LeSean McCoy pulls out of Pro Bowl

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The Eagles had five players selected to the initial Pro Bowl roster this year and they are back to five despite guard Evan Mathis joining his teammates on the team.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that running back LeSean McCoy has pulled out of the game because of an injury. There are no details about the nature of the injury, although McCoy did ding his knee in the season-ending win over the Giants. McLane reports that it isn’t believed to be serious.

McCoy is set to make $9.75 million for the Eagles and carried a cap number just under $12 million, which led to speculation that the team will revisit his contract this offseason. McCoy said that he’s “sure we can work something out” so that McCoy remains in Philadelphia.

No replacement has been named for McCoy yet. Packers running back Eddie Lacy, Bengals rookie Jeremy Hill and Dolphins tailback Lamar Miller are potential replacements among the crew of alternates.

32 responses to “LeSean McCoy pulls out of Pro Bowl

  1. I’ll be surprised if they work something out. These guys always seem to overvalue themselves, get mad at the teams offer, and end up going somewhere for less money than what the offer was to begin with.

  2. Ummm why was this guy in the Pro Bowl to begin with? He’s had a great career so far but this past season (which is all that’s supposed to be taken into account in Pro Bowl voting) was nothing to write home about.

  3. The fact that he made it says all you need to know about the credibility of the Pro Bowl. Can we please stop referring to players as an X_time pro-bowler as if it’s a good thing?

  4. All of them should pull out till they move it back to after the super bowl, so all the greats that year can get a vacation!!! Goodell just don’t see that what he changed just hasn’t been beneficial???

  5. A lot of players have incentives built into their contracts; ie, selected to the pro bowl. Do they still get the incentive if they decline to appear?

  6. Let me see if I get this right. An NFC running back decided not to play in the Pro Ball and two of the three alternates mentioned to replace him are from the AFC?


  7. If only they all would pass on the pro bowl. Seriously I am unable to watch it. Last year “Team Sanders” and “Team I Forget Who” had to be the dumbest broadcast yet. The whole thing should just be an announcement of names at their NFL Honors night. Hold the names until then for drama if you must. We gotta switch to getting pumped for college basketball peak season anyway so might as well do it that weekend before the Superbowl. And while I am on the subject, move the Superbowl to Saturday so we don’t have to call in sick the next day.

  8. If the NFL really wants fan intrest in the game….give each NFL team 50 tickets to have a “lottery’ for thier fans. The team would just need to pay for the winners airfare, hotel and food. Invest a little in your fans.

  9. So, some 5th alternate will go, and then we get to hear Gruden, Collinsworth (etc.) droll over them and tell us they are a “Pro Bowler”.

  10. Why was he in the Pro Bowl? He finished third in the NFL in rushing, second in the NFC, behind a banged up line for the first 9 games of the season…

    All these cowboy fans must be forgetting he rushed for 223 yards in 2 games vs your team…as opposed to Murray putting up only 154 in 2 games vs the Eagles…if that’s a bad season for McCoy then I guess that speaks to just how good he actually is.

    Facts are facts. Quit hating.

  11. Some of you people are idiots.

    McCoy made the Pro Bowl because he was 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards. If you think 1319 yards in a season is “nothing to write home about” then that tells you exactly how good he is to make it look pedestrian.

    Top that off with a patchwork offensive line most of the season, and 8 man boxes because of Sanchez, and it makes me think some of you are dumber than your posts make you look.

    There may only be one or two players in the NFL I would rather have 1 on 1 in the open field with the ball.

  12. 10 seasons of “nothing to write home about” would put him only a few seasons away from breaking the all time rushing record. It took Emmitt Smith a lot longer than that.

    Some of you need to step back and reflect on how good this kid actually is.

  13. Of course he won’t play in the Pro Bowl, he’ll be busy playing for the coach who “revolutionized the NFL in his first two years” in one of his many playoff games.


  14. Looks like he pulled his Wussy Tendon……

    McCoy, though talented as all get out, will never be great because he is soft. He takes himself out of games when he is tired. He runs out of bounds instead of getting extra yardage. I totally respect his talent. I question his heart.

  15. Eagles had 5 selected, then Evan Mathis was selected to go as a replacement and Cody Parkey was selected to go Monday after both kickers made the AFC Championship game. So the have 6.

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