeed anyways though.

  16. Rex Ryan missed his calling by not going into broadcasting. No commentator on earth has as much a passion for talking than Rex.

  17. I can’t figure it out; what has he done that makes him such a “great” head coaching find? Yeah, that’s what I thought….NOTHING. I don’t understand why all these teams think that they HAVE just got to get Rex in there to turn things around…

  18. The buffoon is in full force, he is definitely entertaining. Get ready for when training camps starts, everyday will be a great practice. Even during the regular season when they get blown out, hey at least we had a great week of practice! The circus has moved to buffalo now.

  19. Already making promises (this morning’s press conference) about having the best D in the NFL. Wants the Patriots to bring back Russ Francis and John Hannah – okay, I’ll admit, happy he is still with us in the AFC East. We need the laughs. Maybe Howard Cosell will come back and call the games with Don Meredith Rex.

  20. Maybe, but not next season. The Bills lack the offensive talent and borrowed heavily against the upcoming draft to get the talent they do have.

  21. I wouldn’t be encouraged by this is if I were a Bills fan.

    I think I would have preferred something from him that showed that he understood that blowhardy theatrics don’t build teams and that acting like a knucklehead only encourages your players to do the same.

    Players aren’t inspired by loud mouth coaches. They are inspired by leaders with plans.

  22. The Pegulas are already getting what they want out of Ryan. He’s bringing attention to Buffalo. Ralph Wilson only seemed to hire coaches who’s personality was more low-key than his own. Ryan puts Buffalo in the national spotlight, which is what Western New Yorkers have been clamoring for.

  23. I’d rather have that speech than an owner coming out and saying ” We just fired a coach who took us to the Playoffs in his first Three years and then the Superbowl, and we’re going to replace him with a nobody with no head coaching experience. Screwing over a bunch of kids after we promised them a soccer field wasn’t greedy enough, so go out there and purchase PSL’s AND Overpriced tickets to our new Mediocre 49er’s Suckers!

  24. You would think that Rexy and Rob boy would’ve learned something more from their ole’ man Buddy instead of just how to be a continuous blowhard.

  25. So refreshing to have a real NFL coach in Buffalo. With moderate talent in ’09 and ’10 Rex won. Bills talent is much better. With Roman joining Rex, it should be interesting; now go and get Kaepernick…GO BILLS!

  26. Rex couldn’t beat a 90-year-old Tom Brady-led team with Brady rolling around on the field in a wheelchair. Rex to Buffalo is gonna be good. lol

  27. Sexy Rexy looks like he learned absolutely nothing while coach of the Jets. He’ll make all the same mistakes in Buffalo as he did in NY. Good luck Bills fans.

  28. Lolz Rex just doesn’t get it. Too bad the AFCE has to put up with another few years of his buffoonery.

    Feel sorry for Buffalo fans.

  29. Buffoon 2.0 Same stuff, different team. Watching the Jets this season I was stunned by the number of mental-error penalties (12 men on field, off-sides, play clock management, etc.). That’s coaching, folks. Oh, and I think Sanchez performed better without Rex, so good luck Buffalo. Couldn’t wait a day to try and get John Fox?

  30. Look, I do understand that everyone is writing it off as “Rex being Rex”.

    But I want to point out something to all the doubters.
    With as terrible as the Bills O-line and QB play was this season…

    … And as terrible as some of the playcalling was this season…

    … the Bills were STILL in Wild Card contention until week 16.

    If the Bills dig up a competent quarterback (doesn’t HAVE to be elite – just not a turnover machine), sort out their O-line (so that the QB and run game can get going) and keep building on the dang good defense from last year – the Bills very well could be making noise in the playoffs sooner than you think.

    After all – Rex took a very similarly built Jets team to the playoffs a couple times…

  31. I do agree with the best defence in the league talk. The fact on offence actually doesn’t have an nfl qb will be an issue making the playoffs

  32. I feel sorry for Bills fans. They are as good a group as there is in the league and they deserve better. Enjoy the hype. This is by far the best part of the season for Rex Ryan, the OFF season.

    Face it, you already had a great defense. Now the guy who led the 29th ranked scoring D is coming to town and Bills fans should know that its STILL gonna be good, but its NOT going to be better.

    As for changing the fortunes of the Bills vs the Pats. Bills fans should remember that over the last 4 seasons. Rex Ryan is 1-7 vs the Pats. Never in NFL history has a HC gotten more credit for losing close games in a league where close games are the norm.

    This Pats fans is thrill Rex stayed in the division. While he certainly has some abilities, his fallacies will begin to show up again after a year or two and Bills fans will start to see what Jet fans have painfully come to know. That the Bills just downgraded at HC

    On the other hand, their press conferences will be HOF quality.

  33. This guy takes too much grief. He took the Jets to back to back AFC Championship games with Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback and no offensive talent whatsoever. He’s a goofy guy and sort of a meathead, but the dude can flat out coach ball.

  34. Damn I laughed good at this but sweet. Super glad to see Rex with his swag back. Good for him. And I’m a pats fan. So glad he’s still in afc east still. And I believe him. He’s going to be a force. Hope he does good with bills. Go sexy Rex.

  35. Why doesnt Rex just shut the hell up with his stupid predictions. take a team to the playoffs first and then you may have some reason to predict another appearance there. he should just shut up and coach,good coaches are seen and not heard after all.

  36. I always thought the “bully” was the one you couldn’t stop from taking your lunch money, kind of like Rex could never stop the Patriots from taking the division title.

  37. Well, you get what you pay for…..Maybe he can coax Brett Farve up to Buffalo. Cause they just don’t have a QB thats ready for prime time.

  38. What a crackup. I kind of like Rex, but what in the world would make people think he will take the Bills to the playoffs after watching that Jets mess over the last five years?

  39. You’ve gotta love this guy. Funny thing is, I believe him this time. All he needs is a qb who understands and can execute the new-fangled forward pass thing sweeping the NFL. All the rest is in place. I’m sure glad he didn’t go to the Falcons. J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

  40. not saying Rex is a good coach or a bad coach but the NFL is more interesting with Rex in the league.

    also hope Peyton Manning comes back for the same reason

  41. He said that the Bills would build a “bully” and see if other teams want to face them for 60 minutes, that the Bills would lead the league in defense. Sorry to break the news rexxy, but the “BULLY” has been built, it’s in the nfc west called “SEAHAWKS” !! You know, that team that always goes to the playoffs… wins Superbowls, is #1 in Defense……AGAIN !!

  42. It’ll be a repeat of his time with the Jets. He has the defense, a WR1 and good RBs. But no QB. 2015-16 will be like 2009-10 with the Jets. Then the team will have salary cap issues and lose key players. Then the whole team will be bad as they still will have QB issues.

  43. As a Pats fan, always respected and hated Rex. Was looking forward to rooting for him after his departure from the Jets and he left the division. So much for that.

  44. Who’s running these bills anyway?

    You have a defense.

    You have a running game.

    You need more offense and a quarterback.

    And you hire this clown?

    4 more years of Pats division titles,,,,,,

  45. says the guy who said he was going to kick Belichicks @ss when he went to the jets, just kiss the rings already and get used to fighting for a wildcard spot

  46. kushnkickz says:
    Jan 14, 2015 12:41 PM
    Playoffs?? dude has not even coached a pre-season game for the team & already talking about playoffs. How about more realistic goals like not being a laughingstock of the league.
    Well, considering they were 9-7 last year, they weren’t a laughing stock, and presumably the next step would be to win one or two more and get to the playoffs.

    What did you want him to say “We’re going to improve from 9-7 to 10-6, but lose out on the playoff bids based on tie breakers!”?

    Get serious. He said nothing outlandish in his press conference. If this was anyone other than Rex Ryan, this wouldn’t be news.

  47. This blowhard is in a different location but the mouth and bluster are the same….hence the name Ryan. His new team has not played a down but his mouth is in mid-season form and it has gotten him into trouble many times. Why the Bills hired this guy if beyond belief? More fines and embarassment are coming for Ryan and the Bills in the future.

  48. All jokes aside, everyone, keep in mind the Bills were in the mix with two weeks to go in the season. They beat the Packers. They beat the Bears opening day when folks thought the Bears were good. They beat the Lions and played the Broncos well in Denver. The team is not that far off. And with playoff expansion coming, why shouldn’t the Bills (and that strong defense) get in the tournament next year?

  49. I don’t doubt a word he said. What player (or fan) doesn’t like that kind of talk from their own head coach? Win, lose, or draw, Rex makes Football Sundays worth the waste of time. He’s absolutely in the right place at the right time. Things are going to be exciting in Buffalo!

  50. jpaq68 says:
    Jan 14, 2015 12:51 PM
    Maybe, but not next season. The Bills lack the offensive talent and borrowed heavily against the upcoming draft to get the talent they do have.
    Factually incorrect. They are missing a QB and quality guards. Their receivers and rbs are talented.

    As for “borrowed heavily against the upcoming draft”- how so, exactly? The Watkins trade ridded them of their 1st and 4th rounder this year. They got their 4th rounder back, as a 3rd rounder, by trading Stevie Johnson. Which leaves them missing only the 19th overall pick, a slot in which they surely wouldn’t have gotten an NFL ready franchise QB. Those will be long gone by then.

    Or, just keep hating on the Bills for no reason, with no real knowledge, and make yourself sound like an idiot. Your choice.

    -Bears fan

  51. It was Super Bowl with the Jets. Now it’s playoffs with the bills.

    After Rex gets fired from the bills and gets his 3rd head coaching job it will be: “we’re definitely going to win a game or two.”

  52. All they need is a good QB with thick skin. That defense, under him– he may be right this time.

  53. It seems that being entertaining is the main reason that Ryan is still a head coach. And I didn’t even know it was a head coaching qualification. If I were a Bills fan, I would be very upset.

  54. Long time Jets fan (not asking for your sympathy) here… Will Rex ever learn? I know the answer is no, he won’t ever learn. Sad to see him repeating the same mistakes in his first few days on the job. His compulsion to be a clown and subject himself to ridicule is so powerful. He’s a good guy and defensive genius who can win big if he has the tools. Just once, I’d like to see him win before he shoots off his mouth.

  55. The NFL is a better place with Rex in it. I’m not sold on the Roman hire. As a Seahawks fan, I’ve not been overwhelmed by his work in San Fran, but if you don’t think Rex will make what was already a good defense in Buffalo better, then your trolling.

    In an NFL world filled with bland coach speak, penalties for celebrations and Bengals and Browns teams, Rex brings entertainment.

    I don’t know if Buffalo will win with Rex. But I do know that Rex playing the Pats twice a year and the Pats twice a year will be good for some entertainment, and will do something that hasn’t been done for a while. Bring some intrigue to at least 4 Buffalo games a year.

    Now about Buffalo’s qb situation…..

  56. The league and fans are actually ready for the AFC East to be competitive, instead of pre-season for the Patriots 6 times a year.

  57. Ugh, him again. He’s obsessed with beating the Patriots.Was so glad when he got fired. He’s back!
    It’s like an annoying neighbor who sells his house across the street and you rejoice but then he buys the house next door. AArrgh!

  58. ctiggs says:
    Jan 14, 2015 12:35 PM

    33 30
    Report comment

    What is it that you have “better”? No coach? A GM and owner that ran the best coach you’ve had since Walsh out of town? A qb who regressed, drastically, in year three? A Pro Bowl TE that has disappeared? An aging receiving corps? A defense that is one day away from multiple suspensions?

    Please tell those of us who are still watching our teams play…. how is it that you have it so great?

  59. It’s almost like Rex didn’t learn anything in New York…. Actually, maybe he didn’t.

  60. Just a friendly reminder, penalty accruals do not reset upon job changes. When Rex inevitably blows up and screams obscenities at some six year old Bills fan, the franchise could easily get fined a million dollars.

  61. As a Jets fan, I wasn’t keen on getting rid of Rex. I felt if he was just given the talent, he could take the team far. But as I started reading about the new GM & coaching hire last night, I realized that it would never matter how much talent was brought in, Rex was not going to take this team farther thaa few more wins.
    Rex is mote like your buddy than your boss. No, you don’t have to be a hard-ass like Coughlan once was, but I think Rex lacked discipline, was too loyal to players that he should have gotten rid of or benched, felt that sticking up for his players was more important than calling out their mistakes, put pressure on them outside the locker room by writing checks he couldn’t cash and more. It’s starting all over again in Buffalo. Chapter 1, page 1. There’s nothing wrong with psyching up your players. But there’s a time & place for that. This puts an extra added burden of a spotlight on the players. Yeah, they might still love & respect you, but it’s more because you’re their friend.
    The Bills defense has been pretty solid the past few years. I don’t expect that to change but their offense, especially the QB situation won’t change under Rex. Expect a repeat of Rex. A lot of talk, a lot of friendships but that’s about it. Good luck Buffalo. I’m just today realizing that parting ways with Rex is exactly what the Jets needed.
    Mo & Sherman played hard for Rex & they’ll play hard for Bowles, but that’s because it’s in their DNA, not because Rex pulled something extra out of them. Rex built a good, but not consistent defense. If he was so good, why couldn’t he get more out of the safety’s & corners? They had a year of real play to get better & they never did.

  62. Ok….

    Coaches need to watch Bill Belichick press conferences while attending coaching 101.

    Players need to watch Barry Sanders after he makes a touchdown while attending football 101.

    These show boats set themselves up for colossal failure. Well in Rex’s case he doesn’t have to set himself up…it just happens.

  63. this guy is AMAZINGLY stupid!

    If the Bills wanted relevance at “all costs” then they just bought it.

    Relevance for news articles will be who they will be. But, the Bills as a football team will still clearly suck. Ryan is just not real smart. that much we all know.

  64. Stop the hate already…Rex is right, when he took over for the Jets, they were in the playoffs the first couple of years. He will probably do the same in Buffalo. it will be the following five years or so that he will suck.

  65. flash1287 says:
    Jan 14, 2015 12:35 PM
    “Right, when they buy there tickets like the Fish and Jets.


    It’s “their” not “there”, moron. At least learn proper grammar if you insist on posting to the internet.

  66. I don’t know why people hate Rex so much. He is a proven defensive mastermind, and he coached 2 teams significantly less talented than the 2014 Bills to AFC title games. Is it his fault he reported to GMs and an owner that knew nothing about football and kept giving him rosters with less talent every year?

    And how do you hate his pressers? Would you rather sufficate under BB’s “we’re getting ready for Cincinnati” and John Fox’s “it is what it is” and “he’s got a knee”? Nothing wrong with a little personality in the league.


  67. I would be surprised if the Bills don’t make the playoffs.
    They will have a lot of talent next year and Rex is a good motivator and a good defensive game planner.

  68. Uh, boy, here we go again; Ol’ robo-mouth can’t help himself, building up expectations instead of concentrating on fixing problems on the roster.

    The Bills aren’t going anywhere until their QB situation is addressed, and at 9-7 with no first round pick, they’re not going to land a marquee name in the draft. So the problem that Rex had with the Jets is going to be the same problem he starts out with in Buffalo.

    Chad Henne? Mark Sanchez? Christian Ponder? Matt Schaub? E.J. Manuel? Good luck with that.

  69. When it comes to the Bills, I am always down with change. I will always want change, until we start winning. And a 9-7 record with 3-4 gifted wins by teams like Detroit and Minnesota doesn’t count.

  70. And we all know how those Rex Ryan promises go. No wonder he likes feet so much. I would too if I had mine in my mouth all the time.

  71. Love Rex. He’s entertainment at its best. Why would anyone get upset at these statements? He’s trying to create an “us against the world” mentality. Nothing wrong with that…unless you don’t back it up at all.

  72. As a Bills fan I must say that this is a nice change!!! Williams…Mularkey….Jauron….all had ZERO personality. This team in 2015 will be entertaining that is for sure!!!

  73. Don’t get too excited Bills fans; last year he was saying how the Jets were going to play a brand of football everybody could be proud of and that opposing teams would not want to see the Jets on the schedule. He was incredibly wrong on both counts.

  74. Not wasting any time eh? Well playoffs isn’t as bad as Superbowl Champs. Rex is going to be plagued by his offensive woes again and will be fired in a couple years. I am saying he won’t have some success because he will have a fantastic D but just like his Dad before him, great defensive coach. Cannot coach an offense, and cannot even manage to have an average offense (all he would need to succeed with the defense he will have). The only time Rex would succeed on offense if he had a head coach caliber coach running the show on offense, and of course no one like that would want to work under Rex.

  75. If anything, the number of Patriots fans in here posting about Rex is an indication of the new normal. Pats fans didn’t used to come to Bills articles and start huffing and puffing. Shows you they’re worried, just like Belichick was when he had to hurl the trick-play kitchen-sink at the Ravens last week.

  76. There’s nothing wrong with confidence and being optimistic. But if there is one person who shouldn’t be saying things, specifically, how one’s team is supposed to make it to the playoffs, it’s Rex.

    He should know good and well how his same proclamations have panned out with the Jets. I don’t follow the Bills but I have reason to think they are a totally different team than the Jets. But even if they are a better team, on paper and on the field, Rex would be best served keeping things of this nature to himself. It’s just tiring.

  77. Did you guys all forget that the Bills won 9 games last season? It’s not like they won 3 games and need a massive improvement to make the playoffs. They were one win away.

  78. Hey, it may be the same line of crap we’ve been handed for the 21st Century. But hey it’s our line of crap…and at least it’s packaged better this time.

  79. Every time a new coach says “We’re going for the playoffs!” or some such, people whine and moan.

    If they said “We’re aiming to go .500” or some such, you’d be blasting them for aiming too low.

    What do you expect them to say? “We’ll go 9-7 and lose the wildcard?” “We’ll try not to suck?”

  80. westcoastbillsfan says:
    Jan 14, 2015 12:49 PM
    Refreshing to have a real NFL coach. With Roman joining Rex it should be interesting. When Rex had talent in ’09 and ’10 he won…now go get Kaepernick…GO BILLS!
    Slow down Skippy…refresh my memory what exactly did he win in ’09 and ’10?? Oh…yeah…nothing…and go get Kaepernick?? All sorts of silliness you’re over there typing. Just brace yourself for the arrival of Buttfumble.

  81. Rex Ryan: The Bills are going to the playoffs
    Which game? Say what you will about Rex but he is a stand-up guy. How many coaches would purchase that many tickets for players he hasn’t even met yet?

  82. “”I’ll be honest: I think it’s still the Patriots that I want the most,” Rex Ryan.

    In any other field other than the NFL this guy would be considered a stalker.

  83. I like Rex but he puts too much pressure on his team and himself with all the bravado. When you talk like this you have to deliver. That said, Rex has been good with teams that other coaches/GMs have left him but if he fails year one in Buffalo it could get ugly.

  84. what a pile of lard…

    this guy says it every year and figures the odds are with him that one time he will be right.

  85. geez people….what did you expect him to say…….”I took the job because I need the money and we really don’t have a chance to make the playoffs but then again this is buffalo so who really expects it anyway”

    Personally I think it is a great hire for Buffalo and he even said it was exciting to him that EVERYBODY was on the same page on how to get to the next level. That was a direct shot at the Jets and the total dysfunction that was there.

    I for one hope the Rex does get the Bills into the playoffs……it would be good for Buffalo and the NFL as a whole

  86. As a Jet fan watching this presser brought back many memories of the same thing he told us back in the day.

    (Not exact quotes I am not reading the transcript)
    “It’s obvious I gotta change my coaching ways.”
    “We need to limit turnovers”
    “I gotta be more in tune with the offense”
    “We are gonna be a force to be reckoned with”
    “We are gonna run the ball but pass it as well”
    “We are gonna build a bully”

    It’s Rex, he will be inserting his foot into his mouth at the end of the season. The media is gonna drool over how this defense in my mind will be top 3 no doubt but I don’t think it will produce anything because of the QB situation, limited draft picks and salary cap. I feel like Rex goes against the media to make his offensive coordinator hires too to just to prove something and that’s proven with keeping Schottenheimer and hiring Roman in his first season with the Bills and saying “I haven’t seen someone get so much criticism for going to 3 afc championship games.” come on, Rex.. Harbaugh brought him from Stanford so Harbaugh wouldn’t be in a power struggle with one of his coaches. The 49ers were terrible this season with Anquan Boldin, Stevie Johnson, Frank Gore, and Colin Kaepernick and Roman was given full duties this season. Plus he was just paired up with another lawyer type GM who will let him have say over the draft and Rex will think the offense is completely fine and draft defense until he is unfortunately fired or the pressure finally gets to him.

    Love the man, respect the man, and hope he gets inducted into the Jets ring of honor one day and as a fan and will always remember his first two years, I was never more excited about watching my Jets play football games since the Parcells days but Rex was sadly exposed once LT, Faneca, Woody, Washington, Jones, Keller, Cotchery, and Edwards left 🙁

  87. Never change Rex! That said I honestly hope the Bills get to the playoffs I’m tired of seeing the AFC North get in plus it’s fun to hate his teams.

  88. This is what I love about Rex. He doesn’t mind the pressure or expectations because nobody expects more out of him than himself. He’s got the ultimate winner’s attitude.

    How can you NOT love that?

    Go Bills!

  89. ” Rex Ryan: I will buy Patriots tickets for everyone in the Buffalo Bills franchise. “

  90. Has this blowhard EVER delivered on any of his bragging pronouncements? He’s a looney as his old man, who, upon his appointment as the coach of the Arizona Cardinals proclaimed, “You’ve got a WINNER in town now!” Oh yeah? How’d that work out for you, you richardhead? Geesh the Ryans are a lame group of braggers….

  91. no clue why everybody is ragging on him. whats he suppose to say “5-11, here we come”?

  92. i believe the Rex’ entire quote should have “the Bills are going to the playoffs…. if they purchase tickets.

  93. Coming from a Ravens fan, Bills were the perfect fit. I’m glad the Ravens play the Dolphins and Bengals play the Bills. That defense was already looking scary good with their star player out for the season. Rex is a team player. Let the classless Patsie fans troll. I don’t believe for a minute they won’t be sweating when they have to play the Bills twice. They would be stupid not to.

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