Cardale Jones to make NFL draft announcement at 4 p.m.


Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones appears headed toward the NFL draft after just three college starts.

Jones has confirmed on Twitter that he will make a “life changing decision at 4 p.m.” (Jones initially tweeted that he would make the decision at 3 p.m., then changed it to 4 p.m. Apparently he wants another hour to think about what he’ll say.)

Although Jones hasn’t said what he will be announcing, players rarely schedule press conferences to announce that they’re staying in school. And on the rare occasions when players do make such announcements, the press conference usually takes place in conjunction with the school’s athletics department. But according to multiple reports, Jones’s announcement will be at the Ginn Academy, where Jones attended high school.

So it now appears nearly certain that Jones will turn pro, after one of the most unusual college careers in the history of the sport: Jones only started three games, and in those three games he led his team to victory in the Big Ten Championship Game and then to the national championship with two wins in the first-ever college football playoff.

Is Jones ready to start in the NFL? Not yet. But he has all the tools that NFL teams look for in a quarterback, and less experienced quarterbacks than Jones have been drafted before, including Matt Cassel and Jay Schroeder. Jones is making a decision few expected as recently as a few days ago, but he’s probably making the right decision.

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  1. I expect him to announce that he will actually attend a class, and complete and submit one assignment. That would be “life-changing.”

  2. Hard to blame him. He either comes back and sits on the bench or transfers and sits out a year. Cash in when you can, though I wonder what round somebody takes him in.

  3. I think this is a great decision. No one knows how he will do in the pros at this point, but why not strike while the iron is hot while at the same time, get paid to develop yourself. At the very least, it’s another good storyline for the draft. And we love us a good draft. GO HAWKS!!

  4. Anyone that is serious on Cardele cant take him earlier than the 3rd. Not enough progress seen within 3 games to pull an early trigger. He could be the next roethlisberger but very easily the next Jamarcus

  5. This is Vince Young without the experience. He’s got the same shot put delivery and mindstate. Good luck, Cardizzle.

  6. Can’t argue with his thinking. He’s shown up big time on the biggest stages and will possibly be riding the pines somewhere next season. It might as well be somewhere where he’s drawing a real paycheck.

  7. I would love him in the buckeye uniform still, but to come back and not forsure start after all he has done for us would only damage his stock. Get him while he is hot.

  8. Dude looked like Steve Mc Nair the other night.
    3 games is a small sample size but he flat out balled in all 3.
    Not a huge gamble to pick him up in the 5th or 6th round

  9. Seems like a bad idea. He looked like a good college QB in those 3 starts, but it’s not like he single-handedly won those games.
    The Buckeye running game, including him, was the real story. He won’t be running over anyone in the NFL.

    I’m assuming as a passer, he was 3rd string at Ohio State for a reason.

  10. With very little practice or experience he was able to outperform all other ncaa qb’s on the biggest of stages with his rocket arm, athleticism and decision making. Hey Lovie Smith, pay attention. I’d take him in tampa in a second. I don’t think he’ll cry after losses either.

  11. Wow…does anyone in the world think this kid will be a competent NFL QB even after tutoring?

    He is only worth taking a flyer on in the 6th or 7th round. Then he will be completely overwhelmed at this level and likely wash out because he will not get the reps needed to improve and grow. Why come out for that?

    Stay in “school” for one more year and he will be a sure fire 1st rounder with a far better shot. This is a horrible decision IMO. Teams ain’t gonna take this bait high in the draft.

  12. It could work. A team would draft him knowing they’d have to sit him for at least a year, maybe two or three. (Worked pretty well for Rodgers and the late Steve McNair.)

    Only once chance to grab the money, so he should probably strike while the iron’s hot. Can’t blame a guy for wanting to get paid.

  13. Isn’t he best off transferring to another school where he can compete for a starting job? NFL execs won’t use a high pick on an inexperienced guy just ’cause he played well in 3 games. On the other hand, a rookie contract for, say, a 4th round pick can buy some stuff if he saves the money.

  14. Dumb move. He would be better off transferring to another school like Russell Wilson did. Odds are the other QBs at OSU would beat him out for the starting job, again. He has shown a bit of talent and he has great size and athleticism but he was 3rd string for a reason. Actually he was 2nd string and lost that early this year. I guess if he wants minimum NFL money he can get that but he really isn’t ready and everybody outside of his circle of “yes men” friends knows it.

  15. This seems very familiar to me. Tell us your plans JaMarcus, errr, I mean Cardale.

  16. This seems to be one of the weaker draft classes in recent memory – maybe 1 QB is pro ready day 1. Many teams will be willing to draft a QB in the later rounds and let him develop. Cardale is making the right choice in this environment.

  17. Feel bad for this kid. The media has made him such a big deal and everyone on TV is advising him to go and the reality is he isn’t ready and may never get the chance to do anything. He is very physically gifted and had one of the best hot streaks ever, but Jeff George had a great arm and look how he turned out. If you can’t read defenses, you can’t anticipate and hit your third or fourth receiver you are doomed. You try to run for a living in the pros you are doomed. Don’t blame him for striking while the iron is hot but this will be a disaster

  18. I hope he stays in school. There is not enough sample size for him to be drafted higher than the 3rd or 4th rounds. He has talent and he needs to build on that talent. This from a buckeyes fan.

  19. You had a great three game stretch…. but it was only three games to go on. Don’t do it. You’ll be a 4th rounder at best.

  20. I would declare. 5th round grade, but no guarantee he’ll get to come back next season and improve upon that grade. Some egomaniac coach will say “I can make him a STAR!” He’ll get drafted.

  21. Bronos, Bills, Jets, Chiefs and MANY others could use a young infusion of Talent at QB.

    Can you Imagine what Andy Reid would be able to do with him?

    I still think its a mistake, he needs more snaps, but his stock can’t really go any higher.

  22. The truth is his draft stock will probably never be higher than it is right now. If he goes back to OSU he will head right back to the bench for the next 2 years.

  23. No, he’s not making the right decision. Stay in school and get more experience on AND off the field.

  24. It’s the only logical move. Strike while the iron is hot. Now he has a couple of months to prepare, tear it up at his workouts, and get drafted somewhere in the 2nd round. Book it. He will go mid-to-late 2nd round.

  25. The kid would be stupid to not take advantage of the media hyping him into a millionaire. By the time the team who drafts him realizes he is a bust, he will have milked a few million bucks out of them. That doesn’t even take into account the advertising cash. This kid is going to make millions and not have to lift a finger to do it. Tebow got paid for having little to no talent. So have a bunch of other guys. Why not Cardale?

  26. At this point in his career, a degree from Ohio State is more valuable that taking a gamble with the pro game. Stay in school, son. Get your degree so you have something to fall back on in case the NFL gig doesn’t pan out…

  27. brenenostler says:
    Jan 15, 2015 12:39 PM
    2nd round to the Eagles

    1 2
    Would result in Chip Kelly being stripped of his newly acquired personnel responsibilities

  28. Meyer is the same guy who had Tim Tebow sharing reps with established senior, Chris Leak, had Cam Newton behind Tebow and had Jones as #3. He will not commit to Jones and if he did I wouldn’t believe him.

    I don’t blame Meyer for being self-serving, but, I would go and I think Jones will.

  29. Some teams are so driven my media hype & shiny new toys!
    Teddy B was a lock to be the top QB taken in 2014 draft until a weak pro day! Then he tumbled to the tail end of the 1st… Yet, we watched him carve it up @ Louisville. I didn’t think my Vikings had a chance, so glad he had a poor workout!
    This kid, Cardale is obviously Raw, yet he has already proven he has (2) of the most important traits needed to be highly successful in the NFL….. 1- he has ice in his veins, he has shown to be larger than the moment & didn’t get rattled after a poor throw or bad play! It is almost odd how poised he was in the national Championship game…. 2- the kid can flat out throw! He has a cannon for an arm, I was very impressed. His size is a huge plus. If he can learn to read defenses and sharpen his mechanics, he will be a stud!!! Some team will over reach for him in the 3-4, shockingly maybe even a 2nd, but I think long term , it will be well worth it

  30. The best fit for him would be a team that has an established veteran (probably on the downswing of their career) and an offensively minded coach. Teams like New Orleans, Green Bay (more that they have poor backups, and a philosophy of wanting to draft a QB every year or 2), Dallas, Giants, Arizona, San Diego are probably the best fits, especially Arizona. Take him somewhere between rounds 4-6 and just work to develop him. You can’t coach the physical skills he has, but you can sharpen the mental ones.

  31. Meyer is the same guy who had Tim Tebow sharing reps with established senior, Chris Leak, had Cam Newton behind Tebow and had Jones as #3. He will not commit to Jones and if he did I wouldn’t believe him.

    I don’t blame Meyer for being self-serving, but, I would go and I think Jones will.

  32. Teams are beyond desperate for a franchise QB. Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and EJ Manuel were all drafted in the top half of the first round. That’s how rare they are. I don’t think Jones goes nearly that high, but if he has a solid combine and interviews well, I could see some team grabbing him much earlier than expected. Probably no earlier than the 3rd round, but stranger things have happened.

  33. Bengals draft him in the 4th and light a fire under Dalton’s back side? Nah..never happen. They don’t want to stress out their QB. They want him to be as relaxed as possible.

  34. Ideally another college year would be good for various reasons but look at all of the QB’s taken in the first 3 rounds every year that are complete busts. He has the physical tools, so maybe sitting on an NFL bench actuallylearning how to be QB would be more beneficial.

  35. He may as well declare for the NFL since he’s one of 3 QB’s at OSU who are going to compete for the starting job, if they haven’t already decided to go with Braxton Miller. This years draft is down in regards to QB’s and it’s a PERFECT time for Cardale Jones to make his play. Some team will take him in the first round, no question.

  36. he was the one tweeting in the off season asking why they had to go to classes when he went to ohio state to play football. now that he has draft stock his dream can come true lol

  37. Good move. He can get paid to sit on the bench and learn how to play with no pressure to start right away.

    He’s going to be a College Championship winning QB with exactly 3 games of wear and tear on his body. Even if he’s just a career backup, he will be given a long leash as a backup.

    I think his top end is being Big Ben-like. Big kid that can move, take a hit, and can pass pretty well too. But he’s got a long ways to go to get there.

  38. Good for him. Cash in on yourself while your value is high. Believe me your coaching staff, professors, etc would leave if offered more money.

  39. An immature running QB who’s going to parlay his 15 minutes on the national stage into an NFL draft pick.. Should work out well. Usually works out well.

  40. He plays in a run first very simple offense. He has no clue how to play QB. I compare him to Terrell Pryor but Pryor is a better athlete. Neither player can throw.

    I expect him to go undrafted

  41. Like all QB’s he will have to land in the right spot in order to make it. He is going to need a place with a guy who can coach up QB’s well and a team willing to be patient with him.
    Anyhow, he has to strike now because what if he doesn’t beat out Barrett the next couple of years?

  42. I don’t see him going before the 5th or probably even 6th round fellas, not sure about this and, 3rd, and 4th round talk.

    Kid has tons of warning signs, is a candidate to be over weight once he’s paid, and has very little tape for his college career.

    He’s making the right decision striking while the iron is hot, but he’s nothing more than a project guy.

  43. The guy has a rifle for an arm… it makes sense to me that he would enter the draft… He’ll make good money and won’t be expected to start from day 1… I could see a team with an established QB take him, so he could sit and learn for a few years…

  44. To all the people saying he’s not an NFL talent and shouldn’t do this… That’s actually another reason why he should be doing this. He will be drafted. If he flops and people realize he can’t cut it later on, at least he got paid while they figured it out.

  45. I can only hope for his sake he is not taken by the Cleveland Browns. While it is always cool to see the hometown guy come in and realize a dream, this team is still way too much of a dumpster fire to be able to provide the kind of environment he needs to grow and mature. I hate to say it, but he needs to end up in Pittsburgh or a stable place like that. I would love for him to one day end up on the Browns, but if he does end up here via the draft it will only end badly for all involved.

  46. He’s obviously a project and his body type is concerning but he really has nothing to gain by going back to OSU. He can sit on the bench at OSU for free or sit on the bench in the NFL and get paid.

    Transferring is not an option. He’d have to sit out a year and he is already 22.

  47. Pushing the previously publicized announcement time back an hour is a red flag right out of the gate. If the kid and/or his agent can’t even stick to a schedule on something like this, how is he supposed to be entrusted with a bajillion dollars and the leadership of an NFL team?

  48. auburnssg82 says:
    Jan 15, 2015 12:54 PM

    Feel bad for this kid. The media has made him such a big deal and everyone on TV is advising him to go and the reality is he isn’t ready and may never get the chance to do anything. He is very physically gifted and had one of the best hot streaks ever, but Jeff George had a great arm and look how he turned out.

    Yeah, Jeff George only played in the league for 15 years, and only made a little over $30 million. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to end up like that loser.

  49. There is no doubt the kid has NFL talent. Shot puts the ball like Vince Young? Really? There is little doubt he is not ready for the NFL.

    He can either sit the bench at OSU, and probably not get drafted, or he can sit the bench in the NFL, and get paid. By making this decision, it shows me he isn’t a moron. No one is going to pick him with any expectations of starting next season. I am guessing he is number 3 on the Pats roster next season.

  50. He made the only logical decision. Now the choice to take him lies on NFL teams. We know very little about this kid.

  51. Kid has a big arm and a quick release that you don’t see enough of these days coming out of college. Not sure he’s ready for NFL defenses yet though.

  52. As a Bucks fan, I can’t really blame him. OSU’s qb competition is going to be so crowded and uncertain next year his stock might never get higher. He’s got all the physical tools to succeed at the next level, he was straight up able to run through defenders because of how big he is. Some team will fall in love with him and take him in the late 2nd or 3rd round because he’s got the skill set. After Mariota and Winston the draft class isn’t that strong, Jones may be able to even jump ahead of Petty and Hundley with how well he’s done. He’s going to be a project but if developed could have very high potential.

    I was thinking anyways that JT should have the job. I know what Cardale did was extremely impressive but when you have Zeke rushing for 200 yards in each of those 3 games it makes your job a lot easier. JT set the school record for touchdowns this season, I think it should have been his job going into spring next year. Cardale would be wise to give the NFL a shot. Braxton will more than likely transfer, I don’t see how you can give him the job over JT with how well he played this season.

  53. A commitment to strength and conditioning is gonna be key for this kid. If he gets to be as big as the guy snapping him the ball, I don’t see him lasting very long.

  54. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t go in the first three rounds. That would be a great value pick for a guy who’s more likely to be a long-term NFL player than the rapist/crableg thief that some have going No. 1 overall.

  55. Draft this kid in the 4th round and give him two NFL seasons learn the pro-game.

    Any earlier and he’ll be a waste.

    He’s making the right decision. Sit on the bench at OSU and get Urban Meyer’s playbook entrenched in your head or sit on an NFL bench, make some money, learn the pro game.

    Best case scenario in staying is an injury puts him back as the starter or he sits behind JT and plays in 2016…

  56. This is utterly stupid and undoubtedly a move based off greed and nothing else. I sincerely hope Urban advised him against this rash move.

    I just don’t get the people who are saying since there’s a chance he won’t even start for his college team, that he should go pro then. Do you guys have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? Smh. He’s throwing his future down the drain here to make a quick buck.

  57. Let’s see 2nd team for a pro team or third team at Ohio State. Plus, no classes and get paid millions. Not a hard decision. Except his lack of maturity will probably lead to a poor attitude and being broke in a few years.

  58. This is an easy decision for Cardale. He may not be NFL ready but his draft stock can’t get much higher. He has a lot to lose and little to gain by staying in school now. He should conservatively secure something like a 4 year deal worth $4-5 million with $1 mil or more guaranteed. With a good showing at the combine and an aggressive team he could do much better. At 22 years old with a 2 month old baby girl and his hometown roots, this is a no-brainer decision. I wish him all the best.

  59. I think he is making the right decision. No way to know if he would be the starter again. So if you are not going to play might as well learn from the best in NFL and earn a paycheck at same time!!!

  60. Almost speechless. Thought this kid is no dope, no way he sets his sights on the NFL. Needs one more year of experience.

    I can see one issue with him: No gaurantee he gets to play next year considering he was number 3 on the OSU charts.

    Probably why he is leaving.

  61. you can tell by his face he has a body type susceptible to gaining wait. He needs to hire a nutritionist and stick to the plan or he will be just like jamarcus russell. going pro however is probably the right move. he has draft stock right now. with the qb competition next year at ohio st, it would be a huge gamble to come back with what he knows right now.

  62. If he sits for 2 years and LEARNS the NFL game, not a gimmicky college offense, he could be good at the next level. He has the physical tools, it’s all about what is between his ears.

  63. if this guy get drafted, OH’s qb and the 2nd string must be feeling pretty good about their draft status whenever they come out since this guy couldn’t beat neither of them.

  64. The guy might as well go into the draft. No sense in going back to school only to battle it out with other QB’s just to hopefully get a shot at starting. He could get drafted, sit a year or two on the bench while drawing a 6 figure income and take care of his newborn or have to stay in school, possibly riding the bench, go to classes, risk injury and have nothing to show for it a year or two from now.

    Shouldn’t be a hard choice. Yeah the kid is inexperienced but I bet he does enough at the combine to be the 3rd QB drafted at the least. The time to come out is now because this years class of QB’s pretty much sucks. Next year will be a different story.

  65. I’d bet someone takes a chance on him in the 2nd round just on his size (6’5″ 250 lbs), athleticism and cannon of an arm.

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