Trent Richardson doesn’t accompany Colts to New England for “personal reasons”


Colts tailback Trent Richardson looks likely to be inactive for Sunday’s AFC title game at New England.

According to Kevin Bowen of, Richardson did not travel with the club on Saturday for “personal reasons.”

The 24-year-old Richardson has fallen down the depth chart, with Daniel Herron and Zurlon Tipton becoming the Colts’ top two backs. Third-stringer Michael Hill contributes on special teams.

Though the Colts traded a No. 1 pick for Richardson in 2013, his future beyond this season would seem to be somewhat in question, given his diminishing role.

However, as PFT’s Mike Florio pointed out, the Colts must pay Richardson’s $3.18 million salary for 2015 whether he plays for Indianapolis or another club.

139 responses to “Trent Richardson doesn’t accompany Colts to New England for “personal reasons”

  1. You can blame the Colts for trading away a first round pick for this colossal bust, but you also have to give them credit for trading a 2nd for Vontae Davis who has nothing short of spectacular.

  2. Its hard to believe somebody with that much talent falls that far in such a short amount of time. But it just shows RBs in this NFL are a dime a dozen with only very few elite that stand out.

  3. The personal reason is that it suddenly dawned on him that he is a crappy player and is being bypassed on the depth chart by people who were playing Pop Warner Football this past fall!

  4. Wow, not sure if I’ve ever heard a player not traveling with a team due to personal reasons not relating to a health/death of a family member.

  5. Yes he is a bust and he wasn’t worth the 1st round pick they traded for but lets not dump on the guy, he could be dealing with a significant loss in the family.

  6. As he was leaving the Colts facility, someone held open a door for him.

    It was the left side of a double door. He smacked into the right side, though, since he has trouble hitting the hole.

  7. grandpoopah says: Jan 17, 2015 3:51 PM

    I suspect he may have played his last snap in the NFL.


    Hate to say it but if Dallas lets Murray walk and can’t get or afford Peterson then I see Jerry picking him up for cheap.

  8. When will teams realize that RB or TB are a dime dozen, on average last 2 years, don’t waste money or picks on them. The colts are now paying good money for really nothing.

  9. Love when Browns fans celebrated getting the Bills first round pick for Sammy Watkins. If this is what they did with a #3 pick, what will they do with a #19 hahaha

  10. For a team that seems to be making all the right moves (drafting luck, hiring Pagano as coach, making the playoffs, divisional wins, etc) trading a first round pick for this guy was a horrible move.

    Then Cleveland (in typical fashion) wastes the pick, yet again.

  11. Jim Brown was right on the mark about this guy, but everyone blasted Brown because of his personal life.

  12. I guess they figured out a way for him to not look like a complete jack ass after he came out and said he will never be a healthy scratch again. If they make it to the sb I cannot wait to her that excuse why he won’t be active. Trent is done.

  13. Success in college doesn’t necessarily result in success in the NFL. Tebow would be the most recent high profile example that I can think of.

    I suppose if I out some effort into it I could come up with several others. It’s too early to tell on Manziel, but doesn’t look good thus far.

  14. The Colts and Jim Irsay are idiots. They trade for a power back in a pass first offensive scheme. Trent Richardson averaged 3.6 yds/ carry his rookie year. He averaged 3.3 yds/carry when the Colts traded for him. Now they are disappointed he averaged 3.3 yds/carry this year? The Colts throw 40 times per game and run the ball 25 times per game. Trent Richardson is a power back that needs 30 rushes per game to wear a defense down. KYP (Know your personnel). Trent Richardson will play for a run oriented team next year (49ers, Tampa, Bills, Giants, Vikings, ect).

  15. I kind of hate to see someone go bust when they were so promissing coming out of college but sh t happens. Maybe one guy can’t learn the playbook and another totally under estimates the conditioning and work needed to handle the load.

    They make McDonalds for a reason. Someone has to cook our burgers for us.

  16. Sometimes it takes a kick in the nuts to wake somebody up. Maybe this is his wake-up nut kick. He’ll get picked up on waivers by some club on the cheap. But, before anyone pays him anything close to top dollar again, he’ll have to put on his big boy pants and show something!

  17. Is there a death in the family? If not–Quitter. Team up with Wallace and complain about everything.

  18. Personal reasons: the Colts don’t want to risk him getting injured since they’re going to be waiving him in March before the start of free agency.

  19. I would think the Colts would want all hands on deck for their Super Bowl tomorrow.

  20. If there wasn’t a death in the family or something, I’d cut him today. To put yourself ahead of the team on the eve of the AFC Championship and you stink? See Ya! Who needs the headache?

  21. I’m a glass half full kinda guy. True, Richardson is a bust. But Cleveland is who really got hosed in this deal, because they used the pick to get Johnny Manziel.

  22. Can’t believe the Colts traded a number one draft pick for such an easy position to find in the draft.

  23. Have no idea what’s behind Richardson’s troubles, but maybe he should follow Rolando McClain’s path and return to Alabama to work out with Coach Saban and the Tide players. It certainly worked wonders for McClain.

  24. Give the guy a break!!! What is he, 24? How would you like to go #3 in draft, have Jim Brown immediately criticize you, get traded in your second year, and then get called a bust for the next year and a half?? Lets remember that the Colts don’t exactly have a great OLine. I know Trent will work to his best ability to get better. But lets not forget this is a human and a young man. He doesn’t deserve all the beatdowns

  25. Hmmm, might fit in very well in Seattle. He is of similar in size and running style as Marshawn Lynch. Could be a way to recoup some of the salary we paid Harvin to play for the Jets this year. After Seattle wins their 2nd straight Super Bowl and Marshawn retires, Richardson could compete for RB. Might be a nice fit. Offer him a 1 year contract, give the Colts a conditional pick (I’m thinking a 6 that could turn into a 4) and the Colts will be paying for his 2015 season anyway. I see it as a win/win for the Seahawks. Could be the next Beast!

  26. I’m betting after the Colts release him, the Cards will sign him for peanuts. At least one more year in the NFL for him.

  27. What an ego this guy has on him. You’re not as good as the media and draft gurus made you out to be. You’re getting paid millions of dollars to sit on your butt and you’ve got another $3m coming to you next year regardless of anything. Get over yourself and be happy with what you have. It’s way more than most people will ever have.


  28. @thefox61 cue the Billy Madison tape….are you frickin’ serious? Richardson is a 100% turd. I don’t care what team a guy is on or how the offense is designed, etc. He’s being outplayed by a couple of undrafted guys. He’s terrible.

  29. Since 1999:

    Here are some of the Browns 1st round picks:

    Tim Couch
    Kellen Winslow II
    Braylon Edwards
    Brady Quinn
    Trent Richardson
    Brandon Weeden
    Justin Gilbert
    Johnny Manziel

    All I can say is OUCH. Factory of Sadness is still chugging away.

  30. Wow. A guy works all year and you make him inactive for the biggest game of the year? That Chuck Pagano, he’s so cold….

    This, on top of a rape accusation too….


  31. This proves how LITTLE I know about football. Coming out of college, I couldn’t figure who I would rather have… Richardson or Eddie Lacey.

  32. That’s a shame. Looks like the talented Trent could not live up to the great expectations that were heaped on him.

    And now, to hear about this “personal reasons” excuse for not joining his team for a chance to go to the Super Bowl tells me he has given up. And that’s a shame.

    C’mon Trent. Push your reset button and knuckle under.

  33. Dear Trent,

    You never could live up to what’s expected of us. And, in the end this is the obvious next choice for your life.


    Dedication and hard work.

  34. College “stud” doesn’t always translate to NFL “stud”..mentally speaking of course.

  35. Translation: he found out he was getting scratched again and refused to get on the plane.

    Tough break for this kid. I thought he was the real deal but it just doesn’t appear that he has the vision or quickness needed to play the position at this level. I am sure someone will give him another chance on a minimum contract. He looks really heavy, maybe losing some weight is necessary? Either way I wish him well.

  36. @getmikej2012: Exactly, you 100% correct! Next year He’ll be on a run first team with an actual Offensive line! Seattle, 49ers, Bills, Jets, Cowboys. He’s far from a “Bust” the only “Bust” have been the Browns and the Colts! The Colts are a “Bust” In the sense they don’t run the ball lol lol watch,,,, Trent will be a beast on a run first team next year! PS: How can one be a “Bust” lol when he’s still getting paid 4 Million next year if he plays or not! lol I would love to be a “Bust” myself with that Money!!lol

  37. No team that intentionally throws NFL games and pushes out a QB like Manning like the Colts did in order to draft Andrew Luck should be rewarded (the Suck For Luck agenda). The Curse of Manning be upon you…..

  38. lanman11 says:
    Jan 17, 2015 5:18 PM
    Wow. A guy works all year and you make him inactive for the biggest game of the year? That Chuck Pagano, he’s so cold….

    This, on top of a rape accusation too….


    ….on top of the owners prescription narcotic drugged and driving scandal too……

  39. Bill Belichick points towards Trent Richardson and goes you colt what is your profession, Trent answers Bench warmer sir

    Bill turns towards chuck pagano see old friend i’ve brought more football players then you have

  40. thebrownswillalwaysloose says: Jan 17, 2015 4:11 PM

    For a team that seems to be making all the right moves (drafting luck, hiring Pagano as coach, making the playoffs, divisional wins, etc) trading a first round pick for this guy was a horrible move.

    Then Cleveland (in typical fashion) wastes the pick, yet again.

    They lucked into a lot of it, pun intended.
    Their owner openly talked about how great it was to tank the season and they did it when a once in a decade QB came out. A lot of their other drafts were awful, but I guess they did make a few good moves.

  41. rodgersgimpleg says:
    Jan 17, 2015 5:52 PM
    I’d let Murray go and pick this dude up and let him run behind that Dallas line. Bet you that you’d see an up swing in his production 1000x fold

    I don’t know, gimpy, I remember back in the 90s when Dallas had that lengendary offensive line they brought in Blair Thomas after the Jets released him. He was there to back up Emmett Smith and he couldn’t run behind those All-Pros. Some guys just can’t get it done at the highest level.

  42. chiadam says:
    Jan 17, 2015 4:22 PM

    When Jim Brown weighs in on a RB, it’s probably a good idea to listen.
    When Jim Brown weighs in on anything, it’s probably a good idea not to listen.

  43. “He looks really heavy, maybe losing some weight is necessary? ”

    He’s going to have to lose some weight. He’s around 225ish and doesn’t have the type of power to move quick at that weight. Most backs don’t, now give it with the fact he’s slow to the hole, as opposed to Eddie Lacy who isn’t, and it’s not a good look.

  44. Honestly, of all the games or highlights I have seen of Trent dating back to Cleveland there has not been one time where I said “wow, this guy is good” or “wow, this guy is the future”. People said he had potential to be like Lynch but when I saw him he had zero vision, was stupid with the football.

  45. Kills me,all the ppl on here who love 2 see ppl fail. your lives must be horrible.Lower middle class I can only assume or just pure jealousy.Maybe in your next lives you can become the football player like Trent is or was and make millions.

  46. Clearly, this hasn’t panned out the way Richardson or the Colts would have hoped when the trade was made with the Browns. And, while Richardson has been mostly ineffective as a rusher, I will give him credit for one thing….I saw him a number of times make critical blocks to protect Andrew Luck. That said, I feel like Richardson respects the game and respects the team. Because, guys who don’t respect their teammates, don’t sacrifice their bodies to make blocks. Just ask LeGarrette Blount. That dudes a human turnstile.

  47. drunkraider says: Jan 17, 2015 3:39 PM

    Its hard to believe somebody with that much talent falls that far in such a short amount of time.


    *cough* *cough* JaMarcus *cough* Russell *cough*

    I think it might still be too early for Raider fans to pass such judgments…..

  48. He will get traded and end up being a decent back for a team that coaches him properly and gives him 25 touches a game. Colts are pass first and had no need for him, not sure why they even traded for him.

  49. I can’t believe the Browns were smart enough to get a first rounder back for him (well let’s be honest the Colts GM was literally on drugs at the time) but of course they replaced one bust with another because they are the Browns..

    I generally don’t like Rick Spielman but he was able to get Cleveland to give up a third rounder to trade up ONE SPOT to get Richardson when the Vikings weren’t on any planet going to take him. LOL

    Now only if the Vikings would have taken Kuechly instead of Kalil, oh well… hmmm… hey Colts need a new LT?

  50. Something must be up with him: drugs? Alcohol? He was far too promising…and looked far too good in his first year for him to have fallen so fast without something like that getting in the way.

  51. A person wrote:

    “Thank god the Minnesota Vikings took Matt Kalil in that draft!”

    Really? Matt Kalil regressed this season to the point some people are starting to call him a bust.

  52. Although we’ve come to the end of the road
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  53. When I saw the title of this post, it was obvious that reader reaction would be overwhelmingly negative. PFT readership is pretty predictable. I’m a Colts fan and was really rooting for Trent and I’m disappointed he hasn’t been able to succeed this year… however, to be left out of a playoff game doesn’t make me angry or want to mock the man, it makes me think “what’s really going on?” It could be a money thing but they’re on the hook for his contract for next year anyways. I wonder then if his personal issues are psychological or family-related, in either case it’s very disrespectful to pile on him like an idiot. We’ll see, the truth will eventually come out…

  54. Never forget all the tweets Irsay sent before he made the trade ‘OMG…the Earth is SHAKING!!!!! Shock and AWE is coming VERY SOON!!!!!!!, “Colts Nation…are you sitting DOWN!!!!!! “, (btw Jim, sorry there is only one nation…maybe Colt County, or Colt City) , and “This day of MONSTER TRADE,The Tidal Wave Of Deal making…Shocks the system of “..Didn’t see THIS ONE COMING!!!!!!” Grig’s Rollin’ Dice!” (looks like the dice came up craps)

    the final one was the most appropriate …..”Here ya go Colts fans”—-there ya go

  55. I truly hope he get another chance with a new team. A fresh start and change of scenery can do wonders for some people.

  56. It can be hard to judge Bama players because the team around them is so good. It seems obvious to me that Richardson doesn’t have the talent to play at the NFL level. He doesn’t break tackles like he was able to in college. And having just looked at his highlight film, when a guy isn’t getting touched until he is five to ten yards downfield with a full head of steam it is easy to look good.

    If I’m an NFL guy I want to see all kids but especially Bama guys run the forty and do other drills at the combine so its a level playing field. Some guys clocked Richardson at 4.58 at his pro day and others claimed 4.4. You need electronic timing and you need to know if its a fast track to give any perspective to that number.

  57. In the big picture this means nothing for Indy. The Colts will surround Luck with WR’S and RBS through the draft . The Colts may lose big on Sunday but they will win big in the near future and the Patsies will be dust in the wind .

  58. People need to stop picking on the Browns. They are the sleezy used car salesman of the NFL. They got teams to trade for Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn and Trent Richardson.

    IF Manziel turns into a bust they will get something for him way more than he’s worth. Did we forget they talked the Jets into trading half their team for the Mark Sanchez pick?

  59. He was a terrible trade, it never worked out.
    He could have travelled but so what? He wouldn’t have done anyting. He sucks.

  60. Bigger Browns Bust – Richardson or Manziel?

    I’d lean toward Johnny but Richardson was like a double whammy. Manziel is here because of him!

  61. to the guy tellong us to go easy on Richardson because he is a young man and a sensitive.

    He has made more money in his you g career than I will in my entire life. I have no sympathy, he can cry himself to sleep on his silk pillow.

  62. The good news is, now that Irsay is on the wagon, no one is going to be able to get another like this one by him again.

  63. Good to see an ownership mindset different than “we are paying him big money, so therefore we need him to start.” I’ve never understood that loser mentality which is all too common in the NFL.

  64. The Colts are “pass-first” because Richardson sucks, not the other way around.

    Tough to win two yards at a time.

  65. Just win Baby! That’s all the Colts are interested in. The Colts picked up Richardson last year when about three guys had just gotten injured. They were down in the dumps and heading into San Francisco to play the powerful 49ers. The Richardson acquisition was perfect timing to pump up the locker room and let the team know that the front office will do whatever it takes to win. They went into San Francisco and shocked everyone by beating the 49ers. Richardson has probably done all he can do and now it’s on to the next guy. Free agent Boom Herron. Ryan Grigson is the best GM in the league. He fits pieces into the puzzle as he needs to. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Colts go into New England and whip the Patriots and go to the Super Bowl. Gotta credit Jim Irsay with finding Grigson. I really like how he took over a 2-14 team and has won at least 11 games three years in a row. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a GM as good as Grigson.

  66. I’m sure the young man will at least get a chance to attend some team’s training camp. The earlier blog about him getting a shot in Dallas is intriguing. If he can’t put up decent numbers behind Dallas’ offensive line, I would have to attach the “BUST” label to him.

  67. Remember how some people were ripping the Browns for trading Richardson?

    Looks like the Browns were the smart ones on that deal.

  68. If Baltimore had upset the Patriots, Indianapolis would be hosting the game today.

    I would what the headline would be if this had been a home game?

  69. I don’t know. Not to defend TR, but I don’t think they (colts) are trying or care to try to make him successful which is unfortunate. Some say dime a dozen, and Id definitely agree for the most part with that. But IF say a team like for example NE traded a swapped 7th round pick for TR do you think he’d work out there? I bet if SEA told Lynch to hit the bricks over $ and traded for/signed TR, he’d surprise most of you/everyone. Also I wont be surprised when something very similar happens.. its only a matter of time. And the only ones who are gonna get burned on that situation are the colts. Which $ucks for them.

  70. Any drug can be abused…….my guess; weed has left trent dumb and unmotivated.

    Personally I smoke a few times a week, read non fiction every day and workout an hour a day. . . . but for some guys like any other drug, weed really sets them back.

    Trent is to talented and two teams wanted him to succeed to badly for me to come up with another explanation.

  71. Trentative Richardson…..

    People who can run behind the Colts’ offensive line better
    1. Vick Ballard
    2. Donald Brown
    3. Boom Herron
    4. Zurlon Tipton
    5. My Grandma

    Remember, he did vow to never be “inactive” again..he’s just fulfilling his vow.

  72. He vowed after last week he’d never be a “scratch” again… then he missed the Colts walk-through without a notice…

    It’s obvious he realized he’d once again be a scratch for the game and QUIT.

  73. lanman11 says:
    Jan 17, 2015 6:03 PM

    No team that intentionally throws NFL games and pushes out a QB like Manning like the Colts did in order to draft Andrew Luck should be rewarded (the Suck For Luck agenda). The Curse of Manning be upon you…..

    Moron. No team “throws” games for a draft pick because [especially in the NFL] no draft pick is a lock to be good.

    Also, the Colts gave Kerry Collins a sizeable contract at the start of the year to replace the injured Manning… hardly a move by a team looking to tank it.

    Also, I’m sure Bill Polian and Coach Caldwell were so on board tanking so they could then be FIRED. Makes so much sense… NOT!

  74. 1265theavenue says:
    Jan 17, 2015 4:15 PM
    Success in college doesn’t necessarily result in success in the NFL. Tebow would be the most recent high profile example that I can think of.

    I suppose if I out some effort into it I could come up with several others. It’s too early to tell on Manziel, but doesn’t look good thus far.


    Tebow was 8-5 with a playoff win before the pharisees and sadduccees blackballed him out of fear of a Christian revival in the USA! Bad comparison.

  75. Always give an opportunity to at least hear both sides of the story. but if it is just him acting like a kid over his role, you just suck it up for a few weeks ,be a professional and teammate, let your agent and or union handle any issues when the season ends. You just let down all of those men who have been working towards a goal of a Lombardi. It’s very selfish. His talent will land him another opportunity(most likely New England) and he will become a stud RB,it always seems to happen for these sad sacks when Bill gets them into his system.

    Very disappointing to read when many youth players will be watching,today, and a subplot will be another spoiled athlete puts his own agenda above the team.

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