Jason Tarver expected to join Jim Tomsula’s 49ers staff

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The 49ers are rebuilding their coaching staff after the departure of all but two members of Jim Harbaugh’s staff and it appears they won’t have to look very far for one assistant.

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reports that Jason Tarver is expected to make the move from the Raiders to the 49ers to be part of Jim Tomsula’s first staff.

Tarver was the Raiders defensive coordinator for the last three seasons and it was not a tenure marked by great success on that side of the ball in Oakland. Maiocco reports that no role has been set for Tarver at this time as nothing is official, but the 49ers are in the market for everything on defense with it looking like running backs coach Tom Rathman will be the only coach sticking around with Tomsula.

If Tarver does land with the Niners, it will the latest in a series of jobs in the Bay Area for Tarver, who was an assistant with the 49ers from 2001-2010 and the defensive coordinator at Stanford in 2011 before heading to the Raiders.

30 responses to “Jason Tarver expected to join Jim Tomsula’s 49ers staff

  1. *Assistant Defensive Coordinator at Stanford.

    Tarver is really raw, but I’m a Raiders fan, so I can’t help but love his enthusiasm on the sidelines, his intense press conferences, and his war paint. Niners fans will love him regardless of his defensive gameplan. Plus, he’ll get better with time. He is still really green as a defensive coordinator in the NFL.

  2. Enthusiasm.

    And Giving up tons of points and big plays!

    What a combination.

    Signed Raiders Fans.

    P.S. Raiders would welcome Vic Fangio. 3 straight Conference Title games sounds like track record.

  3. Other than having historically bad defense the last 3 years (yes believe it or not his defense was the worst in Raiders history 3 years straight) he’s a great guy! Dude has tons of energy and he suppose to be smart,maybe he out smarted himself…who knows, wish him the best tho but I’m glad we have moved on

  4. Hard guy to figure out. There were flashes of good play, but other times the defense was horrific. Best word to describe Tarver so far would be “inconsistent”. Grade would probably be “I” for incomplete. Definitely wouldn’t make him the DC.

  5. If the Cards/Hawks/Rams get big yards from the same play over & over again during a game, even after half time adjustments, don’t say you weren’t warned, 9er fans.

  6. Well, i suppose i should jump on the bandwagon of praising the new team from taking a coach away from his current team. Thank you 9ers.

  7. Where is they joker this got to be i real bad joke. The 9ers have i Good def but this is going back. What happend to reload this is not i reload and is a real bad recontruction.

  8. Now I am panicking….. From the Raiders success we plucked this person???!!!!
    Stop the rush to full in the blanks. Plenty of good coaches out there for all areas.

  9. The Niners have a 3 time Super Bowl winner who won those 3 on the defensive side of the freakin ball. A 3/4 specialist who learned under 2 of the greatest coaches of all time..Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick. Gues who Niners fans….WTF

  10. I loved Harbaugh leaving!!! Add to it they are hiring off th Raiders staff…. Wow! Thank you!

    Please please trade Kap for Cutler….while you are at it…

  11. He’ll come cheaper than “top-5 defense every season” coaching Vic Fangio. That crosses off all the important boxes for the Y–k’s.

  12. hsatpft says: Jan 15, 2015 5:48 PM

    If the Cards/Hawks/Rams get big yards from the same play over & over again during a game, even after half time adjustments, don’t say you weren’t warned, 9er fans.
    That’s what drove me crazy about Tarver. Either he wouldn’t or couldn’t make in game adjustments.

    As has been said, he’s a likeable guy, if that’s what’s important you’re all set.

  13. tarver hasn’t had much success yet. that’s not the usual hire, or what 49er fans are used to hearing lately about their coaches. of course, none of this news out of santa clara has been familiar or good, so far since the 49ers moved there. santa clara hasn’t been a fantastic “lucky charm” kind of 49ers team/stadium/move. this is supposed to be the year that the 49ers win the SB on their own new home field. (heck, they don’t even have the grass right yet) i’ll have to keep the faith big time on that one!

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