Aaron Rodgers: “We were the better team today”


For most of Sunday’s game in Seattle, it seemed that the Packers were destined to earn their sixth Super Bowl berth.  But a late charge by the Seahawks resulted in overtime — and a win by the home team.

After the game, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told reporters that the team that lost shouldn’t have.

We were the better team today and we played well enough to win and we can’t blame anybody but ourselves,” Rodgers said, via Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee.

Rodgers is right, on every count.  But the Packers ultimately scored fewer points, fueled in part by a variety of little things (and a few big things) that came together to open the door for the Seahawks.

One of the little things was the failure to attack Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman as he was walking around with his injured arm in an invisible sling.

“I think we could’ve,” Rodgers said.  “We just didn’t execute very well.”

He’s right, and now the Packers will go at least five years between Super Bowl appearances despite arguably having the best quarterback in the NFL on their roster.

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  1. I hate when people say “We were the better team” when they lose. The better team finds a way to win. They don’t coast when they think it’s over and end up watching the other team go to the Super Bowl.

  2. You were the better team for fifty six minutes. Unfortunately for you, Aaron, the game is sixty minutes long.

  3. Seattle just had a bad game. Wilson never plays that bad. Seattle is the better team. The better team fought back and won today. They have the heart of a champion.


  4. Unfortunately fake FGs, onside kicks, and bad plays on two point conversions are also part of the game. Seattle had to dip into their bag of tricks then made the huge plays when they had to.

  5. “…we played well enough to win.” Wrong. If they played well enough to win they would’ve won.

  6. offensively sure not defensively most of packers points came because wilson was throwing int’s and giving them good field position and still only managed 22 points at the end of the game?

  7. Aaron Rodgers: “We were the better team today”

    LOOK at the scoreboard you friggin’ tool!

  8. LOL here comes the crybaby tears by this perpetually overrate loser. If you were the better team, how come your #1 offense consistently choked in the endzone despite every opportunity handed to you? How come you ONCE AGAIN had less than 200 yards and more INTs than TDs? The Packers are soft and got exposed by another NFC West team yet again showing these pretenders how it’s done.

  9. For the classy GB fans this had to have stung big time.
    For the packer trolls here, I will be laughing AT you for quite some time.

  10. Aaron was absolutely correct. GB was the better team, for 55 minutes.

    Thank goodness the game is 60 minutes of ‘don’t quit’ and Seattle did not quit…neither did RW in spite of having his worst game as a pro!

    Hats off to GB for a hard fought game, and participating in what very well may be a NFC Championship CLASSIC!

    Go HAWKS!!

  11. YEP just keep saying that Erin…. perhaps you can Wish your way to a Super Bowl…
    The better team has a W behind the score tonight!!!
    “Arrogant Aaron strikes again”…..puke.
    I am enjoying this loss immensely, ALL Season long Packer Trolls have infested every Vikings story on PFT this season, starting in the pre-Season…
    All your Trash talk, Cheering every loss and injury!
    Well my Friends I feel GREAT about my team right now, HOW BOUT YOU?……..
    So… R-E-L-A-X….. you would have gotten Smoked in the S.B. anyway… There’s always next year….
    have a nice Night.

  12. Seriously, this is hysterical. The Packers were never a great team, they only have an elite quarterback. You all should have seen this coming when the literal Atlanta Falcons were a couple of 2 point conversions away from dropping 40 points in Lambeau. Their overrated receivers drop balls all the time and only have great counting stats due to the volume of targets. Eddie Lacy looks like Trent Richardson against good defenses. Their defense is without fail a joke, coaches by clueless circus clown Dom Capers.

  13. The Packers have had HOF QB play for the past 25 years and only have 2 SBs to show for it. The last team to have back-to-back HOF QBs was San Francisco. I believe they won 5 SBs and they didn’t get 25 years to do it. At what point do the GB fans admit that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are holding this franchise back?

  14. Legendary choke job. Everyone is happy that’s it’s not their team that crumbled like this. Humiliation to the max.

  15. Ugh, unless you think you got jobbed by the refs, how is it that the better team lost? Green Bay blew it! Five turnovers vs. two? On the road! That was a choke job.

    I respect the Packers and there is simply no way they should have lost.

  16. Great game – after Wilson did his best to channel “Andy Dalton” in the first half, he came to his senses just in time in the second. The Pack had their chances. The scoreboard dictates who the better team is.

  17. People get on Mannings case about losing in playoffs.. Rodgers is just as big a loser yet the media lays off him.., Best team??? Go home

  18. Sorry Double Choke Down Rodgers

    Seattle was the better team, and it is reflected on the SCOREBOARD.

    Aaron Rodgers is becoming a bigger whinebag, crybaby, excuse maker than Tom Brady.

    Seattle fans have class, GB fans……..well even SF fans are classier than GB fans.

    Face it, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks were just toying with GB all day, until it was time to rip out their pathetic hearts.


  19. Took their foot off the gas way too early.

    Hitting the ground on that interception, with no Seahawk in the picture, what was that?

  20. Better team? How about you frauds learn how to play defense and not give up two consecutive deep bombs in overtime to a quarterback had been shaky all game? How about you not let Marshawn Lynch have nearly 200 YARDS from scrimmage? How about you learn not to be the only team to give up an onsides kick when you all know it’s coming?

    This is just disrespect to the reigning Super Bowl Champions by a bitter loser who barely has a postseason record above .500. The Seahawks completely clamped down on these cotton candy soft goblins in the second half.

  21. johnnytarr says: Jan 18, 2015 8:26 PM

    For the classy GB fans this had to have stung big time.
    For the packer trolls here, I will be laughing AT you for quite some time.

    You will find Bigfoot before you find a classy GB fan!!

  22. GB regrets not going for it inside the 1 on 4th and goal. The better team played with heart, played with fire and found a way to win. Surprised by Rodgers comments. Not the humble attitude that he usually shows. Great NFC Championship game. Congrats to the birds.

  23. I will say, the Packers are the second best team in the NFC, not sure what trophy they give you for that??
    Loving that comeback by Seahawk! The herds of Packer fans here in Chicago can finally Choke on Moldy Cheese, your Super Bowl hopes have been Shredded! NFC North title is best you will do! Pack it up and go back North! Thank you Seattle for shutting these arrogant transplants up!

  24. How many of the Packer TROLL fans do you think will have to pay to fix the holes in the sheetrock in their mother’s basement?

  25. Mike Mc Carthy- fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life…

    u kick a fg at the 1 twice, u deserve to lose…U intercept a ball with a ton of green ahead of u and u slide like a qb, u can’t knock down the worst pass ever thrown for a 2 pt play…….Seahawks are an average to good team…wow…Packers just gagggggggged…

  26. My goodness…….is this the so-called MVP that actually said this……DISGRACEFUL.

    What a chump!!!!!

    Sorry Rodgers,you weren’t.

    Congrats to the packers the pulledoff the biggest choke in NFC history by blowing the largest lead in an NFC Championship game, AND LOST!!!!!!

    To all the packer fans, this is karma-FROM VIKING FANS!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. what a total fail by McCarthy his conservative play calling especially in the last 5 mins cost Green Bay the game and he needs to be held accountable

  28. When you get a pick with 5 minutes left you can’t:

    – Fall down and give up easy return yardage. I realize you can’t fumble, but it looked like a lot of yards were left on the table there.

    – Go backwards on the drive and only run a minute off the clock

    – Have a punt that is only 20 yards back from where Seattle turned the ball over.

    And if you are going to do that, you need to make the other team burn clock.

    And if you can’t do that, the reserve TE who’s job is to block, needs to block and not try to catch the ball that is falling right into Nelson’s lap.

    And if you can’t do that you need to get a defensive stop.

    And if you do give up a TD, you need to stop a Hail Mary pass on a 2 point conversion.

    Just a comedy of errors. I credit the Seahawks for not giving up, but there were about a dozen plays where the Packers failed miserably to put the dagger into them.

  29. I will never understand the hatred for Aaron Rodgers I see on Packers Articles. He’s hands down the best QB in the league and he played a good game against a very strong defense at home. Anyone who hates on Rodgers obviously doesn’t understand what it is to have a QB as good as him. And this is coming from a Jet fan. Rodgers didn’t lose this game for the Pack, the coaching staff and the hands team did. You have to credit Seattle for not giving up

  30. Glad we don’t have to watch Erin put on his fake belt and shoot his air pistols. You weren’t the better team this week, you lost. You weren’t good last week either, refs gave you that one. Good luck with all your off season commercials clown

  31. A-Rod you’re wrong. The Seahawks are better, you outplayed them a long time today. Fumbles, ints, bad snaps by Unger and penalties were all overcome.

    That’s the mark of a champion.

  32. but fatty mccarthy spit the bit and coached like shottenheimer jr. when you coach not to lose…you lose…classic, epic, coaching failure today..cost the green and gold a super bowl

  33. Packers did just enough to lose.

    Heartbreaker. They didn’t go for the kill shot in second half.

    Seagulls hung tough, little things made great difference.

    BTW – how was pftblowit’s team’s post-season? Thought so.

  34. Hey Aaron, I think your look alike commercial dude wants out of his All State contract due to your epic collapse! Looks like the Seahawks are the ‘belt’ wearers again! Tool!!!

  35. Five turnovers, one with five minutes left, and GB scores only 19 points.

    I mean, how good are you

  36. The turning point came when the DB intercept the ball and fell to the ground with 5min left in the game that gave the seahawks a chance to come back. The seahawks was the better team in the end.

  37. Rogers is correct. GB was the better team. Seattle is unbelievably lucky. They recover an onside kick and they win a coin toss so GB doesn’t even see the ball again. That is a grossly unfair NFL rule – games decided on the flip of a coin. Both sides deserve an equal opportunity with the ball. The college rule is much fairer than the NFL.

  38. Actually that’s incorrect….Seattle ended up with more Rushing yards, more passing yards, more total yards, more first downs and more third down conversions…and more points. The fact that they took less time to do it is inconsequential !

  39. The Packers were the better team for 3 1/2 + quarters but when it counted the most the Seahawks made the plays to win the game.
    Were we lucky? Yes!
    The Seahawks never gave up even though some of our fans did.
    The Packers played a great game. The Seahawks played with heart and determination. We caught a great team off guard and played great when it mattered most.
    Great game Packers! Tough loss! But the final score says who the better team was.

  40. Rodger’s remarks were classless. In the words of Bill Parcells ” you are what your record says you are”.

  41. “We were the better team today.”- Aaron Rogers
    “We’re going to the Superbowl.”- Hawks

  42. Saying something like that being on the losing end only makes you a whiner.

    Suck it up Rodgers, a truly great player is gracious in losing and doesn’t make excuses or whine about it.

    Place the blame where it truly belongs, at the feet of your head coach.

    Just think, if you were half as good as P. Manning, you would be calling your own plays and not relying on someone else.

  43. Yes football fans, we have heard of “Playoff Flacco”. He’s the guy who is mediocre in the regular season and plays great in the playoffs.

    After adding this game to the continuing string of playoff losses, I would like to introduce you all to “Playoff Rodgers”.

    After an MVP regular season, “Playoff Rodgers” rears his ugly head for the Packers and strikes again! His appearances are becoming as predictable as the swallows returning to Capistrano.

    To quote what “Regular Season Rodgers” said (in a voice dripping with arrogance) a number of years ago, “You earn your paycheck in the regular season and you create your legacy in the playoffs.”

    Well, it looks like his legacy is clear – he is going to be remembered as a poor man’s Peyton Manning.

    Something tells me that there is a former NFL quarterback in Hattiesburg, MS tonight with a big smile on his face.

  44. Um Nope:

    Team Stat Comparison
    GB SEA
    1st Downs 19 20

    Passing 1st downs
    11 10
    Rushing 1st downs
    6 10
    1st downs from penalties
    2 0
    3rd down efficiency
    3-14 8-16
    4th down efficiency
    0-0 1-1
    Total Plays 65 70
    Total Yards 306 397
    Yards per 4.7 5.7
    Total Drives 13 16
    Passing 171 203
    19-34 15-30
    Yards per pass
    4.9 5.8
    Interceptions thrown
    2 4
    Sacks-Yards Lost
    1-7 5-25
    Rushing 135 194
    Rushing Attempts
    30 35
    Yards per rush
    4.5 5.5
    Red Zone (Made-Att)
    1-3 2-3
    Penalties 5-45 8-40
    Turnovers 2 5
    Fumbles lost
    0 1
    Interceptions thrown
    2 4
    Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
    Possession 32:15 31:04
    Score 22 28

  45. Winning and losing are opposites. Rodgers, the better team always wins. It wasnt Green Bay today.

  46. Brady and Manning own their losses when they lose. This comes off as bad sportsmanship. Even if you believe it, you shouldn’t say it.

  47. First of all I am a die hard Packer fan. With that being said as I read over most of these immature post, I’m overwhelmed by the denial and false pride of the Seahawks fans. Clearly the Packer player beat the Seattle players😄 All Green Bay has to do is recover a on side kick which hit the Packer player hands and Green Bay goes to the Super Bowl. Basically Packer coaching and poor special team play ultimately cost Green Bay the game😢😂😭 In short Green Bay shot itself in the foot. With that being said, the Packers did not deserve to go to the Super Bowl. With a injure Arron Rodgers they took Seattle to overtime, Seattle had all it could handle. When the Patriots destroy you 2-1-15. We will all have something in common (gone fishing) 😄😃😀😢😂😭

  48. “This is just disrespect to the reigning Super Bowl Champions by a bitter loser who barely has a postseason record above .500. ”

    Surely you don’t mean the same champs who were talking plenty trash during the week. Seahawks aren’t as classy as you think.

  49. The most overall talented team won. No question.
    I wonder about the fans of teams that belittle the Packers, but have much less success that the Green Bay franchise. The bear have won 1 SB. The vikqueens are 0 & 4; the paper lions haven’t gotten there yet (although, they look good for next year). The Packers a 4 & 1 in the SB. Just because the town is small doesn’t mean the accomplishments are small. It’s just so exhausting to listen to. It should be humbling for the “big town” teams that have So Much to offer, that the littlest town has the Most Success.
    Keep in id: the U.S.A was 13 colonies at one time.
    Congrats Seattle. You have a great TEAM!

  50. “We were the better team today and we played well enough to win”

    Except that you didn’t win, which means you didn’t play well enough to win, ergo you weren’t the better team.

    Pretty simple stuff, really…

  51. Dear Dallas fans,
    Enough already. Your team is the first team to ever lose twice in the same postseason.
    Dear Seattle fans,
    I’m glad your team won. If this is all the class you show when you win, I’d hate to hear you when you lose!
    Dear Aaron Rodgers, R-E-L-A-X! Enjoy your vacation.
    This game was a comedy of errors. I thought this would have been a great hard fought game.

  52. Actually, you were not the better team. You failed to score a TD in the redzone a couple of times, you didn’t even try to get a crucial 1st down late in the 4th, and you botched catching an onside kick. I hate Seattle, but when they play that bad you do not play “not to lose” you play “to win.” The Packers played terrible. Plain and simple. They should have won 20 to 14.

  53. All the games I watched this season where the Pack had the lead and Rodgers, McCarthy and Nelson were laughing and mocking the opposition from the sideline. That was truly classless.

    How’s it feel now Rodgers, Nelson, Nelson?
    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch !

    Thanks Seattle !

    Bear fan

  54. witten822016 says:
    Jan 18, 2015 9:17 PM
    Cowboys were the best team all year and got robbed, see you next year

    Most fraudulent, more like it.

    Keep hanging onto that fluke game in Seattle. you would have gotten destroyed if you had beaten Green Bay anyway.

  55. Seahawks spent the first half trying to give Green Bay the game. With all those turnovers, this should have been a blowout at halftime.

    Bottom line, Green Bay played just good enough to lose. The Seahawks wanted it more, and so they played hard and won it.

    It’s never any fun to be on the losing end of a game like this (it’s never fun to lose – but one like this always hurts more).

  56. Wilsons worse game ever, first half the defense could not get off the field…after three quarters Seattle was getting owned big time, then pure domination occurred in the fourth quarter, in the end Seattle dominated in ever stat except turn-overs, they won the game and out played GB, might have been just one quarter or one half but enough to win.

  57. It/s not the bobbled onside kick. For me, it’s one play that started it all. 16-0, 3rd down and 19. What defensive genius decided it was a good idea to rush 3 and allow a super bowl winning QB to have all the time in the world to sit back and find a receiver? Change that play and there’s no fake FG and no onside kick. Just my opinion.

  58. This ain’t figure skating, Erin. You gotta score more points to win, not just look prettier.

  59. hey packer trolls…..might want to turn on the patriots colts game…..you see, you score a lot of points, get a great lead, and then like belichick does, put the pedal all the way down, and score more points,and more and more. 45-7 with 10 minutes left.. bradys 6th sb appearance sets record for starting qb’s. he may be a pretty boy but damn, he gets it done. 6th time since 02? thats 6x in twelve years . gb has 5 trips since 1967…48 years . new england has 1 more in 1/4 th of the amount of years. why is green bay titletown again? can you answer that?

  60. I seriously thought Wilson was trying to throw game during the first half…he was brutal. Then, he and the team kept plugging away for the full 60 minutes and OT. The Pack had them…can never coast in a game like this…The reason the Hawks are so good, is they don’t quit. Pack thought they could coast into the SB…

  61. jpm557
    Jan 18, 2015, 8:43 PM EST
    I will never understand the hatred for Aaron Rodgers I see on Packers Articles. He’s hands down the best QB in the league and he played a good game against a very strong defense at home. Anyone who hates on Rodgers obviously doesn’t understand what it is to have a QB as good as him. And this is coming from a Jet fan. Rodgers didn’t lose this game for the Pack, the coaching staff and the hands team did. You have to credit Seattle for not giving up

    WOW really??? Best hands down??? He has lost MORE than Peyton Manning in the playoffs and Manning is called the loser???
    Aaron Rodgers loses year after year after year in the playoffs.. 4 times in the red zone and 3 field goals?? They lose because their coach sucks and Rodgers turns into Turnover man when it counts

  62. You won nothing today, and you didn’t deserve to win. Talk about blowing it Aaron. You may feel like that, but that’s ridiculous. The Seahawks are going to the Super bowl and you are going home.
    They won the game in the last 3 mins of the game, way to feel proud of your playing.
    Get over it.

  63. In case McCarthy, Rogers and Co need a tutorial, Belichek, Brady and Co are putting on a clinic on how not to take your foot off your opponent’s neck when he’s down.. I actually respect Rodgers as a player and am surprised he made that idiotic statement.. The best team on Any Given Sunday is the one who finds a way to win the game… Period.

  64. For most of the game, Mr. Rogers, you may have been the better team, but after that comment, the better team won the game.

  65. Clearly Seattle had everything. Green Bay is the best team in the NFL and it is obvious. Dumb luck is the Seahawks friend today. Clearly Wilson is not a top five QB. Too bad we won’t be able to watch a real game for Superbowl. Seahawks have no business in the Superbowl.

  66. wow, sour grapes and classless..thats why a lot of people dont like you rodgers..we really dont. it’s that smug arrogance along with the posing and posturing and making an injury seem worse than what it is. the great part is when you fall, you fall harder…his window to leave a legacy is getting smaller with each passing year

  67. Eat some cheese instead of excess whine, Rodgers. If the Packers were the better team, you would be on your way to the Superbowl.

  68. Great season Packers. Improved throughout the year and put the beat down on the Shehawks in their own house. Unfortunately, overly conservative play calling and a few unlucky bounces let it get away from you. We look good already going into next year. Its great being a Packer fan.

  69. Aaron…stay classy. You are never the better team when you lose. You played well enough to win, but didn’t close the deal. that means you were not the better team. Everybody but the Seahawk players had given up. They didn’t. they won. They were the better team.

  70. Hey discount double-check dude. You’ve been double-checked, triple-checked and eliminated from the tournament! Time to take off that championship belt and hang it up. You’re done…hit the links and rest your calf.

  71. You may have been the better team on the field, but your coach obviously didn’t think so. Choosing to kick field goals twice on fourth and goal from the one and running the ball up the middle on all three downs with over 4 minutes to go are not indicative of a coach who has confidence in his offense.

  72. Where was your team? Hmmm? Hey, it sucks for any QB or coach, especially after a tough loss, to have to stand in front of the media and answer questions. Yes, it’s part of the job. But cut the man some slack. He’s right – the Packers were the better team tonight, and the coaches’ decisions to play it conservative down the stretch is what caused this loss. When will teams stop using the PREVENT (prevent you from winning) defense?

  73. Yea the hawks were so much a better team than the cheese heads they just used the fake field goal and onside kick..that’s not really outplaying them… It’s out coaching them……cheese heads need a new coach

  74. In the end, the Packers played a great game, lost to the best team in the NFL in their house in overtime.

    The Seahawks, Packers, and Patriots (in that order) are by far–by FAR–the best three teams in the NFL.

  75. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL teams. all of you guy out there saying that the is crybaby and a loser. Your saying that because thats what you are. So you should give him some respect. You don`t want me saying that about your team now do you. So all of those quarterbacks out there read this WHEN YOU GUYS LOSE YOU GUYS DO THE SAME THING!!! Do you guys like when you see this after a game when you lose? NO I DO NOT THINK SO!!!!! The Green bay packers were the best team out there THANKS TO AARON RODGERS! I hop you guys think about what you said about Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers if you are reading this I think you are awesome and very respectful. Don`t lessen to what those people are saying about you they don`t know you like I do. I hope your right calf is getting better. You will be fine because I bin throw 10 surgrys and I am 13 years old now. Bin a Green bay packers fan sense I was 5 years old. Hope you get better soon. SO YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE READ THIS AND RETHINK WHAT YOU HAVE SAID! FROM YOUR GREENBAY FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😏😊😆🌈🌏

  76. No Erin, you need to score more points and beat the other team to be considered better. It’s a math problem, he thought that field goals were worth 6 points.

  77. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL teams. all of you guy out there saying that the is crybaby and a loser. Your saying that because thats what you are. So you should give him some respect. You don`t want me saying that about your team now do you. So all of those quarterbacks out there read this WHEN YOU GUYS LOSE YOU GUYS DO THE SAME THING!!! Do you guys like when you see this after a game when you lose? NO I DO NOT THINK SO!!!!! The Green bay packers were the best team out there THANKS TO AARON RODGERS! I hop you guys think about what you said about Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers if you are reading this I think you are awesome and very respectful. Don`t lessen to what those people are saying about you they don`t know you like I do. I hope your right calf is getting better. You will be fine because I bin throw 10 surgrys and I am 13 years old now. Bin a Green bay packers fan sense I was 5 years old. Hope you get better soon. SO YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE READ THIS AND RETHINK WHAT YOU HAVE SAID! FROM YOUR GREENBAY FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Curious the extent to which Aaron’s calf prevented him from rolling out. 4th and 1 against a stout “up the middle” defense lends me to believe the Packers could have put 5 wide and roll out to find one open receiver to turn one of those early FGs into a TD.

  79. You know how you keep a coin flip from deciding a game? Take care of business during regulation… know how to handle an onside kick… punch it in from the one at least once in 6 different attempts… Anybody who calls Seattle lucky is delusional and bitter…

  80. The Packers players were the better team today… The players did deserve to win. They were absolutely torpedoed by what might be the worst coached game I’ve ever seen from someone not named Mike Smith.

    Mike McCarthy should have been fired hours ago.

  81. Ok I’ll only say this ONCE because I have a Minnesota Nice thing going on but… For as much crap as Packers fans talk about the Vikings, I just wanna say as a Vikings fan Im sorry things played out like that for you guys. Weve been there too. I’ll raise up a Honeywiess in toasting “Go PATS.”

  82. Maybe if Rodgers could have converted those early gifts in touchdowns instead of FGs the better team would be playing the Patriots. Since he didn’t get the job done he goes home .

  83. Rodgers is wrong…and classless.

    The better team is the one that spotted you 16 points, gave you a +3 advantage on turnovers and still managed to beat you.

    I’m sick of the “golden boy” network that lets these petulant QBs get away with their snide comments. You lost. Put your big boy pants on, tip you cap to the team that beat you and leave it at that.

  84. Epic Choke GB. This one falls squrely on the def and special teams. The 2pt conversion was utterly ridiculous. I like the comment that Deion made, “I actually got angry on that play” THANK YOU. The true embarrassment is having a qb as talented as Rodgers and not having a team around him that can get it done! Seriously, I have never seen a team just lose heart the way that GB’s defense did in the last 3 mins. They just lost heart completely. The Seahawks did not win. GB choked completely. NE is going to destroy you.

  85. Didn’t surprise me one bit he said that and also gave no credit/respect to Seattle. This dude is hands down the biggest sore-loser, glory-hound, blowhard, crybaby in the league.

  86. “How many of the Packer TROLL fans do you think will have to pay to fix the holes in the sheetrock in their mother’s basement?”

    I can feel the angst and wailing all the way to Alaska. I have an acquaintance here that is so sick of a GB fan that he will be dangerous to be around for days!

  87. And Dallas was the better team last week.

    And Detroit was the better team the week before!

  88. All you had to do was not turn the ball over with the lead. You did that. Now we have one really crappy super bowl where both teams are severely overrated and obnoxious as hell to anyone that’s not a fan of either.

    But GO SEAHAWKS! At least you got one guy on your team who keeps his mouth shut and just plays ball!

  89. Anyone who witnessed that game knows that Green Bay lost Seattle sucked steam that’s why half of the stadium left
    Green Bay not once went for a fourth and less than a yard inside the ten mind you, one TD in lieu of five FG and no OT and speaking of OT one team gets the ball! Come on that sucks for any team any city and like my beloved Pats who get calls reversed because of Tuck rules to win Luck played its hand in this win
    Green Bay played to lose and Seattle had all the breaks they needed to win If I am a Seattle fan I enjoy this one If I am a cheese head I want McCarthy fired and realize my boys choked big time….indeed big time
    I hope Sherman’s arm is not hurt so that’s no excuse and the thoughts of listening to the egos on the Hawks for two week s led by Rah Rah Pete sickens me
    PS if there is no crying in baseball for Gods sake there is no crying in football

  90. Classic sore loser crybaby speak. Exactly what I’d expect from a Packer. His coach leads the way with his crybaby attitude. Two peas in a pod. Try playing a whole game Aaron and then tell us you’re the better team. The better team plays all 60, your team didn’t. Have fun “relaxing” this off season.

  91. i dont care if i am the last one to write on this site and nobody reads this…….but….
    HA HA HA HA the Pack got jacked….I feel bad for the regular fans but you trolls who keep jumping our site…the enemy of my enemy is my friend…I love the Seahawks today….hey Aaron if you were the better team why didnt you have home field advantage, oh, and win the game?

  92. Fragment. The rest of the sentence would be for the first half. The Packers are over rated and look good by beating up subpar NFC North teams for half of the year. They are always outcoached in big games (evident by the second half collapse today) and would be a sub 500 team without Rodgers. Why does the unspectacular Mike McCarthy always get a pass? Where is the Leadership in Green Bay other than #12?

  93. Fraudgers = half time MVP. The most annoying QB in the NFL, pompous and entitled. Enjoy your off season at the mall in Green Bay.

  94. Seahawks 28 Packers 22
    Therefore: Seahawks = better team

    Elementary, my dear Rogers–ELEMENTARY!

  95. This was such a great way to watch greenbay lose! Now we don’t have to listen to that insufferable fan base anymore. Green Bay fans are the only fan base that thinks they are winning the super bowl even if they go 0-16. Inbreds…….

  96. The Sea Chicks looked like they wanted it more and it showed.
    It showed that my Packers didn’t. Burnett just stops himself after getting another Wilson gift when he could have gotten more yards and maybe even six and the Packer hand off three times in a row instead of going for another 6 or at least getting first downs to grind out the clock.
    Why the heck does MM put away the dagger?
    I’m starting to agree with the critics that the Packers are soft.

  97. that Dam Dam Dam Bostick goes for the ball when he is there to block… if GB keeps the ball, the run the clock down to SB but NO!!!… if only if only if only = two bottles of cheap wine

  98. I only watched the fourth quarter and honestly I agree with him. I think this game was honestly given back to Seattle by the overly conservative play calling. They needed to stop running in the 4th quarter and leave the game on Rodgers arm. They kept giving the ball back the Seattle until Seattle finally got it right. The coaching of Green Bay lost this game and I say this as a person who is not a fan of either team.

  99. Fire that Lazy Eyed Freak McCarthy! He Sucks D-ick! Bench Wrogers. Release All the Hippie Freaks ( & Matthews) who Cannot Play Defense!!! Have the fans place Paper Bags Over Their Heads!!! Okay Cheeseheads Quit Fudgepacking Your 1st Cousins! The Curse of Minnesota is on YOU!!! Skol Vikings!

  100. I’m not a GB or Seattle fan regularly and in fact I couldn’t figure out which team to root for. I just think it’s such a shame for any game to be decided basically by a flip of the coin. Teams are both offense and defense so the onus should not be on one half of the team or the other or even special-teams. The college OT rules are not ideal, but there should be some means to guarantee that the offense of both teams has at least one opportunity with the ball. The sudden-death rule was worse, but the current rules are still not equitable. It is almost like only playing an extra half inning in baseball if the team at bat scores. The announcers said that the overtime is like a new game. A very strange game that only allows one side of the team to participate in determining the outcome. Just because the defense of the team that lost the coin flip allows a touchdown to be scored, the rest of the team should not be denied participation in the overtime.

  101. Starters- Aaron is the 2nd best QB in the game , behind only Tom Brady! Brady is a proven winner, and I love his game & consistency when it matters most!
    Skill wise, Erin could go down as the best ever….. Yet, he blew it today big time!!!
    I’m a viking fan, so having to endure the worthless dribble that passes for comments on here from Packer fans gets old and moldy like the cheese in fly over country of which is Green Bay WI… However, take the choke shots all you want, but saying Rodgers is Overrated , weak , soft( ok, maybe a little) is going way to far! There are 30 other teams in the league that would trade their top 3 players to acquire Rodgers, he is that friggin good!!
    This year is very fulfilling! Watching The Packers choke , is just the main course, but watching the The 2nd most annoying fan base (Green Bay being the #1 most annoying) Seattle a close #2, watching Tom Brady & co. Dominate the Seahawks will be the final course!!! They will be Out played , out coached and out classed in the SuperBowl…. The Pats are the most innovative, best coached, have the best Leader in Brady, and we’ll run Org in all of sports and could argue, the Best ever!!!
    My Vikings need to Emulate them in every way, they know how to win, and do it with Class and precision!!

  102. Both team played lousy. One got lucky. Packers should have piled up the point while Wilson was giving away the ball. Seahawks fan left the building early because they knew their team was bumbling helplessly. One lucky break and now they’re back to the SB. The Packers should have not slacken off the last minutes. This game shows the Hawks is as vulnerable as any team. Let’s see if their arrogance is tempered by this revelation.

  103. It was a classic game.
    Fans and the media will talk about this game for years.
    NFL Films will make a program out of this game.
    And this Aaron Rodgers quote will be in it.
    Losers will agree with him
    Winners will laugh at him.
    History has a way of mocking conceit.

  104. Priceless reading Packer fan posts coming to the defense of their Boy Wonder Erin, your team was gifted 5 turnovers creating optimal field position for your offense, love how theirs a list of excuses “Erin played hurt” “play calling” blah blah Your team blew the game and couldnt close! (Second place gets a set of steak knives) and for the Bear fan who posted on all the laughing Rodgers and Jordy did during the season, right there with you on that, not one Packer player or fan is laughing now, and for all the small town, little engine that could comments by Packer fans, we all draft from the same pool, dont be bitter that you have no other relevant Sports teams in your lonely ice shack state, see you next Fall…watch out for Fox and Company

  105. I don’t love or hate either of these two teams, and while Rodgers is not wrong… the better team overall won this game. Yes the Packers were the superior team up until about 5 minutes remaining, but it doesn’t matter.

    I said at the beginning of the NFC playoffs that Dallas was the only team that I would favor against Seattle. Since that matchup didn’t happen, we got to see Green Bay almost pull off an unexpected win.

    It’s all spilled milk in hindsight, though. Nobody cares who finishes in second place.

  106. I love my Packers, but have to agree, the better team doesn’t choke this one away.

    That said, a couple of observations:

    1. For every person who says Clay Matthews is overrated, take note that the Packers had completely and utterly shut down Seattle’s offense prior to him going out for 2-3 series at the end with a hurt knee. Not an excuse as the Hawks lost Thomas for a few series and Sherman had one arm to end the game, just take note of how weak the Packers D got as soon as he was out.

    2. Shawn Slocum should have been fired many seasons ago, but today’s special teams ineptitude was remarkable. How are you not watching for a fake on EVERY special teams snap in the playoffs? You have to be prepared for a fake in that situation.

    3. Bostick. Ugh. Just ugh.

    4. Wilson may have the “it” factor in crunch time, but I have a sneaky suspicion that once Lynch is gone (possibly next year), Wilson gets overpaid for getting to (and possibly winning two) Super Bowls, and the Legion of Boom needs to get paid, that this Seahawks team is going to crumble awfully quick. He was gifted an opportunity to make amends at the end of this game, but prior to that he played one of the worst games I saw all year by any QB, at home, against a defense that every troll on here has called “terrible” all year.

    5. I don’t believe there’s a poster on here who doesn’t believe the Packers would have won that game with a healthy Rodgers who’s able to scramble.

    6. Laughing at all the Packer hate on here. Success breeds contempt. Your jealousy is palpable. Packers get the Seahawks at Lambeau next year, and may be Super Bowl favorites going into the year after they showed they’re able to match up with Seattle today. See you all next year! Go Pack!

  107. Absolutely RIGHT! Your team played 57 minutes of better football, followed by about 4 minutes of dismal football. Your team won way more than half the game. Seattle won very little of the day, but they won that in a spectacular fashion, and thus the game. For the record, I was expecting Wilson to be gracious and complimentary in defeat, taking the blame for his poor performance. Didn’t expect the same of you, so my character assessment was correct.

  108. Sure, Aaron, you were the best except in every game stat except return yards and possession (barely).

  109. “Seattle is overrated. The Superbowl is going to be a blow out.”
    Sure looks like it. Just ask Peyton.

  110. What did Rodgers do wrong? Did he drop the onside kick? Did he watch Wilson catch the 2 point conversion? Did he slide on a for sure pick six? Did he call 3 predictable runs in a row? NO! He hit a TE for a first right between the numbers and he dropped the freakin’ ball.

    Better yet, did he call for a 3 man rush on a 3rd and 30? Who does that? McCarthy played not to lose foootball, he punch his superbowl ticket with 7:20 left in the game. Big time choke job.

  111. Rodgers was not the better QB in the 2nd half….

    Green Bay 6 points
    Seahawks 28 points

    Rodgers lost the 2nd half of the game, because he played poorly!!


  112. Packers have 4th and goal at half yd. line, kick FG
    Seahawks have 4th and forever, throw TD.
    There is your difference right there. They played scared, Seattle played to win.

  113. Someone posted why we all hate Rodgers. Most of us agree that Rodgers is a very good QB. It is his A-R-R-O-G-A-N-C-E that we hate. Choke pack choke !

  114. They may have been the better team for part of the game, but definitely choked it away in the final 2+ minutes. I mean, they really choked. One of the biggest choke jobs I’ve ever seen in the NFL.

  115. You lost Aaron!!!!! You lost! You let those loud-mouth Seajerks back in the bowl. Pathetic.

  116. I’m disappointed that this is just the #7 most commented thread on PFT this morning (only 195 posts).

    But then, the majority of the Packer ”troll’ fans were passed out shortly after the epic ‘double choke’, so they haven’t been able to get online and make excuses.

    Either that, or mommy took their Ipad away.

    Five turnovers by Seattle netted a grand total of six points for Green Bay’s offense.

    The unmitigated gall of Roger’s to claim that the Pack was the better team is appalling.

    And the Packer ‘trolls’ deserve the disdain that Rogers, McCarthy and they are receiving.

  117. You can’t win with 5 TOs????

    Wonder if that’s a record.

    Hawks actually moved up and down the field.

    Their OC should be fired for refusing to run the ball.

    Quit crying Erin.

  118. Packers weren’t the better team. They just happened to bring their “A” game in the first, second and third quarter. Packers quit in the fourth. Seattle brought the “F” game on offense and a “C” game on Defense and showed up with an “A” game in the fourth to close it out. Imagine if they came with their “A” game also. I mean Seattle without their “A” game still covered the point spread so goes to tell you about the Packers.

  119. thepackerpoet says:
    Jan 18, 2015 5:47 PM

    Ha Ha! Poor baby!

    Did anyone honestly think that I was ever worried about the Baby Birds??? I wasn’t! This team doesn’t even deserve to be in the playoffs.

    And their fans don’t even deserve an NFL team.

    Super Bowl here we come! We will run over either of the AFC teams.

    I Love Monday morning on PFT!

  120. CRY, CRY, CRY, CRY Baby. With the way the Cowboys were cheated by the Refs last week, Green Bay couldn’t have lost in a better way. I think it’s so funny that they were winning most of the game, just to be stunned in over-time. You know they were celebrating all over Green Bay with 5:00 minutes left in the Game. But the Hawks had other plans. Sorry pack fans but you deserved it. As for Rodgers, he is overrated, and defiantly no Brett Farr or Tony Romo for that matter. Both of whom who have finished that game off with no chance of a comeback from Seattle.

  121. Rodgers threw for 171 yards. He threw two picks and 1 TD. He’s as much to blame for the loss as any other Packer. He didn’t “outplay” Seattle, the Seahawks D held him in check. 300 yards of total offense doesn’t mean GB ran all over Seattle for 3 quarters. They had 416 last week against Dallas.
    Rodgers needs to stop with the “we were the better team” crap and realize that without 5 gifts from Seattle, they probably wouldn’t have been in the game to begin with.

  122. Aaron, I love you as a player but obviously you weren’t the better team today. Your team may have played better for 3+ quarters but the fact is your team had the chance to put the game away early and blew it. When you start inside the opponents 50 several times and only put up 16 points it tells me you weren’t necessarily the better team.

    I am by no means a Packer or Seahawk fan but the fact is the Seahawks came through when it counted. That’s what makes them the better team.

  123. Bad-mouth him all you want, he’s right and he’s not the one who choked it away. Seattle looked like Oakland for 95% of the game.

  124. Green Bay is easily the best team in the league and it’s not even close. Seattle had to rely 100% on flukes to win, sign of a complete garbage team and a garbage franchise. Packers > Seahawks, this year and historically, and again it’s not even close. Wilson is trash and overrated.

  125. I am not sure why Clay Matthews isn’t suspended more. He almost decapitated Wilson’s head yesterday. The late cheap shot at Romo’s knees in last week’s game and lastly when he launched himself into the SF’s quarterback in a bi game in 2013.

  126. Even though I am a hawk fan, I had a great deal of respect and admiration for Aaron Rodgers up until he made this comment. He gave the Hawks no credit for pulling out the win. He just lost some points in the class department.

  127. It’s this sort of self-entitled arrogance as to why they keep losing to the top teams year in and year out. Despite being the #1 seed and defending SB champs, the Seahawks humbled themselves and went all out to win this game when it seemed to be done, with the big trick plays.

    GB didn’t approach this game as underdogs (because they feel entitled to every win) so they went for FG’s arrogantly assuming they could just cruise to the win.

  128. Seahawks won by sticking together and having the belief they could win, and they did no matter what. Meanwhile the Packers did nothing but point fingers and yell at each other on the field and on the sidelines when anything went wrong, and they lost.

    This is a remarkable example for people to follow in life.

  129. It’s true, Green Bay was the better team. The better team lost. It happens every once in a while in the NFL.

  130. seahawks won because of pure luck. the 2pt play was dumb luck and so was the onside kick. Anyone who says different is delusional. Rodgers is absolutely right , they are the better team.If it wasn’t for luck, we would have won 2 of the last 3 meetings against this team (fail marry). Seattle luck will run out though in about 2 weeks. They are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!!!! Seattle won because of dumb luck

  131. Truly a disappointing comment from Rogers. Besides the fact that the “better” team is the winner, how bout some sportsmanship? I’ve seen nothing but excuses and blame- bottom line here, the Seahawks fought back and won. Congratulations. The refs missed calls on both sides of the ball, Rogers- quit with the sour grapes and learn from Wilson, be a professional.

  132. You’d need to be quite lacking intellectually the realm of football if you think the Seahawks were the better team on Sunday.

    Hence why Rodgers said it. The guy knows football.

  133. jtp13 says:
    Jan 19, 2015 10:53 AM

    Green Bay is easily the best team in the league and it’s not even close. Seattle had to rely 100% on flukes to win, sign of a complete garbage team and a garbage franchise. Packers > Seahawks, this year and historically, and again it’s not even close. Wilson is trash and overrated.

    I have a lot of respect for the Packer organization however, they are not the best team in the league and they certainly aren’t better than the Seahawks. Seattle (as much as I hate to admit it) is one of the best balanced all around teams. Defense alone, Seattle is much better and more consistent than GB. The offense can put as many points on the board as GB. Packers are great and one of the best in the league but let’s be sensible.

    Saying this I’m forced to root for those cheaters in NE because I don’t want toe Seahawks to win. But when all is said and done I give credit where it’s due and if the Seahawks do win again, they totally deserve to.

  134. Detroit screwed — Cowboys win


    Cowboys screwed — Green Bay wins


    Green Bay screwed — Seattle wins


    Seattle screwed — [??????] wins

  135. Seattle had better drives and more total yards in both the 3rd and 4th quarters (and OT obviously) as well as more 1st downs. I’m not sure how that equals the Packers being the better team. Not to mention that GB’s play calling in the 1st half was too weak to score more than 1 TD. They were not the better team and the score proves it.

  136. Okay. For the “luck” theorists, was it “luck” that Bostic fumbled the on-side kick? Was it “luck” that last TD? Was it “luck” that kept the Packers out of the endzone on every drive but one time even though the Packers were starting inside Seattle’s 50 on most of their 1st half possessions?

    Come on now. Give it a break. The Packers should only blame themselves. They had several opportunities to put the game away in the first half and didn’t get the job done. Plain and simple. Seattle’s defense kept them in the game and their offense took advantage of that when it counted. Unfortunately for Green Bay, they didn’t get the job done when they had multiple chances to do so.

  137. kmartin173 says:
    Jan 19, 2015 9:51 AM

    Bad-mouth him all you want, he’s right and he’s not the one who choked it away. Seattle looked like Oakland for 95% of the game.


    Yet looking like Seattle for 5% of the game was enough to WIN! You’re making the wrong case with that statement.

  138. linemanguy74 says: Jan 18, 2015 8:19 PM



    How is he a jerk? At least he admitted they didn’t do enough to win. While I give the Hawks credit (and I was rooting for them via my son) the Packers gave this one away on a number of plays and coaching decisions that ultimately lost the game. That and the inevitable bounce of an oblong pigskin.

    I actually appreciate his candor. Neither team played well. But other teams, and other big name QBs would blame the weather, the refs, the rules, or the odd twist of fate. Rodgers shows class when he said 1) they played better but 2) not well enough to win. Can’t think of any better level of self-awareness than that.

  139. You’re right, you were the better team. But your team only played for 50 minutes and the other team played for 60.

  140. I don’t like that he said it, but in the heat of the moment after watching Seattle struggle to do anything all game I understand why he said it.

    For all that actually saw the game you know what he’s talking about.
    If I hadn’t seen the game and someone said to me that the winning team had a fake FG, a hailmary 2 pt conversion and an onside kick recovery just to tie the game I’d say WOW that’s awfully lucky to get all 3 in one game. As well as obviously getting outplayed just to tie the game with those 3 plays.

    Do “better” teams need those to win if they are truly “better”? So much luck has to go your way for those plays to happen (and stupid coaching by not watching for the fake since Seattle was so anemic on offense up to that point). Seattle was so desperate for points and I give props to coach Carrel for having the cojones to call that play since it should have been expected. If that played failed then pretty much game over right there.

    If the onside was recovered all everyone would be talking about is how terrible Seattle got dominated in their own house with the “12th” man.

    Say what you want about luck, but it runs out eventually. What’s the stat on all three of those happening in one game?

  141. 1:25 left on the clock, with 3 TO available and arguably the best QB in football.

    Score a TD on that drive and there is no OT.
    Score a TD on that drive and no lost coin toss.
    Score a TD on that drive and the muffed onside kick is forgotten.
    Score a TD. Why did the Pack not mount a drive for the ages, as the Hawks did in the OT? Why not call a timeout and get together as an offense and say this is our season here…we are only down by 3 points…we can do this….One TD away fom glory. That is what makes a legacy of victory. That is the stuff of the best team on the field.
    Score a TD on that drive and your statement could have been true.

    Third Quarter- Seattle- 7 Green Bay- 0
    Fourth Quarter- Seattle-15 Green Bay-6
    Overtime Period-Seattle-6 Green Bay-0

    Green Bay played a solid first half. Seattle played a lousy first half. The second half the game evened out a bit, it was only because Seattle had so much ground to make up and they took some time to come together as an offense.

    But in the last 3 minutes of regular time and the first 4 minutes of OT Green Bay got outscored 21-3.

    Stop anyone of those 3 drives that Seattle put together for TD’s and Green Bay could have won.

    Seattle scored 4 TD’s to Green Bay’s 1 TD. That was a big difference maker.

    Marshawn Lynch rushed for 157 yards. He had a total of 182 yards from scrimmage. You cannot allow him to do that against you. He scored a TD and came within a step out of bounds of getting another.

    Wilson had his worst day at QB as a pro. But in OT he looked like, well Aaron Rodgers….He completed 2-35 yard passes in a row to win the game. All the Pack needed to do was stop Seattle on 1 of two 3rd down conversions in that OT and it would have been Rodgers to win.

  142. The better team doesn’t lose when they dominate for 55 minutes.

    That’s ridiculous ego-maniac Rodgers talking.

    They were FORTUNATE they had a chance to win. Take away an int that should have been a completion and a fumble on a kickoff return and it’s a whole different game. Also…it didn’t help that Wilson got his bell rung on a cheap shot.

  143. As a Cowboy fan I can’t help but laugh, and say justice was done. We had to concede defeat to Green Bay by way of a questionable call. But to see Green Bay lose like this was almost worth Dez Bryants Catch being rules incomplete. The Refs help the Packers to Seattle, but couldn’t help them win there even with a 16 point lead. Sunday’s game was one of the best NFL games I’ve seen in my 35 years of watching Pro football. As A. Rodgers said, maybe the best team didn’t win Sunday. Maybe the team with the most heart won. Dallas would have finished the game, but we will never know, because the Packers got to the game and chocked.

  144. I guess I don’t understand how anyone can say the best team lost. Statistically, the Hawks won in every category except: 1 minute or so less time of possession; a slightly better pass completion % by Rogers; and the Hawks had 3 more turnovers than GB. As in every game, luck came into play. But for every “lucky” play the Hawks had, you can point a finger at an error by GB. Also, the last time I checked, coaches were a part of the team. So if poor coaching was to blame, it sounds like a failure of an element of the team. Enough said. The best team is practicing for the Super Bowl.

  145. Also, then why did YOU knit throw Sherman’s way??? Stop blaming everyone else. You could have audibled at the line of scrimmage too as always when they were lite in the box the last 5 minutes….

  146. Rogers was not right, football is a game of 2 halves. Green Bay was the better team in the first half, and only the first half, being outscored 28 to 6 in the second half and OT, and losing the game. Seattle finished with more passing yards, more rushing yards, more first downs, 50% 3rd down efficiency to Green Bay’s 21%, and more points. What in those stats show Green Bay to have been the better team?

  147. Why is it that people ignore great DEFENSE? The Seahawks won with DEFENSE. They stopped the Pack in the red zone numerous times to give their offense chances to redeem itself. In the end Seattle won out because of DEFENSE! The best team is going to the Super Bowl because of DEFENSE!

  148. As Rodgers says R-E-L-A-X and the Packers did just that. By the way Seattle led every stat that that day, not GB. GB played well the 1st half, Seattle the 2nd

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