Bucs deny Eagles’ request to interview Jon Robinson

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The Eagles are still looking for a personnel specialist to set the table for coach Chip Kelly.  And looking.

Per a league source, Kelly wanted to interview Buccaneers director of player personnel Jon Robinson for the position.  The Bucs declined the request.

Even if the person hired by Kelly gets the now-vacant G.M. title, teams can block a move because the job doesn’t entail final say over the draft or the roster.  If it did, the Eagles could interview and hire Robinson over Tampa’s objection.

Earlier this month, Robinson interviewed for the G.M. job with the Jets.  That position entails final say over the draft and personnel.

To their credit, the Eagles aren’t playing the same game that others have played in the past, giving final say to a guy in writing but having someone else in the building who has the juice to tell him how to use it.  To their detriment, the Eagles are having a hard time finding external candidates, and part of the reason undoubtedly relates to the lack of true power.

Then there’s the fact that whoever gets the job could be caught as the liaison between Kelly and former G.M./current executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman.  Even though owner Jeffrey Lurie found a way to send them to their separate corners of the building, tension remains — and the new hire will be right in the middle of it.

23 responses to “Bucs deny Eagles’ request to interview Jon Robinson

  1. Can’t help but to feel bad for coaches who are kept back from the possiblity of working with a winning organization…
    Losing w/Lovie has to be a hard thing to get up and go to work for..

  2. Agree with our local radio 620 wdae on this one….
    This is all about telling Chip Kelly to screw off after essentially agreeing to take the Bucs coaching job, then backing out last minute.
    Karma… It is EVERYWHERE
    And its a motha!

  3. Who’s to say he even wanted to do the interview? The let him interview with the Jets…why wouldn’t they do the same with the Eagles? My guess is the dude didn’t have any interest in the job and told the Bucs to just deny the request.

  4. It’s a joke of a job & anyone with any future aspirations will not take it. The “GM” is judged by his drafting & player acumen decision making. The player decision making will be done by a head coach, if & when the system fails, no young up & coming executive with a bright future wants to be in that chair. It’s a step backwards for anyone that is a complete & qualified candidate for a REAL GM’s position.

  5. They’re saying here in Tampa that it’s retaliation because Chip backed out at the last minute for the head coach position a few years back

  6. I will do it. I will gladly be in the middle of Howie and Chip. Since Chip is my boss, I’d be pimp slapping Howie around.

  7. Nobody wants any part of that mess in failadephia. The job description for gm up there is mostly just getting chip’s coffee and picking up his dry cleaning.

  8. Lurie has no coconuts. He thought it was amusing to see Bug Andy twist in the wind. And yucked up any Eagle pratfall in the owner’s box with Howie. Now Chip is in no man’s land. When you have a street fight and do not take the other guy out that other guy (Howie) comes back to haunt you. Howie ran off Andy and Joe Banner. So Chip, sleep well.

  9. chrisdacommish says:
    Jan 19, 2015 11:52 AM

    Agree with our local radio 620 wdae on this one….
    This is all about telling Chip Kelly to screw off after essentially agreeing to take the Bucs coaching job, then backing out last minute.
    Karma… It is EVERYWHERE
    And its a motha!

    chrisdacommish: The flip side is that had Chip taken the job you wouldn’t have the first pick in the draft resulting from an unsuccessful program. Now you can really hurt Chip by drafting Mariota and never letting him be successful in the NFL.

  10. Despite their record. If you watched the Bucs this year, they lacked just two pieces to a playoff run. QB & OL. If they can find that for next year, I see them winning their division. (Throw in a top edge pass rusher & they might make THE dance.)

  11. Only dance they’re making is the one at the local high school…and then that might turn into a big legal mess with suspensions, videotapes, etc.

  12. Is a GM really a GM if they don’t have any personnel power? Why exactly does the position need filled (in other words, what duties are left)? I can definitely see why a FO person with greater aspirations wouldn’t settle for a figurehead job.

    That said, if they just need a person to serve as a go-between and future scapegoat, and the job pays well, I’ll accept an interview…

  13. Why didn’t they just promote the Assistant General Manager? He know’s both guys, and isn’t fully in charge anyways.

    Basically, he would still be the assistant GM since he won’t get final say (Chip does). Just gets a title and salary bump…

    Win win.

  14. People need to get a grip.

    Andy Reid got the same deal after the first couple of years. And I think Tom Heckert, now the Colts GM, did ok with giving roster control to Reid.

    Chip will give roster control back to the GM once he’s comfortable with how the roster is shaping up. Roseman was relieved of power because he’s better at negotiating contracts than in watching game tape.

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