John Fox “in negotiations” with Bears, deal could be close


What has seemed inevitable may be getting closer to reality.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, John Fox is “in negotiations to become the next coach” of the Bears.

That’s been expected almost from the instant he was fired by the Broncos, as Fox was shrewd enough to lay the groundwork for his candidacy before he even lost last week’s playoff game to the Colts.

Fox and Bears General Manager Ryan Pace have a shared relationship with Saints coach Sean Payton, so finding common ground shouldn’t too difficult for two people who need each other.

34 responses to “John Fox “in negotiations” with Bears, deal could be close

  1. Welcome Mr. Fox. This bear fan welcomes the experience and discipline you’ll bring to the bears organization. I’m curious to how you’ll handle the current QB situation but please have a power running game instead of this sissy ball Trestman played.

  2. John Fox may not be the splashiest hire, Dan Quinn would have probably been the better hire but it seems he wants the Falcons job and John Fox is probably the safest hire…you know what you’re getting with John Fox and he is an above average coach which is something the Bears haven’t had for the past 15 years or so. He does tend to surround himself with quality assistant coaches too which is also something the Bears haven’t had in a LONG time. I think he’ll be the Bears coach for the next 4 years, he’ll help Mr. Pace right the sinking ship and lay the groundwork for the next Bears coach to continue the progress to sustained respectability and annual playoff appearances (which will not happen right away…there’s lot of garbage to sift through and get rid of and start over with a clean slate and inject some serious talent into this team before that will happen). I think the Bears hit a homerun with their new GM and a triple with their new coach…things are starting to look up in Chi-Town, now if they can make some good free agency signings and have a strong draft the Bears will be finally getting back on track!!!

  3. This myth about the Bears being cheap needs to die a painful death. They paid Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo to go away. They paid Emery and Trestman to go away. They allowed Emery to extend Marshall, Jennings and Cutler to large extensions. They paid Houston, Allen and Young. They paid Ernie Acorsi $330,000 for a couple weeks work.

    Believe it or not, they knew what it would take to hire Fox before they contacted him. They knew he’d demand a large salary and his own staff (which also would require a large salary). None of this is news to them. It’ll get done.

  4. Bears fans seem pretty divided on this hire. I think a lot of it is because we don’t know if we’re getting the Fox who coached an undertalented Panthers team to the Superbowl, or the Fox whose incredibly talented Broncos team got blown out in last year’s championship and looked unprepared and unmotivated in this year’s playoff exit. There’s also the energy/intensity factor. These Bears players need a size-14 boot in the backside after underacheiving in Trestman’s first year and flat out quitting this year. Is Fox going to bring that, or is it gonna be more of the same of deferring to veterans and hoping they will grow physical and mental toughness from within?

    Personally, I’m in the pro-Fox camp based on the fact that he has actually been a HC before (and with a pretty good record, at that), and because with having the league’s youngest GM, I think it’s very important to have an older presence at HC as a counterweight. I’m curious why it is taking so long to finalize, but hoping that discussion/selection of key staff additions is also part of what’s prolonging the process.

  5. “Unless it’s Ditka Bears fans will never be satisfied”

    the Ditka talk is a joke, no one really wants him back.

  6. I’m in the pro-Fox camp too. After Trestman, it will be good to get someone with discipline and a ton of NFL experience.

  7. Hate to dis anyone… but if Chicago was looking for someone to turn things around long term… Fox is not the man.

    He’ll pick things up for a couple years… then stagnate. See Denver.

    But… maybe Chicago front office understands this and going into it eyes wide open.

  8. Nothing wrong with the Fox hire, if it happens. He’ll bring a good bunch of coaches, and he knows what he’s doing. They don’t need a guy who will be learning as he goes along. Nothing against Quinn, or any of the other new guys, but most of them will wash out, and go back to being a coordinator. Not that there is anything wrong with that. They need someone who has a system, and will purge the roster, based on their way of already doing things.

    I would have preferred Bowles (his aggressive D, and rep as a guy who gets the best out of whatever he has), or even Quinn (enthusiasm of a young coach), but this would be a solid hire.

  9. As a Panther fan John Fox and Dom Capers was my favorite two head coaches we ever had. Your defense just got better and whoever the qb will be won’t be slinging it around if Fox is calling the shots. (pray it’s not Clausen).

  10. “He’ll pick things up for a couple years… then stagnate. See Denver.”

    If he picks it up like he did in Denver, 4 straight division titles and a SB appearance (although I’d prefer a win), sign me up.

    There are a bunch of coaches who are 59 or older, Belichick and Carroll, just to name 2. Not to compare Fox to those two, but it’s not as though any coach will run the ship like Halas or Landry did, in terms of duration.

  11. The jury is out, but it looks like he might be an improvement at least.

    If I were a Bears fan I would want them to hire a hard nosed no nonsense players kind of coach. I think with solid coahing and few tweaks this teams will be right back in the fold

    I would say adding th LB, and both lines should be the priority.

    Best of luck in 2015


  12. If I were a Bears fan I would want them to hire a hard nosed no nonsense players kind of coach. I think with solid coahing and few tweaks this teams will be right back in the fold
    The Bears need two new starting safeties, a LB with a brain who can call the defense, a #2 CB, and the best DC money can buy to get them all pulling together and teach everyone how to tackle again.

    If those things all come together, the offense should pretty much take care of itself provided our OL gets back to where it was 2 yrs ago and Cutler doesn’t decide to sabotage the offense again like he did this year.

  13. well…..if Fox gets the job, expect the Bears’ defense to be much better and as for their offense, expect lots of running plays and few passing plays. Cutler isn’t the type of QB that Fox typically uses/has.

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