C.J. Spiller likes the sound of Chan Gailey and the Jets


Soon-to-be free agent C.J. Spiller isn’t sure where he’s going to land.

But seeing his old coach Chan Gailey land with the Jets has given him another potential destination to think about.

Spiller told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that the Jets bringing in Gailey as offensive coordinator would be a coup, and something to make him consider the team.

“There is that familiarity between me and him in that offense,” Spiller told the Daily News on Thursday. “So that would be a perfect match. Who knows what can happen, but I’d be foolish not to have those guys on my list. I had my best years in the league with Chan. So it’d be dumb not to give it serious thought.”

Spiller averaged 6.0 yards per carry, had 1,703 yards from scrimmage and eight touchdowns in 2012 under Gailey, but wasn’t able to repeat that under Doug Marrone.

Regardless if he ends up there, he thinks Gailey’s a good fit for a Jets offense that needs all the help it can get.

“When you look at guys on that roster, Chan’s going to find ways to get those guys the ball and move them around,” Spiller said. “That’s the thing that I love. He loves moving his guys around so they can keep defenses off balance.

“In Buffalo, he had so much on his plate. I can only imagine the things that he’s going to be able to do now.”

And if the Jets decide to spend money this offseason, they might be able to do them with Spiller.

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  1. Spiller loves Gailey because Gailey basically refused to pass the ball. He was all about running it even though we had good WR’s and Fitzpatrick could at least throw short to intermediate passes fairly accurately. The Jets need more than a good RB to fix their offense so if he goes to them I hope they tank like that did this year.

  2. The Jets don’t have a choice this year. They have to spend a lot of money this offseason. The rules say they have to spend around 85% of their cap space over four years. Since they had so much cap space last year and didn’t spend any of it, they have to spend big this year.

  3. Kind of silly. Chan WAY underused Spiller at the Bills. He once said he didn’t use him, even though he was doing great, because “It was Fred’s turn”.

  4. The Jets running contingent is actually pretty good with Ivory, Johnson and Powell.

    I don’t see Spiller playing for the kind of money Powell makes and Ivory is a keeper.

    That means Johnson is the odd man out. I think I’d take Spiller over Johnson.

  5. As a Bills fan I would be very sad to see CJ go. Especially because he isn’t going to break the bank with all the RBs out there as free agents as well as the guys in the draft. I really want to see what he can do in Roman/Rex’s system. Especially with Freddie losing a step this year I really think CJ is an important signing for this team.

  6. I say good riddance. Spiller is afraid of being tackled. The softest RB I’ve ever seen. Loses too many yds. I would use the resources elsewhere. Keeping Jerry Hughes is much more imperative.

  7. Many former football players and coaches all say similar things about Gailey.
    I have no love for the NJ Jets but if they sign Spiller in FA then that team moves up the ladder one rung.

  8. Bills nightmare fuel. Spiller to an offense in the division that knows how to use Spiller. Though, im not sure he wants to play his old DL twice a year. That front 7 will be deadly to HBs with Rex in charge.

  9. Like Rex Ryan saying that they would consider Sanchez an option. If a reporter asks a baited question they will likely get the answer they want to write their article. I bet if he asked spiller what he thought about playing with the Titans, he would have come up with a reason why that would be a desirable landing spot. Reporters love to connect the dots so much that they fail to listen for real clues.

  10. As a Bills fan, I’d hate to see Spiller go, but Chan Gailey’s a class act and a very good offensive mind. He did a lot in Buffalo with zilch. Marrone had more and did less.

  11. I like Spiller, but he’s a better guy then he is a RB. Can break one, but not consistent and he’s a horrible blocker.

  12. How may times are the Bills going to let t p-shelf running backs walk after their rookie contracts expire? You’d think somebody would get it after seeing Marshawn Lynch on the cusp of going to his 2nd superbowl.

  13. As long as he can stay healthy it seems like a great fit and better replacement for CJnoK. He’s not going to break the bank and like that.

  14. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Running Backs.
    Don’t let ‘em take handoffs and run them old sweeps
    Make ‘em be receivers and tackles and such

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Running Backs.
    They’ll never make big dough and they’re always injured
    Even with teams who love the run

  15. Gailey is the only guy to figure out how to use him, and even then he didn’t use him as often as he should.

    For the rest of his 5 years in Buffalo Spiller has been frustrating and little else. He is loaded with athleticism but an inability to see his holes and see the field. He tries to string everything outside, and most of the time it doesn’t work. His athleticism allows for occasional big plays that excite and give you hope for his potential, but over time, they become too few and far between that it is not worth it. Keep him for cheap if you can, otherwise go out and get someone else. RB’s are a dime a dozen these days.

  16. Spiller is fun to watch in the open field with the ball in his hands. It appears the problem is figuring out how to work with him to get the ball in his hands more. Something’s missing with him when it comes to doing his part as a team player.

  17. Do the Jets really need another running back? I didn’t think that position was in the top 10 things they needed.

  18. If CJ is smart he won’t walk but run to get out of Buffalo. Buffalo is known as “football hell” around the league. Coming o Buffalo will ruin a guy’s career. The organization is a joke and has been for the past decade and a half. Man that’s long, long time to stink.
    Spiller needs a coach like Chan or someone of equal offensive knowledge to design plays to take advantage of is quickness and speed. Marrone was a bonehead. You don’t take a speed back and run him like a FULLBACK! A fullback you run right up the middle, three yards and a cloud of dust. A guy like Spiller you have to get him into space so he can bresk off those 70 and 80 runs for TDs.
    The same thing happened to OJ Simpson when he came to BUFFALO. Bills fans wanted Simpson gone saying he wouldn’t hit the hole and danced around in the backfield. You can’t hit the hole if there isn’t one there. Then Lou Saban came in an put together the Electric Company. The rest is history. First back to get 2000 yards in a season.

  19. Buffalo should have brought Gailey in for the offensive coordinator. Gailey was a lousy head coach because he couldn’t run the defense. His big mistake was hiring Wannstedt to run the “D”. Wannstedt was brain dead.
    But as far as the offense it was a lot better under Gailey than it was under Marrone Baloney. Then you have to take into consideration Gailey didn’t have any weapons except Spiller. Look what he had, FitzTrajic at quarterback and Steve Johnson as the number wideout. That’s like giving your coach a gun with NO BULLETS.
    Johnson is third string in Frisco. You all know how FitzTrajic did in Houston.

  20. Stopped reading after “Spiller told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News…” as 90% of what Mehta reports is not true, 9% is accurate, and 1% is taken from someone else and claimed as his own “scoop”.


    Stopped reading after “Spiller told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News…” as 90% of what Mehta reports is not true, 9% is **inaccurate**, and 1% is taken from someone else and claimed as his own “scoop”.

  22. I just think it’s funny as a jets fan everyone talked so much trash but we will see what happens this season because this free agent market is stacked this year and we have more money than anyone see you in the super bowl next February !!!!!!!!

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