Cardale Jones decides to stay in school


Young Eddie Murphy with an ice cream cone would be proud.

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones pulled the ultimate “psych” on football fans and the media on Thursday by calling a press conference at his high school to announce . . . that he won’t be entering the 2015 NFL draft.

He promised it would be a “life-changing decision,” but in the end there will be no changes.

“My decision was very simple,” Jones said.  “I’m gonna return next year for school.”

If it was simple, why a press conference?  Why the hubbub?  Why the pomp and/or circumstance?

“I don’t know why you guys made this such a big deal,” Jones said.

It was Jones that made it a big deal.  It was Jones that made it an unnecessary distraction and attention grab.  And it will be Jones who’ll have to live this one down.

So why call it a “life-changing decision”?

“Because the way I’m gonna get viewed now and the way I’m gonna go about my business is completely different,” Jones said.

Yes.  He’s now going to be viewed as a guy who indulged in a goofy publicity stunt when all he had to do to stay in school was to do nothing.

103 responses to “Cardale Jones decides to stay in school

  1. I might agree with it being life changing, but not in a good way.

    I don’t see how sitting on a bench as a 3rd String QB is going to be a good thing for a guy who isn’t there to “play school”

  2. These press conferences to decide whether a player is staying in school, transferring teams, etc are like gender reveal parties; a complete waste of time that nobody but the individual gives a crap about.

  3. Leave him alone…..he made a very difficult but correct decision…get your degree first and then become a multi-millionaire!!

  4. So he wants to be a financial planner after his college career is over. Is he going to be one of those corrupt ones that make NFL players go broke based off of the sleaziness that he pulled off today?

  5. Wow. Bitter much? Dude made the right decision for his future. Skewer him if he declares after next season with no degree.

  6. From a guy who wants to be a financial planner, this was a terrible fiscal decision. Easily more money in the NFL than your degree. Should probably switch his major.

  7. Sounds like a guy who might have LeBron on speed dial.

    #23 has his fingerprints all over this or if not the King it must be his lawyers/enablers

  8. I think it’s hilarious, and I think it’s even more hilarious that some members of the media (ahem) think he wasted their time.

    Great job, Cardale!

  9. I dont like it. I’m sure he’ll have damn near enough credits to graduate by May. There was an opportunity to get a great job and put a plan in place to get your degree, best of both worlds. I’m not sure he will beat out JT Barrett in the spring. If he doesn’t beat Barrett the scouts will ask the question, “why couldnt you win the job at OSU?”…If he does win then he has created unprecedented expectations for himself to live up to, which is not a horrible thing but he has nowhere to go but down after showing such impeccable poise vs three excellent opponents. A few bad games against the likes of a Purdue or Northwestern will change how we look at him.

  10. You know what? LeBron James was considered to be a total weasel for making an announcement for taking his talents to South Beach. Jones is considered a total weasel for staying at home.


    The only change is that you’re going from 1st to 3rd string!!!

    Enjoy bench warming you sell out!!!

  11. I thought he explained himself well and came out looking pretty mature. I guess you could carp that it was unnecessary, but jeez it was a lousy 4:00 PM press conference on a weekday. Most people had no idea anything even happened.

  12. And it was the “media” that got duped into providing coverage.
    Haha!!–Nelson Muntz

  13. A direct, thoughtful, eloquent press conference by Cardale Jones.


    GO BUCKS ! ! !

  14. The media bit hook, line, and sinker… The audacity to complain about is priceless! Nobody owes the media anything. Nobody.

  15. Sounds to me like this kid punked the dweebs in the media pretty good. Good for him. Maybe they will stop following his every move.

  16. More accurate to say he decided to stay at the place where he currently plays football.

  17. My 1st impression was “Dude why are you doing a press conference”. But he just sat up, in front of millions of people watching(including children) and said that education is important. More important than simply money & fame. It is easy to see the negativity in this, but if he did this just so that he can set a positive example, I applaud him. He did after all go back to his high school where the teens there also look up to him.

  18. I don’t see why you guys made a big deal out of this press conference that I scheduled and told all the networks to broadcast.

  19. He had doubts about his ability. That showed he wasn’t mentally ready yet. He made the most mature decision for him. Let’s see how this pans out but I think he should be the starter for Ohio State.

  20. descendency says:Jan 15, 2015 4:30 PM

    I might agree with it being life changing, but not in a good way.

    I don’t see how sitting on a bench as a 3rd String QB is going to be a good thing for a guy who isn’t there to “play school”

    Really…you think he will be third string..I want what your smoking. Jones will be the starter no doubt, Miller is going to transfer, and Barrett will be second string next season. Smart decision for Jones, 3 starts in college and to think you are ready for the NFL is ridiculous. Love how he played the media, as it is a life changing decision for him. This is dirty, what if Harbaugh gets Braxton Miller to transfer to Michigan…there is a story for next year.

  21. “He’s now going to be viewed as a guy who indulged in a goofy publicity stunt when all he had to do to stay in school was to do nothing.”

    Only to those who truly know what the NCAA truly is.

    No one gets accepted for academic and athletic merit. It’s only for athletic merit.

    When you go to college as a regular student you graduate with a degree.

    When you go to college as a student athlete graduate with a paper with fake seal glued onto it.

  22. He just made the media look like the panting, pandering fools they are. Good for that to be done from time to time.

  23. What an idiot!

    Man, he could have made millions off of some stupid GM’s gamble. Not only that, he could have signed with about any commercial outfit and made a killing.

    He could always have gone back to school. He will never get an opportunity to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame again.

  24. once he realized that Ohio State pays him more than the average NFL bench warmer makes, it was a no-brainer

  25. If nothing else, he continues to raise his profile, which makes it harder for the coaches to keep him on the bench next year. Playing time is the only way he can try to boost his draft stock, and magnifying his profile keeps his name in the conversation. Riskier than just declaring now, but not a stupid decision by any stretch.

  26. The media always wax eloquent about how “student-athletes” should stay in school. Then when they do, the media is unhappy.


  27. I don’t really care one way or the other, but I do find it pretty funny how openly agitated the media gets when an athlete doesn’t cooperate with exactly how they want things done.

  28. Four million dollars in April 2015 would sure change my life. Not getting it until April 2016, playing for free with the worry of getting injured and regretting my decision… would change my life. I can see this kid’s point.

  29. The guy says he isn’t ready for the NFL… please explain to me his mistake. People are mad because he didn’t do what they wanted.

  30. The kid gets more exposure and it’s positive. Besides entering the draft, how else could he have heightened his profile in a positive way. Smart for a THIRD STRING QB WITH 3 STARTS. A lot better than Winston’s occasional appearance in the media.

  31. Anyone who believes that Jones staying at school “to get an education” is a good thing is likely gullible enough to believe that Penny Marshall shops at Kmart and Mike Golic enjoyed tasty meals from Nutrisystem.

    I can’t believe that my home country is this stupid. Ugh.

  32. unlike all these cynical dbags – i think its great. funny stuff.

    it is the press that acts as if they are owed some amazing story or headline.

    kudos to this kid (one who said he wasnt at OSU to “play school” at one point) for going back, i hope he can beat out the other guys ill look forward to seein where hes drafted next year. and he definitely will be.

  33. subzero05 says:

    “It is easy to see the negativity in this, but if he did this just so that he can set a positive example, I applaud him. He did after all go back to his high school where the teens there also look up to him.”


    Spot-on analysis. Contrary to what many think of his decision, I see him winning the QB competition this spring.

  34. There’s no guarantee that Braxton Miller will ever be able to throw a football again, or will be a member of the Bucks next year. JT Barrett tore his ACL his senior year of high school, redshirted his Freshman year, and broke his ankle last year. Please stop saying CJ will be third string next year… With proper tutelage he can be the #1 pick in the draft someday. Would have been a fourth rounder at best…

  35. He was asked the question if he’d enter the draft…he didn’t bring it up himself…so it became a topic because of the media, all Jones did was give them what they wanted…so they made themselves look like fools. Having said that…I think Cardale should have entered the draft, a new baby, logjam at QB of OSU, you’re already the 3rd QB going to be taken in the draft pretty much. If you want to finish school…I applaud that, take some NFL money from your first contract and put it aside to go back and finish– plenty of guys do that. If you have no aspirations to play in the NFL, then you made the right decision. If you want to be a pro at all, ever…you go. To stay and take hits, and play for free one more game if being a pro is the goal, you messed this one up.

  36. Here’s the deal. Urban needs him to stay in school. As it has been reported, he is losing one quarterback to a transfer. JT Barrett is his QB for the future, but Urban needs a reliable backup. I like the decision from an educational stand point, but Cardale’s draft stock will drop significantly next year if he isn’t the QB and takes them to another Championship. Urban probably sold him on something that he knows will not happen, cuz if Barrett is healthy he is Urban’s guy.

  37. He needs to stay for 2 more years, not one. He has only played 3 games. From that he is suppose to know how to make NFL throws and read defenses and coverages? Nope, 2 more years.

  38. Very smart of him. I doubt he would’ve been drafted very high and the team that would’ve taken him likely would regard him as a major project.
    He’s no Jamarcus Russell.

  39. Im really glad to see this kid make the right move.
    I cant imagine he wont start next year after winning 3 important games, including the big one. I have to think there had to be some assurance from Urban Meyer. This kid is gonna be GOOD!

  40. Well at least the bar is set for college players now. Three good games demands a clarifying press conference apparently. Press really does need to chill.

  41. Why call a press conference? Ego out of control that’s why.

    Scouts will take notice of this nonsense.

  42. Fool …TAKE THE MONEY! You will never get the opportunity you just had. Sorry, but as a father and someone who understands how society works this kid could have taken a chunk of change…and IF he saved it could have been set for a LONG LONG LONG time.
    His stock will NEVER get higher than it is right now.
    ….add to it he has a kid.

  43. I think Tedd Ginn Sr. is the one who was pushing for a press conference. It was held at Ginn Academy (Ted Ginn’s brainchild school and where Ginn is Principal) and not the school Jones actually graduated from. Free pub for Ginn Academy for a story that aligns with Ginn Academy’s goal to get at risk boys into college and out of college with a degree.

  44. I think I’m going to call a press conference to announce I will be in to work at my regularly scheduled time tomorrow.

  45. How things have changed. I never thought I’d see the day when a kid who’s started 3 games for his college football team would have to call a press conference to announce he was staying in school.

    I give the kid credit because I’m sure a lot of people were telling him to enter the NFL draft hoping that someone would draft him in the first 3 rounds.
    He made the right decision, to me. Let him stay in school and, have fun playing collegiate football while he gets a good education. He can enter the draft when he feels he’s ready.

  46. After all the exposure, be it limited, I wonder if he qualifies for the
    NCAA’s Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance program.

  47. Yes, everyone should follow Matt Millen’s example and take a job (NFL GM) that he and most folks knew he wasn’t qualified for. Kudos to this young man for recognizing that he wasn’t ready.

    Some people may have thought he was being selfish (MAYBE he was) but Pete Carroll told Mark Sanchez he wasn’t ready. Sanchez may very well be a bum but staying in school couldn’t have hurt his development.

    Tommy Maddox is another QB that probably should have at least finished his junior before trying the NFL.

  48. He has come a long way since the “I didn’t come here to play school” statement ….

    Cardale, Meyer and his parents have done a great job getting priorities straight.

  49. I really would love to see this kid get his degree and skip the NFL altogether. Just because he can play football, doesn’t mean that he has to play football.

  50. Not everyone is disciplined enough to go back to school after getting more money than they’ve ever had in their lives; even if its only a few hundred thousand. Cardale Jones might know himsef well enough to know that if he doesn’t get a degree now, he never will. Before I messed up my knee, I KNEW that if I didn’t get up early and run before work, it WASN’T gonna happen.

  51. While I respect his decision, I don’t agree with it.

    Education is important, but you can always go back and finish your degree later, especially if you have millions in your bank account and don’t need to work or take out student loans.

    The chance to get paid millions for having physical skills is a very small window and that window can close in an instant due to one bad tackle or a poorly planted foot.

    Only a small percentage of HS players make the cut and get into a good college program. Only a small percentage of college players make the cut and get drafted into the NFL. Don’t risk losing that winning lottery ticket, not for something that can be completed at your leisure once your NFL career has run its course.

  52. stupid, stupid move. he’s not even good enough to start in college, but he has the chance to be drafted this year and doesn’t. make the money when you can. he probably wont even get drafted next year. maybe 7th round.

  53. Enjoy it while it lasts kid. Next time you’ll hear of him is the start of next season. Unfortunately it’ll also be the last.

  54. granadafan says: Jan 15, 2015 6:19 PM

    The battle for starting QB should be fun to watch.


    Not really. OSUs #1 qb was what, lost 1 game or whatever before getting hurt….

  55. Smart decision. And I am not going to scroll way back up to the person who called this a stunt, but for an industry that sits in a tight circle passing around the vaseline and smiling at how clever and rich they all are? This kid did it right. Here’s a role model. Happy with a world that’s all about the flash and the cash…or do you believe that substance/structure/foundation comes first? I will be sharing this in school and seeing what happens when elementary school students debate it.

  56. The system is so jacked. This kid can’t get a free ice cream cone for winning the championship and making OSU tens of millions of dollars. If he stays, he may not play, he may get injured. Yet he gets nothing. What if he could stay in school yet get endorsements right now ?! I’m sure he could get a car dealer to give him a car or a free apartment or anything – nope gets nothing and no guarantees in the future. I respect his decision but it’s the wrong one. He can always finish his degree later.

  57. Well look at all these angry accusations of ‘attention grab’ at a guy who went from not wanting to ‘play school’ to valuing his education almost as fast as he went from 3rd string QB to beating teams ranked 11, 1 and 2 in his first 3 starts. Can someone explain how it’s a selfish stunt for Cardale to tell the students in his old high school that education is important and then back it up by not entering the NFL draft to cash in now!?

    Kids these days!

    I mean, it’s not like Peyton Manning would ever hold ‘a goofy publicity stunt when all he had to do was stay in school and do nothing’ at Tennessee only to announce that he was returning for another year of college ball… oh wait, he did? And there’s footage of that because the media was there? And ANYONE can just search for it and find it using Google? Well that’s embarrassing…

    At least Peyton grew up and didn’t hold some big selfish weepy press conference when he was leaving the Colts…

    Wait, what?!

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