Trent Richardson: I missed walkthrough due to “serious family emergency”


A report indicated that the Colts’ decision to leave running back Trent Richardson in Indianapolis was prompted by Richardson’s failure to notify the team that he would not be in attendance for a Saturday morning walkthrough before the team traveled to face the Patriots on.

That report came after the Colts said that Richardson would not accompany the team to New England for “personal reasons” and now Richardson has made his first comments about the absence. He confirms he missed the walkthrough practice on Saturday and says that he’s still at the hospital dealing with the family emergency that prompted his absence.

“I had to miss walkthrough. I’m dealing with a very serious family emergency. I’m still at the hospital. I wouldn’t purposely just miss walkthrough,” Richardson said, via “I wouldn’t just purposely turn my back on the team. I would have been there if I wasn’t dealing with this issue.”

We send our best wishes for a positive outcome to the situation to Richardson and his family.

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  1. It would be easy to pounce on T Richardson like most have but I will reserve judgment until the “facts” are revealed. Good luck Trent.

  2. The Colts will do the standard issue addressing of the issue in which they send condolences and wish Richardson well…

    …except they are secretly happy he’s not there.

  3. ESPN and PFT were all over this and basically got caught with there foot in their mouth. I seen at least 2 articles saying that the Cleveland trade is looking even better suggesting that Richardson is a slacker. So sick of the media always jumping to conclusions to get the story out first. I’m glad you got caught this time ESPN, maybe next time you’ll learn your lesson… Or not.

  4. I’d like to see everyone clowning on the guy yesterday come back on and apologize. Wait, this is the Internet….keyboard warriors don’t have the guts to do that. Trent may not be what the Colts had hoped, but he has been a team guy.

  5. Takes two seconds to make a call or shoot a text to the powers that be letting them know what’s going on. Best wishes to Richardson and his family with whatever’s going on, but there’s no excuse not to notify the team…

  6. Good man Trent. Nice to see you most certainly have your priorities straight. FAMILY FIRST! If the Colts can’t understand that it’s their loss. Come to Seattle where you will be treated with respect and if you work hard you will have the opportunity to compete for a position and earn a Super Bowl ring. Good Luck. Take care of your family.

  7. Nothing wrong with missing work for a family emergency, but call work and let them know you will not make it that day. Takes two minutes to call while driving to hospital.

  8. Phone calls are too hard, now? They don’t have the right to be upset about him dealing with a family emergency but they absolutely should be mad about him not bothering to call.

  9. Who has a job that doesn’t require them to call in when they can’t be at work…even if it’s an emergency? And how did he find time to contact the media?

  10. I say B.S. You’ve been demoted to third string, you missed last weeks game & you’ve been a bust since the day you were drafted. Elaborate on what the “serious family emergency” is if you expect us to buy that.

  11. Colts brass: “Trent, I’m sorry to hear about your situation” But, because you didn’t make us aware of the it, “Trent, You’re fired”

  12. Hmmm. Can’t at least bust out a phone call or text at worst? When he was with the Browns he lived out in the sticks in a house with a large number of people living there. Several domestic disturbances reportedly occurred at the residence. I think the Browns saw a situation that would eventually drag him down, and ultimately keep him from reaching his potential. Needs to drop the posse.

  13. Doesn’t matter, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have even gotten any carries. The guy just isn’t an NFL quality player.

  14. Apparently the serious family emergency was not considered a serious family emergency by the team. I’d like to know who had to go to the hospital and what was it for. Was it an actual family member in a serious medical condition? Maybe it was a friend with a sprained ankle?

    Teams don’t get mad about family emergency situations.

  15. mrwalterisgod says:

    The Colts will do the standard issue addressing of the issue in which they send condolences and wish Richardson well…

    …except they are secretly happy he’s not there.

    There was no need for all that. Childish.

  16. Both my mother and father passed away and in both cases I called my employer to let them know within hours of the time they passed. Can’t really think of an emergency bigger than that where I just wouldn’t show up

  17. I haven’t read that actual story….but is it a fact that he didn’t call the team? I keep seeing people say he “should have called” before missing the walkthrough.

    Is it confirmed he didn’t call? All I’ve seen is a story saying he didn’t make the trip to NE.

  18. ESPN is quickly becoming the NY Post of TV.

    More like TMZ. PFT seems to be slipping towards that NY Post/TMZ side of the spectrum as well. I think they are the only blog that looks to Manish Mehta as great football mind.

  19. I find it odd that Richardson told the media it was “a family emergency”, yet the media has nothing specific. Anyone can claim an emergency as an excuse. And is it that surprising that a pro athlete would fail to tell his employer that he can’t make practice? Typical of the overpaid and undereducated pro athlete.

  20. I hope the kid is ok. The poor guy was just way, way, way overrated coming out of Alabama and hasn’t lived up to the false expectations. I wish him well. He seems like a really good kid. He had ten yards of open space before he ever got touched at Alabama. You don’t really get that in the NFL.

  21. Yes he should have called in to work but he absolutely has no obligation to let you PFT readers know what his specific serious family emergency is. Some things deserve to be left private. Best wishes.

  22. If he really wanted to be believed, he would’ve provided more details as to the nature of the “family emergency” but I suspect he hasn’t come up with that answer yet. I think it’s more him trying to CYA with the general statement of a family emergency in order to save face from his statement of never being listed on inactive report ever again. He figures that will give him a little time to figure out what the emergency could be…….3rd cousin removed had a toothache????????? I say B.S. T.R.

  23. I believe that the out of the blue “family emergency” was actually an overdose of Carl’s Jr. It takes 10 seconds to text and communicate.

  24. irresponsible turd that would have been a distraction the Colts anyway. If he had even one friend on the team, that friend would have already spoken up for him. 3rd cousin’s grandmother has indigestion. What a load ‘o’ crap.

  25. It’s really none of our business why he’s at the hospital. The fact that he is signifies it’s likely an emergency.

    The Colts left him inactive for a good reason. There is nothing to suggest he simply didn’t call. Maybe the issue requires him to be there still.

    Calling won’t fix that.

    He’s really not very good so the Colts aren’t just going to leave themselves waiting on him.

    I wish him the best.

  26. HEY in any other job in the world “no call-no show” is nothing less than automatic termination. G’bye Richardson….sheesh where do these people get off?

  27. We have the choice to make it our business if the person is highly paid and highly publicized as he is, and he’s chosen to add drama at the wrong time.

  28. Here’s a thought, if it’s a family emergency….IT’S NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS! The Colts don’t have any obligation to tell anyone what the emergency is. If this is true, and he got caught up and didn’t notify them, it’s either really serious or he forgot. My brother went to the ER and I could barely keep my car on the road, much less call my boss at the time. We don’t know. I am guessing it was used as an excuse to keep him inactive today. But, it is weird bc he had been practicing all week. But none of us know the real truth. And if it’s personal, it should stay that way.

  29. He’s in the public eye, is highly paid and just pulled some highly unusual moves at the worst time. It’s not for you whether someone who is in the news is our business or not.

  30. Legit excuse because it is unusual for anyone in this day and age to have access to a portable communication device. He probably can’t afford one because his conscience only allows him to spend the part of his NFL salary that he has earned. And i heard the hospital wanted to charge him extra to use their phone. What’s a guy supposed to do?

  31. Trent’s Mother passed away today after a long battle with Lupus.. This was the family emergency. Hope all you wrench mouth critics feel better about your cheap shot comments.

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