Brandon Bostick: “The whole world is on my back about this thing”

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Packers tight end Brandon Bostick learned last night the dangers of trying to do something beyond your own job.

He’s learning today the dangers of doing it in a social media-driven world.

As the Packers cleaned out their lockers after last night’s shocking loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game, Bostick said he’s grateful to his teammates who have supported him.

“It definitely means a lot,” Bostick said, via Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I’m at a low point right now. The whole world is on my back about this thing, but my teammates are here to pick me up. They know it’s just a mistake, and they’ve been on my side.”

Last night, Bostick admitted he was only supposed to be blocking on Seattle’s onside kick attempt in the fourth quarter, to clear the way for wide receiver Jordy Nelson to field the ball. But when he jumped and tipped it, the Seahawks were able to recover and complete the miraculous comeback.

“I’m human. I made a mistake,” Bostick said. “But if I would’ve made the play, we wouldn’t have been in this [situation] or if I would’ve made the block, we wouldn’t be talking about this. But it’s over now, so I’ll just try my best to get over it.”

That may be difficult, and he said he won’t be turning on his TV or re-watching the game anytime soon.

“I haven’t even set any goal for the offseason,” Bostick said. “I’m just trying to deal with this. I’ll just move on from it, come back here and just work hard and just try to put that behind me.”

Whether he’s ever able to do that in Green Bay remains to be seen, as his name has become synonymous with an epic collapse.

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  1. So…what — am I supposed to feel guilty for blaming him? You went rogue and screwed up. So yes, you’re going to catch heat for it. That’s the way the world works. And that’s why you’re supposed to just do your job. You had one job – block. Why you decided to try to catch is beyond me. Probably because you’re a reserve TE that isn’t getting any playing time, and so you decided you’d to be a hero to get some attention for yourself. How’d that work out for you? Now we see why you’re a reserve. Brick hands. Or air hands…since you missed the ball entirely. You had a better chance of catching it in face mask.

    Clown. Can’t stand when players act like we should pity them.

  2. The game didn’t turn on his play. Fans giving him grief need to get a grip.

    But hey, bright side! No one is complaining about a suspect officiating call today. That’s a refreshing change of pace.

  3. The Packers scored 6 points off 5 turnovers. They did not reach the Seahawks red zone in the final 3 quarters.

    Mr. MVP played mediocre, that’s your real storyline.

    Oh, and McCarthy got MASSIVELY outcoached by Pete Carroll.

  4. If Packer fans are looking for a scapegoat, and I know they are, they should turn their attention to The Great Mike McCarthy and The Great Aaron Rodgers. If they would have shown up for the game, a guy like Bostick isn’t in a position to have his life ruined.

  5. Either this was incredibly poor coaching, or an idiotic role player trying to make a big splash for himself. Coaching should have drilled into him that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES was he to touch the ball. If he was told that, and he ignored this directive, he deserves no sympathy from his teammates.

  6. He shouldn’t be getting the Bill Buckner/Jackie Smith treatment. Plenty of other Packers share the blame for that loss.

  7. Just one of 4 or 5 plays in the last 5 minutes that would have sealed it for Green Bay.

  8. I feel bad cuzz it never shudda come to that, the Pack played
    a defeatist strategy for much of the game. Fig they woulda learned from the Saints Super Bowl, ya gotta be aggressive in these games.

  9. There were other plays that cost the Packers the game just as much, especially conservative coaching decisions. It’s easy to make this guy the face of the collapse, but it truly was a team effort.

  10. I’m a Niners fan and I remember when Kyle Williams had a similar impact on a game for us vs the Gmen and I was upset but I quickly realized that these are humans out there and they make mistakes. It’s hard but the GB fans have to forgive this dude and move on.

  11. Blame Capers. The comeback basically started on that 3rd and 19. Rush 3?? Really. Throw a blitz at Wilson and make him get rid of the ball quickly. Instead he gives him all the time in the world.

    Fire Capers, the blame is on him for the loss.

  12. Stop it people. This was a team loss. Where was the secondary and pass rush in overtime? Where was Aaron Rodgers the entire game where he could’ve put the Seahawks DOWN if he scored some more points. Where was the coverage on the two-point conversation? Where was the special teams defense on the fake field goal?

    Team loss. Period. I won’t blame Bostick or Burnett or any individual in this case. Packers blew it. As a team.

  13. You wonder how smart these guys are when you practice this stuff? That goof shouldn’t have even been looking up. Block damn it!!!

  14. If I was McCarthy, I’m firing Capers and the special teams coach the moment that game is over. Don’t even bother to put your bags on the team bus, guys.

  15. Probably played his last game as a Packer.
    He deserves some heat because he screwed up badly by not doing his job of blocking for Jordy Nelson to make the catch.

  16. You know what’s a good idea when fielding an onside kick? Put 11 guys that have good hands on the field, like every other team in the NFL does. It’s called a “hands team.” Then whoever the ball goes to should be able to field the ball. Designating blockers to allow a specific guy to field the ball unnecessarily complicates it.

    By the way, Jordy Nelson drops a lot of passes so I don’t know if he would have done any better.

  17. This is a REALLY brutal development for Bostick. He’s a fringe starter who likely plays at or near the league minimum. His situational awareness, understanding of situational football and grasp of concepts like “do your job” all must be graded as resounding failures.

    Butchering a play like that can be a launching point for a career that is much less lucrative than even the NFL league minimum.

    Man, did that guy really blow it.

    That stated, there is a LOT of blame to go around in that Green Bay locker room (including the coaches, who might need to be tested for markedly low testosterone levels).

  18. Thank you God for helping our Hawks and moreover, screwing Bostick and the Packers.

    Love Christianity when it’s on our side!!!!

  19. Everyone needs to rush in and go “THERE’s 60 MINUTES IN A GAME!” and gotta throw out the typical “it’s not all on him” nonsense, but it IS on him. If he does what he is supposed to do, Packers win. that simple. That was one moment where he prevented his team from winning. Screw that guy. He’s played his last NFL down.

  20. I still hurt very much from my Baltimore Colts losing the 69 Super Bowl to the N.Y. Jets-Unfortunately, it never ends………………….

  21. ok he screwed up….get over it ….people make errors under pressure….so he choked a bit….however his coach McCarthy had a total wussy meltdown of a day and proved he shouldn’t be a head coach….what a moron…he was being handed a super bowl invitation and he gave it back by being shottenheimer conservative….fire that slob now.

  22. Personally i find it refreshing that he’s taking accountability for it.

    I think we should be “on his back” if he was arrogant about it and dismissed it ….passed the buck.

    But as it is, he says he goofed up. So hence, I feel for the guy.

  23. There are plenty of fingers that could be pointed if that is the direction someone chose to go. There are as many “what ifs” in this game as any I can recall.

    But what if Bostick blocked and Seattle still recovered, what if the Packers went for it and got stuffed, what if… every one of the “what ifs” has a legitimate ending that still favors Seattle. Not saying they would have but there seems to be the that there is only 1 possible outcome if only.

  24. How can anyone be blamed for blaming him?
    It was supposed to be the one with experience catching balls to catch the ball.
    Screw this guy. He deserves whatever hatred is thrown his way. He didn’t make a mistake. He did something stupid. There is a difference.

  25. Feel bad for the guy. That blunder kind of reminds me of when Leon Lett goofed up trying to recover a blocked field goal but slipped, allowing the Dolphins to re-recover the ball and retry the game-winning field goal. Had Lett not tried to recover the ball, the Cowboys would have been automatically awarded possession and easily could have run out the clock to ensure their victory. Oopsie lol.

  26. This guy is now my favorite Packer. Seriously though, mistakes happen. You can’t hold it against him for too long. After all, it’s not like I cringe when I hear the name Gary Anderson. . .

  27. Regardless of what he was coached to do, football instincts took over. You see a ball heading your way, you try to get it.

    Don’t act like you wouldn’t try to grab the ball.

  28. The guy should be cut some slack — there aren’t enough fingers on two hands to point at all the other players (and coaches) that contributed to that loss as much as Bostick did.

  29. This Seattle fan says it wasn’t you alone Bostick, it was arrogance & a lack of 60 minute total team effort by GB, plus a ‘refuse to lose attitude’ by Seattle that cost your team the game.

  30. Jennings once had a similar opportunity: prevent the receiver from catching the ball, and win the game. Instead he tried to catch it, and the Packers lost.

    Just do your job, don’t go for the personal glory

  31. Sorry, but no excuses, teams train for this the entire week, you had one job only, block, no need to be a here in a situation like that. He sent Green Bay’s season down the toilet with a dumb play.

  32. Well…ARod had 60 minutes left instead of the 120 he claimed. Seriously how do they blow that game, our seahawks gift wrapped that game and them posers couldnt close it out

  33. You cannot make this stuff up. The pick-up of the flag, the overturn on that catch by Fez Bryant, and this dude Bostick completely ignoring his job to BLOCK, instead of letting NELSON catch that on-side kick. There’s no way a professional athlete can completely ignore his job like that without some inside knowledge. Also, how come the Packers defender watches that Seahawks guy catch the 2-point conversion and Burnett suddenly decides to fall on the ground instead of taking that INT back for six? The NFL got its matchup. Belichick and the Pats against the defending champs. The fix is in: NFL=WWE

  34. A boneheaded play for sure, they had a chance to seal the win.

    But the loss has to be pinned squarely on the Packers defense who coughed up two straight touchdowns, not on Bostick

  35. Poor guy is a victim of Mr. MVP not being able to close the deal – how many field goals? C’mon, GB should have been ahead by 28 at the half.

  36. Bostick needs to worry more about the playbook and making an impact next year. His ceiling is ridiculously high. It is a sad way to end a season that started with promise and ended with a flub like this. Games are not lost by one mistake. All I know is someone’s soul is now the property of the Devil because this was crazy!

  37. That’s sad to hear.

    Brandon Bostick is the third string tight end who made a crucial mistake, one play, in the game. However, his QB that makes a whole heap of money had four quarters to help the team win and couldn’t.

    Pass the blame to the man that had the ability to decide the outcome, not a special teams player.

  38. He needs to own it. It’s a big thing, both in that he didn’t make the play AND that he didn’t do what the coaches expected him to do. I think this year’s Pats slogan “Do you job” is kind of corny but this is a good example of what it’s about to be a team player. He needs to learn from this.

    That being said, disappointed fans need to backoff a bit in calling for horrible things to happen to him. History is filled with folks that have made equal or bigger mistakes and never fully recovered from the depression that followed. It’s kind of sad see the outcome of game mean so much to people that they want a player to suffer.

  39. It’s not just that he missed making the catch, it happens sometimes on onside kicks. It’s how clumsy he looked doing it – I mean dude tried catching the ball with his facemask, he looked like he had never played sports before. Very weird.

  40. The personification of “the agony of defeat”.

    You have to feel for the guy. Here’s hoping he can take a nice, long vacation and try to get away from all this.

  41. I felt and feel bad for you Brandon. And I’m a Seahawks fan. I truly hope you don’t become the goat. Packers let Seattle back in that game with multiple mistakes in the final 3 minutes.

  42. He made a mistake. He tried to make a play when he needed to stay disciplined. Give him a break its a game.

  43. 100% of NFL players, regardless of position or assignment, are going to try and make a play on the ball in that situation. You see the onside kick heading right to you, you try and make the play.

  44. To all those howling for Capers’ head, think about this: his defense caused 4 turnovers, with the fifth on a special teams play. How points did the Packers get off those 4 turnovers? 6 lousy points! That’s on the offense. Yes, that’s right, Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy came up small on making Seattle pay for their mistakes.

  45. It’s not all on him.

    Far from it. Sure he made a mistake, but the Packers had many opportunities to put the game away, and they did not.

  46. this loss is all on Aaron Rogers. He choked on the biggest stage. Five turnovers, and they can’t score enough to put the seahawks away. If they give him the MVP, it’s a joke. He needed the refs to beat Dallas, and looked bad several times down the stretch at the end of the season.

  47. Bostick had plenty of help. At least he’s ahead of Morgan Burnett, who had a clear path deep into Seahawk territory after that last INT, and is still saying he has no regrets about taking a knee.

    That was a complete team melt-down yesterday by the Packers. This one will live on a lot longer than Brett Favre’s final pass as a Packer that put the Giants into Super Bowl 42.

  48. Why is Report comment button so close and bigger than the Thumbs up or down? I press that more often than the thumbs up. Anyway, I am Seahawk fan and hs coach, really feel for this guy. Keep your head up. You get to play a game for a living! The only reason why people are breathing on your neck is because is such a great game. We all make mistakes. Take this lemon and make lemonade. God bless you and your family.

  49. I really feel bad for this guy but I call BS on McCarthy saying his responsibility was to block. He is on the hands team for a reason. What if the ball was hit directly to him. Is he suppose to let it go by and have indecision in his head. Don’t put him out there if he can’t make the play.

  50. Seriously, who uses their facemask to try to catch an on-side kick?

    Hank Baskett

  51. I hope Slocum’s office is cleaned out. Terrible year on Special teams that cost them dearly. Yelling at guys after the fact doesn’t cut it—preparing them not to fall for fakes, have punts blocked, and coaching your players to make the right plays is what matters.

  52. Don’t sweat it, Brandon. If you can learn a lesson in life and you are a better man on and off the field, it can be forgotten. Fans are mad, but fans forget that the game is about enjoyment and fun. I was mad about the game until I got a good laugh about it, thanks to a fellow fan.

    On another note, did anyone know a footballs psi can be checked by weighing it? I just read an article where the idiot who apparently “broke” this football deflation story said the officials were weighing the balls to determine how much air was in them. Did they bring in a bunch of guys from MIT? Lol I think some people believe that a football played in an NFL game having 12.5 – 13 pounds of air in it means it must weigh at least as much as the ball empty plus 13 pounds… lol this football ‘DEFLATE-AGATE’ is going to be a hilarious thing to follow.

  53. Everyone just needs to lay off this guy. He made a mistake. One play didnt cost the Packers the game. The two-point conversion gave up by Clinton-Dix? The Packers forgetting to play defense the final few minutes? Kicking FG’s instead of TD and conservative playcalling? Shouldnt pin it on this guy or he could get so depressed the only thing that will come out of this is a tragedy. Remember what happened to Donnie Moore.

  54. As a Niner fan, this reminds me of the 2011 NFC championship game where Kyle Williams had two late muffed kicks that really killed us, one barely grazing his leg. Dude was getting bombarded with all kinds of death threats online afterward. Sadly, in this day and age of social media I think the smart choice for pro athletes is just to not have any sort of social media account. That’s what I would do anyway. It’s a shame it’s come to that, but people just don’t know how to act anymore these days.

  55. As bad as his screw up was, I still think Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s was far, far worse.

    Though his execution was abysmal, Bostick at least tried for the ball. It has been reported that the Packers’s onside blockers were coached they could go for the ball if it came right at them, which makes sense in that you don’t want guys hopping out of the way of a line-drive or worm-burner onside kick. However, in theory the ball is “coming right at” about 9 guys at the point the kicker starts the on-side kick, so it sounds like more precise coaching may have been in order.

    However, this pales in comparison to Clinton-Dix staring at Wilson’s mini-Hail Mary like it was a beautiful shooting star and making no effort during the 4-second hang time to move into position to make a play on the ball. Clinton-Dix makes that play and we aren’t even talking about Bostick today…

  56. Not a fan of either team. From my perspective, the Packers lost that game in the first half. Bostic only had a chance to save them.

  57. Just like Rodney Harrison going for the ball instead of blasting helmet catch scrub, sometimes great players make game changing mistakes. Just get passed it big guy, life goes on, your checks will still clear.

  58. I love how the world blames Bostick for this. A lot of PERFECT people on this thread who no doubt do their job impeccably every single day of the year. I’m comforted to know the world is in perfect hands with so many people.

    I’m not a coach, but here’s my thinking. Championship game, 110% sure an on-side kick is coming…

    Yeah, not gonna put in my most inexperienced player in a high pressure situation to handle that one. DOH!

  59. Two comments…

    1. Seattle would have got the ball back with like a minute left anyways. Seeing that it only took them 40 seconds to score. They probably would have won anyways.

    2. The two pt conversion mess up was ten times worse. The packers would have won with the FG if not for that.

  60. nyyjetsknicks says: Jan 19, 2015 2:26 PM

    pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    Jan 19, 2015 2:19 PM
    Steve Bartman 2.0?

    Bad analogy. A better analogy would be Bill Buckner.
    An even better analogy would be the Colombian soccer player who scored an own goal in the Olympics.

  61. Yes everybody will focus on that error but the game was full of bad plays, Wilson being the biggest clown out there until the last few minutes. The fake field goal should never have happend either because a Packer player on his teams right side attacked a wrong angle instead of fanning out, boxing in the potential roll out by Ryan. Another player trying to be a hero. This game you have to be aware of were you are in the game, situational awareness. With the time between plays and the amount of time spent preparing how can players make such bonehead plays. I can forgive a dropped catch etc but stupid plays were players don’t take of their own jobs is unforgivable.

  62. The world of sports can be just brutal sometimes.. but I hope he understands that this is a team sport. Sure, he made a mistake but so did many of the players and the coaches on the Packers team. Besides, you made it to the NFC Championship game. He should be proud of his accomplishments and just ignore the noise.

  63. Plenty of blame to go around, from the head coach on down. In professional sports, when you play not to lose, you often lose.

  64. Bostic gets blame…and he deserves it…however…

    Yesterday came down to two teams and making plays.

    One that kept continually making them in the last 5 minutes…

    And one that didn’t.

    I told my wife wife when HaHa Clinton Dix dropped that potential pick 6 midway through the 4th, that it was going to cost Green Bay enormously…

    It’s why closers are so important in Baseball….the first 24 outs are considerably easier than the last 3.

    Packers failed to close.

  65. instant reaction , “balls heading at me catch it ” all of us would have done the same in that situation. NOW the stupid move was that interception an that slide, he shoulda just kept going.coulda got ATLEAST 5 MORE YARS ,MAYBE MORE

  66. The person who should be relentlessly criticized for this disaster is McCarthy and his coaching staff. HE was responsible for all the strategic decisions that led to this epic collapse.

  67. Brandon was trying to make a play. Yea, he should have stayed disciplined and stuck to his blocking assignment. Jordy was right off his shoulder and would have made the play. When all is said and done, this isn’t war and it isn’t a heart surgery he screwed up. Let’s keep these games in perspective. Tough lesson….learn from it and enjoy the offseason, if at all possible.

  68. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Jan 19, 2015 2:26 PM

    pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    Jan 19, 2015 2:19 PM
    Steve Bartman 2.0?

    Bad analogy. A better analogy would be Bill Buckner.


    But Bill Buckner was a heck of a player

  69. Too bad that he is a Poster boy for the team that made the most mistakes yesterday. McCarthy has to ask himself if he wants to coach in the NFL or remain conserative because he can’t do both.

  70. It just doesn’t seem that Bostic realizes the importance of what he did, and doesn’t accept the blame for the results that followed. Hey man, you did it. Own it, and just don’t do it again!

  71. Poor guy. Scapegoating is for people without lives. It’s just a game, losers.

    People talk about religious fundamentalism. Sporting fundamentalism may overtake it shortly.

  72. 3 FGs early instead of TDs. and obviously slacking off and sitting on the lead wit 5 mins left.. plenty of blame to go around

  73. Brandon you were not the only goat of the game. Your coach and bad late play calling and the rope a dope third &25yrd conversion late by Seattle were big factors also… Any high school coach on the goal line with 10min. left in the first qtr.goes for the TD,,.

  74. It is a team game… there were many plays that didn’t go Green Bay’s way during a critical stretch in the game. The loss is not his alone to bear, I can name other plays with other players, & they all contibuted to a team loss.

  75. I would love to know how Aaron Rodgers is in the crosshairs for this? He calls the plays that are sent in to him. The only thing I question him for is not checking out of one of those plays and challenging Richard Sherman who was obviously hurt. Other than that passive play calling on both sides of the ball killed them. Why you would not keep running the same defensive plays that forced 4 INTs is beyond comprehension to me. Instead of pressure, they rushed 3 guys and dropped six DB’s into coverage and played prevent and still got burned.

  76. It’s not his fault. They were outscored 28-6 in the second half. The Packers were WAY too conservative in their game plan. They should have gone for it twice on fourth down in the first half. I didn’t get their play calling in the second half at all.

  77. You can make all the excuses about what the Packers “should” have done throughout the game, but the fact is, they had the lead and only needed to catch an onside kick to seal the game. In 2015 16% of all onside kicks were successful. Which means if the receiving team does their jobs, they RARELY fail to cover the kick. Bostick’s job was to block..NOTHING ELSE. He didn’t do his job and tried to be a hero. Now he’s a zero. The game turned on THAT PLAY. So yes, he IS at fault and I hope he does feel bad for that stupid move.

    He let the fans and the entire organization down because he chose to not do his job. I don’t think he paying for it enough.

  78. I understand blaming the coaching, but Aaron Rodgers? Really?

    He couldn’t move to his left, and could only hobble to his right. Still kept them in a game, they had no business being in. Its not his fault the coaching decided to run the ball when inside the red zone.

    He played better then Russell Wilson, but the defense collapsed the last few minutes.

    Packers played a crappy game, Seahawks played a crappy game. The Seahawks just happend to come out on top.

  79. This play isn’t what cost them the game. Packers led 16-0 and couldn’t close it out. It is as big a choke job that I (and most everyone else) have ever seen in the playoffs.

    If you can’t win when the other team gives you 5 turnovers, you have no excuses. The Seattle D and lack of rushing D on the part of the packers helped seal the Packers fate, and I can tell you the cheese in GB right about now is not the laughing cow variety.

    A huge team choke on all levels by GB is why Seattle is in the SB in 2 weeks.

  80. It was like witnessing an avalanche. Right when it happened, you knew it was going to snowball, keep rolling and costing the Packers the game, and there was nothing anyone was going to be able to do to stop it.

  81. He should have just blocked but it must be hard for a player to ignore the instinct of grabbing a loose ball especially under the pressure of that moment in a championship game. Tough break.

  82. At the end of the day, the NFL’s MVP threw two INTs, had a passer rating of 55 and only scored 22 points off of 5 turnovers… AND YOU BLAME A BACKUP TE FOR THE LOSS? I realize these are just fringe fans, but Packers Nation needs to get a grip on this one. Put Rodgers and McCartney at the head of the whipping boy line.

    Despite this play the game goes to OT. What happens? 6 plays, 79 yards, TD. Game over. Pretty sure the TE wasn’t playing defense on that drive.

  83. One play did not cost the Pack the game. If you want to pin it on one play, go back to the 1st Seattle interception and the refs completely ignoring that the ‘Hawks were offside on that play and should have called that. IN which case, the interception would not have been.

    It’s EASY to blame an obvious mistake in the final moments but, in all honesty, there were several plays (and LACK of plays) that swung the game from one of the best to one of the worst. And yes, Bostick made a mistake … and he’ll live with that mistake. The fact remains that the team playing in those final miutes hardly resembled the team that played earlier.

    After dominating in the first three quarters, it was like there was a different Packer team out there. What happened to the blocking, the tackling, the sterling defensive play, the power offense … and on and on? Why, all of a sudden, was Seattle able to become a super team and Green Bay become a pitiful shell of what they had been? Coaching, mental let down, who knows. We’ll never know. But things we DO know: One play did not cost Green Bay the game and the refs never get penalized.

  84. Bostick’s mistake is only one of several plays that cost Green Bay the game. One man doesn’t lose the game all by himself, its a team sport.

  85. Unless Bostic was supposed to keep Marshawn Lynch from gaining those yards, or Russell Wilson from scoring that TD, or covering Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse in OT, then he does not need to shoulder the blame for this loss. A ton of things broke the Seahawks way to deliver the victory. The onside kick was just one of them.

  86. Honestly, that wasn’t the 5th or 6th reason GB lost, it was closer to 8 or 9.

    NEVER should have come to the onside. At least not with a real chance to win.

  87. Even if the Packers recover the onside kick, the clock was at 2:09 plus seattle still had a time out. The game was far from sealed with a recovery. Seattle would have gotten the ball with 1:15.

  88. Give Bostick a break! He responded instinctively to a ball within his grasp. Could have happened to anyone!

    Go HAWKS!!

  89. I forgot where he played defense and single handedly gave up three straight scores.

    There were about 15 plays in the last 7 minutes where the Packers could have sealed the victory. That was only one of them.

  90. I have never seen anybody try to catch a ball with their hands that far apart. Neither hand come close to touching the ball and it hit him right in the face. Normally, you only see this happen when you are trying to teach a 4-year-old how to catch a ball for the first time in their life. The first attempt is going to hit them right in the face and they quickly learn to position their hands close together so the ball won’t hit them in the face ever again.
    At the NFL level, how can a TE’s fundamentals be so horribly wrong? It doesn’t make any sense. Lack of attention to details will get you beat and GB’s coaches should’ve known this stiff can’t catch a wet towel, so he should not have been on the field. Fact.

  91. Low point! You were fn drafted to be a tight end. You failed to be a tight end because use suck at it yet you took the money.
    You were on special teams because they were paying you and needed you to do something for that money. You do get to block sometimes for that awesome run game of the packers but a tight end your not.

    Better figure it out. You sir are a loser. You did what a loser does, flub it up. This wasn’t an accident. If I read where their SPECIAL teams coach said, kick it to Bostick he has lousy hands, I would believe it.

  92. Brian Bostick, I’d like to introduce you to Bill Buckner. I’m sure you two will have plenty to talk about.

  93. Watching the replay I had wondered why Nelson was at the back rather than up closer to field the ball and this explains that. Looking at the photo that accompanies this article imagine Bostick blocking the Seattle guy. Nelson would have been right there to field the kick.

    And if the ball hadn’t been touched the Seattle player in the pic probably isn’t nearly that close to the play as the ball bouncing off Bostick’s facemask straight into the air not only altered the trajectory but took a bunch more time than had the ball just traveled through untouched.

  94. – McCarthy not calling for a 4th down TD (twice).
    – Burnett sliding on the 4th INT even with 5 minutes on the clock.
    – Peppers calling for the slide.
    – Clinton-Dix not going for the ball (or even the man) on the 2-pts conversion.
    – The 100 missed tackles on Lynch TD run.
    – Both INT by Rodgers.
    – etc.

    Either you win or you lose as a team.

  95. whatjusthapped says: Jan 19, 2015 2:58 PM

    Too bad that he is a Poster boy for the team that made the most mistakes yesterday. McCarthy has to ask himself if he wants to coach in the NFL or remain conserative because he can’t do both.


    Hey whatjushapped, the world may be near an end, but this time,this Viking fan agrees with you 100%.

    This loss goes essentially on McCarthy. So,MANY times he played not to lose. The gbay defense played a great game for 55 minutes, but the OFFENSE did nothing with those turnovers……just 6 points.

    McCarthy is the play caller-the offensive decision maker. It goes on him, and a little bit on Rodgers who didn’t have a good game.

    Yep, this game will haunt packer fans for awhile, because there were SOOOOOO many opportunities lost.

    I hope people don’t blame this Bostick guy too much. They should never have been in that position to begin with.

  96. Cmon this guy made one mistake…after alot of other mistakes like mainly GB packers showing up for the 2nd half…they got over confident and thought the win was in the bag…same thing the Cowboys did, over confidence, mistakes and left the game up to the refs…but really need to let it go and anyways “calm the hell down its just football”

  97. As a pack fan, he blew it. But there is plenty of blame to go around and everyone knows it. Bostick, got to man up and shake it off. Ignore the comments and put the time into becoming a better player. You have talent, but I think that play showed you need to toughen up from the neck up. A little time with the JUGS machine might help too. Hopefully MM and the rest of the Packers saw that it takes 60 mins of top-level football to win, not 55. Go Pack.

  98. Nelson would have been blown up if Bostick wasn’t there as there were 5 Hawks coming up from his back. Nelson if left alone would have been grenaded. Of course I do agree the Pack blew it and so did the Pack QB, 178 yards ,2 picks and a QBR of 55. Perhaps blame your QB or maybe give credit to the Hawks D. Pack scored 6 points on 5 turnovers and they say they deserved to win. The team that wins is always the one that deserves to win. The heart of a real champion was on display and no matter what happens in SB 49 we still beat the Pack in the Title game and it was glorious. GO HAWKS!!

  99. funny stuff…….don’t point fingers at the high paid guys who helped screw the pooch……..

    – anyone blaming peppers for making burnett take a knee? there was space ahead……they could have been in place to add an FG

    – anyone blaming…..pretty much everyone on defense for letting lynch run for 25 yards and a TD?

    – anyone blaming the 2 idiots who could not pay attention long enough to stop the 2pt conversion?

    – anyone blaming the captains for picking tails at the OT coin flip?

    took a hell of alot more than one guy to screw something up this bad.

  100. This Green Bay Packer fan is writing Bostick a letter thanking him for being part of a great effort and season. I’ll mention that he need not sweat the knee-jerk reactionaries. It isn’t just his team mates that would have his back. I’m sorry we lost, profoundly so, especially in the manner we did, but the Packer fanbase should have much larger fish to fry than this young man’s mistake.

  101. Bostick did not do his job. Special teams practice on-sides kicks for situations like this. He was supposed to block not field the ball.

    There’s no way the Packers can keep him on the team. Who wants to watch a colossal failure all season long.

    He’s the Bill Buckner of Green Bay.

  102. Geez….. lay off this guy. It is a team sport. What about the OL who got a 15-yard unsportsmanlike? That was preventable. How about Burnett taking the knee like it is the final seconds of the game. How about Ha Ha not trying for the lob that looked like a game of 500. That was the most amazing play of the game, IMO.

    Just as much ridicule could be going to the Seattle WRs who tipped balls into the hands of Packer DBs, but it is not because this is a team sport.

  103. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Jan 19, 2015 2:26 PM
    pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    Jan 19, 2015 2:19 PM
    Steve Bartman 2.0?

    Bad analogy. A better analogy would be Bill Buckner.


    Even the Bill Buckner event was more than just him to blame. All season long, Buckner had been pulled from the late innings and replaced with Stapleton or someone due to his bad legs not allowing him to really play more than 7-8 innings per game. For whatever reason, Anderson decided to keep him in that game. Also, prior to that, Bob Stanley could have easily picked off Wilson from 2nd base, as a Sox player had come to the bag without Wilson seeing him. Stanley just stood there and basically froze, allowing Wilson to get back without a throw.

    Feel bad for Bostick. The camera caught one of the Packer’s coaches blowing up on him afterwards, I mean it looked like that coach was going to have a coronary.

  104. Dear Packer Fans,

    Bostick wasn’t the sole reason your sorry outfit lost; it was a team loss (including McCarthy)! Grow up!


    Laughing at You!

  105. Your teammates have your back? Your coach is saying it’s not his fault you lost. He loved his play calling! Your QB is saying it’s not his fault you lost, and that you should have fielded that onside kick.

    Maybe I missed the article where a single Packer player or coach is actually standing up and taking some heat off of you.

  106. If he did his job the Packers would be in the Super Bowl. It’s that simple. The guy is supposed to be a profession and he simply couldn’t be bothered to do his job and block.

    Why didn’t he do his job?

    He never even looked at the coverage players as they came down field. He was watching the ball the entire play and was trying to be the hero. But now he’s the goat and it’s his fault.

    Not a team player and let his team down on a national stage in the 2nd biggest game of the year.

  107. Niners fan…

    Head up bro, that choke job was a team effort, just like the 49ers last year when they were up 10. I hope the Pats learn that when you have an opportunity to step on Seattle’s throat and end it, you do it. Hate to admit it but there is something intangible about that team. Even with less talent this year they find a way because they don’t quit.

    That said Pete Carroll is still a butt clown.

  108. In sports, sometimes crazy magical things happen that defy rational explanation. They were just meant to be. That’s how I feel about the Seahawks’ turnaround yesterday. Even so, if Bostick played for my team, I’d probably still be fuming. As it is, my heart goes out to him.

  109. The guy simply tried to make a play, and made a mistake. Watch the play again, and had he not tried to make that play, then the ball wasn’t going to be caught by any other Packer.

    So he deserves to catch some flack and some negative comments, but those will be in the past once the first game of next season is over.

    Simple truth is… the Seahawks should have had the game well out of their grasp, but overtly conservative play calling in the redzone by the Packers, and a failure to take advantage of Sherman’s injury, were much bigger factors to this loss than a single play on special teams.

  110. Granted, there are always numerous plays (on offense and defense) that cost a team a game and not just one play. That’s why coaches always emphasize, “Just do YOUR job!” If you want to be the hero, you MUST also be willing to be the goat. Brandon Bostick wanted to be the hero and rescue his team in the closing moments of that game. It didn’t work out as he had hoped, and that’s life. MAYBE Jordy Nelson would’ve lost the ball too and he would have been the goat. But we’ll never know because Bostick didn’t do HIS job but decided to try and do someone else’s.

  111. Yes Brandon Bostick made a bone head play but that definitely didnt cause the loss. I think, HA HA Clinton-Dix was the biggest bone head of them all. He didnt even make an attempt on the ball during the hail mary two point conversion.

  112. Not sure why anyone would be worried about Bostick’s emotional health. The man is a hero for the ages in Seattle, and will probably get a statue built to him outside CenturyLink. He could walk into any restaurant in the Pacific NW and get the red carpet treatment. I expect he’ll be off to Seattle soon, where Paul Allen will shower him with riches. Doesn’t sound so hard to me.

  113. While most people are good folks, there are a bunch of jerks in the world that give the rest of mankind a bad name. Those that are giving this guy grief on social media need to get a grip. I wanted the Seahawks to win, but when I saw replay I said “Geez, I feel bad for that guy.” It’s a game.

  114. Just one play of many that doomed the Pack . I don’t believe that his flub was any worse than the guy who intercepted with nothing in front of him but open field and he lays down in a fetal position . The real reason they choked it away was they played not to lose inside the two yard line in the first half and at the end of the game they went to a prevent shell defense . I also would question why you don’t attack a one armed cornerback with the best QB in the game throwing to some of the better receivers in the game . The Packers played scared just like the Vikings did in 98 and it cost them the win. History always repeats itself .

  115. i know athlete entertainers are paid oodles of money but hasn’t anyone else ever have an off day at work? i know his one and only job is to block and secure the ball but what about some of you, have you ever let anyone down at work by not performing your very best at what you are responsible for everyday? Everyone’s poop is smelly so I’m sure you have and I’m pretty sure your coworkers let you know it. now imagine if the whole world jumped on your back because you screwed something up that most days you wouldn’t normally screw up what would you think of yourselves then? sure he can just sob in his millions but instead of always attacking everyone maybe look at things in a different point of view once in a while

  116. It kind of begs the question — if he was only in there to block, and was not to touch the ball under any circumstances, why was he even there? Wouldn’t the Packers want to have their best blockers in that position? I think perhaps there’s a little more to the story that we haven’t heard yet.

  117. The best part of the entire story is Rodgers, Sitton and other Packers saying they deserved to win that game, that they dominated.

    No, you got dominated. You had the blessing of being on the receiving end of Russell Wilsons worst game as a pro and couldn’t capitalize. 3 of your first 4 drives started in Seattle territory. You received 5 turnovers and scored a WHOPPING 6 points off it. That game should have been 28 or 35 to nothing at halftime. not 16-0. The fact is…. Seattles defense DOMINATED GB the entire game, and the best team made the plays it needed to make when it needed to make them.

    And any troll on here can thumbs down this post to their hearts content. But those, my friends, are the undisputable facts. Dominating a team and deserving to win is what the Pats did to the Colts. GB was allowed to stay in the game by tipped balls and bad throws by Wilson. When Russell cleaned up his play, the BETTER team dominated. Hence the 22-6 score differential in the second half.

    Go Hawks.

  118. If McCarthy finds his balls in the off-season, he should apologize to the entire team for his play calling and his gutless “playing not to lose” mentality, and volunteer to stop being the OC. If he remains in that position, they’ll never get close again.

    I am a huge season-ticket holding Packer fan, but I will never again be a McCarthy fan. Not just because of this game, but because he has never demonstrated the desire of “playing to win,” instead of “playing not to lose.”

    He is the poster boy for that loser strategy, not this kid. Although player mistakes are usually coaching mistakes too. Like the idiot that got a 15 yard penalty after one of the interceptions, which forced a FG instead of a TD. Stupid.

  119. It can’t be all on him. They started the celebration early, got soft and conservative, and blew it. It should have never come down to a fluke onside kick.

  120. Seattle clearly played the worst conference title game ever and yet still managed to win. Unbelievable. Rogers and the Packer offense deserve a lot of blame for not getting the ball in the end zone despite tremendous field position all day–and good blocking all day by the GB offensive line. Rogers had plenty of time to throw–but did not get it done.

    And then the two massive bonehead blunders at the end. This guy jumps up to catch the ball and yet the ball goes right through his hands–with Nelson standing there waiting to catch it. Then that absurd two point conversion by seattle: Wilson just throws the ball way up in the air–and yet GB DB Dix is apparently picking his nose and somehow doesn’t look for, or see, the ball until it lands in the arms of the seahawk receiver standing right in front of him (and just inside the goal line). A grandmother could have knocked that ball down. That play cost GB the victory as the late Packer FG would have won it. No wonder Wilson was blubbering–give him the trophy for luckiest man in the NFL history.

  121. This game turned when that genius Dom Capers rushed two on 3rd & 19 and allowed the Seachickens to make 23 yards.

    As for all the fans and their vitriol toward Bostic – y’all need to get over yourselves. Its a damn game.

  122. The thing is if he’d just been blocking on that play and the ball caromed off of him and the Hawks fell on it the same number of Pack fans blasting him for not doing his job would be blasting him for not trying to catch it. Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

  123. wow are some packer fans this nasty? didn’t think that but wow.

    Try getting on Aaron Rodgers and the coaching staff for being too conservative in the second half trying not to lose. All those turnovers and they couldn’t make td’s.

    Get mad at a pathetic run defense that was dominated by Seattle OL. they also couldnt’ stop Seattle when they had to.

    Seattle didnt recover the onside kick in the end zone; they had to drive into the end zone. The packers defense wore down.

  124. Bostic wasn’t the only screw up but he was one of more high profile ones. If any one of a half dozen screwups don’t happen the Packers win but if you want to play the hero you better be prepared to be the goat if it doesn’t work out.

    You were there to block. You knew that.

  125. I’m sure all the socialites screaming that the Packers loss is wholly and only the fault of Bostick have never played a down of football outside of a family backyard. The guy is a tight end, so he’s at least partially wired to go after a ball in his vicinity. It was a natural mistake to make.

    But he was far from alone. In particular, if Aaron Rodgers gets the MVP over JJ Watt, he should refuse to accept it. He didn’t get the job done. And Mike McCarthy owes Packer fans a massive apology for coaching so scared, especially in the first half.

  126. The Buckner analogy is bad. It was Buckner’s job to field the grounder…he just didn’t do it. Had Buckner ranged too far to his right and booted a grounder that was headed for the 2nd baseman…then you’d have something.

    I’m a die hard Packer fan, and I feel terrible for Bostick. There were a lot of mental lapses in that game, but his was the biggest and came at the most important time.

  127. Weird, i would think blaming Rodgers for only having 178 yards with only 1 TD and 2 INT’s would be more to blame. I mean even Russell Wilson threw for 209 and accounted for 2 touchdowns. 3 of his 4 INT’s were off tips off the receivers hands, and the other the receiver didn’t fight for the ball.

  128. As an owner of the greatest franchise in sports history, I am wounded today and it’s been real tough with this one but in defense of Bostick, if he did what he was coached to do and block…I have this gut feeling he would have missed the block to and the outcome would have been the same.

  129. And Aaron Rodgers IS the MVP. That award is for the regular season not the playoffs. Or do all of you believe Peyton Manning didn’t deserve his MVP’s because he sucks in the playoffs. And how about AP’s MVP, he didn’t even break the record or win a playoff game, guess according to you guys they should both give there’s back. Seriously, you people are just plain haters and don’t care about the game, you just love to hate. Shameful.

  130. Some of you packer fans are blind. Blame bostick while ignoring the terrible play calls in the red zone, Rodgers two picks and the fact that your defense sucks, especially on the last two drives.

  131. Not sure it would have mattered.

    Pack offense couldn’t move the ball in the second half other than the final drive.

    Hawks would have scored and GB wouldn’t have had any time left for their final FG.

  132. Bostick blew it, but I also remember the Pack coming away with only 6 points after having the ball deep in Hawks territory TWICE. How the heck does he end up going for field goals twice!! The Pack coach should have known he would need more points than that to win against Seattle!!

  133. That was a great onside kick, so great it forced guys out of their job. Also, pretty pathetic the ST coach blasted the guy before he even got off the field. I guess Bostick was the one that let Seattle score on a FG fake too! ST coach has to go!

  134. Fake field goal. Two point conversion. On side kick Defense was a no show for the last three minutes of the game and OT this was a team collapse not one player …Rodgers blaming Mike M is so bush league he had jordy Nelson open for a TD and overthrew him period that’s your game Rodgers Brett Favre had so much class you not so much ..passer rating of 54 look in the mirror .

  135. The ignorance of the average fan will never cease to amaze me. But then again, the success of most businesses in this country largely depends on that ignorance. One or two plays didn’t change the outcome. It usually is an accumulation of plays. Did anyone stop and think that maybe Seattle’s defense is just that good. The defense kept Seattle in the game. If the fake FG/touchdown failed, what would be saying today? If the Packers went for it on the fourth downs in question and came away with no points what would be saying? Remember a few years ago when Mike Smith and the Falcons went for it on fourth and short and didn’t make it. He was heavily criticized for his decision. The citizens of this country have always been well known for 20/20 hindsight

  136. Maybe you should reach out to Hank Baskett. he knows how you feel. As a Colts fan I will tell you when we forgive him in Indy.

  137. Get off this dude’s back. From the epic conservative coaching fails to the failed Burnett slide to failed defense on the 2-pt conversion, the fake punt fail, to the mediocre QB play to the garbage red zone offense…This was an epic choke job by the entire team and coaching staff.

    Good season but could have been great. The better team won so gotta give it up to Seattle.

    This one is gonna sting for a longggggggg time but “You learn to be a gracious winner by being an outstanding loser.”

    Best of luck next year Packers!

  138. Love how he states: “It’s just a mistake…”
    If he were on my team he would have walked back to Green Bay.
    That attitude is precisely why the Packers will be watching the Super Bowl from their living rooms.
    Can you imagine Tom Brady saying “Oh, it was just a mistake..” after his “mistake” has cost his team a chance to play in the Super Bowl?

  139. People here have already alluded to the mistakes and poor play that set this one instance up as a game changer.

    Fourth and goal on the one and two respectively and you kick twice? With the best QB in the game? You didn’t go there to win….

  140. Same old story, put a team away when you have the chance, or they come back and end your season. The Pack had plenty of opportunities to win that game, they didn’t. On the other side, give it up to Russell Wilson, didn’t quit or bitch out when it wasn’t going well, played his best when it mattered the most. Definitely the MVP of this game

  141. Next time you hear them blather on TV about how Green Bay fans are the NFL’s greatest, remember the unrelenting blame assigned to a kid who made a mistake in the blink of an eyelash, and the death threats that have appeared on the Internet.


  143. Welcome to the NFL, son – it’s a tough, results-oriented business. Make the play and you’re the hero; screw it up and you’re the goat and widely loathed.

  144. I don’t really understand how coaches get so gutless in these situations when anyone could cite multiple examples of cases in which playing not to lose leaves you just begging to get beat.

  145. It’s not your fault man. It was a good decision by you to go for the ball, I mean it was right there. I’m sure you make that play 9/10 times just bad luck. That was a team loss more than anything, if I’d pinpoint it on anything it was your coach not being aggressive on offense, calling off the dogs with over 10 mins left in the game, that’s what decided the game. Fans can be ruthless and there’s no way I’d have a Twitter if I was a professional athlete, it would be worth it to me, for a fan to personally attack you on Twitter after the game is very low and happens way to often. Keep your head up

  146. Regardless who is at fault it was a epic meltdown choke that will be cherished by anti-Packer fans everywhere. Couldn’t have been a better heart tearing loss if you tried!!!!!!

  147. This play is irrelevant once greenbay tied the game with that field goal. It was all even after that. What about Rodgers pick in the endzone that cost the packers three critical points? Why isn’t he the goat? Once greenbay tied this game, and went to or, all previous plays were out the window.

  148. People blaming Rodgers need to check themselves. The guy was playing on one leg against probably the best defense the league has seen since the 85 Bears. Sure you can say they should have went for it in the first quarter but you all would be bashing them if they did and didn’t make it. The bottom line is that the defense went soft and couldn’t make a stop when they needed it. It is the same story the last four years. Why stop doing what was working the entire game and start playing prevent when the game is on the line? Why let Wilson get in a rhythm when the pressure was forcing him into mistakes? Why does AJ Hawk worry about a punter running on the edge and let a guy stand by himself in the end zone? Capers and Slocum need to be gone. Nothing but a waste of one of the most prolific offenses the league has seen because of piss poor defensive coaching. I will always be a Packer fan, but it is frustrating to see the same issues year after year and nothing being done about it.

  149. Mr. Bostick, you might be the scapegoat for the Packers’ loss…an attempt by the public to put a face on the loss.
    But truth be told Green Bay had absolutely no reason to be in this position in the first place. The Seahawk defense completely shutdown Rodgers (178 yards) and Lacy (73 yards rushing 21 carries).
    Seattle dug themselves a huge hole for themselves only to pull themselves out of it by themselves.
    The game was about Seattle, both bad and then good.
    And nothing about Green Bay.
    Time to move on.

  150. Packers fans will never forgive this guy just like they say about AP. He cost the Packers a chance for Super Bowl Trophy and AP cost Vikings nothing. Who wins?

  151. Brandon, in time, you will get over this….I wonder how big of a deal this would have been if it were Nelson or Cobb who whiffed on the onside kick…..I guarantee if it were not for this play, no one would know who Bostick is save for a few diehard Packer fans….

  152. He made a mistake, yes, but when you can’t punch it in TWICE from the HALF YARD LINE you lose. GB should have won that game. Go for it on fourth down.

  153. juice08 says:
    Jan 19, 2015 2:31 PM
    Regardless of what he was coached to do, football instincts took over. You see a ball heading your way, you try to get it.

    Don’t act like you wouldn’t try to grab the ball.

    Exactly……..He was in to Block LOL……That’s such BS….The ball is coming right to him, what’s he supposed to do go, “Hey Jordy, Here is comes get ready!!” Any FOOTBALL player would have, and should have done the same thing he did, go after the ball. He dropped it!!! It happens.

  154. Bottom line is The Packers coached scared……And they had to put this poor Bastard in a situation that cost them…..Now he’s the GOAT, when in reality it should be the coaching staff!! When your playing the best D in football, you have to SCORE as many points possible, not SETTLE for points….You guys have KUHN and LACY..GIANTS built for short yardage and McCarthy wants to kick field goals……Point the blame where is deserves to be pointed…THE COACHING STAFF!!!

  155. Bostick,

    It wasn’t your fault, Bostick. Just point to the fact that your team gave up 5 turnovers to the Seahawks, and Rodgers and the offense couldn’t get it done. That isn’t on you at all.

    The Seahawks D is who should be getting all the credit here. They completely dominated this game long enough to finally allow Russell Wilson to get on track and made the GB defense pay dearly.

    For all of those GB fans who are blaming the refs for the loss, tell it to the commissioner, but get in line. Let it go – your complaints will fall on deaf ears just like the Detroit and Cowboys fans had to let it go. Don’t play the victim role – your team has only itself to blame.

  156. Bostick, That one was one you… but as a Packers fan, I support the team. The team lost that game, not you. Seattle better feel pretty lucky, because those bunnies flew out of the hat at the last second. Never seen a team deflate so quickly.

    Next year Pack & Pack fans, keep your chin up… That’s what makes us great. Learn from the game and use that for a fire next year.


  157. Mike Daniels took a dumb penalty that forced the pack backwards. They would have been inside the 5 yard line.And so the packers had to kick a fg. No packer fan mention that. It was huge however, too many fingers to point at that were responsible for the loss. The MVP had 63 yards in the second half. Fabio was standing around on the bench in the 4th quarter because he was gassed.Daniels guy starts stuff every game, just pay attention to him. He and TJ Lang both idiots on the field.

  158. Look this guy did not lose the game for GB. Am not a football buff but looking at the packers colt game, packers were something like third and goal and I observed the snap is short and quick and the running/full backs are pushing the QB forward. Why didn’t GB attempt such a play they would have been 14 points up. Can some shed some light as to why the short snap was not used?

  159. “However, this pales in comparison to Clinton-Dix staring at Wilson’s mini-Hail Mary like it was a beautiful shooting star and making no effort during the 4-second hang time to move into position to make a play on the ball. Clinton-Dix makes that play and we aren’t even talking about Bostick today…”

    You’ve got it backwards. If Bostick doesn’t flub his assignment to block, Dix wouldn’t have been defending a 2 point conversion in the first place. Dix had a great game over all and did 100 times more to win that game than Bostick did.

  160. No one should be putting down Brandon Bostock, everybody makes mistakes,and Brandon made one, whoopdy doo everybody does that so people who are criticizing him, for a single mistake, lay off. Hes definitely not the only one who made a mistake in that game. It was just the heat of the moment, it was wet and rainy who knows what really made him drop it, but it’s not his fault.

  161. Horrible. Though I am ecstatic it happened, you gotta feel for this poor guy, next year he’s selling used cars…

  162. Feel bad for the guy, but it’s not all his fault. Instead just throwing enough yards for a FG, Rodgers should have thrown a hail mary for a TD to end the game. Then we would not have this talk.

  163. 1:25 minutes left on the clock with 3 TO. Aaron Rodgers is the QB. They had the ball and they had arguably the best offense in football, certainly the one that put up the most points in regular season.

    With that time left and trailing by only 3 points the Packers drove down the field and proudly kicked the game tying FG! What is wrong with that picture?

    Everybody is saying how the Packers dominated Seattle for the entire game until the end. But at the end of regulation the Packers had the ball where they wanted it, in Rodgers hands. They had enough time on the clock. This was not Rodgers first rodeo. He had all, or at least most of his offensive weapons available to him.

    He had an injured Sherman. He did not even try to test Sherman to see if he was playing sick. If he had tried Sherman and found he was really injured then what could have been?

    A team needs to be daring in its execution if it wants to win in the big games. But the Packers were settling and allowing all that momentum to build up against them.

    They may also have been demoralized by the comeback as some have said. But that is when a QB like Rodgers picks the team up and carries them on his back. He had 1:25 on the clock to shove the ball back down the Hawks throats and make them choke!

    If Rodgers would have scored a TD on that drive none of this would be discussed right now. It would have been about how close the Hawks came but how in the end Rodgers pulled a victory out of the jaws of defeat. Their whole season was in that last 1:25 of the game!

    So yes, Bostick made a mistake on the onside kick. But his mistake was only one of many nails in the Packers coffin that game.

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