Eagles hire Cory Undlin as DBs coach, tab Justin Peelle as TEs coach


The Eagles have made a pair of changes to their coaching staff.

Philadelphia has hired Cory Undlin to coach defensive backs and promoted Justin Peelle to tight ends coach, the team said Monday night.

Undlin, 43, coached the Broncos’ defensive backs the last two seasons. He replaces John Lovett, the Eagles’ defensive backs coach since 2013.

The Eagles allowed the second-most passing yards in 2014 and were 32nd in this category in 2013. On the other hand, the club was last in time of possession in both seasons, which is probably part and parcel with the passing numbers.

Peelle, the assistant Eagles’ tight ends coach in Chip Kelly’s first two seasons, takes over for Ted Williams. A Philadelphia assistant since 1995, Williams coached tight ends the last two seasons.

The 35-year-old Peelle played tight end in the NFL for 10 seasons (2002-2011).

Lovett and Williams will work in pro scouting for the Eagles, the team said.

10 responses to “Eagles hire Cory Undlin as DBs coach, tab Justin Peelle as TEs coach

  1. Good move. Now get him some players. Whole secondary needs to be changed including last years free agent safety who cannot hold interceptions and showed why New Orleans let him walk.. He’s an excellent backup not a starter.

  2. Aaron Rogers actually has been quoted saying Green Bay was the better team against Seattle. What a looser.

  3. Even though the Eagles were last in time of possession their D backs sucked. Heck, the Eagles had a good pass rush and they used the blitz well. AND THEIR D BACKS STILL WERE TERRIBLE.
    Some of the problems were coaching problems. Having your worst D back
    ( Bradley Fletcher ) play one on one with the other teams’ best receiver without giving help was pure folly. What’s wrong with some coaches?

  4. They’ll have money to spend if they want to pull the trigger, but they have to pull the trigger. Fletcher was something like 3.6 million, which isn’t going to get you a great player, but is a nice chunk towards a solid CB. Cutting Williams would save 7.5 million. That is 11.1 between them, which should get you much better play then they have got. Nate Allen has been terrible for years, I’m still surprised he’s managed to hang around as long as he has

    I’d like to see them target a CB in the 1st round, and another in the FA group. They may have to overpay to get a CB (their reasoning for not upgrading the position last year was, they felt guy were getting more than they were worth in last years market), but it happens. When you have a glaring need, it’s better to over spend on it, and if not change it to a strength, at least stop it from being a weakness, than to have guys on really good contracts that can’t play at this level. The S spot, there are supposed to be some solid ones this year that will be available in the 2nd, but depending on who winds up being available, I think I’d like to see another vet back there.

    But either way, I was saying it all year (even when they were 9-3), Allen/Fletcher/Williams are not NFL level starters. Allen and Fletcher give you something on special teams, Williams does not, so I question where he even fits in the league (useless if he’s not starting). In today’s NFL, you can not win with that defensive backfield. Let alone the ridiculous amount of turnovers this year

    Also, Jenkins is what he is. Not great, not bad. He’s a solid player, that isn’t going to take over any games, but won’t cost you any either. That’s why he got a mid level salary, and not a deal like TJ Ward or Byrd last year. He’s a solid NFL starter, but if he’s the best player in your backfield (and he is by far out of Philly’s starting 4), you are in trouble. Problem isn’t Jenkins, problem was the players around him

  5. I like Jenkins a lot. Not the most talented bute a great leader and a really smart player. The Eagles need a safety and two corners. I will settle for a safety and a corner. Fletcher and Nate Allen can not be on this team

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