Aaron Rodgers does not seem happy with play-calling


Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he wasn’t going to question his team’s play-calling, primarily since he’s the one that called them.

He might be a lonely member of that club, because even quarterback Aaron Rodgers was questioning the way the Packers took their foot off the gas and allowed the Seahawks to steal a Super Bowl berth.

“We had some chances early, had some chances late to do some things and didn’t do it,” Rodgers said, via Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin. “When you go back and think about it, at times we weren’t playing as aggressive as we usually are.”

There were plenty of mistakes to point to in the last five minutes of regulation, beginning with safety Morgan Burnett sliding down for no good reason after an interception, to Brandon Bostick’s mishandling an onside kick.

But after the interception, the Packers burned just 64 seconds while running the ball three times, even though the Seahawks had nine in the box.

The Packers had killed off wins in their four-minute offense previously this year, but in beating the Cowboys, Patriots and Jets, they dared to throw the ball on third downs to do so.

“We’ve finished off games before in four-minute,” Rodgers said, choosing his words carefully. “We had a chance to do some things; didn’t do it. . . .

“You can’t let them complete a pass for a touchdown on a fake field goal, you can’t give up an onside kick and you can’t not get any first downs in the fourth quarter and expect to win. And that’s on top of being really poor in the red zone in the first half. Put all of that together, that’s how you lose games. This was a great opportunity. We were right on the cusp.”

Before they get back this close, they’re going to need to get on the same page.

189 responses to “Aaron Rodgers does not seem happy with play-calling

  1. Aaron looks a little too relaxed:)
    Nice choke Green Bay. lol

    You will NEVER catch up to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl wins. NEVER!!

  2. Aaron had a chance to change the plays at the line of scrimmage and didn’t. This headline is misleading.

  3. good to know that Rodgers like a little whine to go with his cheese. you lost double check that!

  4. The Packers deserve all the criticism they get for this. They blew it, choked, played not to lose, call it what you want.

    If they go into Seattle and get blown out, that would have been easier to accept. To simply hand Seattle a Super Bowl trip on a silver platter the way they did, that’s going to haunt them for a long time.

    – A disgusted Packer fan.

  5. On the touchdown in overtime – you cannot only rush 4 and have a zero coverage. That’s on Capers or it’s a blown assignment. Clinton-Dix should’ve been a single high safety – there’s no way Kearse beats a double team.

  6. I was shocked as well. I also could not believe they did not try and exploit Sherman’s injury. Crazy.

  7. This is why you need to hire doug marrone. He expects no offensive touchdowns and wins… Chances? Nah ask doug it’s about the turnover battle. Rely on your special teams and defense. Come on Aaron!

    Sorry I’m still damaged watching the bills offense this year under marrone.

  8. Mike McChumlee should never be allowed to call “Goal to go” plays for remainder of his time with this great organization. We have been pathetic in that area all year long. Still feel sick over that lose.

  9. The Packers were totally dominating an overrated and “unbeatable” team. McCarthy lost his balls, again, played “not to lose,” again, and lost, again.

    This guy is wasting Rodgers exactly as Sherman did Favre.

    At least the Packers still totally OWN the hapless Vikings. That brings some comfort in the offseason.

  10. If you can’t get 1 yard in the NFL, you don’t deserve to win.
    If you chicken out and don’t even try to get 1 yard, you certainly don’t deserve to win.
    3 points doesn’t scare anybody and certainly not the best defense (and team) in the NFL.
    Long off season for McCarthy thinking about that.

  11. And I thought we had it bad. Sorry for your loss Packer Fans, tough way to go out.


    Ravens Fans

  12. Yes, particularly the play which called for him to throw an interception. Or all the play calls requiring Rodgers to overthrow his receivers. Those play calls stunk.

  13. There are a number of reasons to explain why the Packers lost, but Dom Capers certainly has to be at the top of the list.

  14. Never underestimate this Hawks D, they bailed this team out. Special teams and Lynch were the Offensive life support until RW got his mind right at the tail end. Blind faith , flat out belief some how some way to remain mentally in the game and in the end the Hawks found a way. I don’t recall seeing that many players in tears after a game like that. You can’t make this stuff up. So much emotion. It was awesome to see.

  15. Pats fan checking in and a crazy exciting game, congrats to both times.

    I think it started with Burnett taking a knee basically after the int with 5 min remaining. I don’t know what the field of play looked like in front of him, but he should have run it back at least 15 more yds.

    Crazy exciting game though, looking forward to the SB.

    Weird the place holder had better QB numbers than the winning, starting QB, lol

  16. Yes, particularly the play which called for him to throw an interception. Or all the play calls requiring Rodgers to overthrow his receivers. Those play calls stunk.

  17. I am far from a patriot fan, but that’s what makes them great. They never take their foot off the gas. The Packers shut down their offense in the 4th quarter. That loss will haunt them forever.

  18. He shouldn’t be. Anyone that watched that game knew that for some reason McCarthy morphed into a Mike Smith and Jim Caldwell type hybrid Manchurian Candidate.

  19. You try to win the game with your all pro qb,rb and all pro wr’s. You don’t’ try to not lose the game, which is exactly what MM did. 4th and 1 three times and showed no confidence in that offence in a championship game. Result. Watching Super Bowl instead of playing in it .

  20. Mike McCarthy must not have slept, it was his coaching, or lack of it, that punched The Hawks boarding pass to the dance. Nine in the box, think about that. Aaron Rodgers as your QB? Five FGs! Not once did he take a chance…..Aaron Rodgers is your QB man!
    Mike McCarthy is on thin ice next year, if he starts the season in the same way the home boys will be throwing Brie and cottage cheese at him in GB.
    That game was handed to Seattle and as much as everyone wants the birds to beat the evil empire in NE if Wilson plays 57 minutes like he did yesterday, well Belichk ain’t Mike…….thank God.

  21. He’s right..Playing not to lose instead of to win against an opportunistic club like Seattle..and playing 0 coverage with no safety over the top on the Hawks TD..bad all around

  22. I think he should be more concerned about the refs. The personal foul wasn’t enforced when it should have been.

    That’s the refs fault. Different outcome if that gets assessed correctly.

  23. Rogers may – or may not – be better than Brady, but there’s no question that his coaching staff is minor league compared to that of New England. A real pity, because we’ll never know how good he could have been.

  24. But after the interception, the Packers burned just 64 seconds while running the ball three times, even though the Seahawks had nine in the box.

    Even Geno Smith would have changed the play…

  25. I’m not a Packer’s fan but I have to say they were the better team in this one.
    I never thought I’d say this but I feel so bad for most of the players and all the Packer’s fans all over the country.
    That 2 point conversion was the luckiest play I’ve seen i over 50 years of watching football.
    I guess it’s better to be lucky than to be good.

  26. Not going for the TDs early, very very conservative play call late.

    Seattle got lucky here. Nobody who watched that feels Seattle “beat” GB, now I’m not one to say the better team lost, and not saying that now, but Seattle is fortunate, but smart to keep fighting and get out with the win.

    I hope MM figures out what they did wrong as a coaching staff, and fixes it.

  27. In his post game press conference Rodgers was quick to point out all of the mistakes the Packers made. Except he conveniently left out his bad first quarter red zone interception that easily took points off the board.

    He’s a great talent, but his ego is a tired act.

  28. On Superbowl sunday, the Pats will get their chance to join some pretty good company by losing a 5th Superbowl. A record held by only one other team, the Denver Broncos.

  29. Epic choke hahahaha , worst coached game I ever seen , blow up mcarthy street . Lol skol Vikes !! Teddy Koolaid is comaaaaan hahahahaha

  30. Who gonna be the scapegoat this year in gb ??Epic choke hahahaha , worst coached game I ever seen , blow up mcarthy street . Lol skol Vikes !! Teddy Koolaid is comaaaaan hahahahaha

  31. Well, at least he cleaned up nice after the game. Eyes looked a little red & puffy. He has a short memory…That’ll help when driving south on the 101.

  32. CRY, CRY, CRY, CRY Baby. With the way the Cowboys were cheated by the Refs last week, Green Bay couldn’t have lost in a better way. I think it’s so funny that they were winning most of the game, just to be stunned in over-time. You know they were celebrating all over Green Bay with 5:00 minutes left in the Game. But the Hawks had other plans. Sorry Pack fans but you deserved it. As for Rodgers, he is overrated, and defiantly no Brett Farve or Tony Romo for that matter. Both of whom would have finished that game off with no chance of a comeback from Seattle. So will Joe Buck please stop kissing Arron Rodger’s A$$. HE really isn’t that good.

  33. And you know what else you can’t do? Throw for fewer than 200 yards again with more INTs than TDs against a team you’ve already played before, Aaron. A pathetic 55 passer rating, yet he has the gall to blame others. I didn’t see his team call him out for CHOKING hard in the 2011 divisional game against the Giants at home despite coming off a 15-1 season. Dude has barely above .500 playoff record (6-5) yet thinks he’s some sacred cow.

  34. The best part about Burnett sliding to the ground for no reason on Earth is that Julius Peppers, who spent the 2013 season completely checked out, was the one telling him to do so.

  35. best quarterback in the game, 2 of the best receivers in the game, would you want to put the game in their hands? nah…run the ball, punt it, and put it on the defense. what’s the worst that could happen? ohh…

  36. Not to mention the prevent defense the Packers trotted out in the 4th quarter. Worst coached game I’ve ever seen. McCarthy should have been fired yesterday.

  37. Why that guy slid to the ground with all that open field in front of him was really puzzling. The Pack blew it… big time! Horrible play calling. More like game MISmanagement….

  38. Agreed. Coach set the cowardly tone in the 1st quarter with those FGs. The sliding down with the INT is exactly what his coach would have wanted. If GBay would have won the toss McCarthy would have deferred.

  39. Maybe if Aaron didn’t toss 2 picks and have a 55ish QB rating the coaches would have trusted him a little more there at the end.

  40. He’s 100% right. McCarthy took the ball OUT of Rodgers’ hands and ran it 3 times with Lacy/Starks to only burn abot 20 secs off the clock when it was still 5 mins left. Its not hindsight, I was screaming that and tweeted it during the game ‘YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME’!!

    The Pack played not to lose while Seattle still played to win. You don’t take the ball out of your best player’s hands…you let him get you 2-3 1st downs and put the game away. SMH..coaching scared gets you sent home. I feel for Rodgers, he fought like crazy to get that W and should be in his 2nd SB

  41. there would have been zero chance you won a sb anyways get over it and teach your fans not to be brainwashed!

  42. I thought Burnett sliding was premature as well. He should have wasted more time off the clock. I had a bad feeling when I saw Packers players (including Clay Matthews) high-fiving and smiling after the last INT off the deflection upon reaching the sideline. 5 minutes is an eternity even without 3 timeouts!! But, really, how does a tall all-hands TE butterfinger an onsides kick at the highest point? That should have sealed the deal. This was painful to watch even though I’m not a Packers fan.

  43. Rodgers is becoming quite a choker. His only two post-season wins since the Packers won the Super Bowl came on a bad call vs. the Cowboys and against the Joe Webb-led Vikings. Clay Matthews is become quite a cheap-shot artist, too.

  44. NEWSFLASH: Rodgers chokes; blames coaching staff.

    He liked to cry in college too. Cried to the media saying the longhorns didn’t deserve to be in the rose bowl in ’04 and that Mack Brown was classless. Aaron stunk it up against Texas Tech and lost in the Holiday Bowl that year while the horns beat Michigan by a single point in an exciting Rose Bowl. In short, whining and being wrong are par for the course for Rodgers.

  45. The whole team from the coach down started celebrating their victory after the Burnett interception. They just assumed it was over and stopped playing until after Seattle recovered the onside.

    Classic example of celebrating too early.

  46. Looks like the the blame game and finger pointing is going to be fierce in Green Bay. The Seattle Snafu, Choking of the Cheese and many other names will be used to describe the greatest blown game in NFCCG history. Blowing that lead was greatest thing i ever watched. Thanks for the memory Packers…..

  47. You never play not to lose in playoff games…..you keep your foot on the gas and run up the score…..basic ‘one and done’ playoff tactics.
    For some reason the Packers never grasped this concept yesterday.

  48. I didn’t understand why they were not throwing at Sherman late in the game. He was clearly playing with one arm and you don’t attack that. Also they just seemed to decide that with 5 minutes left the game was wrapped up. When you stop playing and the other team doesn’t, this is what happens. This is all on the coach.

  49. Rogers choked as much as anyone on the team. I like how he said you can’t give up fake field goals, etc….but doesn’t say “you can’t throw two interceptions, especially one in the ENDZONE.

  50. The focus in GB should not be on how it ended, but how the first half went. That game could have been over by halftime. Credit to Seattle for never caving in. Good teams keep doing what they can to scrap and win.

  51. Jack Black coached scared. How on Earth do you not go after a one armed Sherman? Big mouth, or no big mouth, you go after that guy. Maybe he thought he had Aaron Wroggers instead of Aaron Rodgers. Packer fans must be sick.

  52. So he can go home to his mansion and count his millions of dollars that he still gets paid, even in defeat, and go record some more commercials for even more money. Sorry if I don’t cry too hard for him.

  53. The play calling was awful in the 2nd half. This is not unusual for McCarthy, in his time as HC for Green Bay he has struggled with play calling in big games. Now you can point to a few examples where he did well with it in big games, but more often he lays an egg like he did on Sunday. Rodgers did his job when he had to, it was obvious that he was injured and not himself. Lacy and Starks had a fair game and did well enough. The defense more than held up its end of the bargain until the 4th quarter, but even then they did great until the last three drives of the game. Should you blame special teams? Bostick- who is a fringe player at best- likely played his last game in Green Bay and the fluke TD are not to blame. Better play calling in the 4th would have sealed the game, you cannot force 5 turnovers and not win the game. Green Bay controlled the game until the 4th and overly conservative play calling are to blame.

  54. As a packer fan I’ll just say it feels like I got shot in the chest with a shotgun yesterday.

  55. I love how Rodgers remembered to limp out of bounds in the 4th quarter after he scrambled out of bounds. Look at me people, remember my fake injury ?

    Funny, he didn’t limp when running to the tunnel at halftime when up 16-0.

    This loss is going to sting for a long time, maybe Rodgers, Nelson and McCarthy won’t be laughing it up anymore when mocking teams they have a lead on late in a game and respect the opponent.

    Oh, and for the coach on the Pack who was yelling at Bostic, the player who did not secure the onside kick, maybe teach your D backs to run for the end zone after an interception instead of sliding to one knee with 4 minutes left in a game. That’s the play that buried the Pack from a Superbowl berth.

    The Pack were totally out coached by Seattle yesterday, and Rodgers, no, the better team won yesterday, maybe double check the score!

  56. That int in the end zone wasn’t on Rodgers….it was on the refs. The d was offsides and Rodgers thought it was a freebie, but the refs werent awake.

  57. But after the interception, the Packers burned just 64 seconds while running the ball three times, even though the Seahawks had nine in the box.

    Even Kapernik would have changed the play…

  58. Try not going 19-34 178yrds 1 TD & 2ints. Then they might have given u an opportunity to take a few more risks. 5 turnovers & great field position on so many drives that ended in FGs. Would have been nice to get TD’s but Rodgers wasn’t on his A game. So McCarthy took the points. Poor offensive execution was the reason for the loss. Rodgers & co. simply did not deliver.

  59. With the exception of his Super Bowl run in 2010, Aaron Rodgers has compiled a 2-5 record in the postseason.

    Time-and-time again the team abandons the run game and tries to throw it across the yard for 60 minutes.

    It’s shocking to think that Marshawn Lynch had more carries than Eddie Lacy. Lacy should have had at least 30 carries considering the Packers were ahead majority of the game.

    Incomplete passes stop the clock and he surely threw a bunch…15 to be exact.

  60. As a Packers fan I would advise Rodgers to ask for a trade as he will be wasted in GB with this coaching staff. The 4th quarter is a case study in how coaching decisions lose games (not putting players in situations that take advantage of obvious opportunities and not coaching players to anticipate the desperate acts of an opponent fighting to survive).

  61. I don’t understand why Burnett went to the ground right after the INT when he clearly had some open field to run and at least give the team a better field position. Then after that try to run the ball with negative yards the three times? Awful play calling

  62. “Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he wasn’t going to question his team’s play-calling, primarily since he’s the one that called them.”

    Don’t worry, everyone else will. I’m not even a Pack fan and considered it to be ridiculous.

    Up by only 9 on the road in the most key game of the season, against a team that has all the ability to come back on you, and when your offense was moving the ball quite well, and you employ the Mail-It-In Offense for an entire 2nd half?

    Play calling is the primary reason why the Packers are not going to Arizona in two weeks.

  63. Yea, we lost but what a great season. Championship football is fun to be a part of.

    Thanks for the memories, Packers.

    Oh, and pervy, the greatest blown game in NFCCG history remains, forever, the 1998 Vikings loss to the Falcons with Anderson’s missed FG. Still lovin’ that one.

  64. Packers could take some tips from Bill belichick never let off the gas 45-7 win thats why they are going to their sixth Super Bowl in fourteen years.

  65. While I agree that the playcalling was tentative (at best), GB still wins that game if any of these things happen:

    1. They get points out of the Burnett INT, which would have been much easier if he had actually returned it.

    2. They execute the onside kick recovery. The guy who muffed that recovery stated that he was supposed to block, not recover.

    3. The successfully defend the jump-ball 2 point conversion. Dix just watched that catch happen.

    Players execution was an issue, obviously, as well as coaching decisions.

  66. whine, whine, whine, whine… let it go. Packers will have plenty of time to rethink and adjust their end-of-game strategy. Like all off-season. And Rodgers said it himself: he’ll think about this game the rest of his career, right beside the Inaccurate Reception game.

  67. What happened to the defense? Nothing. Seattle just finally showed up. Seattle is a team that you just can’t let hang around. Score more than 6 pts (3 of those in desperation time to tie it) in the 2nd half and you win the game easily. The on-sides kick and the utter collapse of your defense means nothing if you just score 1 TD in the 2nd half. Punch it in from the red-zone on one of your 80 opportunities in the 1st quarter maybe?

    And here’s what I’ll say about McCarthy. OVER-RATED! Take Rodgers off that team and they are lucky to be 8-8.

  68. I guess I don’t understand why Rodgers wouldn’t audible out of the running plays after seeing McCarthy’s conservative play calling before the Burnett INT wasn’t working.

    I am not sure how much leeway Rodgers gets to call his own plays (like Peyton Manning) but if there was ever a time to take matters into your own hands, that was it.

  69. I think it came down to us allowing Seattle to convert a 2nd and 31 into a first down, missing an on side kick that should have been recovered and allowing a ridiculous two point conversion.

  70. As a Pats fan, I am glad we do not have to play Rogers and the Packers in the SB….at least they have an offense. For some reason, they decided to stop using it and lost the game. Oh well. But cheer up Packers fans….. Brady and the Pats are going to disassemble Sherman and Seattle in two weeks.

  71. What a great picture of Aaron Rodgers holding his hand to his throat. How appropriate…

  72. Sorry Packers, wanted you to win so bad. If that game had been in Green Bay you would have won easily. Tired of the Seachickens constant mouth drivel. You guys beat them for 56 minutes then MaCarthy caved.

  73. Lucky is what happened to the Seattle Seahawks last night. They have dominated so many games and I think luck just happens and it’s never happened with those guys but it did yesterday. They got ther “freebie”. And I do think that overall best two teams are in the Super Bowl. McCarthy out coached Carrol that entire game, his game plan was superb. Rodgers played well, Capers coached well. They were basically a onside kick recovery away from winning the game and I can’t put that on coaching.

    Although…as a conspiracy theorist I’ve never really seen anything odder then putting a player on your Hands team that has no experience at all catching the ball with his “Hands”…”who’s that guy”? The lowest guy on the todem pole was in perfect position to blow the game as if it was scripted out of a playbook. He steps right infront of Jordy Nelson as if he was indeed paid a huge amount to be the packer punching bag for life. Like it makes you think if there are certain players, no names, that come in like assassins and blow games in the playoffs.

  74. Someone needs to remind “Post-Season Rodgers” that another thing you can’t do is put up a 55.8 QB rating and expect the rest of your team to carry you to the victory.

    This game should always remembered as the Discount Double Choke.

  75. McCarthy is a below avg coach with a great QB. He would have been fired a long time ago if it weren’t for Rodgers.

    That being said, it’s no wonder why players bad mouth Rodgers when they leave GB, Rodgers never takes the blame for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  76. Rodgers first int was a rookie mistake, no QB should ever throw across the field like that. But then again, it was the coaches play calling.

    Rodgers and his excuses.

  77. Aaron Rodgers should be unhappy with Aaron Rodgers. If you’re out there on the field, you’re healthy enough to be out there. Suck it up and complete some passes. He couldn’t hit the side of a barn yesterday.

    All this guy does is whine…and how he and the Packers handle reporting of injuries, we’re looking at another Brett Favre (Don’t know if I’m going to start…i’m hurt, look at me, my foot hurts, my leg hurts, my hand hurts…)

    I think the entire Packers team fails and that certainly falls on the coaching staff…but to think Rodgers had nothing to do with it…pfft.

  78. The smartest two things Rodgers could do at this point is:

    1) Call the plays himself like Manning does

    2) If number 1 doesn’t happen, demand a trade. You don’t have your star QB make those kind of comments and not expect some sort of bad blood between them.

  79. As a Packer fan, they deserved to lose. Seahawks played with more heart than the Packers did all game.

    Anyone else think of Tebow as they were watching Wilson last night? I don’t think they’re that much different at all except Wilson has better mechanics and was given a chance.

  80. I can see how fans of lesser teams would struggle with this one without the benefit of a NFL record 13 World Championships behind us.

    As it is, were poised to contend for the foreseeable future, and proved we can play with anyone, anywhere. My friends, the glass is half full.

  81. No, Aaron, no…you got it all wrong. It was a beautiful melt down – one of the worst in championship game history. It was beautiful…just beautiful. Thank you for the experience of watching it.

  82. Green bay could have put them away in the first quarter, 4th and goal at the one, twice and kick field goals. The balls of a stud field mouse.

  83. Packers were not the better team in that game. If they were, they would have won. They were better in the first half, but doesn’t mean they’re better. They didn’t finish the game. Seattle were better in the fourth quarter and won that means Seattle were the better team. It’s not how you start but how you finish. One reason why they lost. That is bc we Minnesotans are God believers and we will win Super Bowls soon, while Wisconsinites believe in faith and who win? Minnesotans bc God’s on our side and we pray for the Packers to lose. Next time if you losers wanna win, perhaps you go to church and worship God and believe in him instead of faith.

  84. Was watching the game and told my wife “the packers are going to lose this game” right after the fake fg td pass. Sure enough, the Packers managed to find a way to lose. Watching the game it appeared almost like they tried to lose the game. I can’t imagine that losing that game was an accident or just a bad break or a good bounce for Seattle.

    The Packers deserve the “Chokers” moniker. They earned it in full yesterday. I can’t wait to hear the excuses from Mike McCarthy and all of the apologist writers and fans. I am a huge Packer fan, and I am never going to make excuses for this game.

  85. He’s not wrong to be unhappy because if they’re behind the 15 with all that time remaining in the 1st quarter throwing for a touchdown is a bad idea. They tried 2 other times before it and that failed.

    Had they let the clock run down and go shorter the worst they would have had were a FG. The score would then be 25-22 by the end of regulation if all other plays went the way they went.

    They have a great team, but it still has its flaws.

    Now they’re sitting because they let the game slip out of their hands.

  86. Does this mean Romo wins MVP this season?

    He surly didn’t choke this time …and delivered a perfect pass on 4th and the season.

    Cowboys went for it every time on 4th down and made it

    Packers should have went for at least 2 of those 4th and 1 opportunities

  87. Where I thought they lost the game was late in the fourth when they had that possession that started around midfield. That was the place to put the game away but they didn’t even attempt to gain any yardage. A first down or two on that drive and the game either is over or they’re knocking on the door for another field goal. They thought they had it won but they didn’t.

  88. R E L A X There’s always next year and next year and next year with the 30th pick and never get to Super Bowl. We as Vikings fans would take that every year as we keep building for Super Bowl winning and Packers are building to lose Championship every year. Oh, that’s a killer.

  89. R E L A X There’s always next year and next year and next year with the 30th pick and never get to Super Bowl. We as Vikings fans would take that every year as we keep building for Super Bowl winning and Packers are building to lose Championship every year. Oh, that’s a killer. Bostick says stick that ball up yours I’m outta here Rodge.

  90. Not even worth poking Packer fans with a sharp stick this morning — that was one major stomach punch loss.

  91. Heartbreaking for the Packers and their fans!
    I’m a Colts fan, but feel just fine today because I knew we’d get slaughtered, and it was never in question. I don’t lose sleep over a blowout. It’s those close losses that should have been wins that tear you apart.

  92. Kinda amusing that nobody is commenting on the Seattle OC. Why did they start throwing the ball so often? Why did they wait to use the read-option? GB was horrible against it, but the didn’t decide to use it until late 4th quarter and overtime?

    It was like Seattle was playing the type of offense that would make GB look good. Very strange.

  93. Rodgers should take solace in that some young kid will be wearing his championship hat and shirt while playing soccer in some country.

  94. Will people stop saying Seattle got lucky? How is it lucky that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix didn’t break up that 2pt play? Even Aikman was beside himself. How is it lucky that when the GB defense was needed the most, they utterly collapsed and allowed Lynch to run off chunk yardage TDs? I guess you could argue they are lucky that Green Bay is an average team.

    Seattle is a better TEAM than GB. Wilson just didn’t show up until the end of the 4th quarter.

    Holding Green Bay to 19 points for almost the entire game is great defense.

    Seattle > Green Bay. Hands down.

  95. We are the better team and we let them off the hook. The refs cost us this game with the bad call on the personal foul.

    13 championships and counting. Best fans in football and best organization.

  96. full disclosure: rabid seahawk fan chiming in:

    1, The Packers weren’t so much dominating the Seahawks- rather the Seahawks were just not playing up to speed….for the first 56 minutes.

    2. Aarogance Rodgers made plenty of mistakes that led to their lack of touchdowns. Overthrown balls on multiple occasions and 2 interceptions.

    3. 5….count them FIVE turnovers and you only scored a total of 22 points in regulation? FIVE!!! that alone should have wiped out the game….if you were truly “the better team”.

    4. Saying the personal foul on Sweezy being determined during the play rather than after the play was the reason for the loss is childish and reaching far beyond the scope of mistakes your team made. Yes, Seahawks sucked for the first 56 minutes but in the big scheme of things, so did the Packers or they would have wiped us out with all our mistakes.

    5. Clay Matthews is a dirty player and was obviously set on trying to take RW out of the game. I hope his is fined heavily and/or suspended.

    6. the smug-mug Aarogance Rodgers wore for most of the game showed he has let the christening of his being the best in the league go to his head. Green Bay used to be one of the teams I always had great respect for. Was happy when they won the superbowl. Not so much anymore. Between Smug-Mug Aargoance Rodgers and Dirty-Play Clay Matthews…not so much anymore.

    7. To wrap this up—– Yes Seahawks sucked for first 56 minutes….”the better team” would have capitalized on all of those mistakes and put the game away in the first half. “The better team” never gives up and makes plays to be, in fact, “the better team”. “The better team” is going to the Superbowl while Aarogance Rodgers can go make some more inane commercials with his “discount double-check”.

  97. Just relax, Aaron.

    We’re now all victims of karma.


    Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys fans

  98. On the 3rd and 18 in the third, after they had sacked Wilson on first down to create 2nd and 31, they only rushed three D lineman, which was stupid, giving Russell all kinds of time to Baldwin for a first along the right sideline. THAT was the BONEHEAD play of the game!! It gave the Seahawks life!!!!!

  99. This loss could really affect this team next year too. It may be over half way into the season before they get over this loss. Every loss they build up the question of play calling and goof ups will just haunt them. Until this team turns over at least half of these players, they won’t be worth a damn.

  100. I don’t wanna hear anymore about how he is the best QB. This would have NEVER happened to Bart Starr. And, hello, the best QB playing in the NFL is in the Super Bowl (Brady).

  101. The start of the end with the horrible pay calling was that 3rd and long and the Packers rushed 3. Well actually they didn’t rush anyone. The 3 just made sure Russel didn’t run. I think I could have found a wide open receiver with all the time a good QB such as Russel had. that gave them confidence. Horrible horrible defensive call. The worst prevent defense I think I have ever seen.

  102. McMeatHead is the Phil Jackson of the NFL. Guy has 2 HOF QB’s in a row on his teams.

    Most teams in the NFL never have or won’t ever have a HOF QG. This bozo has had 2 in a row.

    I’d like to see him coach Tampa Bay. With his decision making skills he wouldn’t last 2 seasons.

    Dude won the power ball.

  103. I love that all the “one and done” Vikings trolls have waddled out of their troll caves today. Rodgers didn’t choke with the game on the line at the end- he lead the drive that tied the game up and sent it to overtime. Did he have a great game? No, did anyone have a great game on either side? No. For 95% of the game Wilson looked like Geno Smith. It was a tough game, a tough loss. Still better than the Vikings who were none and done again this year.

  104. Regarding why #12 didn’t audible – maybe, just maybe, he did not have that option. MM doesn’t have that in the game plan… Now if it would have been Favre it probably would of happened cuz he didn’t care about no stinkin’ game plan when the game was on the line and it was crunch time.

  105. As bad as AR’s QB rating was, Wilson’s had to worse. FG’s instead of short yardage TD’s left 8 points on the field. The game would have been out of reach at 24 points & no OT. Were was the Packers who played aggressive against Dallas & Lions? Hire a OC with some balls. It’s hard to stomach a lose like this. The same team that destroyed NE. Will TT let MM waste the last few years of AR without another SB.

  106. As a 7 point underdog, I thought there was no way the Pack would win. Add to it a AR with a lame throwing leg. I never expected them to turn into a highlight reel about how to blow a win.

  107. Misleading title. Everything Rodgers said shows he was not happy with the execution of of the plays, not play calling. He’s saying what every Packer knows and has already said. Plays were not made when they should’ve been.

  108. GB, during the first half had an average offensive field position starting point at the Seattle 45 yard line.

    Seattle, giving up 5 turnovers and Seattle Defense gives up 6 points.

    GB, scored 22 total points in the game. Less the 6 points on Seattle turnovers, which was GB’s offensive scoring output for Game 1 of their visit to Seattle – 16 points.

    You’ve got to love the irony of the best QB in the league only putting up 16 points of his own creation twice in the same year.

    Seattle had ZERO quit in that destined to become a classic NFC Championship game.

    Go HAWKS!!

  109. Mr. McCarthy should give up his OC responsibilities. You can’t be both a Head coach & an OC. His mindset can’t it done. In fact maybe he should go and Mr. Capers with him.

  110. I have a great sense of observation and I’ve noticed over the years that once he throws a pick his demeanor changes and he kind of loses confidence.
    In games, and there haven’t been many, where he throws more than one, his game basically goes into the toilet.
    I remember the team facing a so so KC Chiefs team and the pack were like undefeated at the time. He threw three picks that game the pack looked worse then in the Seattle game.

    I think he had the green light to audible and refused to because he was afraid of throwing that third pick and being the scape goat. Not one of his better days.

    You figure your playing a team that played it worse game in two years, five turnovers and just plain stinking the place up, and Mike M can’t call one pass play for one first down. That is all they needed is one first down game over.

  111. Unfortunately I’ll never have the luxury of celebrating a Vikings or Bears or Lions championship or SuperBowl loss, bc I know they have zero chance of getting past the pack to reach either.(not that I would bc I’m not a d-bag) It’s truly hilarious (pathetic) how fans of teams that didn’t even come close to making the playoffs have so much say. Apparently the concept of credibility is foreign to so many of you wannabes. Packer football: better football for better people.

  112. This loss lays solely on the shoulders of Mike McCarthy and his coaches! The Packers need to clean house but that will never happen. So much talent with an average coaching staff equals good years of football but not championships!

  113. Again a reason I’m not a Rodgers fan. Brett would have said about the loss “I needed to play better”. All Rodgers did through out the press conference was talk about special team mistake, bad play calling, defense gave up two scores in 4th quarter and “WE didn’t get it done”. Never I…..Rodgers you had a 58-66 QB rating (depend on article) and it had nothing to do with you. REALLY?????? If it wasn’t for the defense and Seattle not playing up to par…you’d had your butts kicked big time. Get over it….you are 6-5 in post-season with 4 of those wins in the SB year. And people talk about Peyton having a terrible post season record. Brett was 13-11 in post-season and had no where near the offense you have. Start taking responsibility for losses and be a leader.

  114. So the MVP throws Coach and team under the bus. Had Seattle lost Wilson would not have said those things—no character.

  115. Even after McCarthy called those plays everybody is so angry about, the packers still had the lead in the last three minutes of the game! To me, that means he coached a pretty damn good game! They lost because their defense started popping corks after that pick by Burnett, an inexcusable play by Clinton Dix to just watch a ball rather than make a play on it on the two point conversion, huge mistake on the onside kick, and having zero, count again, zero players in the secondary in overtime on a first down after two big completions. This loss is on the packers defense. McCarthy coached well enough to have a two score lead with three minutes to go in the game, on the road at Seattle in the conference chamoionsps game, and his defense just died. If one of those mistakes I just listed doesn’t happen, packers win and McCarthy is called a genius.

    I would hate to break it to Rodgers, but Sherman picked you off on one possession that cost the packers atleast an extra field goal, and you failed to score with three downs near the goaline on the next possession. Your coach saw that too, so he did the wise thing and took points since you already squandered three points earlier. Stupid over reactive football fans.

  116. I’m a big Packers and Maple Leafs fan. All I could think about yesterday was Leafs/Bruins. The lesson from that debacle was that you cannot stop attacking to defend a lead.

    I was screaming at the TV for the Packers to attack Richard Sherman. The Seahawks were packing the box with defenders in the 4th qrtr. If there was ever a time to run play-action, that was it, they could have won the game with one throw.

  117. It’s so easy to root against Green Bay!
    Rodgers is a complete fraud. He may be the 2nd best QB in the league, he never has any accountability for his poor play and lack of leadership!!! Packer fans??? Forget about it!!! All they can do to numb their pain is say, with total insecurity “at least we have 13 championships” & ” at least we are not the vikings “…. What’s funny, is the packers choking is almost better than Vikings win!! Couple that with the rise of one Sir Teddy Bridgewater & a very strong Vikings a Roster (and growing) with Zimmer & Co. The Vikings will be the team to beat going forward!! And you guys choked bad! Was awesome!!

  118. It would be nice if Seahawks fans would act like they’ve been there before, you know, since they were just there. And nobody believed in you? 8.5 point favorites at kick off, right? Okay. Truly a tough, tough loss for the Packers, but I expect them to be back in a similar position the following season. Why? Because they have the league’s Most Valuable Player (which is voted on before the playoffs, so stop acting like this game is why Rodgers shouldn’t get it.) Anyways, congrats to Seattle.

    And, yeah, Minnesota Vikings fans keep on looking toward that future, because the next 4-5 years will continue to be dominated by Rodgers & Co.

  119. It’s a shame. Rodgers is a superlative talent, wasted on a (mostly) average roster with a good but not great coaching staff that can’t match up against the elite coaching staffs in the playoffs.

    It’s not going to be any easier next year. Detroit is still very talented, the Bears made a major upgrade with a good head coach in Fox, and the Vikings appear to be a team on the rise.

    What a waste it will be if Rodgers only has one ring when he retires.




    1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1996, 2010


  121. After this debacle its time for Ted Thompson to grow a pair and show MM just who is the boss of that team.he can do that by firing Dom Capers,Shawn Slocom and hiring an offensive coordinator who will actually call all the plays while MM just does his job as head coach and not OC.the time for action by TT has now arrived,time to step up to the plate.

  122. “So the MVP throws Coach and team under the bus. Had Seattle lost Wilson would not have said those things—no character.”
    AR said nothing that every Packers fan in the world doesnt agree with,he has not thrown anybody under any bus. what other NFL coach plays not to lose a game,they play aggressive to win but not in GB with MM and to add insult to injury MM won’t even admit his game calling mistakes which every fan in America saw and scratched their heads.as for Rodgers ability to change the plays,it is certain that after consulting with his coach he was ordered not to change any plays as his coach was just trying to run the clock down rather than get aggressive the way Rodger would have preferred.

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