Broncos ask to interview Ravens coordinator Gary Kubiak


One of the expected turns of the latest coaching search has happened, now we have have to see the many impacts it could have.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Broncos have requested permission to interview Baltimore offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak for their vacant head coaching job.

Kubiak said he planned on staying with the Ravens, but that was before the Broncos job came open.

He has obvious ties to the Broncos and John Elway, but he was also the coach of the Texans when they turned their nose up at Peyton Manning.

His candidacy was expected, but could have a huge bearing on the future of both the Broncos and Manning, and to a lesser degree the place he already works.

18 responses to “Broncos ask to interview Ravens coordinator Gary Kubiak

  1. Just another hypocritical opportunist disguised as a coach. I guess there’s really no one in the NFL that actually does what they say they are going to do.

  2. Coach Kubiak will.stay in Baltimore unless Denver offers him a billion to be their head coach. Why would he want to leave a Superbowl contender to go to a team that will struggle with an aging Manning.?

  3. “Just another hypocritical opportunist disguised as a coach. I guess there’s really no one in the NFL that actually does what they say they are going to do.”- you do realize this has nothing to do with kubiak and is just a request from Denver right? That means absolutely nothing- doesn’t mean he will even entertain the offer. Even if he did- it’s just an interview and doesn’t mean the broncos will go with him or that kubiak would agree to the terms. However I take kubiak at his word and expect him to respectfully decline the interview within the next few days.

  4. Baltimore barely making the playoffs had nothing to do with their offense, it was their piss poor secondary. If you actually followed anything you would know that their offense set franchise records and obviously almost took out the number one seed in New England if not once again for the piss poor secondary. Highly doubt he wants to leave a young team on the brink of greatness for a team that’s on it’s last leg and will be completely under construction.

  5. Kubiak and Elway are good friends if you don’t think at some point of time Elway picked up a phone and called him you’re crazy. He wouldn’t request an interview if Kubiak told him no on that call. The writing is on the wall.

  6. Your right , kubiak and elway are good friends. Which tells you that kubiak would have known that the broncos opportunity was going to be there before he released his statement saying he was not leaving baltimore. So yes the writing is on the wall. When he said he wasn’t going to take any offers, that is what he meant.

  7. We needed help from Kansas City, so obviously yes we barely made it. We limped into the playoffs with about 20 players on I.R and still managed to knock off Pittsburgh and almost the number one seed in New England. That should tell you somethin.

  8. It wasn’t a guarantee Fox was gonna lose his job yet. If they would have kept winning than Fox would still be there and Kubiak would have just said he was interested in a job when the only one he wanted was not open.

  9. don’t know too many people that will pass up a promotion. that’s not a lack of class. that’s common sense, people. if he takes the HC job its b/c it’s the right HC job in his eyes. i’m not holding my breath. but maybe Elway had this whole thing figured out from the start. then again, maybe not. time will tell.

  10. Kubiak would have known it was a possibility if the broncos lost and would have Atleast waited to release that statement until after the divisional round. Who knows though, maybe elway will throw enough money his way to change his mind. But I think this is more of a health / stress factor thing and he is comfortable where he is.

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