Alfred Morris to replace LeSean McCoy in the Pro Bowl


By the time they get to Phoenix, the Pro Bowl might not have many regularly selected players left.

The latest replacement to make the all-star game is Washington running back Alfred Morris, who is taking the place of Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.

It’s the second straight year of making the Pro Bowl for Morris, who had 1,074 yards on 265 carries this season, for his third straight 1,000-yard season.

While McCoy’s under contract to the Eagles, he’s also likely to restructure his deal this offseason, to knock down a $9.75 million salary and a cap charge north of $11 million.

So with money on the line, there’s no point in damaging his bargaining position, or his body, in an exhibition game.

15 responses to “Alfred Morris to replace LeSean McCoy in the Pro Bowl

  1. Move the game back to the week after the SB, Just another stupid thing Goodell has done, I have been to several Pro Bowls and it is a great week over in Hawaii. Have not gone the last few years because of this change.

  2. Forte, 3rd in yards from scrimmage, on a terrible overall offense. Now that Lynch isn’t going, Forte better get his spot.

  3. Morris did a nice job with the Redskins this year. Got a feelin’ he will play harder than the guy would have from the Philadelphia team also.

  4. This is ridiculous, as is a few other replacements. Stafford and Tate. But 1st, Morris. Forte and Lacy had far better years, Forte Should have replaced McCoy who shouldn’t have even been there himself. Lacy should have been next in line. Even Jeremy Hill over Morris. I thought the Pro Bowl is suppose to be the best players from the 2014 season?? There’s 10 RBs better than Morris.

    Stafford as a replacement???? Dude wasn’t even a top 20 QB. That’s a complete joke. Literally should have been 20 QBs before Stafford. And Golden Tate?? How about Randall Cobb and Emmanuel Sanders??? Both with better years. Cobb had 3 times as many TDs as Tate. Some real jokes for Pro Bowl replacements this year.

  5. Morris- 266 carries, 1074 yards, 8 tds, 17 rec, 155 yards, 0 tds
    Forte- 265 carries, 1038 yards, 6 tds, 102 rec, 808 yards, 4 tds

    forte also broke the record for receptions in a season by a rb.


  6. Hey bears fan, stop hating. Alternates are selected by votes as well. Obviously Alfie had more votes than Matt’ Morris came to every game and gave his all, even when the coach was trying to blame the team woes on 46. Go Alfie!!

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