John Fox to Chicago not a done deal yet


After the Broncos and coach John Fox had the closest thing yet to an actual “mutual parting,” word quickly emerged that Fox would become the top candidate in Chicago.

He has and he is.  But contrary to at least one published report, it’s not a done deal yet.

It very well could be, in time.  But new G.M. Ryan Pace is taking him time.  It’s the most important hire he will make, and too many first-year General Managers have doomed their tenures by making a bad decision when hiring a head coach.

It would be a surprise if Fox doesn’t get the job.  But he hasn’t gotten it yet.

42 responses to “John Fox to Chicago not a done deal yet

  1. Fox has no other known suitors so the Bears taking their time isn’t really crazy. No need to overpay a guy with no other job opportunities

  2. They already have a verbal agreement. Pace is doing the right thing and not making any announcement until pieces are in place. He doesn’t want to create another debacle such as the one Michael McCaskey did when he announced the Dave McGinnis hiring before he actually accepted the job! The more I see from Ryan Pace, the more I like him. He’s got more professionalism than we’ve seen in a long time in Chicago out of our front office. Still would like to see Ted Phillips removed from any football operations though!!!

  3. Amazing that these NFL teams keep hiring the same retread coaches over and over. Why on earth would they want John Fox as their coach? Really, he didn’t even coach the Broncos, Peyton did. Maybe they should try somebody new, with some new ideas. Same with Rex in Buffalo, his Jets were pathetic this year, he gets fired, and within weeks he has another head coaching job. Unbelievable

  4. He makes all the sense in the world. We need someone who can rebuild that steaming pile of a defense. I, for one, welcome our new Bears overlord.

  5. As a Bears/Chicago fan, I am never surprised in our fan bases’ way of putting down great coaching candidates.

    “Joe Maddon has never won a World Series.”

    “Phil Jackson only wins when he has star players.”

    “John Fox is too conservative and doesn’t win in playoffs.”

    You know what? Winning is winning. You need to win in order to have an opportunity to win championships. Fox has taken two separate teams to Super Bowls. He has put up great defenses at New York, Carolina and Denver. He loves to have a strong running attack.

    John Fox is perfect for Chicago. Whether Ryan Pace and the McCaskeys feel the same way is a different story entirely.

  6. They need to run him through some simulated news conferences first. If he does well there the job is his.

  7. I can’t believe our new GM would do this. Harbaugh, Bowles or Del Rio would have been better hires than this retread who had no significant interest from anyone other than the Jets. Please, not John Fox, especially if he brings one of the Shanahan’s with him.

  8. This guy is no better than the 10-6 coach they fired who CONSISTENTLY won with Cutler and went to the SB with Grossman.

  9. This was a done deal from before the playoff loss. Fox knew that whatever happened this season he was gone and the rumors of him moving to Chicago began almost the minute he left the Broncos, so major shock if this doesn’t go through. I still think Rex would have been better.

  10. Chicago Bears is a good fit for Fox. Chicago fans would be happy to compete for 2nd place in the division and a chance to sneak in as a wildcard.

  11. I don’t really c anyone better, I’m tired of them hiring rookies all the time. lets try someone who’s done it b4

  12. Let me ask you all who else is Pace going to hire? Quinn? He is unproven and some will say thats Carroll’s defense and he is just a title. Harbaugh went to Michigan two days after the season so he was out? Shanahan? Come on no way they were going to hire another enabler of Cutler? This makes the most sense for right now!!

  13. I’m as annoyed as anyone else waiting for some definitive news from the Bears on this.

    On the other hand, if a couple more days means the Bears can announce not only Fox as their new HC, but key hires of his staff, then that’s a different thing. Especially the DC.

  14. It’s the best and only logical hire left. They said from the beginning they are looking for leadership. The Bear brass knows they have swung and missed on too many first timers at the HC position. Get a guy who can walk in there from day one who has won playoff games. Who has put together a competent coaching staff. I don’t want some coordinator who is now a first time head coach and HOPE he can be something.

  15. bassplucker says: Jan 15, 2015 2:06 PM

    Nothing can ever be smooth, quick, and easy for this team, can it?


    Except signing draft picks…..#cliffstein

  16. KIR says:
    Jan 15, 2015 2:05 PM
    This guy is no better than the 10-6 coach they fired who CONSISTENTLY won with Cutler and went to the SB with Grossman.

    When will people move on from Lovie Smith. That team started 7-1 and scratched and clawed to 10-6. Plus, they had a soft schedule. That team was bound to fail with our without Smith.

  17. Who has put together a competent coaching staff.
    This is huge. That staff under Trestman – not entirely all Marc’s fault – but they were a mess. Kromer was legit, but then you had a couple of Lovie holdovers on defense, put together with two total nincompoops in Tucker and Camillas, a WRs coach they hired from U of Alabama, a QB coach whose prior record in the league was marginal at best … and Trestman didn’t get to choose any but a couple of them, with Emery hiring the rest.

    Fox (assuming he’s the hire) has the opportunity to bring in a whole new staff – of HIS choosing – and start everything over from scratch with assistants who are completely loyal and on board. On top of which, as a respected veteran HC he will have the contacts and juice to pull from a much better pool of assistants than a first-time young guy who hasn’t built up his network and has to bring in other rookies and/or burnt-out has-beens who have no other options.

  18. Consistently won what with Cutler? One playoff game against a team with a losing record. Way to set that bar high.
    Lovie won
    3 Division Titles
    2 Conference Championships
    One Super Bowl appearance
    1 AP Coach of the Year

  19. John Fox is nothing more than a mediocre HC at best. Look at his first 10/13 years of coaching without Manning as his QB for the last 3 years, his record is 81-79. Only fair to take the Manning years out because we don’t have ourselves a Manning unfortunately.

    I am a lifelong Bears fan and have been living in Charlotte the last 10 years, so I am familiar with Fox’s work when he was here with the Panthers. If you are happy with mediocrity and 7-9, 8-8 records, than yes, Fox is the man you want.

    Stats don’t lie, look them up if you don’t believe me. His defensive #’s are middle of the road, his passing was always near the bottom of the league. He has a running mentally, or at least prior to the last 3 years with Manning which is good. Problem with that is we have Forte who falls over when the wind blows unless there is a huge hole that the O-line opens up, but let’s be honest, they don’t do that. He had Stephen Davis in Carolina and followed that up with the 2 man rotation of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, all are better runners than Forte, but Forte is a better all around back (pass catching and working space)

    This hire will keep my expectations in check that is for sure, won’t be expecting a playoff appearance anytime soon. He will be gone before we make the playoffs as will Pace with this hire.

    Bear down and keep Fox out!

  20. completefan says:
    Jan 15, 2015 2:09 PM

    Coaching the Chicago Bears = Career Suicide.

    Coaching the Bears with Jay = Cutlercide.

  21. KIR:
    The question was “won what with CUTLER?”

    You state:
    3 Division Titles
    2 Conference Championships
    One Super Bowl appearance
    1 AP Coach of the Year

    First, that wasn’t all with Cutler.
    Second, they did NOT win two conference championships – they were IN two NFCC games (I assume you meant that) but again – not with Cutler.

  22. Fox will be perfect for Cutler, because he won’t let him throw the ball more than 20 times/game. Expect a “three yards and a cloud of dust” offense.

  23. This seems rushed. Fox is not in demand. He’s slightly better than Andy Reid. I can’t believe Chicago will be content with just making the playoffs. See how that worked out for Fox in Denver.

  24. Cutler will only be with the Bears one more season unless the new coach does really well with him. I can see them unloading Cutler and taking a hit and allowing the new coach in his second year start fresh with a new QB. At least keep this in mind.

  25. I’m so tired of hearing about Lovie.

    1) Over his last 6 seasons with the Bears, they went to the playoffs once. That’s not good.

    2) Head coaches are responsible for offense AND defense. Lovie did not know how to build an offense. Over his last 6 seasons, the BEST the Bears ranked in total offense was 23rd in the NFL.

    3) He did not know how to build and manage a coaching staff. He fired Ron Rivera after 2006. The following year, the defense went from one of the best in the league to mediocre. In 9 years he went though Terry Shea, Ron Turner, Mike Martz, and Mike Tice as offensive coordinators. Its almost impossible for any time to have consistency when the scheme is changing every 2 years.

    Yes, for his first few seasons, Lovie did a great job. But, people change and the league changes. Doing a great job 10 years ago doesn’t mean squat.

  26. This is the same guy who kneeled the ball against the Ravens in the playoff game. Ya, I’ll pass.

  27. Bring in Fox and put him w/Fangio or Schwartz and find a OC who can tame the shrew and we should be good. However, if Fox does get the gig look for a Dennis Allen sighting shortly thereafter.

  28. It doesn’t matter who we bring in. We are going to be a mess for a few years to come because we failed to address the fact that key players were getting older. We whiffed by not picking up young players to eventually compensate for their departure.

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