San Diego Mayor promises stadium plan this fall

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Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s move to build a stadium in Los Angeles reverberated well beyond St. Louis.

It hit San Diego as well, where the Chargers look to Los Angeles as both a source of fans and a potential home while they try to sort out a stadium of their own. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is feeling the pressure to get a stadium deal that will take a move to Los Angeles off the table. On Wednesday, he said he would “fight to keep” the Chargers in town and put together a task force of civic leaders to come up with a stadium plan by the fall.

“They will explore all possibilities to finance this project with my clear direction that it must present a good and fair deal for San Diego’s taxpayers,” Faulconer said, via “I will not accept or support anything less.”

There are two sites in mind for a new stadium, the current site and one near the city’s baseball stadium and a proposed convention center. The Chargers are thought to prefer the second option, but were unimpressed by Faulconer’s comments.

“After 13 — now going on 14 — years of work by the Chargers, the speech contained no specifics, and so there is nothing for us to comment on,” Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani said.

Any deal would need to be voted on by the public and the use of public money needs to be approved by a two-thirds majority, something that would seem to make a new stadium less than certain even if the task force can put together the concrete plan that the Chargers would like to see.

12 responses to “San Diego Mayor promises stadium plan this fall

  1. There are too many Republicans, military, transplants and foreign voters within San Diego, making any ballot initiative which uses tax-payer funds, impossible to pass.

    As a San Diegan, I know what I’m talking about.

    The Republicans here are of the “Tea Party” ilk, which refuses to pass any spending measure, even if doing so would ensure a greater return from an expanded convention center (bye, bye Comic-Con!).

    The military voters either prefer NCAA teams, or bring allegiances to a different NFL team to San Diego, meaning they won’t part with tax dollars to build the Chargers a stadium.

    The transplants are either business professionals who don’t watch NFL, or they bring allegiances to a different NFL team to San Diego.

    And foreigners just flat out don’t care about NFL.

    This isn’t Green Bay, or Kansas City or Pittsburgh or Cleveland, etc., where everyone in the county grew-up a fan of the local team… San Diego has the m0st ethnically diverse make-up west of NYC and very few people have roots in San Diego.

    I am a rare, 4th-generation San Diegan and diehard Chargers fan who would be more than willing to part with tax dollars to fund up to half of a new stadium, but unfortunately, I am a minority here.

  2. This means so little to the NFL. The Chargers have no fan base to speak of and as cheap an owner as you’ll ever see.

    The combination makes for a big fat nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Is anyone surprised? The Chokers can’t put a respectable team on the field so why would local politicians put their political careers in jeopardy? The Chokers should just change their name to Jokers. Losers.

  4. I think the headline should read “San Diego mayor promises to make you pay for something some rich guy wants to build this fall”

  5. Cumbolt, Chargers, No Superbowls, ever, ever, ever, ever. Ely Manning 2 Superbowls, Drew Brees 1 Superbowl. You’re probably too stupid to see the pattern, now that…. that is the Charger way. If you as a player hate Superbowls, San Diego is your destination.
    That is for Cumbolt only, most Charger fans are cool.

  6. I’ve been to the Chargers’ stadium many times and I think it’s a great stadium. Maybe I’m just weird.

    I also find it funny that St Louis is talking about a new stadium for the Rams when that dome they play in is only like 20 years old.

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