Falcons hire offensive coordinator before head coach


In a move typically reserved for the more dysfunctional franchises in the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons have hired a offensive coordinator before hiring a head coach.  But the Falcons are doing it only because they can’t hire the head coach they’ll be hiring for two more weeks.

Per multiple reports, former Browns, Washington, and Texans offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will become the offensive coordinator in Atlanta.  And it’s being interpreted as further proof that Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will become the next coach of the Falcons.

Quinn will interview a second time for the job as soon as Monday.  But it’s apparently a formality at this point; in two weeks or so, Quinn will be the team’s next head coach.

Shanahan is a joystick coach, who wants his quarterback to run the offense in a precise, specific way.  Quarterback Matt Ryan, 10-22 the past two years, presumably will be willing to learn Shanahan’s offense and implement it the way Shanahan wants it to be implemented.

47 responses to “Falcons hire offensive coordinator before head coach

  1. Good hire. If they also hire Quinn it will be a very good start. Hate to lose Quinn as a Seahawk fan but at least he is going to a good franchise with a QB to build around

  2. Can they have that buyout the way the Bills had it for “Doug Moron”???

    So who’s more excessively looked at, Lane Kiffin or Kyle Shanahan???

    The Browns even let Shanahan go and their QB sucks.

  3. Can they have that buyout the way the Bills had it for “Doug Moron”???

    So who’s more excessively looked at, Lane Kiffin or Kyle Shanahan???

    The Browns even let Shanahan go and their QB sucks.

  4. It’s the perfect system for Matt and the Run Game. The Zone Blocking system will maximize the OL, improve the run game, and return Matt Ryan to the system he should’ve been in from the beginning, the WCO with a lot of play action passing.

    This is a great hire. He made garbage like RGIII and Brian Hoyer look like good QBs. Imagine what he’ll do with a top 10 QB like Matt Ryan.

  5. On the plus side, once patriots dispense with the Seahawks and Quinn leaves, Hawks won’t have to worry about leaving early to beat traffic, they can just stop showing up at all.

  6. Wait, has Blank turned into a Bears ‘South’ franchise….this is really boneheaded, even if they think they have ‘wink wink, nod nod’ deal with Quinn….strange things happen when you least expect them too.

  7. What is the purpose of the 2nd interview for him? They obviously have some sort of agreement in place because there is no way they would hire an OC without approval of the next HC. Another “interview” is pointless.

  8. This is great news in my opinion. Matt Ryan I think is the right QB for Shanahan. Let’s see what he has. And Quinn should help shore up that defense.

  9. What’s Shanahan ever done? Weak hire.

    Matty Tepid Water instead of Matty Ice is pretty funny.

  10. Anyone who thinks this is a bad hire for Falcons doesn’t know much about football. Kyle runs zone run blocking schemes which will play to the Falcons o-line strengths considering they cant power run block at all. Pair that with Devonta Freeman’s quick speed and call it a day. He turned no name backs (Alfred Morris, Crowell, and West) into productive players. And as far as the passing game goes with Ryan and Julio (when healthy) is unstoppable. Now all that remains is if Quinn can live up to the hype of building and developing a competitive defense as many Falcon fans hope.

  11. If this guy had a different last name, he would have been out of the league years ago. Enjoy staying in the basement.

  12. Shanahan was who Quinn wants as a coordinator so they hired him. Quinn will get the defense fixed and shanahan has great playmakers on the offense. I am waiting to see who the d coordinator is.

  13. Kyle Shanahan is 78-100 in his career. He’s 0-2 in wildcard playoff games. He has never been to a divisional playoff game as a coach. How does a team put him in charge as OC? Atlanta is a clown show. Give Pioli more power, install Kyle Shanny as OC — clown show!! The rest of NFC South loves this!

  14. The Falcons offense was fine. It’s the defense that was the problem. Matt Ryan doesn’t need to be controlled by a joystick so Shanarat Jr. won’t add any value.

  15. Kyle Shanahan probably working on a trade for Johnny Football right now.

    Can’t break up that kind of chemistry. Those guys were money together.

  16. Bad hire, bad move. If I was Quinn, I’d tell the Falcons that I would hire my choice of OC, and that now I’m NOT Interested.
    Lame duck management right from the start !!

  17. yea this will work out. The problem here is the GM and this is just proof of that. The Falcons can realize this now or just realize this 10 years from now.

  18. Sure, Aaron, you were the best except in every game stat except return yards and possession (barely).

  19. Wow…….goodbye Matt Ryan’s career…..for reference please call RGIII, Donovan McNabb, Brian Boyer.
    Can’t believe Failcons made this move.
    Did they hire his daddy’s coat tails as well????

  20. And if the deal with Quinn falls through for some reason, the next HC is stuck with an OC he didn’t hire. Check with Wade Phillips on how that worked out for him.

  21. He did a good job with the Redskins and I would expect the same from him with the Atlanta team.

  22. He took RGme as a rookie with 6 new starters on offense to the most productive overall offense in the history of the Redskins. Much more productive than any SB year. The hogs running game was not even close to Shanahans offense.He did the same with the Texans as OC. Follow the QB’s production after he left and you will see how good he is.

  23. DC hire will prolly be another Seahawk coach.
    Of course they have been in contact with Quinn’s agent and know the numbers and the years are in the ballpark.
    Quinn had rumors go out his first hope was to land in Atlanta.
    The first interview involves the question, ‘if hired, who would you target as OC and DC?’ Quinn’s answer we should expect was Kyle.
    Second interview serves the purposes of prepping things even more. Does he want Armstrong as special teams coach? Who does he want instead of Tice for O-line coach? It’s not a great leap that the reason Tice was finally allowed to join Del Rio, is Quinn wants someone else.
    So much talk that teams don’t hire Coaches who make SB because they have to wait another 2 weeks before anything can be done. So I don’t see how anyone can’t see the value in a ‘second interview.’ It’s a chance to prep things for him. Really the only way deal falls apart before finalized is if Falcons don’t get things prepped as he wants them.
    Seattle isn’t going to try to keep him. They encourage their guys to get promotions outside the organization if they can’t offer it internally.

    People may not like Kyle as OC, but Quinn obviously does.
    Atlanta should feel good that Redskins could run when he was there.
    Morris rarely got TD’s but he got yards. Helu had solid numbers too.

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