Marshawn’s touchdown move could have been costly to Seahawks


Six years ago, officials missed former Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes using the ball as a prop after scoring a late go-ahead touchdown in Super Bowl XLIII.  The officials missed it; if they hadn’t, the Steelers would have been kicking off to the Cardinals from the Pittsburgh 15.  (The rules at the time put kickoffs at the 30, not the 35.)

On Sunday, officials missed Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch using, um, his balls as a prop after scoring a late go-ahead touchdown.  Lynch turned to the Green Bay defense and grabbed his crotch after scoring.  The officials missed it; if they hadn’t, the Seahawks would have been kicking off to the Packers from the Seattle 20.

Without the 15-yard penalty, the Packers returned the kickoff to their own 22 and eventually drove in position to kick an overtime-forcing field goal.  With the 15-yard penalty, which would have been enforced on the kick not the try, who knows what would have happened with the kickoff from the 20?

On one hand, chances are the Packers may have gone into the same shell they occupied after getting into field-goal range.  On the other hand, if the Packers had opted to go for the touchdown and if they had gotten it, Lynch’s antics would have been blamed as giving Green Bay the extra real estate that was ultimately parlayed into a win over Seattle and a berth in the Super Bowl.  Which would have made it more difficult for Seahawks fans to embrace Lynch and/or for the team to welcome him back in 2015.

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  1. Lynch is not going back to Seattle either way.. He wants to go home and play for Oakland. He has already informed Seahawks of this, He told them not to bother making him a offer because he is going to Raiders no matter what. It’s not about money anymore for him, he is rich so now he wants to do stuff on his bucket list and do things he dreamed of as a child one of which is being a Raider…
    He has OAKLAND tattooed on his chest!
    Lynch and Murray are going to make a great tandem..
    Raiders are the favorite already to win AFC WEST next season and depending on what they do in draft and free agency they could be favorite to go to Super Bowl…Their coaching staff is shaken up to be a dream team of coaches

  2. As a Packers fan, please stop with all these “the refs missed this call against the Seahawks” stories. It was still the Seahwaks that held us to FGs on the one yard line (twice). It was the Seahwaks that took advantage of a Packers meltdown, no matter how the game was called for the first 55 minutes.

    The bottom line is, the Seahawks were giving us the game on a silver platter, and all the Packers did was plate it with gold and hand it back to them.

  3. I think they would have had the option of taking it on the XP which would have made the 2pt conversion from the 17yd line.

    Big miss by the officials but on par for them for the season really.

  4. As much as I despise the Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch, this is a waste of cyberspace.

    Start penalizing the Packers for the Lambeau Leap.

    It’s taunting the opposing team, just likes Lynch
    s crotch grab.

    Besides, the player leaves the field to do it which delays the game, so it’s actually 2 penalties in one.

  5. With 22 guys on the field I’ll bet they could call unsportsmanlike on every play if they could hear it. I’m glad he didn’t get called, because I’d hate to see something meaningless impact the game. He didn’t stomp on anyone, after all. If the NFL doesn’t like it fine him, but that should be enough.

  6. There’s a reason Beast Mode wasn’t wanted in Buffalo anymore. Although clearly a talented runner, he’s got issues. Issues that will probably have him in the news in the future for things other than playing football.

  7. He’ll be in the news for the great charity work. He’ll be in the news for being a hall of famer. People who don’t love the team don’t know anything about Lynch. He has trust issues because of what happened in Buffalo and his upbringing.

  8. GO FOR TWO SPORTS may very well be right that Marshawn wants to play for Oakland, as incongruous as it seems that he would abandon the franchise that provided the foundation of his success and took him to two Super Bowls. Marshawn is an enigma, first violating the deferred provision of his fine for media access to land the $100K second fine, then the stonewalling, then the fine for a second crotch grab, now a third such incident, and the gold plated cleats, and numerous off the field incidents, all add up to a caricature of the old “Raider” persona. Well Al Davis is dead, as is the “just win baby” attitude, and Marshawn would be better off riding the horse that brung him for the final year of his contract, but who knows what he’ll do? Probably not even Marshawn. I will enjoy watching him run, but don’t see him putting Oakland in the SB, and maybe not take Seattle out of it in the future. He’s one of the best, bu

  9. In the midst of that CRAZY last-3-minutes-of-craziness and watching BeastMode cross the goal line and ONCE AGAIN do the ol’ “adjustment…I just laughed. He was just letting GB know what it was they need to grow a pair of…in order to finish off the job. WTG, Marshawn. *snicker*

  10. So Lynch doesn’t want to talk to the media because he’s “shy” (which started right after his second DUI) but he has no problem constantly doing look at me type things. Hopefully he’s enjoying his 15 minutes of fame because when the Seahawks release him this offseason he’s going to fade into obscurity.

  11. I don’t see what the problem is. Have you ever watched a baseball game?
    These guys “adjust” their cup about 5 times per at-bat.
    The NFL is a bunch of hypocrites. They should clean up their mess of rules so the underpaid amateur referees are able to understand them

  12. I can now see why Belichick has so much disdain for the media. The next two weeks are going to be how much trouble will the Seahawks get into, and the same for NE. The only one who gets passes for anything and everything is golden boy out of denver.

  13. Lynch loves attention on the field,just doesn’t wanna talk to the media,2 different things.I’m a Hawks fan and the crotch grab was cool against the Saints in the Beastquake run,but its getting old and could become costly,cuz the refs will catch it in SB!

  14. “GO FOR TWO SPORTS says: Jan 19, 2015 6:07 PM

    Lynch is not going back to Seattle either way.. He wants to go home and play for Oakland. He has already informed Seahawks of this, He told them not to bother making him a offer because he is going to Raiders no matter what. It’s not about money anymore for him, he is rich so now he wants to do stuff on his bucket list and do things he dreamed of as a child one of which is being a Raider…
    He has OAKLAND tattooed on his chest!”
    LOL!!! DREAMER! You have NO idea what conversations have taken place with the front office…but I can guarantee you one thing…THAT discussion never took place. Since he is STILL under contract for one more year with Seattle.
    You sad Oakland fans are so silly…if you are representative of the team…I can see why they haven’t had a winning season in the last 10+ years. Well…that and the fact that Al Davis was a mental case!

  15. Why no story about Wilson’s many comebacks?

    We could only imagine the landslide of love stories if it had been Rodgers or Brady or Manning or Luck with the comeback.

  16. Acting like an 8 year old on a playground is not very impressive to me.

    Just a classless display of poor sportsmanship.

  17. I realize we are a bunch of testosterone loving people but there are kids who watch these games. I can just see some 9 year old kid imitating lynch after scoring a td in his little league game. Not cool.

  18. The NFL should be more concerned with coming down hard on the spouse beaters that cause mental-physical harm

  19. I doubt this had any real impact on the game. That said, Lynch needs to be fined big time. He’s done this multiple times. When coupled with his childish behavior with media, he’s a disgrace. I’m sorry, but this isn’t pro wrestling. I don’t need my 11 year old daughter seeing that vulgar gesture on TV.

  20. I don’t need my 11 year old daughter seeing that vulgar gesture on TV.


    But you have no problem with your 11 year old daughter watching a violent game that turns peoples brains to mush?

    It’s pure hypocrisy to like football, and get mad at a crotch grab.

  21. He is disgusting….. So gross. He’s childish, and wants & loves the attention, I don’t care what he says. I don’t think he’s adjusting anything, the only time he does it is after a touchdown. I don’t want to see any guy anywhere grabbing his crotch as a gesture of “in your face.” I wish he would just disappear from the NFL, he’s a disgrace.

  22. Looked more like a level 2 or 3 sprain by the amount of pain and inability to move it for the balance of the game…. think they are downplaying this.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if he gets back on the practice field in the lead up to the game. Dubious otherwise.

  23. What a game changing issue. Just think…the whole game would have been different. Obama might never have been elected. The Cold War would have been avoided. Kennedy would never have been shot. So much would be different!

  24. To Packers Fans –

    Some of you, NOT all of you, seem to think the Packers gave away the NFC Title game, and that the Seahawks were LUCKY the Packers made mistakes in the closing minutes.

    Stop it.

    It can be argued that the Packers were the lucky ones… lucky in that the Seahawks played so horribly with five turnovers and many other mistakes and missed opportunities, and that Wilson had his worst performance as a pro before things turned around.
    To be fair, though, the Packers weren’t lucky. They played well enough to have that 19-7 lead late in the 4th quarter. Luck had nothing to do with it – just as luck had nothing to do with how the Seahawks offense played in their final three possessions to win that game. Sure, the ball bounced their way, but only because the Packers failed to execute on special teams. That’s not luck… that’s the Packers failing. Sure, the Packers gave up an improbable 2-point conversion, but it wasn’t luck… it was the Packers failing, once again, by allowing it to happen.

    Perhaps the only lucky thing to happen was the Seahawks winning the coin toss at the beginning of overtime. Fine, that was luck. I’ll give you that.

    The Packers didn’t give anything away. The Seahawks TOOK it from them. Period. The Packers defense played great – right up until it mattered most. And when they had to, they couldn’t stop the Hawks’ offense. That’s what happened in the NFC Title game.

    Eat that.
    Seahawks 28
    Packers 22

  25. The rules are getting really out of hand. think the NFL does it just to rack up fines.

  26. GO FOR TWO SPORTS says: Jan 19, 2015 6:07 PM

    Raiders are the favorite already to win AFC WEST next season.


    LOL, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day!

  27. Compared to Clay Matthews’ illegal and dirty hit on Russell Wilson that damn near caused a concussion, this was nothing.

  28. Had the refs this….or if Seattle that…blah blah blah. Green bay straight up out played the hawks for the first 55 mi s of the game. We made the plays when it mattered and came out on top. It was a great game and the team that played till the end won!

  29. Coulda, shoulda, woulda……..wasn’t

    Why make stuff up?

    Lynch doesn’t talk with the press, if I’d be treated like he was treated in Buffalo, I wouldn’t talk with the press either.

    Once burned….twice shy, the word for that is “smart”

    Lynch is not going back to Seattle either way….”


    Hmmm, Lynch is SIGNED with Seattle through 2015.

    Methinks you’re clueless.

  31. ML did the same “move” when he scored that epic touchdown a year or two back? Not sure when it was, but it was the TD where they said the shaking of the stadium caused the instruments to register a small earthquake. Its his “signature” move and i bet that if he does it in the SB, they will flag him for it even though they let it go the other 15 times he’s done it.

  32. After officials failed to penalize Dez Bryant in the wild card round for running off of the bench, well onto the field, without his helmet, to rage about a DPI call, you should know that no further player behavior outside of the whistle would be flagged in the playoffs this year.

  33. wow… we’re using an example from years ago.. Steeler… Cardinals…

    but… i’ll agree with ‘raidercmac”… a sad day in the NFL… that chould change the outcome of the game..


  34. Lynch definitely can run, but Packers decided they wouldn’t give up a 3rd round pick for him when Buffalo put him on the market because they weren’t enthusiastic about having him in their locker room. (remember, Rodgers played at Cal with him)
    But given how Pete Carroll ran the program at USC, character never mattered, and when I see men squeezing their crotches when I visit Seattle, I’ll just assume it’s a locally accepted custom like throwing dead fish.

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