League confirms ball-deflation investigation

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So much for the Colts-Patriots game being not nearly as intriguing as the Packers-Seahawks game.

Via Bob Glauber of Newsday, the NFL has confirmed the existence of an investigation regarding whether the balls were properly inflated in the AFC title game.

Rule 2 of the official NFL rule book requires that each team make “12 primary balls available for testing” two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff.  The home team must make 12 backup balls available, and the visiting team may bring another 12 backup balls for games to be played outdoors.

Several years ago, in an effort to prevent any doctoring of balls used in the kicking game, the NFL adopted a rule that six new, specially-marked kicking balls would be used for each game, with the boxes opened by the officials two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff.

All balls remain under the supervision of the referee until they are delivered to the ball attendant shortly before kickoiff.

The existence of the investigation, as initially reported by Bob Kravitz of WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, suggests that the referee failed to properly check the specifications of the balls, the referee didn’t properly secure the balls before they were given to the ball attendant, or something happened to the balls after they were given to the ball attendant.

232 responses to “League confirms ball-deflation investigation

  1. What a classless, cheating, organization. They can’t win without little tricks like this. What an embarrassment to professional football. And every single one of these band wagon “Pats fan since 2001!” will laughably defend this,


  2. Way to go Bill. You have a chance to be the greatest coach in NFL history. Caught cheating A SECOND TIME!

  3. So, sounds like the NFL refs messed it up. Who from that side will be punished? Blandino? Goodell?

  4. ah yes, the standard pre superbowl distraction for the pats, just like the bogus rams walkthrough story… who does this? vegas? SMH

  5. Spew forth the haters and the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. Coming out of Kravitz of Indianapolis. Shocking. They lost 45-7. No FG’s. Sore losers looking fo an excuse.

  6. Don’t use this as an excuse for the trouncing of Andrew Luck and the Colts. Whatever occurred with the balls is a disadvantage to both teams.

  7. They only people who should be punished is the Ref’s for not doing there job. They have full control before, during and after the game. If the balls weren’t up to spec it’s their fault.

  8. The Patriot Way: “It’s only cheating if you get caught. (And then claim everyone else does it too, so it doesn’t matter.)”

  9. Bill puts in a lot of effort to give his team all the legal advantages with trick formations and WR Passes…

    He’s also known to give them every illegal advantage as well.

    The things we know that he’s done to cheat are the ones we know about, who knows what else he’s been doing.

    I guess now we know how Tom has always played so well in bad weather… His coach must be scared and not trust him and wont allow him to try to beat someone fairly even.

    Still no Superbowls without cheating…

  10. Bill Belichick must have been getting bored. Spygate was old news so decided to create a new controversy with Ballgate.

  11. Iss that convenient that an Indianapolis reporter has come up with this. Of course he did. And that explains exactly the 38pt difference in the game. Face it, the Colts got their tails handed to them in ever phase of the game. I’m sure they will use this theory to explain the bobbled punt and Andrew Luck’s terrible performance no doubt.

  12. Here we go. The Patriots win by 38 and and it’s because balls were deflated according to anyone and everyone who can’t stand to see the Patriots win. I have never seen a witch hunt against a franchise as often as there is one against the Pats. In case anyone noticed, Brady threw more underthrown wobbly balls than Luck so what advantage was there? Next the league will investigate the Patriots for scoring too many touchdowns

  13. If Beli-cheat is behind this I expect nothing less that a 500K fine a loss of a first round pick and a 1 year suspension staring today.

    Patriots trying to cheat there way to the Super Bowl.

    A measure of a man is based on his integrity and Belechick has none.

  14. this investigation will be deflated faster than the Colts were on the field Sunday….

    Man its funny how insane the haters are lmfao….

    See you in Arizona……..

  15. Gotta love belicheat. Always looking for the advantage whether legal or not. Can’t root for this team no matter what and alternative is an arrogant Seattle team . Super Bowl sucks this year . Wish there was a a way they could both lose.

  16. Not a Patriots fan at all, but who cares. It clearly didn’t affect the outcome of this game and they were both playing with the same balls.

  17. So, the league and refs didn’t do their job, if it is one of their duties to make sure all balls used are up to league specifications for the AFC championship game?

  18. Yes, because a fully inflated ball would have helped the Colts not get run over by Blount and it definitely would have kept the secondary from getting torched…Suck it up Colts fans, your team got pantsed.

  19. Goodell was hanging out with Bob Kraft on Saturday night. It was just as bad as Blandino hopping on Jones’ bus. Nothing will happen here to the New England Cheaters, though get the asterisk ready. Doesn’t matter if it determined the outcome of the game — it’s still cheating and a disgrace to the other 31 teams that play their hearts out by the rules.

  20. The Pats will get off scott free.

    I am not an Indy fan, but something with the Pats is up. Starting in 2003, I always said “Wow the Pats are smart, it’s like they know the exact play we are running” – In 2007 we found the reason for that.

    Something is up this year too, but that just deflated Footballs.

  21. Patriots cheating again. No surprise there. I was wondering how they always managed to dominate at home. I had a feeling there was more cheating going on. That makes every one of their home games suspect.

  22. Right, because allegedly deflated balls are why the Pats dominated the Colts. No way Blount runs for 148/3tds if the balls are inflated a touch more, right?

  23. Once again Belicheat rears his ugly head. The Patriots are a team with no integrity and who will cheat at any opportunity. Go Seahawks.

  24. this from the indy star, here come the sore losers ?????? I guess the colts need some excuse …………Did the colts only get the fully inflated balls????????

  25. So let me get this straight: the Patriots are supposed to have deflated the balls, making passing the ball easier… for both teams… against a team with a pass happy offense and the “QB of the future”… when their own gameplan was to run the ball… giving them a disadvantage. Yep, makes perfect sense.

  26. Packers played soft and scared, Patriots cheated. Sounds like a normal football Sunday.

  27. Wow… 45-7 with both teams using the same footballs… Yeah I’m sure it was the footballs… It couldn’t have been that Luck is so good because he plays in a Dome… No, it has to be the deflated footballs! Good Grief! I’m a Browns fan and I find this Belichick conspiracy crap absolutely stupid!
    The Patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL every year. I think the conspiracy theories actually help the Pats to get opposing teams to take focus off the game!

  28. How does deflating the balls favor one team over the other? If deflating the balls resulted in such flop-sided contest, maybe the balls should be made out of metal! Your team lost. Just shut up and enjoy the Superbowl.

  29. The Patriotcheats and Billy Bellacheat are up to there old tricks
    again why does the Nfl put up with this garbage. Nothing short of a loss of there 1st round draft pick and 10 million dollar fine will do.
    Rodney Harrison is flat our wrong his ex team is a bunch of cheaters.
    Don Shula was right in his opinion of this cheating coach and franchise. The Pats were already punished for cheating with a half a million dollar fine and loss of the first round pick for the actions in Spygate now they are circumventing the rules on declaring eligible Recievers vs Offensive linemen. They may be in there rights to do it but it’s really being a poor sport to take advantage of the rules and not allow the defense to get but a few seconds to adjust. I am sure the NFL will change the rules in the off season. probably saying that only one offensive linemen can become a eligible receiver. Anyways I hope the
    Seahawks put a Epic beat down on this franchise of Cheaters.
    In my eyes this entire run will always be tainted I respect Brady
    but I have zero respect for Bellacheat.

  30. Aren’t the deflated balls supposed to help the passing team (Colts)?! I mean they only put up 7 points! The Pats ran down their throats and this investigation is brought, and the ball issue came to light by an Indianapolis reporter. Go figure.

    The balls are always tested by the refs before every game, and everything looked fine during the game….

    We are on to the Super bowl

  31. I’m sure the NY media will be running with this. Right now I’m confident there is a crack team of NY Daily News reporters going over every inch of the game tape like it’s the Zapruder film, hoping to find some image of Belichick talking to the ball attendant. Facts will not matter. Innuendo will reign.

  32. I’m sure the footballs were deflated back in November when the pats beat them in Indy by over 20 points as well.. I’m amazed at how jealous other fans are at the patriots.. I know all you patriot haters would love to have a fraction of the success this team has enjoyed the past 15 years

  33. Roger Goodell promised a fair and independent investigation … just as soon as he can light the evidence on fire.

  34. I wonder if the league comes back with nothing, then everyone accusing the Pats of cheating will apologize? The Ravens said they cheated after their loss, ‘deceptive formations’ – Now an Indy reporter is drumming this crap up… Sour grapes.

  35. lazerlike42 says: Jan 19, 2015 8:26 AM

    So let me get this straight: the Patriots are supposed to have deflated the balls, making passing the ball easier… for both teams… against a team with a pass happy offense and the “QB of the future”… when their own gameplan was to run the ball… giving them a disadvantage. Yep, makes perfect sense.


  36. Those Spygating, ball deflating bunch of cheaters.
    Typical behavior from a low class organization.

  37. and the offense that relies more on finesse (Colts) played with the same balls…………right?

  38. The Colts got brained. Ball inflation would not have helped, but that doesn’t mean someone wasn’t TRYING to cheat and just wound up not needing to.

  39. Given that the Colts depended on passing and the Patriots focused on running, it’s obvious that Indianapolis was the team that deflated the balls.

  40. pats haters go away,I swear people is just crazy.i bet if they said something about not having enough parking spots for the visiting team I bet people would say that’s cheating.they don’t want fans of other teams to come to foxbury.SMH

  41. That’s right… If the balls were properly inflated, the Pats wouldn’t have run through the Colts defense like they were air-holes. So let’s think this through: it’s really windy and raining, so what do we do ? Deflated the ball so they would be more inclined to get caught by the wind and the throw would be less precise. As if Belichick, one week after finding a wrinkle in the rulebook, would have make sure the balls were “deflated” after being checked by the league.

  42. I have no doubt that Bill cheated here… but I don’t see why he NEEDED to. They could have been using a rubber chicken for a game ball and it wouldn’t have changed a thing.

  43. Wouldn’t the deflated balls help both teams throwing pretty equally?

    And since the Pats gameplan was obviously to pound the ball with Blount Force Trauma, wouldn’t that kind of be the opposite of what they need?

    And wouldn’t they know that Luck is the Colts best player, so they would be putting the game on his back, i.e., throwing probably a lot more than the Pats?

    And wasn’t it like 50F or something, so not even very cold, making it pretty much pointless?

    And if there’s one thing BB likes to talk about, it’s the weather, so don’t you think he would realize that?

    Eh, screw it, conspiracies are so much more fun…

    Haters gonna gate!



  44. The outcome of the game was not effected by the Patriots deflating balls. But, the idea that they would do something like this is the reason why so many people dislike them. It makes them look like the only way they can win games is by cheating, which clearly isn’t the case. Why take the risk to deflate balls? It just makes no sense if Belichick let this happen.

  45. Let’s put this in perspective:

    Balls go to ref 2:15 before kickoff.
    They are then checked.
    They are under the watch of the ref until it goes to ball boy.
    The game is played.

    Sounds more like an error on the nfl vs a deliberate effort to cheat. I understand the stigma that follows the patriots but Jesus, give credit where credit is due. These dudes can flat out play and the weight of the ball isn’t going to change the dominant performance of last night.

  46. Not a sensible thing to do. They didn’t need anything to beat the loser colts. I doubt it’s true. Spygate was in plain sight and Belihick was brashly filming in the face of the league because he thought he had a loophole. This would be straight up against the rules. That’s not his style. He likes to push the envelope like the formations.

  47. Do you people do realize that each team uses a different ball when on offense?

    It is not the same ball each play either, so the Pats balls are deflated and the colts weren’t or was it the other way.

    Either way the Colts lost but if the Patriots were deflating balls the Belicheat needs a swift suspension because with no integrity the NFL is just the WWE.

  48. This is so redonkulous. Obviously an effort to deflect away from the four (4) INTs and lucky TD that got Russell “Elite?” Wilson back into another Super Bowl. Ugh!

  49. Refs are responsible not the team. How did this effect the outcome?? A blow out is a blow out. Much ado about nothing.

  50. Here we go. The Patriots win by 38 and and it’s because balls were deflated according to anyone and everyone who can’t stand to see the Patriots win. I have never seen a witch hunt against a franchise as often as there is one against the Pats. In case anyone noticed, Brady threw more underthrown wobbly balls than Luck so what advantage was there? Next the league will investigate the Patriots for scoring too many touchdowns. Both teams use the same balls. The conspiracy theories and excuses are nauseating at this point.

  51. “All balls remain under the supervision of the referee until they are delivered to the ball attendant shortly before kickoiff”

    So, how exactly do the Patriots lower the pressure of the balls if they are with the refs? Anyone ?

  52. Woe is the Seahawks come Feb. 1st. Remeber what NE did after the taping incident? They ANNHILATED everyone in their path. The only thing Kravitz has don is turn the Seahawks into the “Legion of Doomed. They will be crushed into dust in the Arizona desert.

    Embrace the Hate!

  53. Well I’m probably biased because it’s the Pats, in fact I know I am biased. Still, I don’t think the fact that it didn’t affect the result matters that much here, it’s not like they were gonna get thrown out of the Superbowl over this. If the balls were deflated this should be a fine, and if it’s proven to be intentional this should be a loss of picks.

    I mean, the Pats just filed tampering charges against the Jets for the Revis comments. Woody broke the rules, but there is no way it affected Revis’s negotiation tactic because he was always going to take a hard line anyway. The Pats filed charges anyway because Woody broke the rules, and they were within their rights to do so.

    Rules are rules. We don’t know the Pats broke them here, but if they did the result should have no bearing on punishment.

  54. The Patriots are probably the best team in the NFL this year, but if they did this there needs to be some serious penalties, like all draft picks taken from them and given to the Colts or something. I’m still cheering for the Pats against the Seahawks, but this is pretty shady.

  55. So the owner of the Jets can openly tamper with Revis and nothing happens in the course of weeks, but a ball is underweight in a 45-7 game and that can cost draft picks? JOKE

  56. If the Pats practiced with deflated balls, it would make a difference in the game, provided the Colts did not.

    PS: Pats fans always have deflated balls available LOL

  57. Russell Wilson, you must and will defeat the evil cheaters, we are all counting on you. We are all Hawks for a couple of weeks.

  58. You must be mistaken, the Patriots would never cheat and Goodell wouldn’t do something so stupid as to cover up the extent of previous cheating, thereby encouraging more cheating.

  59. Each team provides their own balls, so if the Patriots deflated the balls, they had a clear advantage over the Colts. It also makes every one of their home games suspect.

  60. Someone may have messed up somewhere but there is no reason for the Patriots to deliberately deflate balls. Deflating balls help passing so it would benefit the pass-happy Colts offense, not the much more balanced Patriots.

  61. How about an investigation into Arthur Jones’ illegal face paint? I’m sure that had just as much impact on the final score as a ball that allegedly had 2 psi less air than it should have. SMH…

  62. As much as I hate Seattle, I can tell you that the reason GB lost was not because of how much air was or wasn’t in the balls… their problem were that they left their own balls at home in Green Bay, they completely swooned.

  63. And Tom Brady, who we are told is the greatest and most aware QB ever, handled the ball every play and knows what a ball would feel like properly inflated. Belichick cheats but is not stupid and so he set up “plausible deniability” for himself and some water boy will take the fall. Anyway a $500,000 fine is a small price to pay for a super bowl appearance!

  64. Who’s balls will be more expensive, BeastMode for grabbing his or Billicheat for deflating his? That is the million dollar question!

  65. the only thing that was deflated yesterday was the packer fans egos
    with that epic all time choke job
    for the record with the exception of 2010 arodg is in possession of 1 playoff win and that is against joe webb … watching mccarthy coach evokes watching bill cowher and marty schottenheimer ultra conservative game plans playing not to lose and choking away game after post season game

    sorry day in cheese country

  66. Confound it! Our secret, evil strategy to perennial division titles is finally out! OK, I admit it, it has nothing to do with Brady’s laser like passes or a defense that features the best corner in the game. No, my Patriots have been fooling the league for years, and now they’ve been exposed as frauds. I have to confess it’s the ball deflation that led to the Colts being dismantled and embarrassed yesterday, and the Ravens the week before (that whole “eligible receiver thing? just a charade, it was the deflated balls that turned the tide). Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted.

  67. I don’t see anyone saying the Colts would have won if the balls weren’t deflated.

    The point is that the Pats are always doing something dirty, everything they’ve done should have an asterisk beside it.

  68. No, properly inflated balls didn’t beat the Colts. The issue is that the NFL administration may have again failed to do their jobs.

    The question is, what other areas did they fail that we don’t know about? The deflated ball issue is symbolic of widespread failure behind the scenes that have a direct effect on the ON THE FIELD PRODUCT we pay for.

    The answer is simply, DO YOUR JOB.

  69. People will make up anything to bring down the Pats. It’s disgusting. There are so many haters out there, so many people that are jealous of the Patriot’s dynasty and excellence. People always hate number 1 and try to bring them down. It was that way with the Cowboy dynasty, the 49er dynasty and now the Patriot’s dynasty. Seriously, did Ray Lewis plant this story? He’s had an ax to grind against the Pats for many years. Disgusting how so many people are out there trying to rain on the Patriot’s parade.

  70. it’s the kind of thing you can imagine when the ‘best young QB’ in the league today basically turns into Ryan Leaf

    it’s funny because per Boomer Esiason, the accusation is garbage especially considering it was PEyton Manning who complained to the NFL when he was a Colt that the balls coming straight out of the box hurt the passing game in bad weather and that some air should be removed.

  71. Did this affect the outcome of the game? No.

    But! It simply shows the kind of people the Pats are. They probably have the best team since Belichick has been there and they are still paranoid enough to cheat in the most petty ways.

  72. Ah, so at first it was “Patriots deflated the game balls,” now it’s “the game balls under the ref’s control for 2 hours are being investigated.”

    The only thing I saw deflated last night were the hopes of jealous Steelers fans.

  73. Clearly they won because of this….

    My gosh this crap is stupid. The Patriots spanked the Colts, who didn’t expect that? Even the Colts expected it, as they didn’t seemed phased when it started, the beat down that is.

    and I refer to Bill B as Belicheat too. Not because of this game.

  74. This is just media fodder for the next two weeks and something for all the Patriot haters out their to whine about. In other words, it is garbage. The envy and jealousy that so many have of the Patriots success over the last fifteen years is the root cause. Deal with it people! The Patriots, and their fans, are on to Seattle.

  75. Let me get this right…deflated balls might’ve had something to do with the outcome of the Pat’s win, and lack of balls might’ve had something to do with the outcome of the Packer’s loss??? Mike McCarthy can you hear me over the sound of yourself choking?

    How’s life in Wisconsin today?

  76. Where is Jim Lee Howell now that we need him?

    When Howell coached the Giants in the ‘50s, his offensive coordinator was Vince Lombardi and his defensive coordinator was Tom Landry. With those two running the show, what was Howell’s job?

    “I just make sure the footballs have air in them,” Howell said.

  77. deflated balls are easier to catch but harder to throw downfield. theoretically if the patriot game plan was to run it down the colts throat (which they did) and use short to intermediate passes then deflated balls would be an advantage because the colts have no run game and depend upon vertical passing as an essential part of their game plan.

    i am not saying the pats did this, i am just saying it could be an advantage.

  78. Ok everyone take a chill pill.
    The deflated balls would put a Patriots team who’s strategy was just to run everyone over with Blount yesterday at a HUGE disadvantage too a pass happy team with a young star QB. Plus the NFL is supposed to inspect and keep the balls under there supervision so it’s more of the Refs failing at their simple job.
    And since this was broken by the Indianapolis Star the colts need to stop being sore losers

  79. You Patriots haters never give up! Any time Pats win they must have cheated. Do you realize how stupid you sound?

  80. They should forfeit the game if true. Stop with the hand slapping for the Patriots, NFL.

  81. Im confused. Arent the officials constantly handling the balls during the course of the game? Wouldnt they have been able to tell if they were deflated?

  82. on the other hand, you would think that Luck should have noticed the difference in ball weight. Professionals can generally notice minute changes in game ball conditions. I would have expected Luck or his center to notice this if it really happened.

  83. No story here, refs didn’t do their job checking the footballs …. both teams provide the game balls, perhaps INDY deflated the balls (who knows!).

    Regardless, no impact to the game still a blowout.

    At least the trolls will have some fun now.

  84. A topic like this really gives the yahoos a chance to bloviate.

    The hot air in this thread alone could inflate all the balls for the 2015 season.


  85. Pretty much everyone will be rooting for the Seahawks. And it’s not like the Seahawks are the most likable team in the world.

  86. The Patriots may or may not have done something to the PSI of the footballs but if something was done that so affected the Colts ability to score points doesn’t it sound reasonable that at least one of the 53 PROFESSIONAL football players who have been playing football for probably at least 20 years each, from pee-wee through yesterday, would have noticed that the BALL seemed a little off? Certainly the Colts Center, QB, RB’s, WR’s and TE’s should have noticed.

  87. The reason the Colts got smacked around is because their defense had a crippling case of deflated balls.

    Stop crying and go get a run defense!

    If I owned a team that gave up 200 yds and 4 TDs on the ground to one of my biggest AFC rivals….the last 3 times….and then gave up 150 yds and 3 TDs in the AFC championship game, some people would be looking for new jobs….period.

    Colts should be grateful they even made it there in the first place.

    Baltimore gave the Pats all that they could handle. The Colts should be embarrassed for that performance. If they aren’t….then you have real problems. That was a terrible excuse for a championship game. Stop making excuses and start figuring out who is going to be around to put together a more competitive team for next year.

  88. If this indeed did happen, how long do we have to wait for TMZ to post the video? That is, if there is video of it.

    In terms of the Patriots, for the true believers in that team, no explanation is necessary. For the people who don’t trust the Patriots, no explanation will do. No one is going to change anyone’s mind.

    After the whole Ray Rice investigation, I seriously doubt that many people will trust any results in any deflated ball investigation, regardless of how it turns out.

  89. NFL Rule 2 is clear on custody of game balls before kick-off but not so clear on custody during the game. The rule simply states, “It is the responsibility of the home team to furnish playable balls at all times by attendants from either side of the playing field.” I suspect that the investigation will show that the chain of custody is not exactly air-tight (pun intended). It looks like there is some potential for abuse there.

    Beyond that, how would the League prove this offense? They’re going to need something more than a player thinking the game balls felt mushy or an examination of the game balls hours or days after the game. Is the referee going to admit that he was asleep at the switch during an AFC Championship Game?

  90. And this just announced per policy of NFL cheaters investigation office: results of said investigation will not be made public until AFTER Superbowl XLIX … for the “good of the game” clause.

  91. I just read a comment that with properly inflated balls the final score would be 45-10.

    Evan as a Colts fan I find this comment funny.

    The only thing that was flat was the Colts themselves. The air in the ball makes no difference.

  92. Damn the reports of Brady’s and the Patriots’ demise was short-lived. The dominant performance last night was one that Andrew Luck and the Colts will not soon forget. And yet the Pats haters need to cling to something other than their own teams’ shortcomings to explain the dominance shown by BB and the Pats over the past 14 years…. It’s pathetic actually.

    My only question is this: “Do you think Richard Sherman will cry after Brady and the Pats disassemble the Seahawks in Arizona”?

  93. Why don’t the officials keep the balls like they do in baseball? I believe they already do that with the kicking balls. They can precondition them and then give them back to the officials until they are introduced to the game just like they do the K-balls.

  94. 1) Each team use their own balls…

    2) They dont use the same balls! take off your patriot lovin glasses! We all know a softer ball is easier to catch. Maybe the commissioner will burn the balls before anyone else can see them….just like the spygate video tapes!

  95. In ’72 Nixon had the Democratic headquarters bugged. Quite stupid as he won in a landslide anyway.

    But it was still illegal. And not one of his dim-witted inner circle said, “Doesn’t matter, we would’ve won anyway”.

  96. “the referee failed to properly check the specifications of the balls, the referee didn’t properly secure the balls before they were given to the ball attendant, or something happened to the balls after they were given to the ball attendant.”

    If true, its on the refs not the Pats

  97. lol, i love the stupidity here. dead anyone READ the article, or just the headline thats made to GRAB hits and get the writer paid?

    The league is looking into a possibility of it. Not that they have ANY evidence of it happening. That generally indicates the opposing team brought a grievance to the NFL and they are investigating it.

    Im not a fan of either team, but jesus people. Just because someone puts out an article about an investigation doesnt mean something happened.

  98. The defenders of the Patriots and their shady b.s. are saying, “A deflated ball helps both teams.”

    Here’s a novel idea: Play by the rules and stop looking for an illegal edge, regardless if it helps both teams.

    Just play by the rules, alright?

  99. I know it might not have effected the full out come of the game but why does this stuff usually happen around Belichick and the Patriots…and think about the fact, this is just the stuff they get caught doing…what else are they getting away with?!?!

  100. The point of this investigation is to see if the Patriots did indeed try and gain an advantage by deflating the footballs, it isn’t based on the outcome of the game. New England is a great team and they probably don’t need to deflate the ball in order to win. Do I think they still beat the Colts with a properly inflated ball? of course they are a good football club. But do I think if they find the team played a part in deflating footballs that they should be punished? of course, it is against the rules and it can always change the outcome of the game but it wouldn’t matter against the Colts.

    My real question is how can a defensive minded coach in Chuck Pagano continue to have bad defenses and still have a job? he’s basically what Dennis Allen would be if Dennis Allen had Andrew Luck.

  101. The kicking balls are sealed from the manufacturer and sent to the officials locker room the day of the game. So if the Pats did deflate the balls they did it during the game. The ref’s should have been able to tell since they handle the balls as they throw then between each other and the Umpire places the ball. I am not a Pats fan and I do think the belacheat will do anything he can to win, But this did not have any out come on this game. Both teams kicked the same balls.

  102. Did they hand the balls to Don Shula and the ’72 Dolphins to give to the refs before the game?

    Seriously, this is ridiculous. The refs weigh the balls before the game starts. They would have absolutely noticed any difference in the ball weight, and if they didn’t then that’s entirely on them for not doing their jobs correctly. An easier-to-grip football would have benefitted Luck more because it favors the passer and that was Indy’s gameplan.

    And why would the league announce it instead of keeping it quiet, conducting their investigation and then releasing their findings? All this does is cast a shadow on a big win without any evidence of anything having taken place, and it gives more ammunition to the ignorant people who convince themselves that the Patriots cheat to win. That doesn’t account for a 38-point blowout last night

  103. The cheaters knew the only way Indy could pull the upset was if Luck played the game of his life. Deflated balls fixed that chance.

  104. I just want to see who the source is and what the proof is.

    But, even if true, what did his have to do with the following:

    1) The absolutely working of the Colts supposedly improved D line. Holes everywhere, no pressure on Brady

    2) Blount juking the FOOL out of DBs and LB’s in the hole and running through puss-armed tacklers

    3) Josh Cribbs (remember the ball is supposed to be easier to handle if softer) letting a punt hit him in the face

    4) The Pats D line getting enough pressure on Luck to make him mis-fire time and again.

    5) The ever growing Dominance of Jamie Collins

    6) The Pats secondary gloving up the colts so-called talented WR corp

    7) Brady juking the MLB for a 9 yard gain

    8) Most importantly, the fact that the Colts just aren’t very good.

  105. SpyGate Schmucks. For the 50th time. If you
    play team A and they record your sideline signals
    and you don’t change them during the game or
    even if you end up playing them a 2nd or 3rd time
    during that same season without changing those signals….now listen good here:


    You know that….I know that.

  106. Packers did the same thing in the Seattle’s game. Why is NFL not doing anything about it? Fine those Packers and take away all their first round draft picks for the next decade.

  107. Regardless of the impact of the game on the deflated balls, what things did they do that didn’t get discovered? Need a forensics team to go through the pats every game to make sure the goal posts are the same height, the field doesn’t slant, they don’t put tranquilizers in the other team’s gatorade…

  108. Taping practice, stealing signals, trick formations and no air in Luck’s balls. Ya, a fine example of team. Roger and the NFL front office will back the Patriots like they always do. Just like AP was removed from football 3 days before the Vikings were playing the pats. The list goes on and on with Bill, Kraft and the League teaming up.

    NFL has peeked

  109. How do y’all figure both teams were using the same balls? Isn’t that just an assumption? And who’s to say they weren’t doing the same thing in the divisional game ? Yeah 41-7 might not have mattered anyway but in a game that was 35-31? That could have been the difference in those 4 points . I imagine deflated balls are easier to catch as well . Sure pats fans, laugh it off like y’all do everything else . This is a “witch hunt ” because this hasn’t been a repetitive thing with the patriots. It’s pretty obvious there is a pattern here , not just a coincidence

  110. Nobody is saying that the Colts would have won people!! The point is that the Patriots may have cheated AGAIN. So desperate for another ring, I don’t doubt that they would stoop this low. Can’t stay honest. Karma is a bitch. Let the NE fans and players have an over-inflated ego for 2 weeks…Seattle is going to stomp all over them. Cheaters never win. And when the Brady era comes to an end, NE might be lucky enough to have an average team.

  111. So are the footballs in an armored car on their way to a secret NFL lab in some underground facility where scientists can measure the PSI and weight of these balls?

    Because it’s obvious the refs can’t be trusted to measure the PSI and weight of the ball itself. Granted some kid working at sports authority for minimum wage can accomplish this monumental task but for the NFL you need to drag out such a story so as to make it even more compelling for national news.

  112. Haters will be haters…guess it makes it easier for you to ease your egos by accusing the other team of cheating.

    So deflated balls is really how Blount was able to run 150 yds and the Colts only scored 7 pts….wow…amazing! Can’t you just be peaceful and accept defeat?

  113. Come on you patriot haters you know the out come would have been the same even if it is true. They were both using the same balls. Give it up we walked all over them and would do it again. Deflate gate really? More like sore losers gate. Give it up!!! Pats fan for life

  114. Deflated balls lol. What about pass interference? So many times it should have been called on the Colts. Since when can you hold a receiver back when the ball is not even close to him yet? Oh when the refs actually want it to be a game instead of a blow out.

  115. I have to put my 2 cents in…Being a Raven fan and finding this out , makes me wonder if they we’re doing that during the divisional round!!! Makes one think doesn’t!!!

  116. No air in Lucks balls. Wow figure out what’s going on before opening your mouth. They supposedly cheated by deflating their own balls. Lmao. Some people just feel the need to talk first then realize their stupid.

  117. Being a raven fan you should keep wondering. Are you going to justify them losing year after year by saying the other team”may have cheated” ravens are awful get over it!

  118. If they did it in the afc championship then this wasn’t the first time. Doesn’t matter if they would have won anyway/ there whole season is tainted. That was probably the difference in the ravens game. Makes even more sense bc they were the home team. Im sure they just figure hey if we can cheat our way to the Super Bowl and all we lose Is a draft pick hell that’s worth it to them I’m sure. There needs to be stronger consequences for cheating in the nfl- no matter how you go about it. Some teams go out all year and work there tail off for an opportunity at the playoffs playing clean hard nosed football and then u got a classless organization ruining the game in several diffrent ways . Sad.

  119. A. I think an NFL referee would be able to feel if a ball was insufficiently inflated at some point during the game.

    B. Don’t both teams use the same batch of footballs?

    C. Even if you nullified Brady’s 3 TD passes, they still win the game.

    I think it’s just the NFL creating a story line so people stay interested until the Super Bowl. Because, let’s face it, the Pro Bowl is a turd.

  120. The folks calling this cheating, you do understand both teams were using the same ball(s), right?? So, if deflated for Brady, deflated for Luck. Brady said “I’ve heard it all, now”. Lol, got to agree. They’re using the same ball(s). Hello?? Lol….

  121. Funny, just checked all of these articles and none of them mention which teams balls are being checked, the Patriots or the Colts. They both supplied 12 balls each. Maybe its the Colts who were cheating.

  122. It’s funny. I read the article three times and not once did I see it say that the Patriots caused the balls to be deflated. So everyone jumping to say the Patriots did it are either jumping to conclusions or butt hurt cuz they wanted the Colts to win. It wasn’t the balls fault the Colts lost. They just played bad football. Get over it 😉

  123. If the footballs are under-inflated, Goodell will just throw them into the same fireplace that he tossed the videotapes from Spygate.

  124. Yes the nfl confirmed they are investigating the patriots for this. Not both teams . And to all the fellas that keep saying both teams use the same ball I ask again… How do you know this? I’m pretty sure that’s just an assumption and a lame attempt to justify this. I don’t care how petty it sounds, yeah I admit it does sound pretty ridiculous – but where do you draw the line ? How many times have they already done this and what else are they doing that we don’t even know about? Oh yeah , last time I checked the ravens were the last afc team to win the Super Bowl. Just throwin that out there . And they did it the right way.

  125. Really? I could see this accusation in the Packers – Seahawks game. Close game, won on a long pass. But the Patriots- Colts game. Was the NFL even watching? Indianapolis could have designed custom footballs molded to Andrew Luck’s hand and it still wouldn’t have been close. I’m no Patriot fan but I think this is absurd. They should check the tees next. I heard the Patriots tee was .006 mm taller than the Colt’s tee. That’s how the Patriots won!

  126. ” to all the fellas that keep saying both teams use the same ball I ask again… How do you know this?”

    Because a) I watched the game and b) I read the official’s instructions. The ball changes in two circumstances during play: 1) Before and after a kick; 2) When the official calls for it.

    During the game yesterday, the balls were being constantly rotated in and out of the games. There were 36 game balls and 6 kick balls. 24 game balls were provided by the Patriots, 12 by the Colts.

    Good luck controlling who had the deflated balls during a long series, if there were any, especially with some taken out of play.

  127. First: A deflated ball would have affected both teams,
    Second: We ran the ball and they couldnt stop the patriots, the ball could have been completely flat and it wouldnt have changed the running game,
    And Third: NO WHERE does it say they DID deflate the ball, its being looked into. No one has gotten in trouble for anything. Why dont people wait for facts or at least for the league to say YES they did it or NO they didnt??

  128. and…

    The Ref gets to decide if a ball is adequate.

    In the event a home team ball does not conform to specifications, or its supply is exhausted, the Referee shall secure a proper ball from the visitors and, failing that, use the best available ball. Any such circumstances must be reported to the Commissioner.

    In case of rain or a wet, muddy, or slippery field, a playable ball shall be used at the request of t
    he offensive team’s center.

    Note: It is the responsibility of the home team to furnish playable balls at all times by attendants from either side of the playing field.

  129. More “sour grapes” by those jealous of a winning team. NFL will squash this bogus rumor soon enough.

    Move along Patriot haters…nothing to see here.

  130. @bdavid825 Yes, yes he would have had the same advantage/disadvantage as Brady, We all know this never would have come up if the game was only 1 TD or 1 FG apart lol people just like to make excuses, especially when they get spanked that bad in a game that big. It couldn’t possibly be that they couldnt stop the pats offense, everything always has to be a conspiracy lol

  131. The existence of the investigation, as initially reported by Bob Kravitz of WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, suggests that the referee failed to properly check the specifications of the balls, the referee didn’t properly secure the balls before they were given to the ball attendant, or something happened to the balls after they were given to the ball attendant.

    So, who says the balls weren’t secured?? WHO says they weren’t checked?? WHO says something improper happened?? All I see are accusations that don’t seem to have any authors, and/or basis in fact. Until those questions are properly answered, this sounds like a ESPN-styled manufactured controversy! The fact that is comes out of Indianapolis make it smell like sour grapes. If these things turn out to be false, Kravitz should be fired!

  132. lol..it says both teams provide balls.. as for the referees.. they were appalling and the patriots won despite that.. so many hate the pats because of their success and the usual failures of their favourite team..

  133. Look, I think mostly everyone knew the Patriots would beat the Colts. I mean, no disrespect to Colts fans- I was rooting for them. I don’t care if the Patriots beat the Colts 100-7. They still did this. They gave themselves an advantage over the other team. No matter how big or how small, they did it. They probably didn’t have to either. That’s the worst part! People say Bill’s the best coach- Tom’s the best QB… But anytime you talk about the Super Bowl’s (at least 2) you HAVE to talk about Spygate. They cheated. Plain and simple and they got slapped on the wrist. Sean Payton got suspended a whole year for something he probably wasn’t even involved in because he was the Head Coach & he was responsible. The Patriots NEED to be disciplined- more than a fine & losing a draft pick. It’s ONLY RIGHT.

  134. Well, seeing how my teams were defeated in Wild-Card Weekend, I can be as neutral as possible here.

    First, a slightly deflated football, in the rain would have an advantage due to the little extra surface area/less tension = greater grip.

    Next, we have some behind the scenes stuff that reminds me of the WWE at times and that is the quality of the referees. During Wild-Card Weekend, a whole new crew was used for the Lions-Cowboys game (that was mentioned on the air), so, the refs did not have the time to gel properly. Did that happen here? No idea, to be honest with you.

    Then, we have the overall ratings factor that I think has a lot to do with who goes to the Super Bowl. Would a Lions-Steelers match draw viewers as much as a Pats-Seahawks? Probably not, and the League knew that. I wish I could actually prove this theory, though. Since I cannot, we’ll keep this in the unprovable theory pile. I know that if this was a fact, the NFL would be quickly out of business and facing state and federal charges (as well as the loss of their profitable anti-trust exemption.) No one wants to see their “small town team” locked out of any chance of making it to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. And, we certainly will not tolerate any rigging of games or even the thought of games being rigged regardless of teams. Granted that the Colts for some reason couldn’t stop Flount for some reason shouldn’t mean that the Colts actually threw the game, right? Anymore than the refs were distracted away from their job to protect their balls.

  135. The ONLY balls that got deflated in the game were those of the Indianapolis Colts. Seriously though, they played with no balls whatsoever.

  136. If the football is filled to the correct pressure inside a building than brought outside, it will deflate by greatly. Most teams in the North know this and sometimes the balls has to be inflated more, here are the facts The weather plays a big part on the pressure in your tires.
    Hot weather may make your tires overinflate. However, very cold weather may cause your tires to be dangerously underinflated.
    Many newer cars have a tire pressure monitor built in for each wheel that constantly measures the inflation of that tire.
    A deviation from the recommended inflation pressure of your tires will cause the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on your car to be activated. A drop in tire inflation pressures corresponds with the falling thermometer readings, according to a news release citing Goodyear experts.

    Air pressure in a tire typically goes down 1-2 pounds for every 10 degrees of temperature change.

  137. This is for all of the Patriots Nation Haters. Really! Really! Deflategate? Just like Videogate? 1) After Videogate the Pats went 16-0 for the regular season, and didn’t lose till the Super Bowl the BIGGEST FU in the NFL AFTER Spygate, and now the Colts, the same team who is single handily responsible for making the league what it is today by handcuffing CBs & DBs after Polien & Manning cried to the rules committee year after year of losing to the Pats. Did a deflated ball cost the Colt the 148 yards of real estate they gave up to Blount? Was it the reason why Luck had the lowest QB Rating ever for any QB that faced the Pats this season because each team is responsible for their own balls… If the balls were slightly deflated then the only advantage it would give the Pats is a better grip on the ball… Well here is a vital piece of info for you Deflategate Conspiracy Theorists… QB Aaron Rogers ADMITTED just last week in a pregame interview that their balls are overinflated to compensate for his big hands, and when it was asked about the rule violation he laughed and said “He wasn’t going to worry about it unless they weighed the balls…” So proof in the pudding again… Another NFL rule that teams are making a mockery of, and because a team can’t take a loss it looks like the Pats may lose a draft pick to protect the league yet again… #DoYourHomework #ColtsSoreLosers

  138. “They only people who should be punished is the Ref’s for not doing there job. They have full control before, during and after the game. If the balls weren’t up to spec it’s their fault.”

    So if the refs werent doing their job to see if people are cheating, the offender gets away and the ref gets punished?! How bout both get punished?

    Do we know if colts and pats used the same footballs?

    If they did this has less legs.

  139. “Because a) I watched the game and b) I read the official’s instructions. The ball changes in two circumstances during play: 1) Before and after a kick; 2) When the official calls for it.

    During the game yesterday, the balls were being constantly rotated in and out of the games. There were 36 game balls and 6 kick balls. 24 game balls were provided by the Patriots, 12 by the Colts.
    “. – are you kidding me? How does that prove that both teams used the deflated balls? So after the colts punt the ball ( which they obviously were doing a lot of) all the patriots attendant had to do was toss over one of their deflated balls. Once they kickoff the ball or punt , a normal ball gets tossed over to the colts. Once again how can you prove both teams were using the deflated balls? It’s obvious the home team would also have a little more ability to do this. It’s the responsibility of the home team to furnish playable balls at all times? Hmmm

  140. No body likes a boring super bowl.. NFL wants a high scoring and exciting teams in super bowl for ratings and cashing in from high paying sponsors. Refs knew about deflated balls.. It’s cheating only if you get caught.

    Pats will be slapped on wrist for cheating, pay a fine, refs will be suspended for not doing their job. Pats will on to win their super bowl. Everybody is happy!

  141. If you want the cheating to stop, you have to remove Belichik. Now.
    Otherwise just forget it and remove the refs.
    Rules for a knife fight? There ain’t no rules!

  142. If it makes no difference, why is against regulations to have deflated balls? Because it does affect outcome ESPECIALLY WHEN THE OFFENDING TEAM PRACTICES ON THEM ALL WEEK, AND THE VICTIMIZED TEAM PRACTICES ON A REGULATION BALL.



  144. If the Colts are so bad and everyone knew they would lose, why the need to cheat?? Because the PATS can’t help themselves! Even if its not necessary they cheat! How do we know really how many games the PATS actually won by merit? Are they really that good? Can they win without cheating?

  145. It’s worth noting that not even the Colts — or any objective observers — are saying the outcome of the game would have been any different had the balls been properly inflated.

    Should the Pats be penalized if they are found to have deliberately deflated the balls to gain an advantage? Absolutely. As a Pats fan, I still have no problem with that. And if it is true, how dumb were they to “try to gain an advantage” over a team they crushed on the opponent’s home field in November?

    As for the astonishingly high level of outrage and vitriol expressed here by Patriots haters — shouldn’t we be directing it toward guys like wife-beater Ray Rice and child-beater Adrian Peterson instead?

  146. Also did they really crush the opponent in November or was it deception? One will never know.

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