Richard Sherman says it’s “100 percent” he’ll play in Super Bowl


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman finished Sunday’s game with one arm.  Whether it’s one arm or two, he’ll be playing in two weeks.

After the thrilling, come-from-behind, back-and-forth overtime victory, Sherman told reporters, “I’ll 100 percent be able to play” in the Super Bowl.

Sherman injured his left arm while trying to tackle Packers running back James Starks in the fourth quarter of the NFC title game.  Sherman finished the game with his forearm pressed against his midsection.

The Packers didn’t do much, if anything, to exploit Sherman’s one-armed status.

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  1. No idea who is backup is. I think the decision to play him or not is really a decision of how much of a dropoff there is from a hurt Sherman to his backup (or vice versa).

  2. In spite of the injury Richard Sherman didn’t quit! He knew his team needed him!

    Thanks to GB for one very hard fought game.

    Go HAWKS!!

  3. Leonardo DeCaprio should seek out Sherman for lessons on how to overact before the cameras to make sure everyone pays attention to him.

  4. Gotta love Vikings fans…. they rip on the Packers losing in the NFC championship game after yet another losing season with zero Super Bowl wins.

  5. Sherman definitely put his money where his mouth is. Sherman showed his true grit and tenacity by refusing to leave the game.

    Rodgers…next time, don’t try throwing at Sherman. Even a one-armed Sherman is better than most CB’s in the league!

  6. Wilson, Kearse, Baldwin were stinking it up. But for seven to eight minutes they were golden. Green Bay played a great game and played well enough to win that game nine times out of 10. And Lynch is a Hall Of Fame running back.

  7. Only a jerk would think Sherman was faking that. You may hate him but you have to give him the credit he’s due.

  8. Told my wife when he was holding it against his chest, “he could be playing possum and trying to bait Rodgers” I’m still not sure where the truth lies.
    Never quit Hawks!

  9. I think Rodgers was afraid to find out whether Sherman was faking it or not…probably because he’s been faking the extent of that calf injury himself.

  10. Hey Garyman1 – really? You’re dissing Vikes fans when your team just finished the biggest choke job in playoff history? Really? REALLY??

  11. Remember when you idiots all said Rodgers was going to expose Sherman this time around? And yet got picked off in the redzone on the sole time all game he targeted him? LOL

    Revis is a fraud, he’s no Sherman.

  12. Tremendous job by the Hawks to overcome. What an amazing effort of never giving up when it looks so bleak. I don’t recall seeing an NFL player so emotional after a game like Russ and Kearse. Rain City Redemption baby!

  13. If I was a Seattle fan, I’d be toasting to that hack Mike McCarthy and that pathetic excuse of a coaching performance…

  14. ok a little math for packer nation…..covering the spread doesnt mean you won the game

    also brady is in his 15th full season i believe. looks like he’ll be going to his 6th super bowl with 3 wins. rodgers has 7 full years with 1 trip and 1 win. if he was the goat, he should be at half of what brady is. but yet he has made 1/6th the amount of appearances in half the time. will only take him 42 years in the league to catch brady. so that will put him around age 65 years old or so. anyway my point is just cuz you idolize rodgers, doesnt make him the goat…hardly. wasnt today the biggest choke in playoff history when leading by 12 with 5 minutes left? time to start looking for a qbotf, and a decent coaching staff

  15. Green bay/Rodgers messed up by not really testing him. The aura was just too much apparently. Should have crushed a 1 armed corner. Bad bad finish for GB. And i was rooting for them. Sad finish.

  16. I believe they’re trying to say the TD pass was on Sherm as well. The guy ran up the left sideline, then curled back to the right through the end zone to Sherm’s area. He was covering Nelson at the time, but now he had 2 guys in his zone, so they’ll probably declare “exposed” because they need to have something…

  17. I think he was trying to bait rodgers to throw his way again. He knew the team was gonna need big plays in that 4th qtr and he wanted to contribute an INT. He knows cameras are on him and he is hoping the GB booth calls down to the sideline—–target Sherman. But like myself, GB didnt buy it. Great game of cat and mouse. After that 1st pick rodgers prettt much stayed away.

  18. Logicalvoice….

    Basketball…not fixed????


  19. time to take it packer fans, yeah there are terrible teams, yep the vikings bears and tons of other teams are rebuilding. but the reason packer fans are so intolerable is because of the whole “green bay is at the right hand of god” attitude. you constantly put other teams and players down… tiny hands bustwater? i think he did pretty damned good for being thrown into a situation with arguably one of the best rb of all time sitting at home. lost 60% of his offensive line and was playing with scrubs half the year, and still finished 7-9…maybe like clarice starling said to hannibal “But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself?”

  20. McCarthy went with Aaron Wroggers in the 4th.
    Cheers to Fat Eddie gaining more gluten over the off-season, Ol FatHead wearing yoga pants, & cheesebay “owners” trying to shake off the “chokers” moniker.

  21. garyman1 says:
    Jan 18, 2015 7:57 PM
    Gotta love Vikings fans…. they rip on the Packers losing in the NFC championship game after yet another losing season with zero Super Bowl wins.


    If you haven’t realized dude, this is entertainment with way overpaid salaries!
    Our lives continue as normal in life no matter if the Lions, Vikings, Bills, Bengals or any other team haven’t won a super bowl!

    My team may have not won a super bowl, but watching the Packers give up that many points in the last few minutes was epic and made my day!

  22. brady seems to have more records than rodgers and way more super bowl appearances, yet packer fans already anointed rodgers as the GOAT. hmm weird. erin turns 32 at the end of the 2015 season. how many more real productive years does he have if he keeps getting these dinged up injuries every year?

  23. This game was not nearly as good as Last Years game but the improbable win that Russell Wilson and the rest of the team pulled out was pure magic, Once again the Seahawks provided the most emotional post game interview of the post season. Sherman last year and Wilson this year. What a fantastic 3 years for Seahawk fans It was a very long time coming

  24. I think he was over-hyping the injury, trying to attract a Rodgers throw. You don’t send someone out in a sling no matter how good he is…

  25. Why are all you guys calling this a “classic game”?

    It was sloppy and poorly executed by both players and coaches.

    This was entertaining football but not good football out there today.

  26. Well, that’s proves it for all of time to come. Now we know why football is still better then the WWE. Yeah, that was scripted.. Ha, Ha.

    Seattle always brings out the great posters… logical voices, PFT Poet, Vikingsarethebest… classics all of you..

    Had to be a damn hard choice who to root for PFT.

  27. To the Viking fans chiming in, I remember one Brett Favre, the Packer reject, was the epic fail for you. Suck on that one for a while.Vikings are irrelevant.

  28. another packer colllapse. like vs eagles in 2003…packers def allowed 4th & 26. favre int in OT and eagles won. in 2007, favre int in OT and nyg won nfc champ gm

  29. 6 points in the 2nd half?

    Earl Thomas in a shoulder harness?
    Sherman likely not able to lift his left arm over his head?
    Think maybe the geniuses on the GB Coaching Staff could’ve tested them a bit?
    Run at Sherman then, force him to play, if you’re afraid to throw at him at least.

    Loved the Int and slide with nearly 6mins to kill and, all sorts of green grass ahead of him too.
    GB took conservative to a new level today.

  30. Sherman hyper-extended his elbow. The same thing happened to me a couple times in high school. He should be good to go in a couple weeks if it isn’t broken.

  31. Thought GB played a great game. Be interesting to see if this was the real Super Bowl again…

  32. garyman1 says:
    Jan 18, 2015 7:57 PM
    Gotta love Vikings fans…. they rip on the Packers losing in the NFC championship game after yet another losing season with zero Super Bowl wins.

    True, but at the end of this season, you’re on the couch next to us and your loss today was probably more heartbreaking then 09 and 98, the only people who can empathize with you are these Vikings fans lol

  33. For the guy who commented about a fix…’s funny how no body knew where Seattle was before they won the super bowl…I’m from New York and how bout all the east coast biased that goes around…I’m actually glad the Seahawks won…every time a team wins that isn’t your team its a fix no conspiracy theories…Green Bay lost that’s it…some people make dumb statements without fact …….I have no rooting interest but go Hawks screw the Patriots and Tom Brady…its gonna be like last year Peyton this and peyton that….best defense in football…

  34. That last comment was little messed up just tired of people dissing on good teams….just give them a little respect….now everyone hates the Seahawks….well the pub is good for Seattle keep hating them haters.

  35. “logicalvoicesays says: Jan 18, 2015 7:49 PM

    I’ll be watching Basketball on that day. You know, the sport that isn’t fixed.”

    Yea, right. Sure Uh Huh!
    But one thing it is NOT…and that is a sport.

  36. McCarthy continues to get out-coached in the playoffs. They should be getting more out of that roster.

  37. That “angry man” routine the Seahawks pull after big wins, where all their mistakes and poor play is someone else’s fault ans Seahawks players are going to get into reporters faces about it (often a female reporter), is wearing thin. It’s dark, and toxic, like grungers and skinny jeans. The roid rage is palpable.

    I greatly prefer the healthy positive vibe from the Patriots celebration. They are intense, gritty, cerebral, and determined, and their is a positive energy emanating from them. Oh yeah, and that Gronk can bust a move….

  38. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jan 18, 2015 7:49 PM
    I’ll be watching Basketball on that day. You know, the sport that isn’t fixed.


    You mean the sport where the ref was caught point shaving?

  39. Who cares!!! As long as Seattle has their star Lynch on the field, there’s a chance…. When has he been tested for Roids??? It’s time!!!!

  40. “back and forth” overtime victory?

    What freaking game were you watching, you idiot?

    Packers up 22-7, then lost 28-22, just in case you can’t count that high.

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