Terrance Knighton: I haven’t gotten the feeling Broncos want me back


The Broncos have gone through quite a bit of upheaval since their season ended last Sunday and there’s probably more to come as their search for a new head coach picks up.

On top of their search for a coach and the subsequent need to fill out a coaching staff, the team needs to sort out the Denver futures of several players. Quarterback Peyton Manning, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas are some of the big names on that list and it also includes defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, who has been a significant part of the defense over the last two seasons. During an interview with Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Wednesday, though, Knighton said he hasn’t been feeling the love from the team.

“I haven’t gotten the feeling from the Broncos that I will be back. I’m looking forward on being a Bronco or a fresh start,” Knighton said.

Knighton came to Denver to play for defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio after starting his career with the Jaguars, where his head coach was Del Rio. With Del Rio now in Oakland, Knighton could have a chance to continue the relationship in the event his initial read on the Broncos’ intentions is correct.

44 responses to “Terrance Knighton: I haven’t gotten the feeling Broncos want me back

  1. don’t feel bad “pot roast”
    the way horseface is running that franchise I’m starting to wonder of the broncos will be back

  2. Settle down big guy, the offseason is only 5 days old and there is no coaching staff.
    You were a run stuffing beast. You’ll get your love, just wait in line.

  3. As a Patriots fan I would love to see him in a Patriots uniform. I wanted them to kick his tires before he signed with Denver, and he hasnt done anything in Denver that would make me not want him now.

  4. Got to love a Temple Owl having some success at the NFL level…and who doesn’t love the nickname Pot Roast?

  5. Wait…. did you take a perfectly worded statement and then turn it into an ebonix type statement for your headline? Good lord.

    “Is this the first time you’ve ever seen a treadmill?”

  6. from what I understand, he has a serious problem keeping his weight under control and has run up somewhere around 300,000 dollars worth of fines due to weight. Now when he is in playing shape, he is a beast and I’d take him in a second in England. I could care less about the comments he made a few weeks ago about the Broncos winning the Superbowl. It might not have been the smartest thing to publicly put it out there but that’s the kind of thinking I want my players having.

  7. If Pot Roast signs with another team this is how John Elway will announce it at his presser:

    “I’d like to kick this off by thanking John Elway.”

  8. Probably because you didn’t win a Super Bowl. In John Elways world, you’re useless and terrible at your job unless you win the Super Bowl.

  9. As a Temple Alum, it’s time to come home. Pair Pot Roast with Fletcher Cox, and the DL in Philly is a force…which is good because the secondary is a mess…

  10. I’m no Elway fan but I will say he is smart enough to know that if things stayed the same he would not be winning a SB…so he is changing things up, he also was smart enough to get rid of Tebow and took the chance the tebowmaniacs would run him out of town…..now lets see how long he hangs onto Manning….

  11. I’d guess a lot of guys will be gone soon. I don’t see how you let the entire staff go and expect to bring Manning back. And if Manning doesn’t return a whole bunch of guys will be expendable because of their age since the Broncos will be a lengthy rebuilding process away.

    Up until this point I’d liked a lot of what Elway had done. Definitely aggressive, definitely focused on winning right away. But unless there’s some grand plan not yet apparent dumping the whole coaching staff looks like a knee jerk reaction. Elway could very well see his old HC and both coordinators as head coaches elsewhere this very next season. He didn’t think much of what those guys were doing but it seems like the rest of the league was impressed.

  12. Would you be desperate enough to sign a veteran minimum contract to play for the Steelers? We really, really need the help.

  13. Pot Roast needs to come to Chicago. I wanted the Bears to go after him when he came free from Jacksonville, but now is their chance.

    He could help us get back to the days of Ted Washington and Keith Traylor, when our D was actually good.

  14. Come over to New England; in Oakland they don’t get to cash those “playoff incentive checks.”

  15. What happened to Manning is about to happen to Brady too, that’s just life.

    Cherish every second, Pats fan.

  16. J-Ville would take you but Marks and Miller are pretty good on the inside….
    You’d have to take a 3rd DT paycheck…

    Let us know 🙂

  17. They probably don’t want him back because he jinxed the team with his little rant about how they were gonna beat New England to SB glory before the postseason even started.

  18. If you can’t beat em, join ’em; Come to Seattle !

    The other AFC teams will be glad to see you go. We need another run-stuffer after losing Red Bryant. You’d join a good rotation and definitely get your shots. Also a good chance at a ring.

  19. Looks like the Broncos are going to let Manning walk, completely turn over the roster, change the team name and get rid of those girly orange uniforms.

    But they will keep that guy who broke 11 tackles on the 4th down run against the Colts – that dude is seriously committed.

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