Report: Jets are getting rid of Rod Graves also


The house-cleaning in the Jets front office isn’t limited to the college scouting side.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets are also going to part ways with executive Rod Graves.

Graves, formerly the General Manager of the Cardinals, was brought in two years ago to lend some personnel experience when John Idzik was hired as the Jets G.M.

As such, new Jets G.M. Mike Maccagnan didn’t feel compelled to keep him around, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

When the results merit firing the G.M. after two seasons, getting rid of the guys who helped him make those decisions can be easily justified.


19 responses to “Report: Jets are getting rid of Rod Graves also

  1. Good for the Jets.

    Way too often this is not the case (uhhhhh, kinda like when they kept Rex after hiring Idzik). If you’re making a change, MAKE A CHANGE. The new guy doesn’t need the old regime (who’s bitter about not getting the job or better yet, thinks they’re entitled to it), undermining a new plan and direction.

    If you’re bringing in new leadership, they have to be able to put the people in place they’re comfortable with.

  2. Rod Graves was a Jets executive???

    The last time I heard about him before his GM interview with the Redskins was him doing an appearance on NBCSN’s “Pro football Talk”.

    I’m surprised more by Graves being an executive than he was surprised by his firing.

    Graves = bad judge of talent. Why did Idzik ever consider him anyways??

  3. Might as well have a new uniform design as well if you’re going to make a clean sweep of things. That SB III uniform was a long time ago.

  4. Graves hired Idzik in AZ, just in time for the collapse of the Whiz/Graves Cards. Idzik returns the favor and hires Graves in New York. The buddy system is alive and well in the NFL, and keeps lots of guys in jobs above their competence level.

  5. So the guy we couldn’t wait to see go here in AZ…the guy who picked Calvin Pace in the draft rather than select local hero, ASU All-American Terrell Suggs…

    and then followed up that Hall-of-Fame Bonehead move by taking total bust Levi Brown rather than Adrian Peterson…

    …it seems fitting that he ended up with the Jets.

    Firing him won’t make any difference though. As long as owner Woody Johnson is more interested in getting Republicans elected than running a respectable football club, little is going to change.

  6. I’m liking all these moves, I’m really hoping this will take care of all the leaks to the media that’s happen all to often under Rex’s tenure. Also like to see them bring back the ’63 jetplane logo.

  7. jojobop: I agree completely. Completely new uniform design is an excellent idea. They don’t have to abandon the green, but something new and fresh with a new look is the way to go.

  8. Rod Graves passed on Adrian Peterson in the draft for Levi Brown…drafted Matt Leinart as a franchise QB, and recently he passed on Justin Houston in the 3rd round for TE Rob Housler….he pretty much stinks at his job!

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