Morgan Burnett doesn’t regret sliding after interception


When Green Bay’s Morgan Burnett intercepted a Seattle pass with five minutes to play on Sunday, he figured he had just sealed a victory in the NFC Championship Game. And so he slid on his own, not wanting to risk a fumble if he tried to return the pick.

Of course, Burnett hadn’t sealed a victory. The Packers punted on their ensuing possession, the Seahawks scored two touchdowns in less than a minute late in the fourth quarter, and Seattle won the game in overtime. So does Burnett realize he screwed up?


I don’t take anything back that I did,” Burnett told the Journal Sentinel. “It’s easy to sit here after and say ‘we should have did this, we should have did that.’ If the outcome was different, we wouldn’t even be talking about it. I was just trying to secure the catch, I got the ball in my hand and the main thing was just gaining possession of the ball.”

Burnett said he got a signal from Julius Peppers to slide, so he did it.

“I got the ‘no mas’ signal, which means ‘no more, no return, get down’ and secure possession of the ball, give our offense the ball,” Burnett said.

Peppers and Burnett may have thought the game was clinched, but they were wrong. Burnett should have tried to return the interception, especially because he had lots of room to run. Burnett might have scored a touchdown if he had returned the pick, and if he hadn’t scored there’s a good chance that he would have returned the ball into field-goal range. To lose a game in overtime after giving up on a chance to score three or seven points late in the fourth quarter is enormously disappointing, even if Burnett doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

“There is nothing that I would change or nothing that I would take back,” Burnett said.

That’s a shame. Burnett made a mistake, and it appears that he hasn’t learned from it.

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  1. He might have made another 10 yards. Or might have fumbled. It was the least of the bad stuff that happened. MM took his foot off the gas when one first down would have iced that game.

  2. He should, there was no reason for him to do that at the place and time when he did given he had 2 potential blockers around him. Look at the video. Poor coaching IMO on that play and they paid the price.

    Mind you I’m a Seattle fan too! GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  3. One of the most idiotic articles I’ve ever read. It isn’t a defensive player’s job to score points, they’re trained to give the ball back to their offense, who are trained to score.
    Burnett didn’t make a mistake by not attempting to take the ball back to the house from the opposite end of the field. The offense made a mistake by not getting a first down. Burnett did his job.

  4. Where is the writer getting the idea Burnett was going to score a TD had he returned that INT? It looked like he had maybe 5-10 yards in front of him at best. And given how the game played out, McCarthy was going to run straight into the line without making any attempt to gain any yards no matter where they were on the field.

  5. Weird to say the least,30 seconds left no big deal,but with 5 minutes left and your offense struggling and open field in front of you,dumb.

  6. And Demarcus Lawrence of the Cowboys didn’t go the ‘no mas’ route against the Lions 2 weeks prior and everyone criticized that decision. Granted, Lawrence indeed would have most likely sealed the game in that instance, but there is always going to be second guessing in football. It’a part of the game.

  7. No he did not make a mistake. If he got tackled and fumbled that would have been a mistake. One of the few packers who didn’t make mistakes at the end. Trying to catch an onside kick when you are supposed to block is a mistake. “Do
    Your Job.”

  8. Things like this make me laugh. Whenever a returner gets stripped of the ball we are told he should have just went down. The truth is that slide had NOTHING to do with the loss. if he had gained 10 more yards it wouldn’t have mattered in the slightest. Greenbay went 3 and out. They would not have tried a FG more than 40 yds leading 19-7 due to risk reward.

  9. He didn’t make a mistake, the rest of his team did. He did exactly what a defender who never runs with a football should do. A certain Dallas Cowboys wishes he had done what Burnett did.

  10. He’s right though. If Rodgers and the offense- which is the strongest part of their team-would have done their job, Burnett would be a hero.

  11. Can’t blame the guy there…ball security matters. Much like the Dallas/Detroit game when DeMarcus Lawrence tried to run with the Stafford fumble and fumbled it right back late in the 4th Quarter…if that game would have cost Dallas he would have been called every name in the book.

    You play 60 minutes…you play to win…this didn’t cost Green Bay the game. Shame he’s being asked to answer for it.

  12. Burnett made a mistake, and it appears that he hasn’t learned from it.


    Whatever.. It’s awfully easy for you to pass judgement, in hindsight. He made a turnover, and secured possession for his team, leave him alone. It’s not his fault how the rest of the game played out. It’s more Mike McCarthy’s fault for not handing the ball to Lacy inside the 5 yard line, and kicking field goals from inside the 1.

  13. If he tries to return it and fumbles he’s an idiot too. He didn’t play to not lose, he made the right play. He should do that 100 out of 100 times with a 13 point lead and 5 minutes to go.

  14. I always enjoy the Monday morning QB’s in the media who never once played a snap of organized football criticizing decisions like this. Burnett is a veteran, as is Peppers and that decision was based on their experience playing the game, not watching it and then blogging about it. They had no reason to believe that the “best QB” in the game wouldn’t be able to move the offense and seal the deal. The only mistkae he made was not stopping the Seahawks, which they were doing quite well, in OT.

    Mights, shoul’ves and could’ves are easy to point out the day after.

  15. Of all the dumb things the Packers did to lose, sliding there was the dumbest. Lots of open field on his left and just slow O-lineman in front of him. Maybe Wilson pulls a miracle and forces him out of bounds deep in Seattle zone. But TD or chip shot FG and game is over.

  16. You can say all you want about the muffed onside kick, but this was by far the worst decision of the day for the Packers. With 5 minutes left in a two score game, you haven’t sealed anything yet. You return this interception in hopes you score or set up a score to seal it up.

    This left a little more time on the clock, and set up the next Packers drive in worse field position. Whether it was the player himself, or a coach giving him a signal, this was the biggest mistake made at the end of this game for the Packers.

  17. That mindset is referred to as “playing not to lose”! We all know how that can work out for you. Similar to the “prevent defense” that gives up large chunks of yardage hoping that time runs out, a turnover occurs, or your defense can all of a sudden make a stand in the red zone. I hate that philosophy, just do what got you there and let the chips fall where they may. Good grief Packers, play your game and you would be preparing for the Super Bowl!

  18. I couldn’t believe he went down when I saw that.

    I think it’s a lot of foolish pride when guys can’t admit obvious mistakes like that. And if Peppers waived him down he made a mistake as well.

    5+ minutes was way to much time to think the game was over.

  19. That’s summarizes the Packers’ problematic mindset those last 5 minutes: “Play not to lose.” Instead, they should have played to put the game away.

  20. How many excuses does it take for the Packers?

    If this had been Luck or Rodgers or Brady or Manning all we’d hear about is the greatest QB in history overcame to win in OT and they’d already be forming the HOF bust.

  21. Of course he wouldn’t take it back. He is an average safety who made an average football decision when he could have made an all-pro decision. There was plenty of room to run. Your offense was struggling. A field goal would have essentially sealed the win. Advance the ball as far as you can without taking a hit. Run it out of bounds.

    Burnett’s average thought process is what continues to plague the Packers and it begins with the head coach.

    Average does not win Championships.

  22. It wasn’t a mistake at all. What a stupid thing to say! Maybe you should fault the offense for not getting a first down?

  23. Burnett could’ve ran it farther, maybe 10 yards more, sure. But that wouldn’t have changed much, McCarthy would’ve still called 3 running plays against the hawks and turned in another 3 and out. The blame should go on the terrible play calling and not being able to get a first down.

  24. Burnett is the last person that should receive blame for this debacle. The #1 scoring team in the league, led by Aaron Rodgers…it was the smart play.

  25. A mistake was letting Lynch get behind the secondary with the game almost over. A mistake was trying to catch a football when you were supposed to be blocking. A mistake is letting a quarterback 20 yds. behind the line of scrimmage throw up a prayer and getting 2 points out of it. Burnett was smart, he can’t control the chokers around him.

  26. he made the right call. not his fault Mr. double check and the the greatest of all time could not move the ball and seal the deal. his job is to pick the ball off which he did and not do anything stupid like fumble it while trying to return it.

  27. The Lions’ James Ihedigbo had an interception that he tried to take to the house and fumbled it, leading to a Tampa Bay recovery.

    Nothing wrong with playing it safe when the game appears to be in hand.

  28. Anyone who saw the game also saw there was no one on the sideline for him to return it. At worse he puts the team in field goal position again for another easy one and then there is no overtime.

    All these sissy’s who insist, ” Something bad could happen if he doesn’t slide” don’t understand the game.

    You….play….to….win….the…game. Not to tie the game; to win the game.

    All year long, the defense has returned the interceptions for TD’s then in the biggest game of the year you don”t??

  29. Can’t fault a defensive guy for going down after making an interception. We see guys make picks all the time who try to do too much and end up paying for it. I like seeing defensive guys being unselfish, not trying make SportsCenter, and just giving the ball back to the offense.

    The real issue is, dammit, you have the best player in the world as your starting QB. Put the ball in his hands and let him get you to the Super Bowl.

  30. And if he fumbled people would of got own him for sliding. In that situation there’s nothing wrong with sliding, as stated it isn’t the offense job to score points.

  31. He got the “Go down” sign, so he went down. There was not one packer fan out there that was upset about that decision when it happened. They had a 12 point lead with 5 minutes left, that was the right decision. They lost the game because they basically stopped playing football after that interception. There were 5 or 6 plays after that interception, where if the packers make a play on any 1 of them, they still win the game. Just look at the 2 point conversion, what the hell was Clinton – Dix doing? That ball hung in the air forever, and he just stood there watching it.

  32. Please quit playing devil’s advocate on every important play, and attempting to change all league rules to conform with PFT’s pretzel logic… If Green Bay executes a red zone offense or doesn’t tighten the reigns on their offense in the second half – they win. Simple as that. If the Stillers wouldn’t have cut LaGarrette Blount – they may still be playing???

  33. Easy to criticize in hindsight, but it was pouring ran at that point in the game. The ball was wet, the ground was wet, and Burnett had only a few yards of room to run in front of him. I don’t blame him one bit for avoiding a risky and, at that point, unnecessary attempt at yardage. If anything, he should be applauded for thinking about the good of the team ahead of his own highlight reel.

  34. Remember when Roddy White chased down a 9ers defender and punched the ball out of the defenders hand a yard before he got the touchdown? If that happened to Burnett he’d be getting roasted just the same, maybe worse. He did his job and got the ball back to the offense. The offense failed him. Not his fault.

  35. The only issue I have with it is that if he gains 15-20 yards, the Packers can kick a FG instead of punting.

    Could have used those three points, huh?

  36. No coach in the NFL would say he made the wrong move with 5 minutes to play, just a bunch of armchair coaches.

  37. Hindsight.
    Offense should’ve gotten a first down
    Special Teams should’ve covered the onside kick
    Defense that dominated all day shouldn’t have given up big play after big play

    For all the talk about arrogance from the Hawks and their fans, quitting after 55 minutes is the most arrogant of all. This one falls on everybody, from the head coach on down.

  38. If your a d line guy go down but he is a skill player..he has ball the damn ball..we need to see the full 22 to see if he could have taken to the house or worse another 20 yds..Bet he could have..outsmarted himself instead of being an aggressive player

  39. Did Burnett taking a knee on the interception send a signal to the rest of the team that the game was over? Perhaps if he wouldn’t have quit on that play, the rest of the team would have kept fighting. I know I thought the game was over at that point, but I’m not getting paid to play 60 minutes.

  40. Ease up on Burnett. How’s about the interception in a former NE game whereby the interceptor gave the ball back to NE during his runback? Anything can happen in a football game at any time.

    How’s about your offense scoring more points after being given a gift of 5 turnovers and an average first half field starting point at the Seattle 45 yard line?

    Classic comeback for sure!!

    Go HAWKS!!

  41. edrooneyjr says: Jan 19, 2015 1:48 PM

    No he did not make a mistake. If he got tackled and fumbled that would have been a mistake. _______________________________

    By that logic, Aaron Rodgers should never throw a pass, ensuring there’d never be an interception.

    Playing not to lose cost the Packers the game.

  42. So he gets an interception and somehow he did something wrong? Please stop nitpicking. He did his job which was to STOP the offense of Seattle. Did the Packer’s offense do their job? Nope.

  43. Remember when Roddy White chased down a 9ers defender and punched the ball out of the defenders hand a yard before he got the touchdown? If that happened to Burnett he’d be getting roasted just the same, maybe worse. He did his job and got the ball back to the offense. The offense failed him. Not his fault.

    The reason you remember that is because Roddy White didn’t give up on the play. If he would have assumed the game was over and quit instead of chasing after the defender to make a play, you wouldn’t be talking about it now.

  44. Quite often I agree with PFT, but this article is what I despise about the media in general. Monday Morning Quarterback style, you write that he is “wrong” for sliding because of the outcome of the game, yet had he attempted to return the interception and fumbled, the title would’ve been “Morgan Burnett doesn’t regret trying to score after interception”. I’m not a Packers nor Seahawks fan, but had Mr. Burnett known what you NOW know, I’m sure he would’ve tried to score.

  45. Pointing fingers in retrospect is a waste of energy. Moreover, I would look at the failures to score TD’s on TWO 1st & goals in the first quarter, and the Bostic bobble….long before I would look at that INT as reasons for the loss.

  46. When he went down, I thought “smart move”. That sealed the super bowl. Julius did the right thing. Everyone wants to be the expert with hindsight.

    What about Ha-Ha Clinton Dix not making a play on the floater for a two-point conversion? What about the defense letting Marshawn scamper for a 25 YD touchdown run to take the lead?

    Brandon Bostick will take the most heat. In the end, it was a team loss and coaches, players need to collectively take responsibility.

    Although it is fun to see Rodgers throw McCarthy under the bus!

  47. That play was the epitome of what happened– The Pack thought they had it all wrapped up and were playing not to lose the entire second half.

    Seattle deserves this victory.

  48. Burnett did the right thing . you have to play conservative on the road. McCarthy should have called some passes out of the back field to Lacy and Starks after that int instead of the run plays. EDDIE LACY IS THE BRAVEST MOST COURAGEOUS PLAYER IN THE NFL TO PLAY PRO FOOTBALL WITH ASTHAMA.

  49. Like the Kenny Rogers song, you have to “know when to hold ’em, … know when to fold ’em.” It’s called situational awareness.

    Burnett lacks the understanding of the game, to know any better — and still lacks it, even after the error of his ways have been explained to him.

    Oh well, in his mind — he did the right thing. And that’s all that really matters, right?

  50. If that was the right move, the Aaron Rodgers should have just taken a knee on offense. I swear some of you are just stupid because you’re stupid. 5 mins left, and the offense had done nothing the entire 2nd half. If you’re scared of fumbling 1) get as many more yards as you can THEN go down, or 2) stop playing football and become an insurance adjuster.

    Own up, and move on.

  51. Ya know after 50 years of season tickets I am so glad I gave them up. This game is ruined. Mainly because the media causes so much controversy with every play anymore. I liked it much better when men played football and did not act like a bunch of goons on the field (like Sherman holding his arm up for most of the 4th quarter). The NFL should hire a lawyer for every game do every play can be reviewed and a stamp of approval given. What a mess.

  52. Funny instead of dogging on Burnett … the media should be asking Lynch why he did not take a knee at the 1 yd instead of scoring with over a minute left on the clock.
    Oh wait Lynch does not talk to the media and now you know why?

  53. Why are these clowns too macho to ever admit that they made a mistake and learn from it? I guess that explains why we see so much inexplicably stupid stuff every Sunday. It’s also why these guys attribute everything to God – if they win, it was God’s will; if not, then God has a plan. It removes all personal accountability. Just blame/credit God for everything. As if he didn’t give you free will.

  54. your offense played like they were up 4 TD’s in the 2nd half, as a charger fan I will never for get Marlon McCree against NE. McCarthy should be taking more heat for playing not to lose.

  55. He didn’t know the Seahawks were going to come back and neither did the tv audience. Hindsight is a person’s greatest liability and asset there were a lot of things that cost Green Bay the game like not going for it on 4th down, not capitalizing on Wilson’s 4 picks, the onside kick, this, and the picks Rodgers threw. Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl time to stop beating a dead horse.

  56. Now that the rain has stopped and the dust has settled

    Seattle WON
    Green Bay LOST

    Get over it!

  57. Totally agree with this article. McCarthy also played not to lose when he chose two field goals instead of trying for a touchdown twice at the one yard line at the beginning of the game too. You gotta go for the knock out punch and score as many points as possible.

  58. He just wanted to get on the ground and r e l a x.

    All joking aside, I probably would have done the same thing. The O was the problem with horrible play calling the last few minutes of the game.

    He made a sound game decision.

  59. And Marlon McCree stood by his decision to NOT slide when he fumbled his INT against the Patriots.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But Burnett got burned by his offense for his decision, McCree can blame nobody but himself.

  60. be aggressive and run with the interception…..the whole team started playing not to lose like their hammer head coach….epic, classic coaching choke job yesterday

  61. Wrong move you dopes. If he was the least bit concerned of the 1 out of 10 chance he could have fumbled, he could have taken it up the sideline and went out. Yards are hard enough to come by vs seattle. He choked when the lights shined brightest just like his coaches always do.

  62. Blame McCarthy.

    GB defence collected 5 turnovers. The offence turns around and only gets 6 points from them.

  63. He did the right thing my sliding. The Packers conservative play calling late in the 4th quarter cost them a win

  64. Does the name Marlon McCree ring a bell? You know, the Charger safety who intercepted Brady with 6 minutes left back in January 2007, fumbled it back to the Paatriots and handed them the game?

  65. It is not like the Demarcus Lawrence recovery. Demarcus Lawrence had more defenders around.

    The 5 or 10 yards that Burnett could have gotten is 5 or 10 yards that the offense doesn’t have to get.

  66. Jesus, how many articles are we going to see about “what if” the packers had done this or that.

    Burnett is right. If they had won, you wouldn’t be talking about it.

  67. “And if he fumbled ala Dallas he would been just as wrong.”

    Game situation was totally different. There was less than 2 1/2 minutes left in the Lions-Cowboys game. You only slide when you absolutely know the game is done.

  68. This was the beginning of the end for the Packers vs Seahawks. This was where they started to go soft and are proving the critics right that they are a soft team.

  69. I think it was a mistake. Points were hard to come by which made field position a big deal at that point in the game. If they could have taken a knee to won the game, then yeah, go down. That wasn’t the case here. If it was the first quarter he would have returned for some yardage. He had a blocker and open space. He could have protected the ball and gained yardage and a block on Wilson by peppers could have netted big yardage. Protect the ball, get what you can and then go down before a hit. QBs do that all the time. The only reason he went down was because he thought the game was won… and he was wrong.

  70. That was really stupid and the wrong thing to do to slide with that much time and real estate in front of him.

  71. Yeah paulieorkid, Morgan’s lack of understanding of the game. If only he knew as much about the game as you! Heck, George Halas would be jealous of your apparently superior understanding of the game.

    Smh. People thinking they know everything about what’s going on out there. Smh.

  72. Shoulda woulda coulda…… Not a fan of either team that played but can honestly say it was the greatest 2nd half of football I have ever seen. You can point fingers all you want but a loss is a loss.

  73. Stop comparing the New England – San Diego game from 2006 to yesterday. There was less than a minute left in the NE game and McCree was in traffic. Rivers could have just taken a knee one or two times and the clock expires. There was 5 MINUTES left yesterday and plenty of open green turf up the left side and all the fast receivers running the opposite way behind him.

    There’s playing it safe and then there’s letting an easy opportunity to nail the coffin shut go by. The game was not over (obviously). Deion Sanders was incredulous about the play on NFL Network.

  74. re: lanre9 says:
    Jan 19, 2015 1:48 PM
    One of the most idiotic articles I’ve ever read. It isn’t a defensive player’s job to score points, they’re trained to give the ball back to their offense, who are trained to score.
    Burnett didn’t make a mistake by not attempting to take the ball back to the house from the opposite end of the field. The offense made a mistake by not getting a first down. Burnett did his job.


    *** This is the best comment on this article….well said! Garbage to single out any one individual play or player after the game is over. The same people criticizing Morgan Burnett for not sliding would be all over him if he tried to return the interception and ended up fumbling. The guy made a great play and the rest of his team barely made any effort to capitalize on it.

  75. The only real “mistakes” I saw that were as safety related were Dix not breaking up that 2-point conversion and Capers going with cover 0 and no safeties deep on that OT TD throw.

  76. This is a non-story. Does anybody remember Marlon McCree against the Patriots some years ago? No blame on McCarthy for not running off as much time from the clock on the following offensive possession. Everybody knew that the onside kick was coming and the subsequent 2 point conversion was happening after that last TD in regulation. Plenty of blame can be had but Morgan Burnett doesn’t deserve any. Not wanting to turn the ball over and thinking your offense can chew some vital time off the clock is not poor thinking as far as I’m concerned.

  77. What a joke ! yeah it was the right move to fall down with no one around , thats so full of it . That was one of the dumbest mistakes I have watched on a football field ever . You NEVER fall down when you have a chance to score or secure field position EVER . All those people saying “he could have fumbled” uhm these are professional ballers I think they can run with out fumbling especially when there is no one within twenty yards of him. This play did not lose the game but it didn’t secure the win like a runback for a score would have or even position his team for a game clenching field goal .

  78. And if he choose to keep running and hot dog it like most guys do and got stripped 10 yards down then the field.. then what?! Maybe his d coordinator instructed his players to do so in that situation. There were 9 other things that went wrong in this game and this wasn’t one of them.

  79. IF he takes the ball further down the field. 3 and out. THEN It takes the Seahawks longer to drive the field. Leaving less time in at the end of the game. Packers don’t have enough time to drive and tie the game. Seahawks win in regulation 22-19

    Hindsight from a slightly different angle.

    There is no one reason the Packers lost that game no matter how much the writers of this site want to stir the pot.

  80. Mike McCormick is similar to John Fox: an average coach riding the coattails of a great QB. When the great QB struggles, he has no backup plan, and he typically loses. Rodgers was not great in this game, and his team seemed to lose their confidence because of it.

  81. benderxflexo says:
    Jan 19, 2015 1:47 PM
    Hindsight is 20/20

    Apparently Burnett’s Hindsight is 20/200

  82. At some point, the entire Packer team should look at the videotape and accept some responsiblity for what happened and it might help if Burnett recognizes that it was a mistake. To suggest otherwise puts you on the same level as a Viking fan, just an idiot.

  83. How about a story about Clay Matthews being the dirtiest player in the game. He was trying to end Wilson’s career. 3 weeks with 3 dirty hits. Don’t forget the dirty Kapernick hit etc.

  84. Stunning that there is no weigh-in on this subject from our notable packer trolls: Carl Gerbschmidt, pkrlvr, tokyofilthblaster, jcbadger, to name a few.

    Their silence is DEAFENING!!!!

    The reality is that this was HANDED to gbay on a silver platter:

    1. Your team had 5 turnovers.
    2.Wilson was playing like Christian Ponder for 55 minutes.
    3.You were ahead 16-0, WITH THE BALL AT ONE POINT.
    4.You let them convert a fake FG
    5.You let them convert an onside kick.
    6. Your coach has the supposed MVP QB, and you take it out of his hand on 3 different 4th and 1 opportunities. One of those was at the inch line the 1st possession of the game.
    7. The INT by Burnett and the lack of a run wasn’t as egregious as the above issues.
    8. Mike McCarthy played not to lose!!!!!

    All the above show how much of a COLOSSAL failure not winning this game was.

    Packer fans can talk about the coaching mistake of 12 people in the huddle all they want of the Vikes/Saints NFC Championship all they want, but Mike McCarthy’s and your teams blunders outnumber the Vikes mistakes by a LONGSHOT.

    This one will hurt for years pack fans, no denying it.

    I said drink HEAVILY pack fans prior to the game.

    I assume by the lack of comments back from the pack faithful listed above, I assume they still are drinking.

    That’s okay guys, it WILL get worse before it gets better.

    Yes, we are enjoying this…..IMMENSELY!!!!!!!!

  85. Well, he doesn’t need to regret it. Bostick gets to take all the heat. He can sit back and place blame everywhere else like the rest of the team seems to be doing.

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, Burnett.

  86. That started everything.. With that slide.. The team gave up. Just the very act of sliding gives the wrong impression to your team. That’s where you screwed up.

  87. Hindsight is 20/20. Marlon Mcree vs Troy Troy Brown.

    The Packers lost for a lot of reasons yesterday. This one is WAAAAAY down the list.

  88. Everyone saying he made the right decision by sliding are crazy. Watch the video of the interception again, there is no one but offensive linemen and Russel Wilson ahead of him. He had all the momentum and plenty of his teammates in front of him to block. He could have easily taken this back for a TD and if he got scared that someone was going to hit him he could have went out of bounds well into Seahawks territory. If you watch the video you do see Peppers tell him to stop but that makes no sense with that much time left. I understand laying down when there is no time left but how many players do you see lay down if they have an open field like that with no one really in front of them. He can say all he wants that he wouldn’t change a thing but I find that hard to believe.

  89. I’m not a packer fan but I laughed so hard when he slid. They had timeouts to burn and this moron acted like there was 1 minute left in the game. This was the beginning of the end of the packers. Acted like they won the game with 5 minutes left. Just laughable, inexcusable, and immature.

  90. lanre9 says:
    Jan 19, 2015 1:48 PM

    One of the most idiotic articles I’ve ever read. It isn’t a defensive player’s job to score points, they’re trained to give the ball back to their offense, who are trained to score.
    Burnett didn’t make a mistake by not attempting to take the ball back to the house from the opposite end of the field. The offense made a mistake by not getting a first down. Burnett did his job.

    One of the most idiotic arguments I’ve read. Every team has their defense practice interception returns and setting up blocks on returns. Now in Burnett’s defense Peppers gave him the go down signal, but that side of the field was WIDE open. Burnett would have taken the ball inside the 45 before an OL even got close to him. And if Peppers goes and throws a block he might have taken it inside field goal range.

    It’s called situational football, and both Peppers and Burnett were simply unaware that there was too much time on the clock to be pulling the defensive equivalent of the victory formation.

  91. It was the right thing to do at the moment. To later go back and say it was wrong is asinine. You can’t ask people to make decisions with information they don’t yet have.

  92. Funny instead of dogging on Burnett … the media should be asking Lynch why he did not take a knee at the 1 yd instead of scoring with over a minute left on the clock.
    Oh wait Lynch does not talk to the media and now you know why?

    — Well they were losing at that time, so taking a knee would have been a pretty bonehead play. There is no guarantee that they get in the end zone if he takes a knee at the one yard line (see 2 Packers possessions in the 1st quarter).

  93. Ultra-conservative head coach Marty Schottenheimer back in 2007 wanted Marlon McCree to take a knee after his int. with over 6 mins. to go and the Chargers up by only 8. That mentality is the main reason Marty was so awful in the post season.

  94. That’s what happens when you put on green and gold in the soft east side. Seriously, why wouldn’t you try to run and get more yards? You’re a clown thinking game’s over when you have about 4 or 5 mins in the game. Hello, this is the NFL moron.

  95. I’m fine with him sliding, but he needs to advance the ball in open field. Any free yards mean that at worst, you are going to make SEA go that much farther for the score.

    I have a feeling when we see the coaches tape, there will be a gigantic hole on that side of the field. There were no WR/TE/RB between him and the goalline. He had 2 lead blockers in front of him + 3 additional pass rushers up field. SEA had Wilson and 5 OL.

  96. The Packers have nearly $30,000,000/year tied up in two offensive masterminds who are in charge of gaining yards, making first downs, and scoring points.

    That is not Burnett’s job, nor should it be. He made his play and kept the ball. He did what Dez Bryant have done and that is keep possesion of the ball. That game was “over” with that play by any sane definition of the word and what transpired after that IS NOT the fault of the guy who did his damn job. He had 8 tackles, 2 sacks, a fumble recovery, and an interception yesterday. But because he didn’t jeopardize his team’s chances by playing loose with the football (again, this isn’t his job) he is being ridiculed?

    This loss is divided among many players and coachs… but it’s maybe 0.0001% at the feet of the guy who made the game clinching interception that should have been.

    What MM and AR (by way of not checking out of between the tackles runs) called against 8 men in the box with single high safety is effectively KNEELING the ball against that defense. Shameful.

    I don’t see how you can trot MM back out there in 2015 after he said he wasn’t questioning the play calling because he wanted to get to 20 rush attempts in the second half and that was a statistic he really wanted to meet. How about this, Mike. How about winning the ******* game?! Ted Thompson should be scheduling a press conference this afternoon. No freaking way MM should be coaching this team next year after showing his behind like he did yesterday.

  97. IF Rogers is the supposedly MVP then why is Mac afraid to let him pass the ball? You got one of the best QB’s and you run the ball early and often. WTF.

    Rogers looked like total crap yesterday anyways. Stop RELAXING Rogers, its time to play football. Or forgot that won’t happen now for a long long time.

  98. tamboafl says:
    Jan 19, 2015 3:19 PM
    Ultra-conservative head coach Marty Schottenheimer back in 2007 wanted Marlon McCree to take a knee after his int. with over 6 mins. to go and the Chargers up by only 8. That mentality is the main reason Marty was so awful in the post season.
    But instead, McCree returned the pick and fumbled the ball back to New England who won the game…

    I think you proved Burnett right… Not wrong…

  99. He did the right thing. If he had tried to run it and fumbled you would be second guessing that also.
    I thought like peppers said it was the safe thing… Should have sealed the game.

  100. Awesome. Not one single player or coach has stood up and said; “I blew it”. Every one of them is saying they wouldn’t have done anything different. Well, except Aaron Rodgers. He’s saying everybody but him should have done something different.

    Tell me again about how smart of a team this is. They deserve to lose. Terrible team players.

  101. I completely agree that chances on 4th and 1 should’ve been taken instead of FGs but some of you guys are comical….he had a WIDE open sideline with 5 OLs and Wilson in his way, and that was it. Lynch was way at the bottom of the screen and would’ve never caught him. Call hindsight what you want to, but there wasn’t a guy that would’ve touched him with maybe the exception of Wilson….all WRs were well downfield and he was inside the Seattle 30 if not in the EZ if he runs it back.

    Peppers was to lazy to get out there and block for him and told him to go down, so most of this goes on him…..but spare me the give it to the offense stuff. EVERY player on the field on either side of the ball should be playing to step on the other team’s throat. If he goes even 20 yards on a return, they are in FG territory.

    Give Bostick cred….he’s taking his like a man, unlike this weasel and McCarthy.

  102. Makes you feel bad for Bostick, at least he admitted making a mistake. Burnett and M.McCarthy don’t have the courage to admit their mistakes in the colossal choke.

  103. McCree made the right decision not to take a knee, even though he fumbled. To take a knee with over 6 minutes to go and up by only one score is ridiculous.

  104. I don’t think it’s hindsight to say he should have attempted to return the INT at least until he was going to be tackled. He could have given himself up, if a tackler was approaching. If you look at the end zone view, he could have taken it out of bounds at least 15 yards up the field, without anyone touching him.

    Whether GB ran the ball or not, Seattle would have had 15 more yards to go, when they got the ball back.

    It was a dumb move by him or whoever told him to go down. The game was far from over, as we saw.

  105. The 2 point conversion was the most inexplicable play of all the plays that lost this game. Would have liked Burnett to run further but he did his job. The Packers went in and controlled the game for 56 minutes which nobody saw coming. Seattle players did not quit so props to them.

  106. He was simply acting upon his coaching. The entire philosophy of the Packers staff is to be as conservative and non-risk taking as possible.

    The proof of this is what McCarthy did after the interception. Three runs up the middle and a punt.

    Even if Burnett had run the ball 20 yards deeper, the result would have been the same. Three runs and a punt.

    It’s the institutional mentality of a team that plays not to lose. Period.

  107. As I watched Burnett go down I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had no view on what was out front of him but that didn’t matter. Every yard was gold out there and it wasn’t the end of the game,or was it ? Yes it was as it was one of the plays that led to the Packers folding like an old lawn chair. Rogers was hurt and not much has been said about that but his team mates should have known his condition and tried to get every yard possible. How many time does a pick = a twenty or thirty easy yards vs. a fumble ?

  108. Maybe it was a mistake, but the packers made several other bigger mistakes and didnt take advantage of the opportunities on turnovers. Thats why they lost imho.

  109. You guys are close but no cigar of what is going on here. Its called cheap ball by Ted T. Drafting late round losers who played on small team schools because a) too small, too slow b) not smart enough to be in the big leagues c) not coachable

    You put a host of these guys on your team and this is what you get. Ask yourself, do you know any other back on your favorite team that would have done this? I rest my case.

  110. The reason GB went cover 0 on Kearse is because he hadn’t done anything all day; except drop the four previous passes that went to him. Kudos to Kearse and the entire Seahawks team. When needed, they made the plays that had to be made and GB didn’t.

  111. DBs are supposed to have better ball skills than lineman. Anyone can fumble but when defensive players get stripped following a turnover, its usually the linemen. DBs are usually more cognizant of ball security.

  112. Anyone who says he is to blame is ignorant. Burnett is one of the more intelligent athletes on the field, had 8 tackles, fumble recovery, 1 INT, 2 sacks… What else do you want out of a SS?

  113. Tired of this hindsight crap. I thought it was a great, unselfish, play. At that moment, that game was cooked. Seattle had done nothing all day. It was just a matter of running out clock. Unfortunately, the packer offense went three and out…because Seattle defense turned it on.

  114. And Burnett was a 4 star athlete with offers from Alabama, Georgia, and any other school who watched his film. Wouldn’t call him “too small, too slow” from a “small team school”, or “not smart enough to be in the big leagues”. Georgia Tech is not a small school and sure is not a “not smart enough” school.

  115. huge mistake. if it truly seals the game ok (under a minute left, no opponent timeouts left), what he did is a perfect example of playing not to lose rather than playing to win

  116. “He didn’t know the Seahawks were going to come back and neither did the tv audience. Hindsight is a person’s greatest liability and asset”

    Why would anyone think they sealed the game with 5 minutes left and only up by 2 scores?

  117. 5 minutes left.

    2 minute warning and 6 time outs still left on board.

    Why would anything think they sealed a 12 point game when your qb is on one leg?

  118. People who say that sliding after an INT is the right thing to do ( instead of risking a fumble, while running in the open field with a blocker), should provide instructions for the defense on how to handle it, such as:

    (1) After the INT, wave a white hanky, so that the defense will not touch you, and potentially cause a fumble.

    (2) Look for a soft patch of tender green grass, and gently apply one’s bottom to the surface, so as not to risk said fumble.

    (3) Wave to the referee to blow the whistle, and call the play dead, so that the dangerous opposition does not jar the ball loose.

    People who say that the defender did the right thing by sliding, need to see their doctor to take steroids, so that they can get their manhood back.

  119. Sure, there is some hindsight here, and no one could predict what would come next, but it was another example of playing it safe instead of going to make the play. For those saying he might have gotten 10-15 more yards, no way. BJ Raji would have gotten 20 yards from that spot. Dbacks are trained to take it to the house. It is an inherent advantage, running against o linemen and a qb who rarely make tackles. And, most troubling of all, i think it did signal a let up on the GB sideline. I think it triggered a collective exhale from McCarthy on down. Momentum is not to be trifled with that close to the end. Like the 4th and goals early, hindsight on this is 20/20, but the odds favored GB in all 3 situations, and they folded all 3 times.

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