Jets considering adding former Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith


As new Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan starts putting together his front office, he might be hiring a guy who made one of the more dubious draft choices in recent memory.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Jets are “strongly considering” adding former Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith to the front office.

Smith and Maccagnan are apparently close, and Smith worked his way up through the ranks as Jacksonville’s director of college scouting.

But he’ll probably always be remembered for using a third round pick ( 70th overall) in the 2012 NFL Draft on punter Bryan Anger.

Five picks later, the Seahawks drafted some too-short run-around quarterback/second baseman from N.C. State and Wisconsin named Russell Wilson.

It’s hard to dispute Smith’s rationale at the time, because the Jaguars had just spent the previous year’s first-rounder on quarterback Blaine Gabbert, a Real American (bust).

Yeah, they fired him after all that.

Keep on Jets-ing, Jets.

30 responses to “Jets considering adding former Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith

  1. Gene straight-up fibbed to Khan about the quality of the team he inherited and blew millions on players like Aaron “Paid Vacation” Ross. Drafted Blackmon (who I’ve supported and pull for his return but its bleak). Released the starting QB during final cuts? Right before Week One, TWICE. Blaine Gabbert? At age 21? He was never close.

    I have a great friend that’s a Jets fan. I hope this doesn’t happen for him.

  2. OHHHH I see why they are looking to hire him, he will say this is what I would do in the first round i would reach for this guy and trade up….then do the oppisite.

  3. Hindsight is 20 20 but comeone, picked Tyson alualu over earl thomas, dez and demaryius thomas. .then gabbert the following year a pick before jj watt.

  4. He also traded up for Justin Blackmon, without ever having him visit for an interview/workout.

  5. As a Jags fan – Gene Smith was absolutely the WORST GM I have ever seen. Almost every pick seemed to be a “let me show everyone how smart I am by seeing value here where no one else does”.

    It also seems that no matter how pathetic your performance in the nfl may be – there always seems to be another job out there for you.

  6. As a Dolphin Fan, I can sympathize with Jets fans. Both our teams have bad owners who make stupid choices.

  7. Uh… OK.

    Nice of them to wait till they had their star HC on board before hitting him with this.

  8. cwk22 says:

    As a Dolphin Fan, I can sympathize with Jets fans. Both our teams have bad owners who make stupid choices.
    People don’t get rich enough to buy an NFL franchise by being stupid, but I think Steven Ross might be the exception.

  9. He traded UP for Derek Cox also. Another bad move that robbed us of a 2nd round pick.

    This guy is an Evil Genius who wrecks franchises.

  10. He was a terrible GM. He made poor trades and reached for a lot of players he could have gotten later. worse than the punter pick was taking two DTs ahead of Geno Atkins.

    But before that he was a highly respected director of college scouting. If the Jets don’t give him too much power he’ll probably be a good addition to their personnel department.

  11. Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Oh man, this might be the funniest thing I have ever read. Gene Smith single-handedly stuck the Jaguars in the basement for years. The notion that a team would even let him enter their facility to watch a game, much less join the front office, is astounding. Go Jets! Ha ha ha ha!!!

  12. Jets fans – Don’t worry. this guy will get a 27 year old player with a clean character and family person, choir boy from Voldosta state, Grambling state colleges.

    There are only 6-8 Players in the current Jags roster that Gene had acquired either through draft or free agency. And Gene was the GM for the Jags 2 years 15 days back. The rest of the players 90% of them are out of football. This guy plays madden with real football players.

  13. Gene is a gem! Traded up to #10 with the Foreskins to take Gabbert, passing on JJ Watt.

  14. Gene Smith single handedly burned the Jaguars organization to the ground with years of terrible draft picks and free agent signings. He set the franchise back years! When Dave Caldwell the current gm came in it was so bad he just gutted the team and had to start over from scratch. Good luck Jets fans!

  15. Gene Smith signed Jax punter as stated above.He is the only player on the whole team left over just a short 2 years ago.

    Gene Smith is the worst GM of all time.

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