NFL won’t let Marshawn Lynch play in his gold cleats

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Marshawn Lynch probably isn’t feeling very thankful right now.

Lynch had planned to wear gold cleats for Sunday’s NFC title game.  The league found out about it.  According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the NFL told Lynch that, if he wears the cleats, he’ll be ejected from the game.

Per Glazer, the NFL later softened its stance; Lynch simply won’t be allowed to play until he takes off the gold cleats.  When he does, he’ll be allowed to play.

In past situations, the NFL has permitted players to wear non-conforming cleats, fining them after the fact.  In 2013, for example, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall wore green shoes to promote mental-health awareness.  The league didn’t keep him from playing despite the obvious uniform violation.

Of course, Lynch isn’t promoting a charity or a cause.  Lynch, who routinely refuses to express himself verbally, is promoting himself.  The league isn’t inclined to let him; if Lynch was a little more cooperative with the league, perhaps it would have.

75 responses to “NFL won’t let Marshawn Lynch play in his gold cleats

  1. I’m actually impressed there is such a thing as gold cleats. In all seriousness I am no fan of the Seahawks but seriously stop pestering Lynch for every little thing NFL.

  2. Lynch to NFL –

    My game is not defined by the color of my cleats. And that’s not going to stop me from being there to refuse to talk to the NFL SB media over the next 2 weeks!

    Go HAWKS!!

  3. Remember when Peyton Manning wanted to wear black hightops in honor of Johnny Unitas, who had just died, only to the thwarted by the NFL? The league can be very strict when it comes to its uniforms.

  4. Huh…”ejected” but the league “softened its stance”?

    I scoffed at the NFL desperately wanting Brady vs Rodgers, and doing whatever it took to get that matchup, when there were two other young QB’s in the final four that would be just as intriguing…but something like this, hours before gametime in something that would throw off one of Seattle’s top players, gives me pause for thought on that.

    Why not just the usual post game fine like happens 100% of the time?

  5. Good, make beastmode angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. 31-13 Seahawks win. Are hawks fans arrogant or right??? I guess we’ ll all get to see what we are together!!! Go hawks!!!

  6. Good! Don’t let him skirt all of the rules. Media policy, uniform policy, inappropriate conduct, ie grabbing his crotch. For someone that just wants to play, he finds ways to make himself the center of attention.

  7. While not debating the fact that some of the NFL rules are silly, why does this guy persist in violating the rules every week? At some point he should be suspended.

  8. Articles like this are all the more reason the Packers need to win today. If Seattle makes it to the Superbowl, how many more articles about Lynch are we going to see?

  9. It’s not pestering Marshawn it’s a rule he is openly defying. Don’t like the rule r think it doesn’t make sense? Oh well it’s still a rule. No different than any business that has a dress code. If your not in code your not allowed to work.

  10. Regardless these idiots make in one season what I will in a lifetime, and have a problem wearing league required uniforms?mjust cash your check and wear what your freakin supposed to and quit being stupid

  11. I’m embarrassed this tool bag went to Cal. I’m perfectly fine with him repping Oakland Tech, or whatever stupid high school he reps…when he went to one of the world’s great universities.

  12. Time to grow up, Marshwater.
    You get paid very generously to do a job of no real importance. Maybe a little professionalism wouldn’t be too much to ask?
    And isn’t this guy going to be a FA this offseason? Maybe if you’re looking to maximize your earning potential, don’t generate news for stupid BS all the time.

  13. jesus, ejected? . . .seriously? not like they’re watching every little thing this guys does I guess . . .

  14. Nah. There is a rule. Adhere to the rule or you don’t get to play. It’s quite simple. If you don’t like the rule, fight to get it changed. But until it’s changed, FOLLOW IT!!!!!

    The crying over people who don’t want to follow rules is pathetic. It’s part of what’s wrong with society today.

  15. Being told to go to the sidelines and change your cleats is not being ejected. Stop playing the victim.

  16. those who continue to say “who cares”. well it very simple. it is against the rules. the same rules he continues to break, rule after rule, whether big or small it really doesn’t matter. and he is doing it in a league where he is paid about….10 times what the President makes each year, makes about 10 times more than what a lot of the 1 percent makes each year….

    if you can’t follow those rules, then get the heck out. I am sorry, I have zero patience for this. you know how many of us can’t even go to a park and put on cleats and play anything? we don’t have a choice, because that is our reality and our life. and this guy continues to just thumb his nose at everything and everyone

    follow the freaking rules, you entitled SOB

  17. This is how it should be. Simply refuse to let them play until they wear the proper uniform. No need to make a statement or try to show up the player. They should do this every single time. If an official sees a player that tries to sneak on, throw a flag for delay of game and remove him from the field. Uniforms have that name for a reason. It means the same, or identical.

  18. They did the same thing to WR Earl Bennett in Chicago a few years ago. He wore orange shoes and they fined him. The next week the NFL said the fine would be higher for the 2nd offense and Bennett said he would just pay it and the NFL changed their mind and said they wouldn’t allow him on the field until he had on regulation shoe colors.

  19. Can someone get a dictionary and read the definition of “uniform” is for this illiterate guy? Maybe he will comply when he is wearing a McDonalds uniform.

  20. Why would the NFL be willing to work with Marshawn Lynch when constantly flaunts his obdurate personality, when he knows he has media obligations, as part of his job.

  21. @fasten69…
    Spot on… I think that we’ve already heard the way that this guy communicates… If it wasn’t for the NFL, he’s either working minimum wage or is making license plates.
    And Richard Sherman could be splitting rent with mush-mouth at the state correctional facility of the judge’s choice. He may have a Stanford education, but my bet is not on his $100k education, but on his 5 cent head; he’d be doing time as well, bank it.

  22. So typical. This mental stump acts like he hates media coverage and then pulls a stunt like this. What a putz.

  23. Speaking of colour… How is possible, in 2015, that Green Bay’s entire coaching staff is white?
    _____________________________________The same reason they have more White players than any other team..
    You Figure it out..
    They are the only team that believes White players
    can play as well or better than Blacks when it comes to
    the mental aspect of complicated schemes….

  24. skawh says:
    Jan 18, 2015 2:41 PM
    Lynch to NFL –

    My game is not defined by the color of my cleats. And that’s not going to stop me from being there to refuse to talk to the NFL SB media over the next 2 weeks!

    Go HAWKS!!
    If only he were that articulate.

    It’s called a uniform. You can’t just wear whatever the hell you want.

  25. You honestly think the NFL would let him wear the cleats if he was more cooperative? What league are you watching?

  26. same league that litters up the field w/ ythe ridiculous pink every fall and then fined marshall for trying to call attention to mental health issues ….

    the maggot nfl fined marshall for acting crazy and then fined him for trying to help people get mental health awareness…. prostitution is fine with the NFL so long as you are banging the clients they choose . BUT FREE LANCE A BIT AND THEY WILL HAMMER YOU FAST


  27. The NFL has lost it ways. They allow all the jungle bunny dances and celebration for making a tackle but threaten to suspend for color of shoes.

  28. Kinda looks like he’s wearing gold cleats to me! Just wached him tip toe out of bounds in the 4th quarter… And clearly, the whole bottom of his shoe is gold plated. Including cleats.

  29. The ejection idea sounds just like what Goodell would dream up. Eject the guy then later figure out the rules don’t allow for that.

  30. This Mensa ultimately got over with another crotch grab.
    Assume the upcoming (increased) fine will pale in comparison with his increased street cred from taking on “The Man”.
    Should just light his cash on fire & be done with it.

  31. An utterly classless individual. That crotch grabbing makes me sick, and I’m no prude. Ruins the fact that he’s a very good player. He might want to watch some videos of how Jim Brown or Barry Sanders acted when they scored. Like they’d been there before and planned on being there again.

  32. Finfan68 is right the NFL has a uniform regulation in its role book that needs to be followed by all players and officials. If there is a problem with Mr Lynched cleats the NFL has brought it on themselves by not being consistent informing the rule. If there is a specific rule regarding color of any part of the rule in force it the same way every game to everyone who is participating. This is a multi billion dollar business the color of the shoes is spelled out, if the officials don’t in force the rule fine them, if the players can’t follow the rules penalize them. If the player doesn’t like it, find another job. Looks to me the NFL has opened its own can of worms by not being consistant. Will gold soles give Lynch an advantage? I would be more concerned about improperly inflated footballs

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