Some Seattle fans left early, missed Seahawks’ comeback


Apparently beating traffic is more important than the chance to see your team pull out one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history.

With the Seahawks trailing the Packers in the fourth quarter, large numbers of Seattle fans decided to leave the stadium early, costing themselves the chance to see the Seahawks’ dramatic fourth-quarter comeback and overtime victory.

Some of those fans were still in the parking lot when they heard the roar of the fans who remained in the stadium, but unfortunately for those fans who left early, CenturyLink Field in Seattle has a strict no re-entry policy, and they weren’t allowed back in the game. As a result, some of those fans crowded around outside the concourse area and watched the end of the game through the windows, on the TVs inside the stadium.


Let this be a lesson to football fans everywhere: If you’re going to spend a lot of money to watch your team in a playoff game, go ahead and stick around for the ending, even if it’s looking bleak for the home team. You may someday want to tell your grandchildren about that time you saw one of the best finishes in football history. Your grandchildren will be unimpressed with a story about making good time on the way home from the stadium.

194 responses to “Some Seattle fans left early, missed Seahawks’ comeback

  1. what would you expect from bandwagon “fans” who’ve only associated the team for @ 2yrs?

  2. Some Seattle “fans” left early, missed Seahawks’ comeback


    Fixed the headline for ya.

  3. I’ve said it for weeks. Worst fan base in the NFL!

    In Green Bay, we would never do that. Why?? Because we OWN our team! As an owner, I never walk out on my team.

    I hope you lose, because you have a terrible fanbase.

  4. I find it a little funny… But also understand it. As a season ticket holder, my biggest complaint about attending the games is sitting in traffic for an hour after the game.

  5. Yep should a stayed. There are atleast 350,000 people that were at 3 Rivers Stadium, to see the Immaculate Reception… Just ask around Pittsburgh… Lol

  6. Typical salty PFT writers steamed about this epic comeback and trying to distract people with irrelevance. Why no posts ever highlighting Santa Clara’s fraud fanbase abandoning the team after half time in every home game at Levi’s Stadium?

  7. Who cares about a photograph of Eleven fans who left early. Fact is, the majority of 12’s remained to root for their team in spite of the odds against them! And WE WON!!

    SB in Phoenix in 2 weeks!!

    Go HAWKS!!

  8. @Steeloven89

    I thought the game was over after INT number 4, but I’m not a Seatlle fan. Fans by definition are irrational. Real fans would have stayed until the end of the game.

  9. Funny…10 people left early and it’s the entire fan base.

    Haters don’t count either obviously.

    SB in 2 weeks!! Again!!

    Go HAWKS!!

  10. What a crock of a headline or “reporting” did you not see the 68,000 plus still there? a FEW fans are not a headline. You people at PFT will grab on to anything to start a war of hate against the Hawks.

  11. Most Seattle fans have only been fans for like two years so you can’t blame them for not knowing all of the rules yet…

  12. Not surprising, between them and Dallas is the largest fake fan base in pro sports. Not counting the celebrities who sit court side in the Staples center.

  13. what I don’t understand about leaving early is why pay for the ticket if you’re not going to stay the entire game? I bet those tickets for the cheapest seats were atleast two or three hundred dollars.

  14. What a great “12th man” what a joke that fan base is they came into relivence a couple years ago. When they start losing again the only thing Seattle will be known for is Starbucks, pearl jam, and the supersonics err never mind just the other two

  15. I turned the channel after pick number 4, had I been in the stadium I would have left. Those fans were likely angry and disgusted, but this article and this site seems to have a pro green bay mentality.

    like I said earlier sour grapes

  16. “you people at PFT will grab at anything….”

    PFT was one of the last places i seen this story. Quit crying and face facts…

  17. I don’t blame any team for “bandwagonning” because literally all teams have bandwagon fans. However, any home team fans that leave early deserve this.

  18. Yup just what I expected. Haters and useless no-nothings. Jump on anything Seahawks. Small minded little people. Just what PFT was hoping for.

  19. Yes, but they still have their ticket stubs. And the version they’ll tell the grandkids will have them loyally glued to their seats, willing the team to its miracle comeback 😉

  20. Lol…lot of haters out there. Peoplet forget that the Packers couldn’t even sell out a 2013 home playoff game. Now you are talking about what? A handful of fans that left a few minutes early? Show me one great comeback where that did not happen. To bad for them but GREAT comeback for a team of “misfits”

  21. Yeah, all 10 of those 68,000+ fans left early but let’s write this up to feed the trolls. Not that I’m excusing that small handful of fans for leaving early. They should have known that nothing’s impossible with Wilson back there.

  22. Many of them were also on their phones ordering Packers gear online to ensure they would be able to support their new team in the Super Bowl.

  23. No surprise…Seattle fans are known for this. Glad Packers lost, not glad Seachickens won.
    Next year neither team makes the post season.

  24. Don’t you just love the 15 year old acne-faced trolls with daddy’s stack of Playboys under their beds, claiming to know about the fanbase of a team that turns 40 next year?

  25. Halftime comments were funny also,all the pack and 49er fans laughing talking crap thinking it was over.not a fan of either teams so it was was funny when hawk fans left b4 game was overtime sure they will tell everyone tomorrow morning they stayed 4 the whole game.losers.not true fans

  26. Every (winning) team is loaded down with bandwagon fans. They also happen to be the loudest & most obnoxious ones in an attempt to hide their lack of loyalty. Seattle just happens to be the latest team alongside Denver & Dallas. Those who left were probably just trying hurry up & buy their Packers jerseys.

  27. So many bitter haters it is funny. Your team can’t cut it so you latch on to this idea known as “bandwagon” apparently a phenomenon uniqe to winning teams called out by those of losing teams. Quite convenient for you.

  28. I’m not a Seahawks fan, but much respect to the loyal fans who suffered through a lot of losses.

    I am happy Seattle won a championship, I still think it’s terrible that the Supersonics left.

    It’s sad to see bandwagon fans ruin the real fan’s reputation for any team.

    Let’s be honest, does anyone believe that teams like the Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers, Packers, Broncos, and Patriots don’t have a huge bandwagon fanbase?

    This is just the way it works, a team shows success and all of a sudden it has tons of “loyal fans.” Whoever wins the Super Bowl this year will have a huge spike in “fans.”

    That’s just the way it works.

  29. The best thing that describes Rodgers is CHOKE in big games. One leg guy can’t get it done. He’s the most awful qb in the league. If I were the Packers, I’d trade him right now.

  30. McCarthy needs to be fired. When you have arguably the best offense in the league at your disposal and you’ve got a team full of PED-infused roid ragers on the ropes – and even silenced their artificial crowd noise system – you step on their throats.

    Instead, the dough boy settled for measly field goals from the goal line and then stood on the sidelines with that patented stupid, dumbfounded look on his face all second half while Choke Bay and their idiotically conservative game plan went down in flames as even Helen Keller could have seen coming.

    Still, Seadderall was so mediocre that even with all the lucky breaks that went their way and the Choke Bay coaching staff willingly handing them the game, the Cheathawks STILL needed overtime to put them away. It’s a shame the Vikings dynasty franchise couldn’t have replaced one of these pathetic teams to show the world how it’s done.

  31. Miami Heat fans learned this in the 2012 NBA Finals. The San Antonio Spurs just about had Game 6 and the NBA trophy wrapped up when the fans left in droves….only to miss a furious comeback by the Heat and forcing a winner-take-all Game 7. Shame on you Seahawk fans. Watching it on TV, I, too, thought the Packers couldn’t squander a 19-7 lead. Surprise, surprise!

  32. Yes, but they still have their ticket stubs. And the version they’ll tell the grandkids will have them loyally glued to their seats, willing the team to its miracle comeback 😉

    So did the Pittsburgh players enjoy watching the game from their couches?

    Go Hawks

  33. You trolls will say anything to bash the Hawks.
    Thank God Bostik was there to miss that onside kick. Aaron Rogers chokes again. Sorry Green Bay fans. Enjoy your off season, cuz the Champs will sure enjoy theirs!!
    GO HAWKS!!

  34. As a real fan that was suffering the first 3 and half quarters of that game I couldn’t care less if some people left early. I have 2 more weeks to enjoy this team and this game before an attempt at a repeat. And after today I’m feeling pretty good about the hawks chances to take on whatever’s thrown at them,

  35. Credit the Seahawks and Wilson — who played awful for most of the game — for a great comeback win.

    All you posters calling the Packers chokers are the same morons who all week were saying they had no chance to win the game. Well, the Packers dominated the game for all but the last 4 minutes.

    So, even though it was a tough way to lose a game, the Packers can hold their heads up because they still proved all the naysayers who said they had no chance wrong.

  36. Not a good look, unless they were getting in line for Super Bowl tickets.

    This was one for the ages and they won’t get it back, but what were the odds? They get a pass, down 12 with 5 minutes in a windy downpour in late January.

    There’s not a fanbase in the NFL that would not have had people bailing at that point. Nothing to see. They just strengthened the fanbase. Next time they’ll sit tight.(at the Super Bowl)

  37. Look at all the hate. How is it that football fans from all the other football cities have so much knowledge about our fan base & it’s history? I love it. It takes a special team to evoke this much envy. In actuality, i don’t believe there’s been a game played in the Clink that wasn’t sold out.

    I guess you trolls can’t find enough flaws to run down the Hawks so you attack the fan base. Very rational. I totally follow your logic. smh

  38. Never understood leaving early. I stay to the end, head back to my truck, re-start the grill, drink a few, eat some leftover ribs, let the traffic clear and then let the wife drive home.

  39. I am at a sports book in Vegas and this chick who was a Seattle fan tore up her over/under ticket late in the game. She desparately tried to piece it together post game but book said no go. Haha!–Nelson Muntz

  40. Like all Seahawks fans, they didn’t even know the team existed until a couple of years ago.

  41. Went to a game at The Kingdoms in 1987. Place was loud as hell.The fans were rabid back then for a 9 and seven team as was the entire region. That’s along time to be “bandwagon fans”. By the way, Bo ran over Bosworth for 220 someodd yards that night. Quieted that dome pretty good.

  42. Everybody in the stadium and watching on TV knew that there was going to be an on-side kick…so why didn’t that dude catch the ball?..melt- MELTDOWN!!

  43. 49ers fans don’t leave at halftime

    They go into the concourse because it’s too hot

    Blame the designers of the stadium not the fans

  44. mikelitoris1 says:
    Jan 18, 2015 9:01 PM
    Speaking of bandwagon fans, remember when there were more Green Bay fans in Seattle than Seattle fans 3 years ago?
    No I don’t. You must have us confused with some other team.

  45. It’s okay, the players still got paid and the people still paid the NFL for tickets. And anyone who bet on the game either made money or didn’t.

  46. I’d say I hope this comes back as bad Karma, but half the roster is jacked up on PEDs, so it won’t matter anyway.

  47. Anyone remember last week when the Bronco fans left early and those that stayed Boo’d their team? So just shut up and move along!

  48. The 12th Man was not a factor in this game.

    Actually, it was a deterrent to the Seahawks as THEY were the ones penalized the most for false starts, not the Packers.

    So, the infamous 12th Man – you guys didn’t do nothing today, in fact you were quiet as crickets for the majority of the game…fairweather fans at best.

  49. There was a 96% win probability for the Packers with 5 minutes left in the game. Ask yourselves, what would fans in YOUR city do in that situation?

  50. I almost left the TV room several times, but I was waiting for the Packers to score that one more TD to put the game away. Obviously, they never did.

    Meanwhile, Colts fans are free to leave Foxborough. That one is over.

  51. In many of the games I watched this season where the Pack had the lead and Rodgers, McCarthy and Nelson were laughing and mocking the opposition from the sideline. That was truly classless. They were doing it today to Seattle when they were up 16-0 in the 4th.

    How’s it feel now Rodgers, Nelson, McCarthy?
    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch !

    Thanks Seattle !

    Bear fan

  52. Of course Seattle has a huge band wagon right now. As good as their team is and with the run they are on any city would have the same band wagon.

    The unique part about Seattle’s band wagon is how proud the regular fans are of the size of it. During last year’s Super Bowl parade all the sports radio guys covering it were overestimating size of the crowd by a few hundred thousand and then gushing about big the crowd was, patting themselves on the back saying how that made them the best fans every to exist. Very funny stuff.

  53. Don’t know whether the Steelers players enjoyed watching the game from their couches. But I thoroughly enjoyed it–at least the last 10 minutes when it finally got interesting. Unlike all the nasty comments about bandwagon fans, my post was just good-natured teasing. Someone needs to develop a thicker skin.

  54. Oh, come on… they were Packer Fans looking to make a get-a-way!

    I lived there a long time ago, but all my friends tell me how much traffic sucks, but on a SUNDAY????


  55. I didn’t even read the article or the poster comments. All I can say is I have a ton of respect for GB. Met a lot of their fans at the game and they were all respectful (besides one but he was taken care of). Great team, great fans, and for the majority of the game (while my Hawks were sucking) I felt your pain. Much respect Packer Nation!!

    Go Hawks!!

  56. Can you blame them? After the fourth interception, the whole Packers team including the coach stopped playing. Roll it back and just watch them on the sidelines. Look at the play calling, the three Lacy runs to punt.
    Classic example of celebrating too early.

  57. You can’t blame them really, most seahawks fans didn’t know there was even a pro football team in their own city until they won the superbowl.

  58. How ’bout that 12th man? Most overhyped and overrated fan base in the NFL. Granted, it didn’t look good for the Hawks, but it was far from insurmountable, as everyone found out, and it’s the friggin’ NFC championship. Support your team to the final whistle

  59. As a former Seahawks season ticket holder now in Pensacola, I personally blame the Seahawks for cutting off liquor sales at half-time.

    A game that excruciating would make me want to head to Pioneer Square for a drink, too.

  60. mrwirez says:
    Jan 18, 2015 8:27 PM
    In Other News:
    The Great Arron Rodgers chokes again… Trade him to Denver!!

    If you understood football, you’d realize it wasn’t Rodgers
    Who choked it was the Packer D. Packers get the coin flip and it would had been a different story. Typical brainless Hawk “fan”.

  61. I like how they post this like walking out early after having a huge deficit is exclusive to only Seattle. This has happened at least once, most likely more than once with all 32 teams.

  62. pfpackerpoet
    I’ve said it for weeks. Worst fan base in the NFL!

    In Green Bay, we would never do that. Why?? Because we OWN our team! As an owner, I never walk out on my team.

    I hope you lose, because you have a terrible fanbase.
    Yep, owner of a worthless certificate that should say SUCKER!
    Just for you guys not knowing Wisconsin, these are people that won’t even watch the playoffs if they are not in it. True football fans to the core. Right pfpackerpoet? Liked the historic CHOKE by the way.

  63. You are a fake “12” and a disgrace that you consider yourself on a par with the real Real 12th MAN of Aggieland

  64. I’ll bet none of the people who left will ever leave another game. Not even when it’s over and the cleaning crew is sweeping around their feet.

  65. Not a Seahawks fan, but this is such a non story. Anyone who has ever been to any game, even a close one, will see fair weather fans leaving the stadium early. I would guess that if you live in Seattle you are not a band wagoner. Bandwagon fans are people from the east coast that have never been to Seattle but like the uniforms and the fact that the team is in the Super Bowl. This is typically young children and women.

  66. I don’t really like the Seahawks at all. But that team is resilient, tough, fast, smart, well coached, and that D plays possessed and with a whole lot of swagger. I don’t think too many NFL teams have all them qualities. You phony Seattle fans don’t deserve to be represented by that team. The Seahawks team are definitely not a reflection of a lot of their fans because while all those fans quit and walked out on their team, their Team sure as heck didn’t quit…..

  67. randygnyc says:
    Jan 18, 2015 8:20 PM

    Half the stadium emptied out. Definitive PROOF of bandwagon fans.


    Watch the game winning TD again for PROOF….that you can’t do basic math. Try to spot the empty seats.

  68. The (20)12’s at work. The other at work was God, providing the chickens with the most luck ever presented in a football game.

  69. Just got home from the game & dinner. Unbelievable. Well, there are all kinds in any crowd. I wish this bunch had sold their tickets to the many who would have loved to have been there from start to finish.

    Go Hawks!

    Ps Sorry your team didn’t make it and all you have to alleviate your pain is this sorry story…

  70. I was at the game and the place was packed and rocking at the end. Hilarious that the haters are trying to turn a couple of dozen people who left early into a big deal. So jealous.

  71. I defy anyone to find me a sporting event anywhere where every fan has stayed to the end, their team winning, losing, or tieing. What a nothing story

  72. At least they missed Russell Wilson crying like a little girl.

    Thankfully, this is the kinder, gentler, made for Lifetime TV special, NFL. Nothing pulls at the old heart strings like a millionaire athlete breaking down on live TV. Good thing he thanked God for watching over his football prowess versus say God helping sick children or ending famine, war, etc.

    On second thought, too bad Clint Eastwood wasn’t there to punch Wilson in the face.

  73. Feel bad for the Bostick kid.
    They should’ve told him, it wasn’t another Hail Mary.

    You’re supposed to catch that one.

    This is the future definition of, how playing not to lose, costs you a trip to the SB.

  74. As a former Seahawks season ticket holder now in Pensacola, I personally blame the Seahawks for cutting off liquor sales at half-time.
    Did you go to some other Seahawks games? Been going for a decade, sales stop after 3Q, like all stadiums.

    A game that excruciating would make me want to head to Pioneer Square for a drink, too.

  75. I had Seasn Tickets for the Buffalo Bills in 1993 and they were playing
    the Houston Oilers and we’re losing 35-3 in the 3rd quater of the AFC
    wildcard game and I refused to leave the stadium. Boy was I glad I stayed the Bills would overcome a 32 point deficit with Jim Kelly
    and Thurman Thamas on the bench with injuries. I will never forget
    that feeling of greatness in what I witnessed live and in person.
    nobody circles the wagon like Bills Fans. go Seahawks and please
    take out those pats

  76. You people are a bunch of hypocrites. This article was going to attract everybody but Seattle fans that wish their teams were playing in two weeks and will trash Seattle or any other successful franchise at any opportunity.

    There isn’t a stadium in the league where the same thing wouldn’t have happened once the outcome seemed apparent. This is a non-story, whether it’s about Seattle or any other team. Quit being trolls.

  77. A friend of mine is Seahawks season ticket holder. After Week 10 of the season we were both lamenting the state of our team. My Saints were healthy and we sucked and I didn’t see how we were gonna turn it around and I said so on this forum (some Saints fans on this site accused us realists of being fair weather fans but we were just calling it as we saw it.) My friend had already thrown in the towel on the Seahawks but I told him that Seattle was missing a few pieces and could turn it around. I had more faith in his team than he did. Kudos to the Seahawks for their nice run to get back to the Super Bowl. But if they start out that sloppy against the Patriots, Bill Belichick won’t play conservative in the 2nd half and play not to lose.

  78. “Let’s be honest, does anyone believe that teams like the Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers, Packers, Broncos, and Patriots don’t have a huge bandwagon fanbase?”

    Big difference is how much Seahawks fans can’t stop congratulating themselves over what awesome fans they are. Wearing jerseys to honor THEMSELVES, flags to honor THEMSELVES, etc. Sometimes I wonder if they are more a fan of being a Seahawks fan than of the actual team.

  79. I dunno. Do bandwagon fans actually spend that much time, money and effort to see a game live?
    I would think a bandwagon fan wouldn’t or would try and spend as little as possible.
    They were probably real fans but Sea Chick fans just want to think of them as being bandwagons to feel better about themselves.

  80. The angry man routine (it’s all someone else’s fault!) by the Seahawk players is getting old quick. If this isn’t roid rage I don’t know what is.

    On the flip side, I liked the healthy positive vibe from the Pats post game celebration

  81. When Wilson needs a big play he rolls out and throws long to a spot and hopes his receiver runs under it. Usually, it is right down the hash marks, as was the OT TD pass today. I saw it in 2012 when the Pats played at Seattle. He is still doing it.

  82. Yawn, look at the replay of the game. So 10 guys out of 68,000+ left, wow.

    You jealous bro?

    Go Hawks

  83. I guess you haters didn’t notice the stands during the presentation of the trophy for the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP. It was a real sight.
    Those of you calling the fans “bandwagon” probably weren’t even a twinkle in your fathers’ eyes when the Hawks played in the KINGDOME.
    Hate on…the Hawks are playing in their second straight SB and your team isn’t. LOL
    Go Hawks!!

  84. They’ll regret that forever. In 1985, my dad wanted to get a jump on traffic so we left a Mariners’ game early since the Twins seemingly had the game in the bag. We heard Phil Bradley’s walk off Grand Slam in the car on the way home. I was mad at my dad for a while for making us leave early, but it taught me to never say die.
    Also, the couple hundred morons that left early define the entire Seahawks’ fanbase rather than the 68,000+ that were still in there? Some of you people are desperately grasping at anything to tear us down.

  85. Back in 2012 I was leaving the GA dome when Seattle scored and almost made it to the door but decided to walk back and watch Matt Ryan lead the Falcons down the field for Matt Bryant to win the game with only seconds left. But same deal, tons of fans were stuck outside watching one of the most improbable comebacks ever for Matt Ryan’s first playoff win. Of course only to lose to the 49ers the next week lol. Damn it sucks and hurts to be a falcon fan!

  86. I was there until the end. To leave that game is unconscionable. Just out of respect for the team that is defending a Super Bowl victory, was 3-3 at one point and just had been on a 7 game tear one should be compelled to stay. 98% of the fans were still in the stands when the game turned back in the Hawks favor. The bulk of the 12s stayed and continued to scream. In fact one of the Seahawks had commented that they looked up to see if the 12s were filling the aisle and saw them sticking with the team. GO HAWKS!!!

  87. I assume the haters here kept their TVs on till the end. So what the &*^@ *was* that up there in the stands making so much noise when Kearse scored in OT? Vendors?

  88. “Fans” AKA bandwagoners who couldn’t tell you who was on the team five years ago. Plus the pipe crowd noise into that stadium, why doesn’t the league investigate that.

  89. Seattle’s current fan base is about as real as the grass, I mean turf they play on. They’ve been propped up over the last two years (justifiably so), and they’re seen as the tough, but flashy team today, an opposite of most other teams.
    Seattle, just admit it, half of the supposed Seahawks fans didn’t exist before 2013. Your 12th man is fraudulent. You make the bandwagon fans of the Steelers after the 2008 Super Bowl look like die hards.

  90. Great Caesar’s Ghost says: Jan 18, 2015 8:41 PM

    It was embarasing as a Seahawk fan to witness this. Some day we will be like the Packers, Cowboys ,Bears, 49ers, etc.


    What many of you bringing up the Cowboys fail to realize is that those who appear to be bandwagon, have been lifelong Cowboys fans gone into hibernation during the 20 year Jerry era of mediocrity.
    Bandwagon? Yes, but it’s a little different, they have been Cowboys fans, just not proud enough to admit it. They don’t jump around like we’ve seen with the recent Seahawks or post 2008 Steelers.

  91. I have been a 12 since 76. Never had a opportunity to go to a game and would love to. Now that I have incurable cancer and getting treatment in California I doubt if that will happen. As for people leaving the game early, we’ll it couldn’t have been too many from what I saw on television and the panoramic shots of the Seahawk’s house. It looked packed to me. And at the end of the game we got seismic readings all the way down in San Diego, epic center Downtown Seattle, cause, Seahawk 12’s celebrating another NFC Championship win. If you don’t like it, wait till next year and hope your team does as well as the Seahawks and the 12. In two weeks if you look close you will see people leaving early at Super Bowl XLIX, if you don’t have anything else better to do, count the 12’s then as they are leaving.

  92. …because Seattle is the ONLY team that ever has fans leave early…

    Yep, pretty sure no other team in the history of sports has had a handful of fans walk out early and miss a huge comeback.

    I don’t get why this is a story. Anyway, while I’m sure it’s a great story to tell your grand-kids (who won’t care, trust me) that you were there and saw it all , it’s actually a funnier story to tell them that you left early!

    Tell me, if a Packers fan leaves early, is he/she flogged in the parking lot for doing so, thus ensuring no other early leavers?

  93. Ware talking about professional football here. They bought their tickets for a seat. The fans yelled so the opposing team couldn’t hear the snap count. The players get payed millions, it’s a billion dollar business. Do you think any of the players care if fans leave after the ticket is sold. Lynch and every other player will follow the money trail and try and get on a team that has the best chance to go to the next Super Bowl because that’s where the money is. Just like movie stars trying to get a part that will get them a Grammy. It’s all about the money. Both teams have great fan bases. Both teams have talented employees that people pay big money to see. The Seahawks performed for 61 min the folks that stuck around for the 61 min were rewarded just like the Seahawks, those who left early got the same thing the Packers did, wishing they had lasted another 5 min. Both teams got paid by the number of people going in the gates and how fancy that venue is, not how many stayed to the end of the game. Seattle will have the Seahawks next year, which city will lose their team because of the number of fans that walked out early. Who will loose their team to LA where the money is because they can bring in more people that will walk out early.

  94. Do you know why Seattle fans are the best fans in the NFL? Even when the team can’t seem to move the ball, even when the team is playing the worst game of their lives, even when their QB throws his fourth interception of the game, NO ONE boos the team! No one! You don’t boo your own team! How many fan bases can honestly make that claim?

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