Giants hire Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator


The Giants’ new defensive coordinator is also the Giants’ old defensive coordinator.

Steve Spagnuolo, who was previously the Giants’ defensive coordinator from 2007 to 2008, is taking the job again, according to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

During Spagnuolo’s previous tenure as defensive coordinator, he was credited for helping to build the excellent pass rush that the Giants used on their way to winning Super Bowl XLII. He became the Rams’ head coach in 2009 and had an unsuccessful three years in St. Louis, and he’s been an assistant in Baltimore the last two years.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin fired defensive coordinator Perry Fewell after the season. Now Coughlin has a new coordinator he’s won with before.

44 responses to “Giants hire Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator

  1. I hate this hire so much. What has he done in the last 7 years to warrant this? This is not 2007 and we don’t have Strahan, Osi and Tuck anymore. His defense is the same as Fewells and relies on the pass rush and we’ve failed miserably at this for years now. How about a new philosophy!! I hope I am wrong and it works out, but I am not confident right now.

  2. sly move, steve spaghetti knows tom will not be coaching much longer. then he can run the giants into the ground like he did with the rams. Go Big Blue!

  3. I would have preferred Pepper Johnson but maybe that’s because I grew up with those great late 80’s teams and have fond memories of that defense which Pepper was part of.

    Spagnuolo is a solid hire though, it can’t be easy working for Coughlin.

  4. As other posters alluded to Spags defenses are predicated on a strong pass rush which the Giants are severley lacking. Did anyone see his stints with the Rams and Saints? Disasterous!

  5. birdman3333 says: Jan 15, 2015 4:33 PM

    The only ones against this hire are people who root against the Giants. Must have been hard watching those two recent Superbowl victories.

    What does the most recent one have to do with Spag?

  6. I’m a Giants season ticket holder and i am not sure this is the right move.

    He was not good with the Rams, and terrible with the Saints. He doesn’t have Tuck, Strahan, or Antonio Pierce.

    I hope he can recapture the magic, but i was leaning towards Pepper…

    We’ll see

  7. Good job getting this done GMEN!!! I was impressed with what McAdoo did with the offense this past season and look forward to Spags bringing some excitement back to the D!!!

  8. He did a pretty good job with the Ravens DBs last year considering how many were injured and he was coaching guys plucked off the scrap heap. Good luck to him with the Giants.

  9. All he has to do is get a Delorean and go back to 2007 and bring Strahan,Tuck etc to the present and he should do fine. barring that, good luck. He certainly has distinguished himself in his stops since 2007…

  10. I have nothing against ol’ Spaggy, but I don’t know if the “We’re getting the band back together” approach is best. If he doesn’t bring anything new to the table, then the Giants’ D is in for another mediocre year. What’s the saying about lightning not striking twice?

  11. Part of Spags’ success was the fact that offenses had not only never seen a four-DE line, but no offensive line was built to stop it. With five O-linemen, you can only double-team one of the 4, and guards/centers are normally blocking 320-pound DTs, not 275-pound DEs.

    The Giants have JPP in contract negotiations, an aging/injured Kiwanuka, a hot-and-cold Damontre Moore, a rookie Wynn, and an injured Robert Ayers (although he played well when out there). Big difference from Osi in his prime, a young Tuck, a young Kiwi (until he got hurt), a capable backup in Tollefson, and a still-effective Strahan looking to win a ring before he retired.

    Spags is going to need a talent infusion everywhere except maybe corner if all the injured CBs come back healthy.

  12. I’m a big giants fan some of you so call fans need to shut up. Spags is a great p/u for us remember he was dc when we didn’t have LT Carson and banks

  13. The Giants had 21 sacks their last 4 games when they bailed on a few vets and added some youth to the rotation. You always need more beasts up front, but the cupboards is far from bare.

  14. We were 4th in sacks this year. All this talk about us not having a pass rush for spags to build upon is not borne by the facts which people here LOVE to ignore.

  15. saintswillprevail says: Jan 15, 2015 6:00 PM

    Good luck with this! When he was in NOLA his defense was the WORST in NFL history. That’s right. WORST in history.
    Considering how Rob Ryan did with that same unit, it may not be the DC.

  16. great players can make even the most mediocre of coaches look like geniuses ..let’s see what he can do with the scrubs he’ll be coaching up this time around

  17. Everyone keeps talking about Spags having such a great front 7 in ’07, but weren’t Strahan, Osi, Tuck, Kiwi and Pierce on the team in ’06? They were near the bottom of the league in sacks in ’06 and my memory of ’06 with Lewis was that the defense was awful – ranked 25th I think. Maybe the ’07 D improvements were great because of Spags not in spite of him. Not saying Spags will turn everything around overnight but I don’t think he’s such an awful option like some are saying

  18. The main problem with the Giants D is that they don’t have half the talent it did in 2008.


    The thing is, the Giants didn’t have Strahan, Osi (IR), or Pierce (his ability took a steep dive in 08)… JPP = Strahan, Moore = Osi, Ayers = Tuck.

  19. The biggest problem for the Giants is that their players aren’t very good. Doesn’t matter what DC you have when you don’t have many impact players.

  20. We’re 0 and 0 going into next year and do have some young talent for the “D”, but do need more. Give Jerry the benefit of the doubt that he will get it and Spags the benefit of the doubt that he will do something with it.

  21. saintswillprevail says:
    Jan 15, 2015 6:00 PM
    Good luck with this! When he was in NOLA his defense was the WORST in NFL history. That’s right. WORST in history.

    Was this 2012? Hmmm, the year the Aints had two head coaches?

    The year they lost a couple of key defensive players before things got going?

    The year no player was listening to any of the coaches?

    Add in the fact that Spags system is complex and the remaining defense players were stupid…..

    It was a no win situation for any coach…..

  22. Hard to compare Spags work as a HC to a DC. As a DC he was more than competent. And with the Giant’s offense looking like it could be very good next season, the defense doesn’t need to be in the top 3, just markedly better than it was last year when it was in the bottom 3. I think things are definitely looking up for the Gmen.

  23. Some times change is good for change he does bring a hard nosed approach to things and the D needs a good kick in the butt

    Not sure if this was the answer but I put my faith in TC and his ability to fix whats broken

  24. schmitty2 says:
    Jan 15, 2015 4:47 PM
    As other posters alluded to Spags defenses are predicated on a strong pass rush which the Giants are severley lacking.

    NYG ranked 4th in the league in sacks in 2014

  25. Ok Big Blue nation five letters ….R E L A X.
    Welcome back coach Spags!

    The 2007 Gmen would not have won with out Spags. The Giants Jerry Reese and staff will find talent and coach Coflin, Macadoo & Spags will find the best way to use the players. Spags has the eye to best use players at their strengths. Think back to that 2007 super bowl, all the talk was how Brady could not be touched and they beat the daylights out of him. I do understand the Giants don’t have Strahan and company.

    So to all Giants nation rember… RELAX…..and let Spags do what he does best unleash the pass rush KRACKEN!!

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