Report: Cardinals want Dick LeBeau for “senior position,” will promote current assistant to DC

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When Dick LeBeau resigned from the Steelers this month, one of the first places that came to mind as a landing spot was Arizona.

Not only did LeBeau and Cardinals coach Bruce Arians work together in Pittsburgh, but defensive coordinator Todd Bowles looked like a good bet to land a head coaching job. Bowles landed that job with the Jets, but it doesn’t look like LeBeau will be his replacement in Arizona.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that the Cardinals want to hire LeBeau in a “senior position” on their defensive coaching staff while promoting a current assistant coach to the coordinator spot vacated by Bowles. Somers suggests that LeBeau’s role would be similar to the one that assistant head coach Tom Moore has filled on the offensive side of the ball.

LeBeau has also been linked with the Titans, who are coached by former Steelers assistant (and Cardinals head coach, as it happens) Ken Whisenhunt.

Somers adds that Bowles is expected to bring inside linebackers coach Mike Caldwell and defensive assistant Ryan Slowik with him to the Jets. That leaves outside linebackers coach James Bettcher, defensive line coach Brentson Buckner, cornerbacks coach Kevin Ross, defensive backs coach Nick Rapone and pass rush specialist Tom Pratt as in-house options for defensive coordinator. None has done the job at the NFL level, although Rapone and Pratt have decades of experience in other jobs.

15 responses to “Report: Cardinals want Dick LeBeau for “senior position,” will promote current assistant to DC

  1. With all those hand-me-downs, The Cardinals are officially the Steelers’ little brother.

  2. Hiring from within, and bringing in a great defensive mind with this existing roster is pretty exciting! Love the guys in charge of this team right now, have all the trust in them.

  3. I’d be surprised if LeBeau takes a non-DC job. That would seem to be a step back for him at this point. If he does end up as just an assistant coach, I wonder if it is because he wants to remain in football, but doesn’t have the energy for the rigors of being a DC; it would have been hard for him to take that type of a step back in Pittsburgh without it looking like he was being demoted I suppose.

    Wherever he ends up Steeler fans should wish him the best of luck. He is a Steelers legend as a coach (to go with being a Lions legend as a player). I’m disappointed to see him go somewhere else but he’s earned that right. Very excited to see what Butler does now that he gets a chance to take the reins as well.

  4. Say what you want, but this Steelers west is now 21-11 since Arians joined. Won 10 games last season and 11 games this season with a bunch of practice squad players starting, including a QB who had no business in the NFL as a starter.

    When was the last time this team won 11 games? 1975, and before that I believe it was 1948. Then one other time in 1925. You tell me if they turned things around using Steelers west?

  5. I learned when I was a young boy the the ONLY thing you can count on in life is constant change.

    Bowles was a pretty good DC but he gave up almost 600 yards to Seattle and he gave up a 1000 yards in our last 2 games this year.

    Arians is a really, really good coach and I am confident that he will make the right decision on replacing Bowles. It would be nice if Lebeau decides to come to Az to help us into the Super Bowl next year.

    Steeler’s west… That’s complete baloney! That’s like saying that the Seahawks are the USC of the NFL. Pete Carroll has had lots of his assistant coaches from USC with him in Seattle.

  6. I think he felt ready to step down and take a senior consultant-type position instead (not retire) and let Butler finally get the DC job (who has hung in there all this time – his contract was up again). He evidently doesn’t want to leave the East, so I would think he’d go with Whisenhunt instead of AZ.

  7. knockknockwhosthereowen says:

    With all those hand-me-downs, The Cardinals are officially the Steelers’ little brother.

    Then why do the Cardinals have more wins since they hired Arians in a much, much tougher division?

    Cardinals: 21-11
    Todd Haley’s team: 19-13

    Enjoy our ex-offensive coordinator!

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