Trent Richardson vows he won’t be inactive again, though it may happen Sunday

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Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson was deactivated for last week’s playoff victory over the Denver Broncos in favor of a free agent signed earlier in the week.

It’s quite the fall for the former No. 3 overall pick in the NFL Draft. However, Richardson vows that it won’t happen again.

That situation will never happen to me again,”Richardson said, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “Anybody can quote me, today, because it’s never going to happen again.”

Much to Richardson’s dismay, it may happen again Sunday in the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots.

Richardson had slid so far down the depth chart that the Colts deactivated him in favor of Michael Hill due to Hill’s experience and ability on special teams. Given Richardson’s lack of experience in special teams, it’s certainly possible the Colts make the same decision this week.

Richardson felt it was due to the rest of the running backs being “hotter” options at the time. To his benefit, Richardson said he’s trying to stay ready and prepare as if he’s going to play.

“Whatever coach do, I’m going to agree with it, I’m going to be happy with it, because that’s what’s best for the team,” Richardson said. “If he call me up and tell me I’m going to be playing, I’m going to be ready. If not, I’m going to be cheering my teammates on because it’s their game.”

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  1. You can’t fault him for not trying or having a good attitude.

    You can fault both the Browns and Colts for valuing such an over rated collegiate player too highly by listening to media hype instead of level headed scouting reports.

    If the NFL had a proper minor league and the criminal NCAA was disbanded, this wouldn’t happen.

  2. I hope this dude is saving his money cause I feel like he’s on borrowed time in the NFL. Eventually the Colts will either cut him or just move on when his contract expires and then who is going to be chopping down the door to sign a back who has never had a year where he breaks the 4 YPC mark? Not many teams in this day and age where finding a competent running back is not very hard. Frank Gore is running it better than this dude at 31 years old.


  3. The only thing saving this guy from being the biggest bust since Jamarcus is that the Browns were able to somewhat recoup their loss by tricking the idiot Indy front office into giving up a first round pick for him.

  4. Major Draft bust. He must be really dumb if he doesn’t understand why the Colts made him a healthy inactive last game. He’s not very good.
    Bet the house that the Colts are set to cut him.

  5. Two first rounders were spent for this guy. Ouch.

    I wager that he will be the last top five draft pick at running back until the next Adrian Peterson enters the league.

  6. I don’t know if there is a work ethic issue here, but unless it is so, I do feel bad for Richardson.

    Seems like he doesn’t use his physicality correctly, and being behind good (but not great) lines and smaller holes he has yet to adjust to the faster reaction of the NFL.

    I thought this trade would give him an ability to be a hard runner on a team that can keep a line honest with its great QB and WR core. But he looks worse and worse every time he touches the ball.

    Almost as if he is failing, but unlike other times in his life where he was better than anyone in the room, he’s facing harder competition, and psychologically doesn’t know how to get himself out.

    He doesn’t look injured. And he looks like he can pummel any linebacker ahead of him. It seems he’s second-guessing himself so much he forgot how to be a running back.

    Deactivate him for as long as the Colts are in the playoffs. Being a Pats fan, I hope just one more weekend. But he might need to have this failure happen to him, and be sent off to a team that will use the anger of getting this low in his career as motivation to succeed in a different environment.

    Saban and Belichick talk to each other a lot. So… just putting that out there.

  7. Trent Richardson flat out sucks. Period. The Browns were stupid for drafting him & the Colts were stupid for trading for him.

  8. As a huge Colts fan, TR’s performance the last year and a half has been a huge dissapointment. But from all indications, he has a good work ethic, is a solid team guy, is not a complainer. So I kind of feel bad for him. I think the Colts should keep him inactive this week (unless the addition of Griff Whalen to special teams means they don’t need the new running back active). And at the end of the season, let TR go. He’s decent enough that he’ll be picked up by another team as their second or third back.

  9. chitowncolt says: Jan 16, 2015 11:15 AM

    He’s decent enough that he’ll be picked up by another team as their second or third back.
    Decent enough? He’s among the absolute worst running backs in the league in yards per carry, and cannot be considered decent in any way shape or form.

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