After injury-plagued Giants career, Nicks “extremely healthy” with Colts


One year after trying free agency for the first time, Colts wide receiver Hakeem Nicks could have another shot at the market this offseason. Nicks, who turned 27 on Wednesday, is on a one-year deal with Indianapolis.

The bad news? Nicks has set career-lows in catches (38), receiving yards (405) and yards per reception (10.7) in 2014. He’s played just 41-of-148 snaps in the postseason, per NFL statistics.

The good news? Nicks played in all 16 games for the first time in his pro career, and he wasn’t on the injury report with a physical ailment all season.

After his Giants career was marked by a variety of leg injuries, at least Nicks has his health in Indianapolis.

“I think in New York, I was just having injury after injury and I think I just wasn’t taking care of it the right way,” Nicks told reporters Thursday, according to an interview transcript from the NFL. “I just kept trying to play through them instead of being patient and sitting and let it heal.

“Now, I am extremely healthy. Looking back on it now, I think that’s something that I just had to go through. My body was adjusting.”

With his 2014 production off his past standards, Nicks might again be looking at short-term deals in free agency. However, if he can demonstrate he’s healthy, he could be a little more marketable.

9 responses to “After injury-plagued Giants career, Nicks “extremely healthy” with Colts

  1. Beckham > Nicks.
    I’ll never forget how Nicks “quit” on the team in 2013. Injuries are different than quitting.

  2. Nicks always says he’s extremely healthy or some version of this right before his contract ends. Then come training camp or the season and he disappears. Eli Manning turned him into a stud, his injuries hit and that was it. He did nothing his final year with the Giants. Then he goes to the Colts and gets called out by the coaches.

    Same song and dance really. You had QBs like Eli Manning and Andrew Luck throwing to you and you do virtually nothing?

  3. To his credit, Nicks HAS shown up big time for Indy in the playoffs. With T.Y. dropping everything thrown his way and Wayne playing the invisible man, it’s been Moncrief and Nicks making the big plays through the air for Luck over the last two weeks.

  4. As a Colts fan I’ve felt satisfied with Nicks. I’d take him again for the right price.

  5. As a big NYG fan, I loved Nicks when they got him. He was tough, and made some great catches. That Hail Mary he caught in the playoffs — I KNEW he would catch it because he had the perfect position. Dude WAS a baller when the pigskin was in the air.

    When the Giants paid Victor Cruz and didn’t pay him, he QUIT. Q-U-I-T. Some of his injuries were always suspect, too. I hope Victor Cruz doesn’t play the hurt ego card because Odell has exploded. Reuben Randle got a talking to by NYG coaches, and he woke up at the end of 2014. A healthy Cruz/Beckham/Randle tandem? Could be the best three receivers on any team anyone has seen in years.

    Too bad about Nicks. I think his problems stem from a lack of heart, soul and jealousy. Miss his talent — but glad he’s gone.

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