Report: Falcons want to talk to Adam Gase about offensive coordinator opening

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Adam Gase doesn’t know where he’ll be coaching in 2015 yet, but he isn’t lacking for possibilities.

Gase didn’t get the 49ers coaching job, but he spoke to Broncos General Manager John Elway on Wednesday about making the move from offensive coordinator to head coach in Denver. He could presumably also remain in Denver as the offensive coordinator on the staff of another head coach or he could wind up running the offense elsewhere.

We’ve already heard that the Rams have requested permission to speak with Gase about their offensive coordinator opening and now Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Falcons have made the same request.

The Falcons don’t have a head coach, of course, but they are interviewing Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin for the second time on Thursday. Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn could also be a candidate for the job and either man would need someone to run the offense on their staff.

The Jaguars and Browns are also looking for offensive coordinators and Gase could wind up on their radars before he moves off the market.

23 responses to “Report: Falcons want to talk to Adam Gase about offensive coordinator opening

  1. The Falcons easily has the best offense of all the teams looking for an offense coordinator!! Should be very easy decision!!

  2. Something tells me this guy doesn’t interview well….how do you go from a finalist for a HC job with the 2nd best situation (ATL being 1st) to teams wanting you only as a OC….

  3. He might want to know who the head coach is going to be first or does every coach now answer to Arthur Blank on an individual basis .

  4. Yeah, but who’s gonna want to take the HC job if the team went out and got an OC before hiring you? That is not a good sign of what being a HC there is gonna be like.

  5. This guy is becoming Where’s Waldo of the coaching carousel. He’s the Niners next HC… NO WAIT, he’s staying in Denver to replace John Fox… NO WAIT, he’s out the door to Atlanta. Etc.

  6. It would make me so happy if this little turd didn’t get a head coaching gig this year. Granted, I’m a little bitter being a Browns fan that he turned us down for even an interview last year when he had no prior experience. Maybe all the other teams are seeing that he doesn’t have to do much with Manning as his QB and his interviews are terrible. Otherwise, why would you hire a defensive line coach as your head coach instead of this “up and comer” like SF did.

  7. They should just name him the HC cuz it doesn’t seem they’ll find anyone else.

    Plus, wasn’t this the best job before all the others got filled???

  8. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Atlanta is going to wait on Quinn for HC and these are wink wink, nod nod moves so he can assemble a staff before he can officially take the job after the Super Bowl (no offense to Packers fans).

  9. IMO I think the Falcons need to look at a defensive minded coach. The offense as everyone knows is pretty good and the defense is atrocius. Keep an eye on Vic Fangio when he leaves the Niners.

  10. Ryan reminds a lot of people of Peyton. Smart. Runs the no huddle pretty darn well. I can see this being a decent matchup.

  11. I’m sure Gase is a decent coach, but it’s really hard to judge what he can do when he basically had an offensive coordinator in the huddle each week.

    That said, the Falcons offer him the best chance to continue that. With Ryan, Jones, etc. he has some foundation to have success.

  12. With all this upheaval in Denver i’ll bet Wes Welker is really feeling nostalgic for the Patriots, especially since they’re in the AFC Championship game this weekend.

  13. He benefited from having Manning as his QB. He showed time and time again an inability to adjust his game plan to what was happening on the field.

  14. With it looking like Fox is going to the Bears, Gase could/should join Fox in Chicago. I’d rather see him there than Kyle Shanahan.

  15. The 5 teams mentioned in the post are not the only ones looking for an OC. If Gase got along well with Del Rio, he could work for him in Oakland, for example.

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